Level 9: Sangre Del Toro

The ladder at the end of the last level led to the very room in which Kirilenko was currently present. He was looking at a shipping manifest for a boat named the Sangre Del Toro. An explosion goes off, allowing Kirilenko to make his escape, yet again. Luckily Flynn was in the area to extract B Company.

The ship was obviously important to Kirilenko, so it is important to our operation too. We are in the area, attempting to locate it.

F2000, M60
Other Collectibles:
AN-94-S, MG 3R, M60-S


Haggard snipes the gunner off a jeep to commandeer us a vehicle. This area is set in a vast desert, so good transport is essential.

Investigate Enemy Surveillance Outpost:

Get into the jeep and drive towards the objective. You will see the previous driver on the jeep running on the horizon. Mow him down and continue on to the outpost.

From the surveillance outpost three base stations have been identified. These will, once manned, be able to triangulate the position of the Sangre Del Toro.

Locate Base Station Bravo:

We will go to the nearest base first. This is the hardest one, and as such it is nice to have your full squad with you (you effectively lose a member of your team at each base). Bravo is located to the right of the surveillance outpost. There is a small road on the right hand side of the base which you can take your jeep up, leading to the main entrance.

Take this right hand narrow road to get to the base.

The entrance is blocked. The game marks Bravo with an icon in the small doorway you need to use to get inside. You can find it by following the wall for a short distance to the right of the gate.

Once inside, move through the arches until an open area is reached.  Enemies will appear above, so take them out. More come on your own level, and you need to push through them to get to the next area. Use a shotgun to take down these hostiles in such close-quarters. Continue onwards until you come to some steps. At the top of the stairs you will have many enemies to battle through.

M-COM Station #1: Once you reach the top of the steps and the next area, turn round and go back down. The steps fall quite shallowly, but as they suddenly get steeper look to the right for a tiny set of stairs going up to a small room with the M-COM in.

The stairs to the M-COM are easier to see coming down than going up – they are on the right of this image.

Having dealt with the M-COM, continue back up to the top. Hostiles are up above you, firing down, while more are on your own level. Deal with those upstairs before you move into the courtyard. Move into the courtyard and use the pillars for cover.

Collectible: M60 – The M60 is located next to the fountain in the centre of the courtyard, marked by a gun on the map.

When the area is clear, collect the M60 before moving on

Other Collectible: Find an AN-94-S off a dead enemy in this section.

Once you have dealt with the courtyard, proceed through the network of tunnels and upstairs. Straightaway enemies will engage you, so clear the initial area. Hostiles are dug in around a variety of barricades. Use the rubble for cover while you pick them off.

Other Collectible: Enemies climbing over the walls should have MG 3Rs.

Head to the left towards the objective indicator. Once you reach it, a helicopter will emerge. Pick up the Carl Gustav positioned under the canopy, marked with a gun icon.

You need to get two hits on the helicopter to take it out. With that done, a cut-scene will be triggered. Haggard accesses the terminal, but has to stay here to be able to trigger the triangulation at the end of the level.

Locate Base Station Charlie:

Following the cut-scene you appear back outside the walls next to your jeep. Embark and head across the map to Alpha (the base to the left of the surveillance outpost). Pursue the road until you hit a dead end. Get out and follow the path on foot. When the rocks end, infantry appear. This area has really poor visibility, so advance with care.

Keep moving upwards, clearing the canyons of enemies as you go. Once you get to the supply drop, stock up. You then head downhill and drop onto the path below. Keep pressing through, watching out for the RPG soldier on a rock up high.

Watch out for RPGs.

Other Collectible: The gun icon nearby has a M60-S.

After more tight paths and RPG wielding enemies, you will reach a fortress section. Enemies are on the battlements and up the slope ahead. Make your way through, and on the right hand side up the slope is a mounted rocket launcher. Kill any infantry with clear sight on the emplacement so that you aren’t targeted while using it.

M-COM Station #2: Just next to the mounted rocket launcher is the second M-COM.

The M-COM is in the right hand battlement.

A helicopter will come into view and you should man the rocket turret. You can steer the missile after launching, making this an easy task. That is, until another helicopter surfaces. Do the same against this one, and then continue to move through the level, killing enemy infantry along the way. Continue to the objective marker to trigger a cut-scene and finish this base. Sweetwater stays behind this time.

Locate Base Station Alpha:

That leaves Sarge to support your assault on Alpha. When the cut-scene at Charlie ends, you can get in the nearby jeep and drive the long distance to Alpha. Watch out for the mine-field on the edge of the map – you can’t just drive diagonally directly to it. Go up the small slope when the minefield blocks your path until you reach a roadblock.

Kill the infantry in the building to the left, then climb over the blockage. To the front will be RPG units; try to pick them off using a scoped weapon. There are also snipers in the buildings, so move from cover to cover, watching the rooftops and windows.

M-COM Station #3: Look for the gun icon on the map nearby. The M-COM is over the road from it in a metal shack. It is as the road turns a corner to the right.

The third M-COM of this epic mission is in the shack to the left.

Collectible: F2000 – This is at the gun icon near the M-COM. Again, find this as the road bends to the right.

The location of the F2000 collectible weapon.

Continue down the road. As before, watch for snipers. When you round another corner, look for the guard tower and take out the sniper using it. Regular infantry will be in the buildings at the sides too. Follow the road and you will come to another jeep. Mount up and speed along the narrow path to the lighthouse. Turn right at the top and drive right into the objective indicator to trigger the cut-scene. Any enemies will disappear at this point.

Move to Triangulation Point:

You’re on your own now.

M-COM Station #4: This M-COM is located right near the cut-scene trigger under the scaffolding.

The last M-COM is in the sandbag position where all the computers are.

Get back in the jeep and head through the base the way you came. Speed through all the enemies, ignoring their fire until you get back out into the desert. It’s not far to the triangulation point, just follow the objective indicator. It’s a familiar-looking outpost. Go to the computer and press the button when prompted to synchronise the data.

Find a Route to Sangre Del Toro:

This will mark the location of the Sangre Del Toro on the map. A quad bike has helpfully appeared, to allow us to travel quickly to the boat. It is a simple task to follow the road. Just continue until you hit the dead end made by a boat and cargo containers.

The only way to get past this is to shoot the red barrels handily resting behind some of the blue cargo crates.

Shoot these barrels to make a route forwards.

The crates will then oddly move to produce a ramp for you. Get back on the quad bike and drive over the boat. There are some enemies on the route ahead, but as you are on your quad bike and cannot fire at them, you should press on as quickly as possible until you get to the Sangre Del Toro. Driving into the objective marker will trigger a cut scene.

Investigate Ship Interior:

The boat is a bit of a maze. Head through the window at the end of the room you start in. In the next area, fall through the gap in the floor. Walk over the ladder into the door on the left, before taking the next right. At the very end of this room is a series of crates and ladders, allowing you to get up to the next floor.

Bad Company takes on some platforming elements!

Follow the ladder into the centre of the next room to trigger the final cut-scene of this level.