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by vhayste  

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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough

Unofficial Battlefield 3 Guide by vhayste for

Battlefield 3 tells the story of Sgt. Henry "Black" Blackburn, a Recon Marine under secret interrogation in New York City by the CIA in order to determine the next potential location of a nuclear terrorist attack. Under suspicion of treason, Blackburn begins to recount the missions and events that brought him to this pass... and why he believes the militant Iranian insurgency called the PLR and a terrorist only known as Solomon are behind the impending attack...

Check out our guide to Battlefield 3 which contains all you need to complete the single player walkthrough and all the co-op missions, a great achievement guide and a complete dog tag list other unlockables.


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where is the safe spot ???

Added 24th Nov 2014, ID #475690

guyhow fo I catch to bomb f

Added 14th Feb 2014, ID #354955

this does not help at all this is just so stupid. don't use it guys!

Added 24th Nov 2013, ID #321846

How do I beat the guy at the end?

Added 15th Jul 2013, ID #297592

I have just purchased battlefield on Xbox 360 and am struggling to 'cut the red wire' and servive the terrorist that comes up behind me. Tells me to press 'b' and 'r1' but vertically nothing happens I and get killed. Any ideas?

Added 24th Jun 2013, ID #292440

a that needs to ask for advice about this game has problems this game is self explainatory its fing simple ok people stop criing and just play the game everyone dies in it so don't get but hurt

Added 17th Jun 2013, ID #290968

hi i cant access my saved level on xbox 360

Added 17th Apr 2013, ID #274984

hiya i cant save the satelite dish,the enemy destroy it, is there a cheat to get past this level?

Added 5th Feb 2013, ID #250567

am having problem finding the stinger its not there ineed help plz

Added 17th Dec 2012, ID #223266

Hi guys icant find the stinger it say is ther behind the car but notin is ther wat should ido plz help

Added 11th Dec 2012, ID #219072

ppl im new to battlefiled how do i take out the RUSSIAN FAST AIR with the stinger do u have to hit it at a point coz i keep missing it lol

Added 3rd Dec 2012, ID #214773

175070 play the campaign first and get used to the game then go to the multiplayer it will be much easier for you to understand

Added 29th Nov 2012, ID #213584

I'm new 2 Battlefield 3 and i'm getting killed by people who know the game and maps. I just need assault rifle upgrade 2 better gun, cause i'm new i wanna enjoy it 2, not get killed by players who have been playing this game for a long time. Even the ODDS now what i mean, thanks

Added 12th Aug 2012, ID #175070

How do I catch the running away bomb guy

Added 17th Apr 2012, ID #134464

cant beat the first QTE not sure when and how to push the RT trigger button

Added 16th Mar 2012, ID #123340

just stay and shoot them,u dont must kill them all...just kill them...kill...killl after 10 minutes u must go into a car and shoot at other guys,and after that an earthquake...and play to see whats happening

Added 12th Mar 2012, ID #122404

On Operation night shift do not sneak up on the guy. Just walk over to him and he will turn around but u dont die. To kill him press the knife button when he turns around and when your close to him and then you have to press certain buttons the game tells u to to kill him.

Added 1st Mar 2012, ID #119546

how do you beat the bloke with the atom bomb on the platform

Added 17th Feb 2012, ID #115745

L3 holds the breath while sniping

Added 1st Jan 2012, ID #101771

Operation night shift, I sneak up behind the guy in the building with a knife no matter what I do I die before I get near him. He isn't turning around to shoot I just die. I don't hear gun shots or see them. Please advise.

Added 1st Jan 2012, ID #101691

in operaton gullotine iv climed through the window but crnt kill the geezer that jumps you?????????????

Added 30th Dec 2011, ID #100670

how do i hold the sniper rifel still when shotting

Added 25th Dec 2011, ID #98646


When it tells you to press x, dont just press it once. keep pressing it over and over again......once on top of the train, pay attention!!! the next part of the game is AWESOME!!!!!

Added 20th Dec 2011, ID #96915

I sure could use some help just bought the PS3 and Battlefield 3 game, I cant get to climb up the train, it says to push x and nothing happens and I die, any help would be appreciated.

Added 15th Dec 2011, ID #95220

Gta San Andreas

Added 6th Dec 2011, ID #93098