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Super Mario Sunshine Cheats

Yoshi's Spritzer Squirt:
Press R, then press A.

Avoid Dying:
During game-play pause the game just before you are about to die and then select Exit Area and you will be teleported in front of the level you were at and not lose a life.

Sunglasses and Shirt Pianta Location:
The Pianta man that gives you the sunglasses is located in the following
places in each level:

Pinna Park - Near the start point.
Bianco Hilles - Near the start point.
Ricco Harbor - Near the start point.
Delfino Plaza - Fruits Street.
Gelato Beach - Beach house.
Pianta Village - In the village during the daytime only.
Sirena Beach and Noki Bay - Not found in this level.

Added 31 Aug 2004, ID #2568, by Sanzano and get

Pianta Village before Bianco Hills

Okay, this is very difficult, so you'll need some luck. First go to the big shine tower thing (it's in front of Corona Mountain). If you are looking directly at it, in the big pool of water, go to the left side and jump on top of a house. From there you want to spin jump to the place that would lead you to Corona Mountain. You should see a very little hill on the back of the tower. Go on top of it, then spin jump to the ledge around the big shine sprite (this is a bit tricky). Now the hardest part, you must pull of a triple jump on the curved part of the ledge. If done correctly Mario should either be on top of the tower or holding on to it. From there you can simply jump into the pipe and play some Pianta Village. This took me about 15 minutes to do, but it IS possible

Added 4 Jul 2013, ID #9529, by glitchfinder101


When you get all 120 shines, beat bowser again, enter gelato beach and beat shadow mario twice. Then you have to beat Gooper Blooper in Ricco Harbor and Noki Bay. After that you have go to the delfino airstrip and find both hidden shines without collecting them, they must be GOLD not SHADOW shines, if you press y, spray each of them until they morph into a shape, that shape will turn into shadow mario. Beat him and then he says "I give up, I can't win no matter, what! I will now be a playable person! (THIS IS VERY DIFFICULT TO DO) I HAD TO BEAT THE GAME THREE TIMES UNTIL IT WORKED!) Have fun

Added 7 Dec 2012, ID #9503, by Il Piantissimo

Mario The Penguin: a Faster Way to Travel.

A Super Mario Sunshine Cheat for ya;
Penguin Mario.
Okay, It's a bit of an exaggeration, but it works. First, go somewhere flat, like the plaza, take a running start, and keep pressing B. Mario will slide on the ground, and Flop, and Slide again, like a penguin. Each time you do this, it speeds up. I found the most efficient way to do this is to press B right as Mario starts to slow down.

Hope this gets you where you need to go quicker~

Added 8 Aug 2011, ID #9324, by SethTheBlue

Fall Through The Floor

OK, it's been a while since i've done this so i'll give it a try. First go to the Shine Gate. Here's the tricky part. Wall Jump off the bulding to your right. You should go far enough that if you did not do this cheat you would land on the grass. Right when your about to hit the ground do a Ground Pound. You should fall through the floor, through the water, and hit some sorta barrier and die. If this does not happen my apologies.[color=teal][/color]

Added 16 Oct 2010, ID #9167, by Guest

hotel defino giltches

On the level after all the ghosts r in the hotel stand on the friut bar look up and jump up and down. U should see 2 pink ghost from the previus level.
The second is by the help desk. on bolth sides there r windows. Go to the left side and jump on the first post u should get stuck and not be able to get down.

P.S. please rate

Added 6 Aug 2010, ID #9123, by zacmaster9224

Floating objects

Get Yoshy and sneak up behind a bird or go to a fruit. Suck in the fruit or bird and really quickly jump off of yoshi. If you jump off of yoshi fast enough the bird or fruit will be floating in air.

Added 26 May 2010, ID #9060, by undead13


With yoshi eat fruit blocking the pipe on the building near the harbour

Added 30 Oct 2009, ID #8958, by garganchuizim

sliding water cheat

You know that on the first world you visit which is Bianco Hills, when you go down the hill you can slide on the water. I found how you can do that without using hills,

I did this cheat in Gelato beach and it's awesome and place to do it, using your squirt nozzle, spray the ground then slide on it. When mario starts sliding he will end sliding without having to slow, it's like the whole is on a hill. I tried this 5 times and it worked.

