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Where do you find all the of the TMs and HMs and T..

Codybear asks: Added Jul 30th 2004, ID #7813

Question for Pokemon Sapphire

Where do you find all the of the TMs and HMs and TM Dig?

People say that I have to wait a week for a rocket to launch but I dont even know how long a day is, and my play time is 191:09 and somebody please tell me how long a day is or a week is. and how do you get to the sky pilla. and what is there and what kind of Pokemon?

Someone please help me!! thanks

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Rascal answered:
Added 30th Jul 2004, ID #10850
I cannot tell you every location but I can tell you dig is found in the fossil maniac's house just outside Fallbour( spell ) town.

Every week check the Mossdeep Space Center and go to the man in the white coat he will say 'rocket lauched sucess fully that was rocket number 3' or something like that. I was told when he says number 100 you can go into space to catch Deoys or Jirachi I don't believe this.

Go to Pacifilog once you have defeated the elite 4 and surf away from the current. There are rocks at the top of the screen surf along them eventually there will be an opening surf through it. You will enter a huge rock go inside and walk through it. You should come out infront of a huge building. This is Sky Pillar
poke genious answered:
Added 30th Jul 2004, ID #10910
I'm not sure how to get the TM for dig, but I do know that if you catch the Pokemon Numel, that sometimes has the move dig on it.


poke genious answered:
Added 30th Jul 2004, ID #10912
To get to the Sky Pillar fly to Pacifilog and surf right, stay to the left-handisde near the rocks. Keep following the rocks untill they open up onto a path of water, follow the path and eventually you will get to sky pillar.
mindyoulater answered:
Added 30th Jul 2004, ID #10956
Use an AR to get the HMs and TMs.
The Pokemon in the Sky Pillar is the very rare Rayquaza.
xebecer1913 answered:
Added 30th Jul 2004, ID #10979
Here is a list of the TMs/HMs.
TM01 Focus Punch-Route 115 (by the area you need the mach bike to access)
TM02 Dragon Claw-Meteor Falls (back room where you can capture bagon)
TM03 Water Pulse-Sootopolis City gym (obtained after defeating Wallace)
TM04 Calm Mind-Mossdeep City gym (obtained after defeating Liza & Tate)
TM05 Roar-Route 114 (talk to man with poocheyana to retrieve)
TM06 Toxic-Firey Path (north of first boulder)
TM07 Hail-Ice Room (Shoal Cave at low tide)
TM08 Bulk Up-Dewford Town gym (obtained after defeating Brawly)
TM09 Bullet Seed-Route 104 (talk to boy northwest of Petalburg Woods)
TM10 Hidden Power-Fortree City (talk to the old woman in one of the upper houses), Slateport City Market (buy from salesman accross from the Energy Guru)
TM11 Sunny Day-Scorched Slab (east of Fortree City)
TM12 Taunt-Trick Master
TM13 Ice Beam-SS Cactus (storage room), Mauville City Game Corner
TM14 Blizzard-Lilycove City Department Store (4th Floor)
TM15 Hyper Beam-Lilycove City Department Store (4th Floor)TM16 Light Screen-Lilycove City Department Store (4th Floor)
TM17 Protect-Lilycove City Department Store (4th Floor)
TM18 Rain Dance-SS Cactus
TM19 Giga Drain-Route 123 (talk to girl who loves grass pokemon with a grass pokemon in your party)
TM20 Safeguard-Lilycove City Department Store (4th Floor)
TM21 Frustration-Pacifidlog Town (show one of the people in a northern house a pokemon which hates you)
TM22 Solarbeam-Mach Bike area of the Safari Zone
TM23 Iron Tail-Meteor Falls
TM24 Thunderbolt-Watson (after finishing the New Mauville challenge), Mauville City Game Corner
TM25 Thunder-Lilycove City Department Store (4th Floor)
TM26 Earthquake-Seafloor Cavern
TM27 Return-Fallarbor (from Prof. Cozmo in trade for the meteorite), Pacifidlog Town (show one of the people in a northern house a pokemon which loves you)
TM28 Dig-Route 114 (talk to the Fossil Maniac's brother)
TM29 Psychic-Victory Road, Mauville City Game Corner
TM30 Shadow Ball-Mt. Pyre (top floor)
TM31 Brick Break-Sootopolis City (speak to the man in the house at the northwest corner of the city)
TM32 Double Team-Route 113 (hidden), Mauville City Game Corner
TM33 Reflect-Lilycove City Department Store (4th Floor)
TM34 Shock Wave-Mauville City gym (obtained after defeating Watson)
TM35 Flamethrower-Mauville City Game Corner
TM36 Sludge Bomb-Dewford Hall (talk to the man near the front)
TM37 Sandstorm-Desert (south of the Desert Ruins)
TM38 Fire Blast-Lilycove City Department Store (4th Floor)
TM39 Rock Tomb-Rustboro City gym (obtained after you defeat Roxanne)
TM40 Arial Ace-Fortree City gym (obained after you defeat Winona)
TM41 Torment-Slateport Contest Hall (talk to the sailor southwest the judging area)
TM42 Facade-Petalburg City gym (obtained after you defeat Norman)
TM43 Secret Power-Route 111 (talk to the member of the Mystery Events Club), Slateport City Market (buy from salesman accross from the Energy Guru)
TM44 Rest-Lilycove City (talk to the man in the house near the ocean)
TM45 Attract-Verdanturf Contest Hall (talk to the girl in the northeast corner)
TM46 Thief-Oceanic Museum (talk to the Team Aqua/Magma grunt north of the entrance)
TM47 Steel Wing-Granite Cave (after delivering the letter to Steven)
TM48 Skill Swap-Mt. Pyre (exterior)
TM49 Snatch-_* Ferry Terminal (talk to the man near the northwest corner), *I can't remember which terminal
TM50 Overheat-Lavaridge Town gym (obtained after you defeat Flannery)
HM01 Cut-Rustboro City (second house to the north on the western side)
HM02 Fly-Route 119 (obtained upon defeating May/Brendan)
HM03 Surf-Petalburg City (talk to Wally's parents after defeating Norman)
HM04 Strength-Rusturf Tunnel (obtained upon opening the Rusturf Tunnel)
HM05 Flash-Granite Cave (talk to the hiker in front of the entrance)
HM06 Rock Smash-Mauville City (talk to the man in the house in the southeastern corner of the city)
HM07 Waterfall-Cave Of Origin (in the northern section of the final length of spiral cave)
HM08 Dive-Mossdeep City (talk to Steven in his house)

