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My favorite combination

Ok, this is my favorite combination of people I use it every race unless I'm playing just for fun and I win every single time. Pick a bowser and a donkey kong-big or little, depending on which type of car you like- and use bowser's special to get in first, then use DK's special to stay there. You can also try King Boo or Petey Pirahna for variation or Paratroopa for 3 red shells if you like them better. peace.

Added 12 Jun 2006, ID #6036, by crunkness and get

Dodging red shells

What's up, okay to dodge a red shell get a green shell or bannana peel, when you see the picture of a red shell throw it behind you so it hits that instead

Added 10 Jun 2006, ID #6016, by Jman1

Turbo start

Press b just as the green light flashes at the start of a race

Added 7 Jun 2006, ID #5993, by Hogan16


Get 1st Place in the Mushroom Cup on 50cc to unlock the Green Fire (Luigi's Kart).
Get 1st Place in the Flower Cup on 50cc to unlock the Bloom Coach (Daisy's Kart).
Get 1st Place in the Star Cup on 50cc to unlock the Para Wind (Paratroopa's Kart).
Get 1st Place in the Special Cup on 50cc to unlock the Bullet Basher.

Get 1st Place in the Mushroom Cup on 100cc to unlock the Rattle Buggy (Baby Luigi's Kart).
Get 1st Place in the Flower Cup on 100cc to unlock the Waluigi Racer (Waluigi's Kart).
Get 1st Place in the Star Cup on 100cc to unlock the Special Cup.
Get 1st Place in the Special Cup on 100cc to unlock Toad, Toadette and Toad's Blue Kart.

Get 1st Place in the Mushroom Cup on 150cc to unlock Luigi's Mansion (a Battle Mode Arena).
Get 1st Place in the Flower Cup on 150cc to unlock the Turbo Birdo (Birdo's Kart).
Get 1st Place in the Star Cup on 150cc to unlock the Barrel Train.
Get 1st Place in the Special Cup on 150cc to unlock the All-Cup Tour.
Get 1st Place in the All-Cup Tour on 150cc to unlock Mirror Mode.

Get 1st Place in the Mushroom Cup on Mirror Mode to unlock Toadette's Red Kart.
Get 1st Place in the Flower Cup on Mirror Mode to unlock Tilt-A-Kart (a Battle Mode Arena).
Get 1st Place in the Star Cup on Mirror Mode to unlock Petey Piranha, King Boo and the Piranha Pipes Kart (Petey Piranha's Kart).
Get 1st Place in the Special Cup on Mirror Mode to unlock the Boo Pipes (King Boo's Kart).
Get 1st Place in the All-Cup Tour on Mirror Mode to unlock the Parade Kart.

Added 17 May 2006, ID #5889, by sheiny

Hop the trench.

Most of you may know this but on donkykongs level before you get to the bridge there is a you turn next to a trench.

If you slow down and make a sharp turn, then floor it you can hop the trench and get ahead of your opponents.

Added 14 May 2006, ID #5878, by LORD DESON

Cut Corners

If you have a mushroom of a star then you can go over corners without slowing down.

Added 2 Apr 2006, ID #5639, by gavingamer


To get tilt you have to beat flower cup on mirror difficulty
To get luigis mansion you need to beat the mushroom cup on mirror difficulty

Added 5 Feb 2006, ID #5307, by FireStorm

Don't waste items

If you have a banana peel and you're in first place and thinking I don't need this, guess what? You do need it because if you're squeezed in a wall to wall and you know you're opponet has a trap behind you and you have a banana peal, you can put as much as you have to avoid them and race away to the finish line.

I always use this trick to win.

Added 29 Jan 2006, ID #5276, by Ukown Z

All of the Shortcuts

Ok, Let me just wrap up the missed shortcuts...

Luigi Ciruit:
1.Before the chain chomp, go to turn right and take another path (the chomp can still get you)
2.when you see tunnels when you are going straight, turn right for another shortcut that is identical to the first one.
3.On the turns, there are speed boosters. 4. Above the speed boosters, there is another track, though it's useless.

Peach Beach:
1.As you are going into the beach area, go left and you will find a shortcut (ONLY USE ON LAP 3 UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR CART TO BE FULL OF WATER).
2.When you are going up the hill near the end with the rolling item boxes, turn left instead of going straight for a double item box.
3.Near the beiggening, turn LEFT on the first turn to go into a tunnel and get a double item box.

Baby Park:
1. Always stay on the inside of the track on the turns, just don't get stuck.

