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pokedude555 asks: Added Apr 10th 2007, ID #81893

Question for Pokemon Sapphire

What is the best team you can have? My guy is really bad and I am stuck. and get

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cyber_john3000 answered: Added 10th Apr 2007, ID #181396
Depends on your starter

But i'll tell you what elite's 4 weakness

1st elite- Weak against Fighting types
2nd elite- weak against dark/ghost/pyschic
3rd elite- weak against fighting/fire/electric/grass
4th elite- weak against dragon/ice

Champion- Mainly weak against Fire and fighting types..
EspeonDude_ answered: Added 10th Apr 2007, ID #181514
There's no such thing as a best team, just a good team!
Guest answered: Added 26th Apr 2011, ID #401754
My best team and the best team possible given the Pokemon available is:

All Lv 100

The secret is to select Pokemon with multiple types so you can cover all opponents. The attacks are also very important in selecting which Pokemon to have in your team.

steve543 answered: Added 26th Apr 2011, ID #401755
My best team and the best team possible given the Pokemon available is:

All Lv 100

The secret is to select Pokemon with multiple types so you can cover all opponents. The attacks are also very important in selecting which Pokemon to have in your team.

Guest answered: Added 22nd Aug 2011, ID #434802
Well the team I used was

This team was very good and owned anyone I fought, hope this helped!
Guest answered: Added 7th Apr 2012, ID #496426
Well, I never use starters or legendaries because that makes it too easy lol.

1.) Slaking
2.) Ludicolo
3.) Machoke(sometimes)
4.) Camerupt
5.) Walrein
6.) Garvadior

Normally I have a Machoke or a low level decoy Pokemon to see what their first Pokemon is, sounds stupid...I know

Guest answered: Added 22nd Apr 2012, ID #500729
Salamence-Along with metagross, it has tell highest base stats of all Pokemon in the generation, and can learn many different elemental attacks.
Metagross-Look above, and it can learn strong psychic and steel attacks, which is a useful combination.
Walrein-water and ice is resistant to several types, also is a generally powerful Pokemon with a strong learnset.
Rhydon-good attack and defence stats, and has the best learnset of all rock types in Sapphire.
Camerupt is the strongest fire type in tissue generation (non legendary)
Raichu-so much better than manectric and very strong attack.

The reason I have left out Kyogre, latias and rayquaza is that legendarys aren't allowed in several competitions.
Ps salamence has intimidate, I forgot to add that in.
Raichu and rhydon you get from evolving pikachu and rhyhorn after catching them at the safari zone.
Guest answered: Added 7th Jun 2012, ID #513597
I would use these pokemon. They might not seem like much but I use them every time. There actually pretty good. 1) blaziken 2) either dusclops or gardevoir 3) crawdaunt 4) flygon 5) either altaria or medicham 6) absol
Guest answered: Added 14th Jun 2012, ID #515574
My team consists of:
Blaziken:aerial ace, fire blast, blaze kick, double kick
Flygon: earthquake, crunch, dragonbreath, fire blast
Gardevior: Psychic, calm mind, double team, shadow ball
Lanturn: Surf, rain dance, thunder, hydro pump
Breloom: giga drain, sunny day, solar beam, brick break
Salamance: Dragon claw, protect, fly, iron tail

Gardevior and blaziken are the center of this team, use double tam and calm mind enough and you can compete with the best. Blaziken can handle anything else thrown at you beat the elite four at level 50 without a single one being fainted
Guest answered: Added 6th Jul 2012, ID #520954
My team is blaziken, swellow, ludicolo, sableye, aggron, and camerupt it's goo to have lots of different types to cover all your weaknesses

Guest answered: Added 10th Jul 2012, ID #521906
The Ideal team mostly depends on the person and hisher favorites. This is my team

