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How to get Ho-Oh (really)

Im reading that most people say you have to purify all Pokemon then beat the game. THIS IS ONLY HALF TRUE!

To get ho-oh, you purify all Pokemon, then you save and quit. Go to battle mode, and select Mt. Battle. This is like Mt. Battle in story mode, only MUCH harder. You must use the Pokemon from story mode, too; no using Pokemon from sapphire/ruby/emerald or firered/leafgreen.
Beat all 100 trainers and you will get a message saying ho-oh has joined you. Check your PC in story mode, and he will be in there somewhere.
I havent tested this strategy yet, but I think the best way to beat mt. Battle is to double-battle with Espeon and Umbreon in your first slots, and Metagross and Tyranitar in your second slots.

Espeon should have Sunny Day, Psybeam, Psychic, and Morning Sun, holding a choice band, while Umbreon should have Faint Attack, confuse ray, toxic, and Moonlight.

Hit one enemy with Espeon's attacking moves, then the other with Umbreon's confuse ray. When the enemy Espeon is attacking has fainted, have espeon start attacking the confused enemy while umbreon confuses the one switching in. Rinse and repeat. If you encounter a dark type, have Umbreon confuse it then use toxic on it. Have umbreon use faint attack on it until it faints, while espeon only attacks the one thats not dark-type. If you encounter only dark-types, switch espeon with Metagross. If either espeon or umbreon gets low health, use Sunny Day then Morning Sun and/or Moonlight. If Umbreon faints, switch both for Metagross and Tyranitar. If your whole party faints, then don't worry as you get continues throughout the game.

I hope this helped, even a little bit. Have fun with your new Ho-oh!
Oh, and if you choose to do single battles, make sure the first Pokemon you select is Shuckles, as he is the best wall since Generation II.

Added 20 Jul 2008, ID #8538, by stumpy_2006
Ask.com and get

all Pokemon you need to save(snag)

* Makuhita: Phenac City, Level 30
* Hariyama: Evolves from Makuhita, Level 24
* Bayleef: Phenac City, Level 30
* Meganium: Evoles from Bayleef, Level 32
* Quilava: Phenac City, Level 30
* Typhlosion: Evolves from Quilava, Level 36
* Croconaw: Phenac City, Level 30
* Feraligatr: Evolves from Croconaw, Level 30
* Noctowl: Pyrite Town, Level 30
* Flaaffy: Pyrite Town, Level 30
* Ampharos: Evolves from Flaaffy, Level 30
* Skiploom: Pyrite Town, Level 30
* Jumpluff: Evolves from Skiploom, Level 27
* Quagsire: Pyrite Town, Level 30
* Misdreavus: Pyrite Town, Level 30
* Slugma: Pyrite Town, Level 30
* Magcargo: Evolves from Slugma, Level 38
* Furret: Pyrite Town, Level 33
* Yanma: Pyrite Building, Level 33
* Mantine: Pyrite Building, Level 33
* Remoraid: Pyrite Building, Level 20
* Octillery: Evolves from Remoraid, Level 25
* Qwilfish: Pyrite Building, Level 33
* Meditite: Pyrite Cave, Level 33
* Medicham: Evolves from Meditite, Level 37
* Swablu: Pyrite Cave, Level 33
* Altaria: Evolves from Swablu, Level 35
* Dunsparce: Pyrite Cave, Level 33
* Sudowoodo: Pyrite Cave, Level 35
* Hitmontop: Agate Village, Level 38
* Entei: Mt. Battle, Level 40
* Ledian: The Under, Level 40
* Suicune: The Under, Level 40
* Gligar: The Under, Level 43
* Stantler: The Under, Level 43
* Piloswine: The Under, Level 43
* Sneasel: The Under, Level 43
* Aipom: Pokżmon Shadow Lab, Level 43
* Murkrow: Pokżmon Shadow Lab, Level 43
* Forretress: Pokżmon Shadow Lab, Level 43
* Vibrava: Pokżmon Shadow Lab, Level 43
* Flygon: Evolves from Vibrava, Level 45
* Ariados: Pokżmon Shadow Lab, Level 43
* Granbull: Pokżmon Shadow Lab, Level 43
* Raikou: Pokżmon Shadow Lab, Level 40
* Sunflora: Realgam Tower, Level 45
* Delibird: Realgam Tower, Level 45
* Heracross: Realgam Tower, Level 45
* Skarmory: Realgam Tower, Level 47
* Miltank: Realgam Tower, Level 48
* Absol: Realgam Tower, Level 48
* Houndoom: Realgam Tower, Level 48
* Tropius: Realgam Tower, Level 48
* Metagross: Realgam Tower, Level 50
* Tyranitar: Realgam Tower, Level 55
* Smeargle: Snagem Hideout, Level 45
* Ursaring: Snagem Hideout, Level 45
* Shuckle: The Under, Level 45
* Togetic: Shady Guy, Level 20