Dry Dry Desert:
A. Where there are towers that are on the ground, they can be used as ramps. b. After the zigzag-like part of the track at the beginning, cut through the dirt to your right with a speed item.
C. Go through the quicksand (star only).
D. Near the end, around the last sharp turn, to your right there will be a billboard. Cut under it.

There's more, but those are the major ones. I'm sure you can find the others.

Daisy Cruiser:
1. When you go down the first flight of stairs, turn sharply right and go around the pool.
2. The hole in the hallway isn't out of bounds. You can go down there for a double item box.

Sherbet land:
1.near the end, in the part with the freezies, there is a tower to your left that you can jump behind.
You'll end up back on the normal track. Mario circuit:
1.You can cut through the grass near the first u-turn to the left, with a speed item.
2. Hit a goomba for a mushroom.

Waluigi Stadium:
1.before the first speed hill, take a mushroom and go to the left of the hill, then use it.
2. You can go above the fake plants during the obsticle course.

Mushroom bridge:
1. Hit a bombcar to explode.
2. Hit a shroomcar for a mushroom to pop out.
3. You can go on the arch of the bridge.
4.after the first tunnel, don't turn, (SPEED ITEM REQUIRED) go straight, and use it so that you go over the dirt onto a hill.
5. Right after the start finish, turn right for a secret path and a double block.

Mushroom city:
1. Bombcar for explosion
2. Shroomcar for mushroom
3. Near the end, go straight instead of turning into traffic to go on a secret path to dodge traffic. It's muddy, so take something fast with you.
4.near the first 3-way, go straight then turn to the right, to go to a secret passage.

Yoshi circuit:
1. After the second turn, go straight w/speed item and use it to jump a large gap and slice off a couple of seconds from your timer.
2. After the nose tunnel, you can see a cliff pointing out, use a speed item on it to go into an underground tunnel.

DK mountain:
1. While you are in mid-air from the cannon, press up or down to change the angle of your cart.
2. After the turn where there are boulders, HIT THE BRAKES!!! Then go SLOWLY straight, go up the grassy hill a little bit, then do a fast, small u-turn and jump an entire hill. You'll win.

Wario Colleseum:
1. Go straight where you normally would have to go left or right around the circle for a speed ramp.

Dino Dino Jungle:
1.after the first cave go to the right instead of straight up on a bridge. You will hit a speed bridge. Make sure you keep control, though.
2. In the main cave, turn right w/ speed item and use it to go over a log bridge.

Bowser castle:
1.The part where bowser is shooting fireballs, go straight to jump an entire u-turn.

Rainbow road:
1. Hit the speed boosts, but keep control. 2. This is a good place to practice dodging red shells.

Added 5 Nov 2005, ID #4862, by MKDDude

Red Shells

For some reason Red shells travel faster if the CC is higher. For example they travel slow in 50 CC, medium speed in 100CC and fast in 150CC making them trickier to dodge.

Added 27 Apr 2005, ID #3790, by nintendo_dude

Get Piranah Pipes!!

Piranah pipes is Bettie Piranah's car.

Get it by beating the star cup in mirror mode.

Added 26 Feb 2005, ID #3401, by Almond

Kart seletion

To beat the game eaisier choose heavy wieghts for 50cc choose middle wieghts for 100cc and light for 150cc its what i do and i always win gold.

PS. If you have super circuit for G.B.A don't be fooled by the Waluigi cheat, it does not work.

Added 6 Feb 2005, ID #3215, by doubledashrules

Dodge annoying items

Hello mortals. It is I, Cez, the master of gaming. Today I will be telling you how to be nearly as good as me at Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

1. How to Dodge Red Shells

When you can see a Red Shell in the warning bubble behind your kart, go into a power-slide and charge your mini-turbo. Release the turbo when the Shell is about to hit you, and it should miss and skid off the track or into a wall. Alternatively, drop a banana/Green Shell/Red Shell before it hits you. The Red Shell wil hit your weapon and break. DO NOT USE FAKE ITEM BOXES! THEY DO NOT WORK!

2. How to dodge Lightning Bolts

When a Lightning Bolt is about to hit (easier in multiplayer since you can see who's got one), try and hit a banana/Green Shell/fake item box/anything else that's lying around. If you are on DK Mountain, you cannot be hit while you are in the air after being shot by the Barrel Cannon.

