Going Hunting

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Going Hunting

Once you're inside the F-18, follow the onscreen instructions to perform a pre-flight check with your aircraft. Once ready, press Y to take off. Enjoy the view for the meantime until your flight enconters multiple bandits. There's an achievement you can unlock here by doing a "perfect run". Remember that if you didn't meet any of the requirements to unlock the achievement, you'll have to restart the whole mission. It is recommended to attempt this achievement in easy mode.

• Kill all bandits without missing
• Avoid getting damaged

The Perfect Run

For more tips and details, refer to the "You Can Be My Wingman Anytime" achievement in the corresponding section of this guide.

Next, you'll be in anti-ground mode. You'll be switching to AGM-88. Lock on the targets and release your air-to-ground missile once you see the word "Lock" floating above the target. Destroy the initial three targets. Next, you'll need to switch to JDAM and infrared to locate the parked aircraft. They'll be illuminated brightly in the background so you shouldn't have problems finding them. Once you find your target, zoom in and press the trigger. Just keep the targets within your crosshairs to destroy them. Next, you'll have to destroy a couple more of planes exiting their hangars and attempting to take off. Use JDAM to get rid of them and prevent them from getting airborne.

Eye in the sky

Three vehicles will appear on the runway, as well as a helicopter. Once you're clear to engage, mark the spot where you want the A-10 to do its gunning run. After destroying the helicopter and the vehicles, runners will also become available. Just place a marker in the middle of the group and let the A-10 do the job. Mission complete.

Hit by a Thunderbolt


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it still doesnt work

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