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alex771 asks: Added Jul 18th 2007, ID #91722

Question for Pokemon Sapphire

What do you do after you beat the elite four and get
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Firewall answered: Added 18th Jul 2007, ID #200120
After you beat the elite four you will be able to search for Latias. A news bulletin will be on your home T.V. When you start back at your house. She appears randomly.

Also, you can go to the Sky pillar on route 131. It appears once you beat the elite four. You battle your way through all the wild Pokemon and at the top you find Rayquaza.

Lastly, you will get the pass for the S.S Tidal so you can battle the trainers aboard it and the ship takes you toward the Battle Tower.

If you have mixed records with anyone, you will be able to find their secret base in your game and battle him/her there with out having to link up because a copy of that person and their team will be there.

So, you see there is still stuff to do.
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Guest said: 15th Jun 2014, ID #399996 | REPORT
thx that help
Guest said: 22nd Oct 2014, ID #461740 | REPORT
Guest said: 14th Dec 2014, ID #484523 | REPORT
How do you get past the girl at the sky pillar that says only those that are worthy shall pass?
Other Answers
secv answered: Added 18th Jul 2007, ID #200027
After you beath the elite four you could:

1. Try to capture ll the pokemon
2. Beat both battle tower challenges
3. Get all of your current Pokemon to Level 100
4. Make the biggest and best base ever.
Thats all I can think of at the moent, but maybe those will spur some ideas.
Alchemy Wep answered: Added 18th Jul 2007, ID #200159
Get all your Pokemon to level 100 and get them in the hall of fame, catch Latias, catch Rayquaza, fill your National Dex, and win all the Contests in Master rank.
Alchemy Wep answered: Added 18th Jul 2007, ID #200160
Get all your Pokemon to level 100 and get them in the hall of fame, catch Latias, catch Rayquaza, fill your National Dex, and win all the Contests in Master rank.
Nature Boy answered: Added 19th Jul 2007, ID #200202
After you beat the league, look for Latias and catch Raquaza on the top of the sky pillar... And you can always complete the Pokedex and challenge the Battle Tower.
Guest answered: Added 6th Jul 2010, ID #337928
catch the regis
Guest answered: Added 20th Jul 2010, ID #342119
how do you get to the top of sky pillar
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Guest said: 27th Oct 2011, ID #83269 | REPORT
you have to use the mach bike at maximum speed
Guest said: 5th Nov 2012, ID #205667 | REPORT
get a mach bike then ride past the broken floor. if you haven,t got in the sky pillar then go to pacifidlog town and surf west from the town
Guest said: 31st Mar 2013, ID #269109 | REPORT
Use the bike to skate over the cracks
Guest said: 18th May 2013, ID #283682 | REPORT
You can go on top of sky pilar with mach bike
Guest answered: Added 20th Jul 2010, ID #342121
you dint have to get all your pokemon to 100 it takes to long if your nerd you can
Guest answered: Added 20th Jul 2010, ID #342122
i have 33 lvl 100s and im not a nerd thow

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Guest said: 5th Oct 2013, ID #312754 | REPORT
Pokemon raised by battling > pokemon raised with rare candies, you ever heard of EV points?
Guest said: 1st May 2014, ID #380527 | REPORT
how long does it take to lvl to 100, jeez, I'm bored with a skaramy at lvl 26 I need it to be lvl 50 before I get to the eleite four.
Guest said: 16th Jun 2014, ID #400390 | REPORT
Bro, a nerd is soneone who is academically smart, your a geek. Someone who plays computer games and stuff
Guest said: 5th Jan 2015, ID #496828 | REPORT
Super training for EVs?
Rare candy all you want...
Guest answered: Added 20th Jul 2010, ID #342123
if you have 6 lvl 100s you should be good my advice is you play it when you are going to bed as well as when you wake you should keep doing the elite four if you want to lvl fast right now im working on a salmance and in 7 of the first elite four guy hes lvled by 14 lvls

Guest answered: Added 20th Jul 2010, ID #342130
to beet all of the elite four you should have all of these pokemon: banette lvl:69 / gyarados lvl:60 / rhydon lvl:62 / magcargo lvl:64 / salamance lvl:65 / medicham lvl:67

use medichams hi jump kick for all of the first elite fours pokemon

then use banettes thunder and you rhydons rock blast for the rest of the second elite fours pokemon

then for the third elite four use medicham again and use his hi jump kick it will kill in one hit

then take medicham for two more hi jump kicks on his sheldon then use your salamance and use fly attack and you should dodge a bit and do quite a bit of damage kill him

then use your magcargo for the first pokemon of the chapion and the use you r team and keep reviveing them and then your done

