Operation Guillotine

Battlefield 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Operation Guillotine

Follow your allies as you charge down the hill. Head to the spot where you need to set up your mortar then press B.

Climb up the wall then continue down the creek after eliminating the targets. Clear your path through until you reach the stairs leading back to the street. Take cover and take out to eliminate the first MG nest.

Continue ahead and use the canal to flank the second MG nest. Dispatch the first wave of enemies on sight then run across towards the marked stairs. Hurl a grenade through the window where the MG nest is located to clear them out. Continue inside the apartment and follow the straightforward path. After breaching the second door, you'll be ambushed by three enemies. Kill them then continue to your objective. Get in the Humvee next.

After pulling over, head to the next objective and you'll be caught in a major ambush. Don't bother shooting them all from your current position; just regroup with your squad and follow them as they attempt to flank the enemies.

Continue upstairs to the overpass and clear out the enemies. Continue following your team and clear the road ahead. Continue moving up as you kill enemies before finally, a tank appears. Quickly run to the trenches to avoid getting blown to bits. Follow your team mates to the next building.

Follow your team mates again to the plaza and wait for the T-90 tank to get blown up. Once done, follow your team mate and run to the allied position across the street. You'll now need to pick up the Javelin nearby and destroy the tank yourself. There will be two more tanks that will appear so do the same thing and blow them up.

Tank Hunter

Next, move to the next objective point and wait for your new orders. Follow your team leader to get into flanking position. Push your way to the back of the bank, then stand under the emergency ladder to boost your ally.

Jump to the window and take out the enemy silently. Exit and continue mopping the enemies in the atrium.  There's an ammo crate nearby as well in case you need to resupply.

Push through the enemy positions until you reach your other team mates. Continue clearing out the remaining enemies then regroup. Continue inside the vault and rappel down the elevator shaft.

Once you get the prompt, throw in the flashbang inside the room then go ahead and clear it.

Mission impossible it is...

Once done, head inside the vault and help lift the lid. Mission complete.


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playing on xbox360. how do you kill guy in bathroom with the knife thanks

Added 14th Sep 2014, ID #447790

How do u kill the guy in the bathroom on Pc verison I fryer to no pervail please advise

Added 24th Nov 2013, ID #321512

How u kill the guy that comes in the bathroom got Pc game

Added 10th Nov 2013, ID #318892

how do I use the canal to flank it , been trying forever.

Added 7th Oct 2013, ID #313173

To kill the Guy in the bathroom its B . RB. then Ry when indicated.

Added 5th Oct 2013, ID #312705

BF3 IS NOT a disappointment. Play the Campaign on Hardcore and see how easy it is. But Play the game in Multiplayer, against Real People. Multi; is a whole different BallGame.!!... I`m sure you`ll find more competition in this mode.!!..

Added 29th Jul 2013, ID #301126

BF stands for Butt F##ks.HUGE dissapointment, this game is really weak.

Added 22nd Jul 2012, ID #167249

Whats a canal .?

Added 15th Jul 2012, ID #164468

how got the Answer to the toilet question kill that man

Added 3rd Mar 2012, ID #119962

need help can not kill dude in the bathroom

Added 28th Feb 2012, ID #119122

how do you kill the dude in the bathroom

Added 23rd Feb 2012, ID #117723

I know right! Wtf buttons do I push- not including B. and why do I have to do this? Lame!

Added 17th Jan 2012, ID #106952

hi can not kill the guy in the tolet

Added 29th Dec 2011, ID #100054