Added 15 Jul 2008, ID #8519, by mark_pokemon


If you train plusle to level 70 or above he is a really good Pokemon you can use exp. Share to get there faster

Added 7 Jul 2008, ID #8502, by xander----------

Different Pictures

On the start screen, it usually shows the two main characters of the game.Well if you press start then go back, different pictures will appear.There are several different pictures from the two main characters to Groudon and Kyogre.

Added 22 Nov 2007, ID #8036, by tegan41

Clearn the way

When you are in the chamber where you get your Pokemon turned back to
normal, you have to have a already normal Pokemon wit you so that you
can clean the air there heart (If you ain't got a already clean Pokemon
you can't clear the others heart gauge

Added 26 Jun 2007, ID #7712, by Big-Time

Time Instrument

In order to instantly made a Shadow Pokemon heart to open you need item
called the Time somthin. I know of at least three places where you can
get a Time Flute.

Added 26 Jun 2007, ID #7710, by Big-Time

The weakness of types of pokemon

Water beats fire
Fire beats grass
Poison beats grass
Physic beats water
Electric beats water
Grass beats water
Dark beats ghost
Ghost beats physic

This will help for later on in the game

Added 16 May 2007, ID #7597, by noomaster

How to get Togetic

If I can remember correctly, this is how you get Togetic. I can't remember everything so if I leave something out or skip something I'm Sorry!

After you've cought the other 47 shadow Pokemon, you get an e-mail from the guy that is running around the water fountain in Phenac City. He accuses you of attacking him with an odd looking pokemon. Go talk to him. After you do you should get another e-mail from Pitt(the kid from the under). Go to the closest t.v. And watch the news report. After seeing yourself, go to one or two other towns and you should get yet another e-mail from Pitt. Once again, go watch the news report. If I remember correctly, It should show or say something about the imposter at Outskirt Stand. Go there. Battle him and take his shadow Togetic.

Added 17 Feb 2007, ID #7407, by speeddemon92

Get the real ultimate shadow

Don't capture metagross with a masterball .catch tyranitar instead with your master ball.

Added 27 Nov 2006, ID #7066, by Pentus

Catching Entei easily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When he gets in the pokeball hold L+R plus rapidly press B. [Best used is ultra ball} thats how I caught him.

Added 7 Nov 2006, ID #6986, by Mr. Metagross

Catching Entei easily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When he gets in the pokeball hold L+R plus rapidly press B. [Best used is ultra ball} thats how I caught him.

Added 7 Nov 2006, ID #6985, by Mr. Metagross

Rebattle The pokedude from the start

Ok so I didnt really think about the title but this at least some help.

Ok so when you first started the game you got to choose a starter from jotoh if you didnt catch it you can rebattle him when you get to realgam tower.When you light up those four pokeballs and go through the door go to left and go through the door and talk to the clerk and hill be the dude you fought at the start of the game.I think that itll be the wekness but hey it could be the dude you fought at the start of the game.


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Added 6 Nov 2006, ID #6979, by Darth Eon


This is not a hint but the memory thing don't work... I didn't mean to post it!

Also if you're wondering the final shadow Pokemon is Togetic. You'll be getting around 7 e-mails after snagging the first 47. I named my person Seth... Anyway, in this case, a guy named Shady Guy Seth is trying to frame you, as you look the same. The athlete in Phenac will complain about a Togetic attacking. When I face Shady Guy Seth, actually a Cipher Peon, this is what he had:

Shadow Togetic

And a three others...
Hope I helped! Also, I caught and purified all 48 and have beaten Mt. Battle. Help would be nice! Thanks!


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Added 8 Oct 2006, ID #6815, by cool!!!