Added 25 May 2009, ID #8871, by Champ094

walk in water

This is a glitch go behind the shine gate where a fence lies jump and press b until you walk in water

Added 8 May 2009, ID #8841, by mythomagik

secret shine sprites!!!!!

So if you want the secret shine sprites please do the following.

1st shine sprite:near the lighthouse in delfino plaza squrit the sand until you see something yellow and keep on squriting it then a shine sprite will come out.

2nd shine sprite:in delfino plaza go to the island where the stranded pinta guy is and then hold R then press A and then a yellow bird will come out if not keep trying. Then when you see the yellow bird squrit it long engough then a shine sprite will come out.

Added 10 Apr 2009, ID #8806, by sundalo90

secret ending

Ok, to open the secret ending you need all of the 120 shine sprites so instead of seeing pinataisomo the II(sorry, if I spelt pinataismo wrong)you will see all the chaters.(I don't know if it is true or not because my friend has this game and he has all 120 shine sprites and he told me about the ending so sorry if it's not true, but if it's true I guess my friend was right)

Added 17 Mar 2009, ID #8790, by sundalo90


So to get the two minigames you will need a hover and turbo nozzle. Frist take the turbo nozzle, then near the two guards there will be a door. Then zoom through the door, then you should be in a minigame.

Ok, last minigame. You will need the hover nozzle. Ok...under the bridge there will be a coin. So get on the boat that goes under the bridge and when you are right under the coin, then JUMP and use the hover nozzle and then you will be in a minigame. Oh and please RATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 17 Mar 2009, ID #8789, by sundalo90

Walk under water EASY!!!!

OK to walk underwater during the flood go to a log dive under it then swim back up with A if done corrctly you can walk under water p.s if you end up in a blue area start runnung or you're going to die. Anytime exept for the flood go behind the shine gate and go in the lowest pool dive under the second bar to the right then if done correcly you should just slide down and end up in the water and walk around so there you have it bye!! LOLZ!! Luke s. Over and out!!

Added 2 Mar 2009, ID #8780, by Luke .s

The Blue Hotel

You must have Action Replay for this cheat. First, turn on everything except for the "Open all Worlds and Nozzles" cheat and the "Open all 120 Shines" cheat. Next, go to any Sirena Beach where the hotel is visible before the level is over. After that, make any kind of jump so you are on top of the ledge where there are torches. Next, make your highest type of jump so you are above the edge part of the roof. You most likely should be on top of the roof of the building. Then, you will fall through. As with any Blue Wall/Flooring, you must walk around and DO NOT STAY STILL OR ELSE YOU WILL MOST LIKELY DIE. Good luck getting out. I have not found a way out yet.

Added 6 Jul 2008, ID #8501, by LumaBlooper

Yoshi Glitch (COOL)

HI IM JORDJULES ok get a yoshi hatch it and go up to a piece of fruit go to eat it and when it's going to go in the yoshis mouthe get of the yoshi and the fruit wiil be floating

Added 6 Jul 2008, ID #8500, by jordjules

yoshi can lick you.

If you can ride yoshi,do this.jump back on yoshi and press the B will look like yoshi is trying to lick you.(yes I've tried it)

Added 11 May 2008, ID #8381, by jjmiller

yoshi can lick you.

If you can get yoshi then do this fun trick.jump backwards and press the B button.if you do it right,it will look like yoshi's trying to lick you.

Added 11 May 2008, ID #8380, by jjmiller

easy way to beat the amusment park levil 5

You may know this but when you go to the amusment park and do levil 5 here's an easy way to defeat it without going up those gates behind the feris wheel, first you go on top of the rollar coster(you know the patform near the top of it)then do that sinning thing off the platform pushing the controle stick in the direction of the feris wheel then use your hover nozle to get you the rest of the way you should get to the other platform then you then jump on the gate press A and defeat the levil, it might tlk you a few trys but it dose work

Added 10 May 2008, ID #8379, by jeb13

blue coin

If you spray water on a red m a blue coin appers looks like this .. M kind of

Added 8 Mar 2008, ID #8290, by spudaustin
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