Night Shift

At the start of this mission, you'll have the chance to unlock another achievement. You need to take out the lights with one bullet each. Don't concentrate on the actual bulbs. Just aim for the metal part that's holding them. Crouching will also help steady your aim. Remember to hold your breath still as you take steady aim.

Four lights with four bullets

After taking out the lights, zoom at your allied ground units to detect their IR strobes. Next, stand up and head to the other side of the rooftop and dig in. Take out the PLR lookout on the second floor when ready.

Once done, move to the marked spot then rappel down to street level. Follow your team mate while avoid alerting PLR patrols. Climb up the wall then eliminate the sentry ahead.

Move up behidn Campo and wait for the patrol to pass. Continue and climb the ladder up t othe next rooftop. Stack up and wait for the targets to appear. There are two soldiers here (that will appear as one in your scope). Line up and shoot to unlock the Twofor achievement. See the video below.

Two PLRs, one shot

Once done, climb down the ladder then follow Campo to the building. Take out the PLR using your knife. More enemies will appear so run through the door and continue running until you reach the sewers. Continue moving forward and climb the ladder up to street level. There will be enemies ahead so take them out as well.

Continue following Campo until you reach the same building where Miller was executed. After reporting, stack up behind the door and take out enemies that will come in from the next room. Continue ahead until you regroup with the marines.

Move along with your squad mates then climb up with Campo to the overwatch position on the rooftop. Provide covering support to your team mates.

Once your objective gets updated, follow Campo and stop HVT's car from escaping. Just head to the marked position and shoot at the car to make it crash. Head there and secure Al-Bashir. As Campo carries the package, take out a few enemies along the way. He will prompt you to fend off any pursuers so stay by the gate and take out the enemies. Once done, you'll be advised to join him in the next RV.

Upon regrouping, he'll ask you to lay down some claymores and defend the area from the incoming enemy assault. After getting rid of the first wave from the ground floor, more enemies will appear on the second floor. Take them out as well. Campo will relocate HVT to the other stall. Stay in cover and take out enemies who will approach from the second floor. Use your sniper rifle to find them in the darkness then switch to your assault rifle to take out nearby enemies.

Finally, your evac will arrive. Take out a few enemies along the corridor then follow Campo as he carries Al-Bashir to the evac plane. Hold off the landing area for a few more seconds, killing enemies as they come. Finally, when you get the order, jump on the plane.