This to me would be the ideal team, also if you are wondering why I chosse Breloom, it's because Breloom is a grass and fighting type. The fighting type can help with the elite 4 and Breloom is also grass and I don't have a grass type in my team so I choose it.
If this helps this would be the ideal team with the other starters.
Blazeikin: sceptile:
Blazikin Sceptile
Gardavoir Gardavoir
Aggron Aggron
Wailord Wailord
Salamance Salamance
Cacturne Ludicolo
Guest answered: Added 24th Jul 2012, ID #525353
My Pokemon team is

Muk lvl.70
Slaking lvl. 78
Torkoal lvl. 76
Salamence lvl. 63
Metagross lvl. 67
Machamp lvl.86

And I have gardevoir in level 73. Its a good Pokemon but I don't use it
Guest answered: Added 30th Jul 2012, ID #526901
I beat the elite four with a level 67 blaziken, it's moves we're: sky uppercut, slash, flamethrower and something else...I can't remember but I beat them all with him fainting
Guest answered: Added 27th Aug 2012, ID #535150
I used Blaziken, Walrein,Flygon,Mew,Zapdos,and Metagross
Guest answered: Added 25th Sep 2012, ID #540967
I use

I didn't use any of the legends, for me it's cheating and in the series, you didn't see ash using any of the legends..
Guest answered: Added 27th Sep 2012, ID #541318
I used Blaziken and Kyogre both lv 100. Thats all I used lol

Guest answered: Added 6th Oct 2012, ID #542762
This is My Team
But the last Pokemon I don't really know what to choose, My tides and berries are broken or I would of gotten Glalie
Guest answered: Added 6th Oct 2012, ID #542813
I use lvl 65 Blaziken and lvl57 Kyogre... That's all you need lol. And I hav a lvl 48 Blaziken too :3
Guest answered: Added 10th Oct 2012, ID #543877
I beat the rest of the
Game with a Blaziken and Kyogre that makes the game super easy
Guest answered: Added 16th Oct 2012, ID #545070
Blaizeken,kyogre,regice,regirock,registeel,and requazia.
Guest answered: Added 18th Oct 2012, ID #545421





Guest answered: Added 6th Dec 2012, ID #555276
Dustox - bug/psychics - very usefull
Migthyena - Dark - very usefull agaisnt elite 4
Peliper- High Special Attack
Camerupt- Best fire Pokemon in the game, very tanky and do very damage
Brellom - Fight/Grass - Sword Dance + Mach Punch = KO
Guest answered: Added 1st Apr 2013, ID #580329
Its not the best but it did the job
I used
A lvl 80 Blaziken-Ability-BLAZE
Overheat,Sky Uppercut,Return,Blaze Kick
A lvl 75 Salamence-Ability-ROCK HEAD
Fly,Dragonbreath,Dragon Claw,Double Edge
A lvl 78 Breloom-POISON HEAL
Sky Uppercut,Dynamic Punch,Mega Drain,Mach Punch
A lvl 70 Skarmory-STURDY
Steel Wing,Swift,Arial Ace,Wing Attack
A lvl 79 Milotic-MARVLE SCALE
Water Pulse,Hydro Pump,Surf,Dive
A lvl 77 Pikachu-STATIC
Thunder,Thunderbolt,Iorn Tail,Volt Tackle

Ps- Idid'nt use legendaries because I like a good chalenge, and I did not use cheats 2 get volt tackle, it was just luck. PEACE. Im also planing on doing a Pokemon walkthrough in the next few months, try to check me out.
Guest answered: Added 25th May 2013, ID #589291
The best team is Zigzagoon (X5) and a wurmple. You could use string shot and harden and you can't lose. Make sure he is level 100 but DO NOT EVOLVE HIM He sucks when he is evolved. Just use him and the zigzagoons and you should be good. Hope that helps
Guest answered: Added 19th Dec 2013, ID #611169
I usually use
And a machoke or gardevoir
SapphireKing4422 answered: Added 4th Mar 2014, ID #618836
My team is:
Combusken 26
Gyarados 21
Kirlia 22
Breloom 26
Oddish 13- deciding on
Swablue 21
This is a good setup for the early stages, and would only trade oddish. Any ideas comment it.

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