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Funny Glitch

If you have the turbo nozzle, run with it, then jump, then change to the the squirt nozzle (while still squirting) and it'll squirt like the turbo nozzle but forwards!

Added 19 Jan 2008, ID #8159, by badcheatcop and get

lots of lives

2 get lots of lies easily do a level that your good at then go between pinna park cannon and the manhole 2 the island with the girl and go under water and you'll see a 1-up get get it and repeat as many times as desiered.

Added 30 Dec 2007, ID #8132, by warpup57

Shortcut to the island with the stranded guy

Ok so to get to the guy that's stranded on that one island is easy but to get to him with a yoshi is harder. Anyway normally you have to go all the way close to the gate that's near pinna park but if you notice in front of the pianta statue is the place where you have to go on a boat but when the first boat gets there it turns around and get closer. So if you triple jump and time it right you can land on the boat and then jump and catch the other boat faster. Warning this is very hard but it is easuer than waiting for the boat and risking falling into the water many more times.

P.S There is a much easier way to get to the island with a yoshi. It's a cheat or glitch that makes it so yoshi can go underwater. If you know how to do this than please put it up it would help out many more people.

Added 27 Aug 2007, ID #7902, by Megajerk7

Squirt the sand by the beach where those green fat poles are in the water

Added 16 Aug 2007, ID #7871, by Hdngr7

Dieing glitch

At the main plaza place go to the fruit stands at the far right of the stands. There will be a open window.(note:need turbo nozzle for this glitch)Stand at an angle of the window press R and mario will blast off.sooner or later he will fly through the green door and you will keep going and eventually die. Yay you died.

Have fun dieing(note:attempting this will make you lose lives. Uhhhh duh obviusly

Added 17 Jul 2007, ID #7772, by glitchfinder2224

Green Yoshi Glitch

Hi, this is my first glitch/cheat! The glitch makes yoshi green but only for when you collect the shine. Ok, what you do is go to sirena beach and go to level 3 take the left bathroom and go to the crate room get the pineapple, and bring it to yoshi. Then, go to the bed jumping room and smash trough the area that leads to the pool. Once you get into the pool area wait for yoshi's juice to go down until he starts changing green then hop on him quickly and get the shine it will show you on a green yoshi winning the level!!!!!!!
(i tried it twice so I know it works)

Added 17 Jul 2007, ID #7771, by cheatmasters

Walk underwater:To walk underwater go by the dolphin fountin (with the pears)and stand on the LITTLE shade thing now run to the BIG shade thing and DON'T jump and you should fall underwater.

Added 11 Jul 2007, ID #7757, by marioman654321112345

The messed up life losing cheat

Ok, you have been warned this cheat will cause you to lose a life.

First go to the lady who wants fruit by the shine gate, then ground pound on her many times if you do it right, you will fall endlessly, land where the sewers should be, and recive a too bad!

Added 9 Jul 2007, ID #7754, by MEMEME670

Shoot water with turbo nozzle

To shoot water with the turbo nozzle use the spray nozzle. Then hold R and switch nozzles. Instead of going fast,it will squirt water!

Added 30 Jun 2007, ID #7723, by pokemon397

Secret Blue Coin

In Delphino Plaza, go to the light house. When you get there you'll see big grass towers and one with a pipe on it. Well on the side of one of them theres a door and if you jump and look at it youll see a blue coin. To Get it Get The Blaster Nozzle and bust through it.

Added 17 Jun 2007, ID #7686, by Bowser717

Cool glitch

Ok so is all you have to do is go to pinna park and there is a cannon and when the guy slips in GROUND POUND!!!!!!!

hope I helped.

Added 11 Mar 2007, ID #7474, by coolness64

Hurricane spin

To do a hurricane spin just rotater the control stick once (or twice not sure)then spray water (not hover nozel). And you should rotate very rapidly and spray water in a circle. If you rotate it and then jump you can spin and spray in the air.

P.S. Yoshis can only do it in the air.

Added 4 Jan 2007, ID #7250, by true gamer

A pretty wirerd glitch

Alright this one is easy or once you get the hang of it is.
You need the hover nozzle for this one.
By the fountain (you know the ones with the pineapples in them) go by the tree with bananas on it. You will notice that the building next to it has one of it's windows opened. Ok heres the hard part climb up the banana tree, face towards the open window, jump towards the open window and hover to it. Now heres the really hard part you have to try to make it in between the open window and the roof without going in the window or on the roof. If you did it correctly you should go through the building, but your not finished yet, don't keep hovering in the building or you'll end up going through it. Right when you get inside the building stop hovering and drop. Theres two set backs to this. One you might end up in the tunnel, and Two right when you land if you don't start runnin you will die.


Added 15 Aug 2006, ID #6577, by Portalmn22

Swim through buildings

Hi everyone, Creepglitch's crashing the party. I got a glitch here for you to try:
You can ONLY perform this glitch while Delfino plaza is all flooded.
Swim to the circular building about in the middle of the plaza (the one with the red pipe leading to Sirena beach). Now, jump and use the hover nozzle at the lower part of the first roof (right beneath the brown pianta) and you MIGHT fall through the roof. Now have fun exploring the delfino plaza. You can swim below the ground and dive up beneath other buildings. Be careful however, or you might go up on the street and have to do this glitch all over again.

Note: Yeah, I know. It's very and I mean VERY hard to make this glitch work. I have done it successfully only TWO TIMES!

Added 10 Aug 2006, ID #6544, by Creepglitch

Stomach Jump

This skill is called the stomach jump, it is very easy..

You don't need any water for this, all you do is jump (To jump press the A Button, doesnt matter how many times you press A in the air) then while in mid-air, press B button and keep on pressing B button and if you want to get up and stop press the A button again, but if you want to just slide to a stop, then just stop pressing B button and you should slide to a stop..

Added 27 Oct 2005, ID #4791, by Jet Lee22

Huh? Duh?

If you go ontop the lighthouse and Jump off using the rocket aim for the sand and press b while in air and his head will be stuck in the sand (If you dont press b it will be your body.)

Also (this is hard) on the level with the flood go to the center and look at the shine gate. Turn right and you wil see two bouncy platforms. get on the slightly lower one (on the left) with out jumping (u can do that somehow) and face the other one. run toards it and you will fall in the small space. imedetly as yuo start to go through the ground use the Hover Nozle and land on the ground. now you can run around without breathing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 26 Feb 2005, ID #3388, by VGame Master

Secret manhole on the beach and shine

If you wanna find a secret manhole on the beach spray water around and then you should see a circle and then slam on it and later on spray water on the beach to reveal a secret shine!

Added 29 Nov 2004, ID #2847, by Mario Party Addict

2 City Spites

Go to the main city. In the sand by the lighthouse there is a hidden picture of a Sunsprite. Reveal it to get a Sunsprite.

Get on a boat that goes under a small tunnel. In the middle of the bridge, jump. (there is a coin at the point of where you are supposed to jump)You'll go to minigame. Collect the 8 red coins to get a Sunsprite.

Hope this helped!

PS: FLUDD's voice is annoying, isn't it?

Added 26 Oct 2003, ID #975, by yoshi hunter


Later in the game talk to this guy in sunglasses and he will give you a pair.note:

The sunglasses will come off if you go into a level.


To do this cheat you will need the jet pack nozzle go.

To the lighthouse and charge up the nozzle and fly to the top of it go on to the platform with the picture on it.

Charge up again fly up as high as you can then press L you will break the platform, sunshine sprite will come out you will have to fly to get it

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