you will need 29 revives/42 potions 21 full estors and then you good

np for the advice

srry bout the spelling
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Guest said: 1st Dec 2014, ID #479111 | REPORT
swampert at lvl85 can beat all the elite four
Guest said: 4th Dec 2014, ID #480332 | REPORT
i swept them all with only yogre lvl 52
Guest said: 5th Dec 2014, ID #480617 | REPORT
Blaziken lvl 78 can beat all, but sometimes I throw rayquazza out bc dragon slays dragons - outrage all day. all I have left to get is the regi's
Guest said: 3rd Jan 2015, ID #495307 | REPORT
I didn't have a pokemon higher than lvl 55 and only used about 6 revive/ full restore.
Guest answered: Added 20th Jul 2010, ID #342131
does anyone need help put it up in forum beaten every game of pokemon

Guest answered: Added 19th Aug 2010, ID #350712
catch latais then beat the battle tower and you will talk whith may and pass game but fill pokedex too
Guest answered: Added 21st Aug 2010, ID #350960
u can migrate ure pokemon to dppt and restart and do tht again i have all the hoenn starters th way on platinum
Guest answered: Added 13th Oct 2010, ID #360870
or what you could do is catch kyogre and train it to level 65 at victory road (atleast)then if you teach it thunderbolt waterfall(if you have sea incense) if you dont use surf ice beam and hydro pump it can solo all of the elite four WITHOUT full restore

first elite four: waterfall absol and mightyena , ice beam cacturn and shiftry and thunderbolt sharpedo. it's one hit kills

Second: waterfall all the pokemon its one hit.

Third: Waterfall the glalies and use thunderbolt on the seal types.

Fourth: ice beam everyone its super effective against all.

By now you should still have pp in every move and if you did it correctly without misses you will have full hp on kyogre

Champion: use hydro pump on skarmory then use waterfall on aggron. then use hydro pump on cradilly and metagross and finish it off with waterfall on armaldo. if im missing a pokemon let me know or just use hydro pump on it
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Guest said: 22nd Feb 2012, ID #117415 | REPORT
All I needed was kyocera level 56and swampert level 64
Guest said: 29th May 2013, ID #286339 | REPORT
All I need is a lvl 47 kyogre, a lvl 47 sceptile, 4 random pokemon and a lot of max potion (and revives too)
Guest said: 26th May 2014, ID #389262 | REPORT
Use thunder because it always hits in the rain. And it is a lot stronger. Kyocera has ridiculous special attack, so why use waterfall. Surf is way better
Guest said: 27th Nov 2014, ID #477001 | REPORT
I should of read this I wish I read this earlier I was getting crushed my kyogre had 13 hit points left
Guest answered: Added 8th Nov 2010, ID #365785
my kyogre is level 82 and what you can do is get all your low level pokemon and give them the exp share then go in elite four and use kyogre and ace them then keep doing it till you have evolved all your pokemon thats what i have done i have 120 pokemonn caught on my pokedex
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dzhang19981019 said: 29th Jun 2011, ID #53314 | REPORT
I caught a sandshrew that was holding an exp share without hacking! Now I have 2.
Any Other Ideas to get Exp Shares?
Guest said: 7th Nov 2012, ID #206407 | REPORT
If you win the lottery with the last 3 digits you get an exp share
Guest said: 12th May 2014, ID #383574 | REPORT
I trained the rayquaza to level70 and just ta, e it and beat the elite four again. Won without taking a hit
Guest answered: Added 26th Feb 2011, ID #389592
You can do a lot of things, but most of them aren't new necessarily.

You can :

1) Challenge & ANNIHILATE the Elite Four with your boss Pokemon, over and over again, as many times as you please.

2) Level up all, or whatever Pokemon you choose, to level 100 or the preferred level.

3) Trade with friends.

4) Enter in contests.

5) Engage in the Battle Tower.

6) Find any trainers you didn't battle, or might've skipped on purpose, and battle them.

7) Find Latias, Latios, Rayqauza, etc.

8) Complete the Pokedex. (Too tedious and time-consuming in my opinion, even though that's the entire point of every game, LMFAO).

9) Capture any Pokemon you want in your party.