3. How to Dodge Blue Shells

The hardest one of all, this rarely works. You will notice that when the Blue Shell reaches youi, it hangs back, then rushes forward. It has no directional capacity during the final rush i.e it can't turn. If you use a Mushroom while power-sliding or hit a boost pad just before the Blue Shell hits, it should sail straight past you and with any luck hit the wall far enough away to not catch you in the explosion. Also, hitting another item means that the Blue Shell will still hit you and explode, but it does not affect you. Blue Shells, like Lightning Bolts, can't hit you while you-re in the Baller Cannon's airspace.

Obviously, a Star can be used in all cases, but I bet you already knew that.

Until next time, my friends.


Added 25 Sep 2004, ID #2648, by Cez

2 extra battle levels

I forgot how I got these levels but you can get 2!
The first: Tilt-a-kart
The second: Luigi's Mansion

I am really sorry I forgot how I got them but now you know you can get those levels!

P.S. The music of tilt-a-kart is the same as baby park and the music of luigi's mansion is the same as bowsers castle!
Just if you want to know!

Added 7 Jul 2004, ID #2153, by Mastah Freak

Tips for Starters

If your a starter for this game here's some tips you can use. First thing you have to pick characters.

Pick characters that are in the light weight class (e.g Diddy Kong, Parakoopa, Baby Mario, etc.).

Then pick a kart that has low speed but high acceleration. This kart could help you on levels when you go off road.

On sharp turns use drift (R button) to make you turn better.

This will not decrease speed. If you get use to this you can try a mini-boost. To do a mini-boost you first do a drift. Then you point the control stick the opposite way.

Keep on holding the drift button. Then you let go of the control stick. Then you point the control stick the opposite way.

This will perform your mini-boost.

Added 13 Apr 2004, ID #1827, by neo_dude23

Get All-Cup Tour

Win the Gold Cup on the Special Cup 150cc.

Added 6 Feb 2004, ID #1498, by quentinduelist382

Shortcut on Yoshi level

Here's the shortcut. On mirror mode do the cup with the level shaped like Yoshi.

You need a mushroom or a starman to do this.

At the eye on yoshi(you'll see it on the map)with the mushroom speed off when the gate ends and comes back you'll see a little ramp.

Ramp off.You will go into a little highway type place and come on the tip of yoshi's nose.

Thats the shortcut.

Added 6 Jan 2004, ID #1323, by bobjoe

All stuff

The cars you'll have from begin:
red fire(marios kart)
DK jumbo(donkeys kart)
wario car(warios kart)
heart coach(peach'kart)
turbo yoshi(yoshi's kart)
goo-goo buggy(baby marios kart)
koopa dasher(koopas kart)
koopa king(bowsers kart)

Karts you can receive: level:
rattle buggy(baby luigis kart)mushroom cup 100cc
para wing(paratroopas kart)star cup 50cc
barrel train(diddy kongs kart)star cup 150cc
bullet blaster(bowser Jr. king)special cup50cc
green fire(luigis kart)mushroom cup 50cc
bloom coach(daisys kart)flower cup 50cc
turbo birdo(birdos kart)flower cup 150cc
waluigi racer(waluigis kart)flower cup 100cc
toad kart(toads kart)special cup 100cc
NOTE:by this kart you'll get toad and toadette
as characters to race.
toadette kart(toadettes kart)mushroom cup mirror mode.
piranha pipes(petey piranhas kart)star cup mirror mode.
boo pipes(king boo's kart)special cup mirror mode.

Parade kart(the kart of the winners by the trophy award)all cup tour mirror mode.

These were the karts and how to receive them. These are the cups and cup options and how to receive them:
MUSHROOM CUP(from begin)
FLOWER CUP(from begin)
STAR CUP(from begin)
SPECIAL CUP(win mushroom,flower and star cup in 50 and 100cc.
ALL CUP TOUR(finish all other cups in 50,100,and 150cc.
MIRROR MODES(finish ALL cups in ALL cc's.

These were the cups and how to receive them. These are the characters and how to get them:
Baby Mario/Baby Luigi
Bowser/Bowser Jr.
toad/toadette(and toad kart)
Petey piranha/king boo(and piranha pipes)

Added 27 Dec 2003, ID #1205, by tha double and dash

What players you can be!

Well first of all there is more characters in this game than 64 and you get to be in the same car.

I know a few there is peach, mario, luigi, yoshi, bowser, bowser-jr, baby-mario, waluigi, donkey.k, diddy.k, daisy, king-boo, petey-piranha, koopa-paratroopa, baby-luigi, wario, toad, toadette and birdo.

I actually think that this is them all and it is because there are 20 there I hope you get to like all the characters.

If your wondering who waluigi is, it is another one of marios evil brothers except he is in purple!

Added 13 Nov 2003, ID #1010, by simon876
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