~Hint & Help~

First of all... An easy way to purify is take a controller... Then, put something heavy (not too heavy- just so it tilts). Stand in front of a building or something where you won't go off the screen. Make the sure the controller is going up. ALSO... Make sure you have six shadow Pokemon at a time or it's a waste of electricity. Leave it on all night.

In the morning their shadow guage should be/almost (be) empty. If they still have some shadow use Vivid Scents and battle a bit. If they have a LOT repeat the process... ALSO... 1.) If you purify all Pokemon, how do you get Ho-Oh? I've heard you either:
A. Get it free
B. You must battle it and win
C. You must buy it (i don't think you buy it)
D. It randomly goes into your PC. And don't you have to have an extra Poke` Ball and an extra PC slot?

Also Jirachi...

You need the Pre-Sale Disk, and all the requirements for Ho-Oh except purifying all. How much do they even cost?

I need freakin` help please!!! They say you have to battle and defeat it or snag it! Is this true?

Next, you can't copy data obviously!!!!!!!

Do you get a second chance to battle Shadow Lugia in XD? All help is accepted! Thank you!!! (I'm desperate almost) ^.^ ~.-


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Added 2 Oct 2006, ID #6797, by cool!!!

How to Unlock The Door At The Shadow Pokemon Lab

Find The DNA Sampler and use it to get it done quickly. Hint: Theres a place where you will find Dna scanner that will read a Dna Sampler it will tell you a code the code is a Pokemon there are 3 Dna sampler around the Lab and there will be a dog so go get some Ultra balls to get the dog Rakiou.

Added 9 Sep 2006, ID #6711, by Cannon19130

Lucky Chance To Catch The 3 Dogs

To Catch The Three Dogs On A Lucky Chance Take Down His Health Bar Until You See His Health Go Down To Red Or Yellow. BUT! Save It Before You Do Anything.


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Added 6 Sep 2006, ID #6695, by Cannon19130

Locations Of The 3 Legendary Dogs

Entei: Entei is the first dog you get. You have to go to Mt. Battle and beat the first 9 enemies, then you get to the Cipher admin Dakim. He has Entei on Lv. 40. It has Shadow Rush, Bite, Leer and Sunny Day. (Note: After each battle to do at Mt. Battle before Dakim, your Pokemon will NOT be healed. You will have to go back to the reception counter to heal them, or use items.)

Suicune: Suicune is the next dog, and it belongs to Cipher admin Venus in The Under. She is in a small building to the right of the Colosseum, and you need the R-Disk to get to her. Suicune is also Lv. 40, and knows Shadow Rush, Gust, Surf and Leer. It's a tough battle, be careful of her Steelix. Venus then runs away, leading you to The Under Subway.

Raikou: Last, but not least, Cipher admin Ein waits to battle you with his beast of thunder in the Mystery Cipher Lab. Raikou is Lv. 40 with Shadow Rush, Thunder, Rain Dance and Leer. The TM Earthquake can be obained from a box after Ein is beaten, and a Data Rom for Nett in The Under.

~ Spyro Madgirl ~


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Added 4 Sep 2006, ID #6677, by spyro madgirl


The 1st time is at mt battle after you bet damkin
The 2nd 1 is in the under use the U-disk on the UFO and open the chest
The last 1 is at mt battle in story mode after you bet the 100th trainer also if you have a empty spot in pc and have beat story mode you will get HO-OH


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Added 27 Aug 2006, ID #6645, by nintendomad

New starting noise!

When you start up your gamecube, before you turn it on, hold the Z button and turn it on for a new sound.

Added 26 Aug 2006, ID #6643, by Alchemy Wep

Coping Pokémon (d´ont Shadow Pokémon or eggs)

Ok , First you must have 2 Memory Cards , Played out the Pokémon Coloseum , a GBA-cable and a Pokémon Game (Ruby , Saphire , Leafgreen , Firered or Emerald).

First , you go to the pokémon center were you can trade Pokémon in Coloseum , Save. (Do this also in the other Pokémon game). The trade the pokémon you want to copie from the Pokémon game to Coloseum. Save and set both game´s off.

Go to the main menu from the Gamecube and copy the save file fromm Coloseum to the second Memory stick. Set the second memory stick in the first Memory place. Start Coloseum and trade backwards the trade that you did first. And Voila. Save and delete the file of the Coloseum in the second Memory stick.


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Added 14 Aug 2006, ID #6574, by TheDarkSchadow
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