And this is all I could think of. Really, the whole point of a Pokemon game is to capture all 150 Pokemon to complete your Pokedex, but I've never met anybody who's actually done it, even with cheating. It's too time-consuming in my opinion, and I don't think you get any rare item or anything for completing it, so it's ultimately up to you.(:
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Guest said: 24th Jul 2011, ID #60697 | REPORT
actually u can get one of 3 starter pokemon from the johto region
Guest said: 1st May 2012, ID #138658 | REPORT
only on emerald^
Proadin answered: Added 22nd Mar 2011, ID #394060
Ummm... I just beat the elite four using
49 Kyogre
41 Swampert
46 Flygon
43 Gardevoir
48 Breloom
39 Electrode

It was pretty easy just using like 3 full restores, 10 hyper potions, like 10 super potions and 7 revives
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Guest said: 1st Jul 2013, ID #294019 | REPORT
Guest said: 12th May 2014, ID #383654 | REPORT
I beat the elite four with only my Swampert lvl 60 and I took no damage and used only one move on all.
Guest said: 18th Jul 2014, ID #420874 | REPORT
I beat them with my lvl 10 Rattata ;)
Guest said: 7th Dec 2014, ID #481738 | REPORT
just a rattata
Guest answered: Added 6th Apr 2011, ID #397125
I beat the elite 4 using a level 50 kyogre 59 blaziken just using 5 soda pop
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Guest said: 11th Jan 2015, ID #500228 | REPORT
I just
Guest answered: Added 19th Jul 2011, ID #423295
U can Catch regis, rayquaza, latias, evolve and catch feebas witch I'm currently doing oh catch an alteria on the 5th floor in the sky piller at lv 57 not 60 because than you dobt have dragon breath so delete perish song and replace with dragon breath when it turns lv 59. Become a dragon trainer. Collect berries. Try to get to mirage island. Catch all rare Pokemon and evelve them. Get a metagross " very strong! " get a gradovor and slakoths thrid eveloution. Make an epic secret base. By stuff at saleport city and a good base is in the middle of the lake south of the bike path there is a single tree. Use that one because it large. And everyone I can beat the elite 4 solo with rayquaza using only outrage with a few full restores and full heals.
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Guest said: 27th Jun 2014, ID #407341 | REPORT
guys stop showing off ur pro skills in beating the elite four
we all know everyone's awesome at pokemon :P
Guest answered: Added 24th Jul 2011, ID #425135
Beat the elite for more than one hundred times. Train your raquaza to lv100 and teach him these moves: ice beam thunderbolt, fly and overheat. Then when you start batteling sidney start with icebeam. Attack ever pokm with ice beam untill ice beam has no pp left move on to thunderbolt. When you come to drake, don't use thunder bolt against his flygon it will have no effect. Use fly. Against salamace use overheat
And then finally agaisnt wallace use thuderbolt and fly. Thats how you beat the elite four with one pokm. Also raquaza should have an item that restores his hp. I use left overs. At the end of the elite four your raquaza will have full hp. Trust me it works.
Guest answered: Added 8th Aug 2011, ID #430274
I won with a swellow lvl. 48 fly, hyper beam,quick attack,and areal ace. Also a kyogre lvl. 49-51 streangth, earthquake, ice beam, and hydro pump.
Both with pokerus since swellow 28 and kyogre 2 minutes after I caught it.
Guest answered: Added 19th Aug 2011, ID #433864
After beating the elite four you could go to the trick house, there will be a new trick that will only be added after you beat them.

You can watch tv for news about a rare legendary Pokemon, after you watch the news you will be able to capture her (latias).

If you go to the sky pillar at route 131, you will find at the top a legendary Pokemon named rayquaza, you will need the mach bike to get to the top.

Last but not least, there are another 3 legendary pokemn (regice, regirick, registeel) these can only be captured after you beat the elite four and unlock a sealed chamber ""The Regicand if you want endless battling fun with strong Pokemon you can go to the battle tower after getting the S.S Ticket (by getting win streaks at battle tower you get rewards.

Finally, if you got extra time you can raise your Pokemon to the maximum level, and if your rich and want stronger Pokemon you can buy boosters (calcium, iron, zinc..etc) and raise your pokemon's stats.
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Guest said: 18th Nov 2012, ID #210041 | REPORT
Technically speaking those only add to the EV's of the Pokemon and by the time you beat the elite four the EV max has been reached
david.coelho answered: Added 16th Oct 2011, ID #447962
I beat all the elite four using only 4 full restores!!
Guest answered: Added 4th Dec 2011, ID #461254
Omg you kids stick to the question. I am not interested in "what Pokemon you used to beat the elite four" you can do it with any Pokemon you want. Just answer the damn question and shut up. Thank you to the people that did answer the question.
Guest answered: Added 1st Aug 2012, ID #527538
I recently beat the elite 4 with only Blaziken: lvl 43 Double Kick, Quick attack, Slash, and blaze kick
Kyogre: lvl 49-51 Ice Beam, Rest, Hydro Pump, Thunder
Shedinja: lvl 24-25 Flash, fury swipes, mind reader, fury cutter (his big move)
I also had a 39 lairon a 43 zangoose (got through trading) and a 36 alakazam. I pretty much only used kyogre, no one else, except shedinja on metacross (needed for easy win) and blaziken who I only really used on sydneys mightyena, which didn't really need to be done, but was nice. I only used 2 max elexirs, and 2 potions (for kyogre right before I battled steven) so really, all you need is a kyogre. And you can beat the elite 4 with only PP restoring items.