A day is 23 hours, 56 minutes, and 47 seconds (approximately), while a week is 167 hours, 37 minutes, and 29 seconds (approximately).

You can only access the Sky Pillar after you have defeated the Elite Four at least once. To reach it, surf west from Pacifidlog town along the northern stone blocade untill you reach an opening which leads to a small beach. Cross the beach and enter the cave on the other side, then continue through untill you exit near a large tower-the Sky Pillar. You cannot get any items here (provided you don't have a pokemon with pickup), but there are pokemon here you cannot capture anywhere else. These are:
Mawhile-Steel (Ruby only)
Sableye-Dark/Ghost (Sapphire only)
Dusclops-Ghost (Ruby only)
Banette-Ghost (Sapphire only)
Altaria-Flying/Dragon (5th Floor only)
Rayquaza-Flying/Dragon (Top Floor)
Ragnarok10983 answered:
Added 30th Jul 2004, ID #11014
01 Route 115
02 Meteor Falls
03 Sootopolis Gym
04 Mossdeep Gym
05 Route114
06 Fiery Path
07 Shoal Cave
08 Dewford Gym
09 Route 104
10 Slateport/Fortree City
11 Scorched Slab
12 Trick House
13 Mauville/Abandoned Ship
14 Department Store
15 Department Store
16 Department Store
17 Department Store
18 Abandoned Ship
19 Route 123
20 Department Store
21 Pacifilodge
22 Safari Zone
23 Meteor Falls
24 Mauville
25 Department Store
26 Seafloor Cavern
27 Fallabor/Pacifilodge Town
28 Route114
29 Mauville/Victory Road
30 Mt. Pyre
31 Sootopolis
32 Mauville
33 Department Store
34 Mauville Gym
35 Mauville
36 Dewford
37 Route 111
38 Department Store
39 Rustboro Gym
40 Fortree Gym
41 Slateport
42 Petalberg Gym
43 Slateport/Route 111
44 Lilycove
45 Verdanturf
46 Slateport
47 Granite Cave
48 Mt. Pyre
49 S.S. Tidal
50 Lavridge Gym

A day or a week is as long as a day or a week in real life. And I already answered the Sky Pillar question farther down on this page.
sapphiregamer answered:
Added 31st Jul 2004, ID #11031
To get to the sky pillar you have to beat the pokemon league and fly to pacifidilog and surf right go to the top follow the rocks until you see the opening oh and bring a mach bike there is a dragon pokemon called rayquazza level 70 good luck
rear-hunter answered:
Added 1st Aug 2004, ID #11112

Where the fossil maniac lives go to the door of the cave inside his house. You should see a little girl ask her and she should give tm dig.
sentry155 answered:
Added 1st Aug 2004, ID #11120
To find all the TMs, you will need Pokemon Colleseum.

To find Dig, go to Fallarbor Town, and go into the Fossil Maniacs house. either talk to him (he's in the tunnel), or his son

To get to the Sky Pillar, you need to beat the Elite Four at least once. Go to Pacifidlog Town. Surf to the top (there'll be big rocks), and then just keep surfing right. Eventually, there will be an opening that you have to zig-zag through. In the tower, you need the mach bike and you have to go through some levels with crumbling floors. at the top is Rayquaza, at level 70. don't use the master ball, you'll want to use that on either Latios or Latias, depending on your version.
as for time, it's the same as real life. You remember how you set the clock? then the game moves along with that time.

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