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Battlefield 3


Battlefield 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Disembark from the car and head to the marker. Press B to hack the wire and open the gates. Continue to the parking lot and take out all enemies there. Continue downstairs, and fight your way to parking lot B. Continue following your comrades until you need to breach the door.

Equip your gas mask when prompted, then continue upstairs. Fight your way through an office area. There's an ammo crate in the middle of the room before the large hall so make sure to use it to your advantage.

After clearing the area, continue upstairs and fight your way to the main trading room. You'll spot the nuke carrier there you don't chase him yet. Just kill everybody in sight then proceed in your pursuit. As soon as you reach outside the building, you'll have another achievement to unlock. If you're doing the campaign in Easy Mode, then good for you. Otherwise, you may want to retry it later in Easy difficulty since it is very hard to attempt this in Normal or Hard mode.

Dodging bullets is my specialty

To unlock "The Professional" achievement, you need to complete the street chase in less than 2 minutes, 30 seconds without dying. Stay on the left side of the street! Continue running and shoot only the enemies directly in front of you. Take note that the timer starts as soon as your character removes his gas mask.

After the sequence, continue pursuing the carrier until you finally catch up to him on the train platform. Kill the bastard in hand-to-hand combat and watch the following scenes.

This is the end

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Comments for Comrades

16 comments, latest first.
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ID #415397 | Jul 9th 2014 Guest
ID #232262 | Dec 30th 2012 Guest
Anyone know how to get past this part on the ps3?? My other half is ready to throw it outta the window :(
ID #219464 | Dec 11th 2012 Guest
Wait for the mouse to shoe the white RIGHT CLick
ID #213908 | Nov 30th 2012 Guest
The above description worked! Have to wait until the "E" shows on screen before pressing it. I did have to hit SPACE a second time, but it threw him on the tracks
ID #200482 | Oct 24th 2012 Detroit313
Ok. I figured it out. As soon as the "E" shows up, hit it ONCE. Then, left click repeatedly and fast until the "Space" prompt pops up. When it does, hit the space bar ONCE and that's it. It will pick the guy up and toss him on the tracks. Do not continue left clicking once the space bar has been hit and don't hit the space bar more than once.
ID #163089 | Jul 12th 2012 Guest
I totally agree with everyone.. for 3 days I have been tapping E and then left click, then space bar. I am about to give up
ID #162375 | Jul 10th 2012 Guest
Y I can't catch him as I jump to the other street to get him in 10 sec it says he escaped again I restart and in 10 second game over
ID #145943 | May 27th 2012 Guest
Still trying and totally unsuccesful. Cannot kill this guy. Tried pressing E and then left click, then space....same result every time. Why is this done in this stupid way..it is not as if there is some special hand to hand fighting technique in this game!! How do you do it ??
ID #136286 | Apr 23rd 2012 Guest
Its not light a fighting game, where you can defend yourself, when he starts beating, Im lost. I will be beaten up, looking around as a passenger when he does what he likes to do with me, I cant even put up an arm, except for in the beginning. And then it is just like beating; the left mouse button. I have been there hours now.. its useless, I cant play the game.
ID #121076 | Mar 7th 2012 Guest
try many time still cant catch up with the front guy at the first running....
ID #117146 | Feb 21st 2012 Guest
How do you beat him using the hand controller. I first use the O and then the box followed by R1. He whips me everytime, do I continue to repeat the buttons in a rapid motion or just press each time?
ID #115198 | Feb 15th 2012 Guest
i need to know how to beat the guy on the train platform
ID #104082 | Jan 8th 2012 Guest
[size=12][/size] [color=red][/color]
On the PC Battlefiels 3 game, Comrades level to beat the villian on the platform you need to press E first then the left button to hit him then when he's down press space bar this will throw him on to rail track.
ID #102712 | Jan 4th 2012 Guest
I agree with the last guy. I can't beat the guy on the raised train platform.
ID #92547 | Dec 4th 2011 Guest
In the PC version I just cannot get the guy beated up. He always wins no matter hard I tap the 'E' latter and the mouse. I have tried to find out a guide on how to most effectively close fight, but have not found. Is it timing/rythm sensitive or is fast enough 'E' tapping enough? What about the mouse. Does may be both buttons need to be tapped, may be the wheel or what. The game does not help very much with this.