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All recipes! cheat for Paper Mario 2


All recipes!

Heres a list of ALL the recipes!!(57)

Choco cake=cakemix+inky sauce-heals5HP & 15FP
Coco candy=coconut+cake mix-heals 3HP & 15FP
Coconut bomb=coconut+fire flower-damages 1 enemy
Couples cake=snow bunny+spicy soup-slowly restores HP
Courage meal=courage shell+ zess dinner-damages 1 enemy
Egg bomb=mystic egg+fire flower-damages 1 enemy
Electro pop=cake mix+volt shroom-heals 15HP
Fire pop=cake mix+fire flower-heals 20HP
Fresh juice=any kind of random syrup-heals 5HP & cures poisoning
Fried egg=mystic egg+none-heals10HP
Fruit parfait=keel mango+peachy peach-10HP & 2FP
Healthy salad=turtly leaf+horsetail-heals 15HP & cures poison
Heartful cake=cakemix+ruin powder-heals 20FP & softens you
Honey candy=honey syrup+cakemix-heals 20HP
Honey shroom=hony syrup+mushroom-heals 5HP & 5FP
Honey super=honey syrup+super shroom-heals 10HP & 5FP
Honey ultra=honey syrup+ultra shroom-heals 5FP & 50HP
Icicle pop=honey syrup+ice storm-heals 10HP
Ink pasta=fresh pasta+inky sauce-heals 10HP & 30FP
Inky sauce=hot sauce+turtly leaf-heals 30FP
Jelly candy=jammin' jelly+cake mix-heals 64FP
Jelly shroom=mushroom+jammin' jelly-heals5HP & 50FP
Jelly super=super shroom+jammin' jelly-heals 10HP & 50 HP
Koopa bun=keel mango+tutly leaf-heals15FP
Koopa tea=turtly leaf+none-heals 7FP
Koopasta=turtly leaf+fresh pasta-heals 7HP & 7FP
Love pudding=mystic egg+mango delight-makes you invisible,electified,or sleepy
Mango delight=kell mango+cake mix-10HP & 3FP
Maple shroom=maple syrup+mushroom-heals 5HP & 10FP
Maple super=maple syrup+super shroom-10HP & 10FP
Maple ultra=maple syrup+ultra shroom-50HP & 10FP
Meteor meal=shroom fry+shoting star-heals 7HP & slowly heals more
Mousse cake=cake mix+none-heals 15FP
Omlette meal-mystic egg+horsetail-5HP & 5FP
Peach tart=peachy peach+cake mix-electrifiesyou,or makes you dodgy or sleepy
Poison shroom=slow shroom+inky sauce-poisons you
Shroom broth=slow shroom+golden leaf-gradually heals HP
Shroom cake=mushroom+cake mix-heals 10HP & 10FP
Shroom crepe=ultra shroom+cake mix-heals30HP & 20FP
Shroom fry=mushroom/supershroom-heals 6HP & 2FP
Shroom roast=life shroom/slow shroom-heals 15HP & 5FP
Shroom steak=ultra shroom+none-heals 30HP & 10FP
Snowbunny=golden leaf+ice storm-heals 15HP & freezes you
Space food=dried boquet+various foods-heals 5HP
Spaghetti=fresh pasta+none-heals 6HP & 4FP
Spicy pasta=hot sauce+fresh pasta-heals 10HP & 10FP
Spicy soup=fire flower-heals 4HP & 4FP
Trial stew=couples cake+poison shroom-has incredible results
Zess cookie=cake mix+gradual syrup-heals 15HP & 15FP
Zess deluxe=golden leaf+wacka bump-heals 40HP & 40FP
Zess dinner=mushroom+horsetail-10HP & 10FP
Zess dynamite=egg bomb+coconut bomb-damages ALL enemies
Zess frappe=maple syrup+ice storm-heals 20HP
Zess special=ultra shroom+slow shroom-heals 20HP & 20FP
Zess tea=golden leaf+none-heals 20 hp

The best 1 is jelly ulta-jammin' jelly+ultra shroom-heals 50HP & 50FP
The worst 1 is a mistake=other-heals 1HP & 1FP
Also mystery can make any of these-but most likely to be a mistake


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