Also my advice on what to do after the game, try to find all the TM's, breed and breed until you get the ultimate Pokemon team,make an epic secret base, catch all the legendarys you possibly can, beat tons of contests, find mirage island(leeche berries) battle every trainer you can, rebattle trainers through trainers eyes feature on pokenav, get Pokemon to lvl 100,try to complete the pokedex (long hard work, (I have a cousin who has every mainstream gba Pokemon game ever made, and it took him forever to complete the pokedex, in fact he might still be trying to do it)

P.S. Your room is a secret base (you can custimize your room at your house from the PC)
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Guest said: 27th Nov 2014, ID #477006 | REPORT
You don't have Origen pulse on kyogre
Guest answered: Added 3rd Aug 2012, ID #528333
I destroyed the E4 using

Sceptile Level 70
~Leaf Blade

Gardevoir Level 70
~Calm Mind
~Dream Eater

Aggron Level 70
~Iron Tail
~Rock Smash

Camerupt Level 70

Flygon Level 70
~Hyper Beam

Walrein Level 70
~Aurora Beam
~Sheer Cold

:p I Over Trained

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Guest said: 3rd Dec 2013, ID #324777 | REPORT
I defeat Elite Four with Charizard, Feraligatr, Sceptile, Tyranitar, Raikou, Salamence. Idk what to do after catching all pokemons. Help me please......
Guest answered: Added 22nd Sep 2012, ID #540376
Thats it...Ugh! I wish there was more to the game..
Guest answered: Added 28th Sep 2012, ID #541493
I solo elite four with
Lvl 40 new two.

Once your have done the elite four many a times it gets boring
Best thing to do is use cheat codes gain Pokemon you cannot find/ unlimited rare candys/Mbawls.

The shiny wild pokemons are fun an the walk through walls cheats
Submission removed pending moderation
Guest answered: Added 14th May 2013, ID #587624
He asked what he can do AFTER the elite four dipshits. And you all are exposing how to beat the elite four. POINTLESS.
Get the legendaries and move on to another game. Try that on for size.
Guest answered: Added 5th Jun 2013, ID #590978
Ive beat elite four hundreds of times with only one Pokemon, Level 100 Kyogre, use the move set, Ice Beam, Waterfall, Surf and Water Spout, I also use the amulet coin so I'm rich... Save the ice beams for Steven and the Dragon Master (4th Person in The Elite 4) Hope I helped...

Kyle <3
Guest answered: Added 10th Jul 2013, ID #596062
My Kyogre has been able to solo The Elite Four from lvl 65 and upwards without ANY items ... ? Surf, Hydro pump, Water spout and Ice Beam. Surf all the way, Hydro pump whenever surf is out of PP, Ice beam the ones that resists water (Dragon, grass etc.)

Guest answered: Added 14th Jul 2013, ID #596624
I beat with 3 Pokemon
Lvl 60 Kyorge(Hydrolic) By the way a awesome nickname)
Lvl 55 Blaziken (Blazemasha) Not as cool
Lvl 54 Ludicolo (Hydroplant) Love Hydro

Thanks for the Bike thing for Rayquaza. Never would have guesses.You are not a nerd if your Pokemon are lvl 100. It means you love the game. How do you think people become best in the world on COD, Halo and Fifa
Guest answered: Added 14th Nov 2013, ID #608364
Okay so what everybody else said. But I also thought it was cool to go to the parts of the safari that can only be unlocked after the elite 4
Guest answered: Added 7th Dec 2013, ID #609807
All you're tips were good, but all you need is

Easy sweep use a swam pert first guy, then flygon then aggron
And gardevoir Then walrien then everyone
Guest answered: Added 4th Jan 2014, ID #613172
TEACH YOUR KYOGRE THUNDER!!!!! This is the best move you could ever teach kyogre because of his ability to make it rain, thunder accuracy becomes 100% in the rain!!!!
puke123456789 answered: Added 26th May 2014, ID #625728












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Guest said: 15th Jan 2015, ID #502155 | REPORT
lol you didnt evolve Loudred???????? Why?????
Guest answered: Added 7th Aug 2014, ID #635650
I only used a gardevoir blaziken and kingdra to defeat all the elite four all below lvl.60 and salamance against champion

Guest answered: Added 29th Aug 2014, ID #637958
So sad...
I thought in Sapph, you can at least go to the older maps just like in Crystal... Etc...

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