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Bombardment of Secrets hint for Pokemon Sapphire


Bombardment of Secrets

I was able to find a Nuzleaf on my Sapphire version for this reason.
I saw the T.V. Flashing with some talk about wild Nuzleaf. This has happened once in my game play time of over 860 hours. The event to me is quite rare and also it took me about 700 hours to find a Shiny Skarmory. I think mixing records with a Ruby Version might of had something to do with it. I haven't yet been to Mirage Island either. So events like these are very rare. All my submissions are based on things I've actually done except one which makes them very true. For instance cheats that say you can go into space for Deoxys and Jirachi if you have a Gold Trainer Card are all false. I have a Gold Trainer Card and they don't work. So stay away from cheats which require a Gold Trainer Card.

There are only 201 out of 386 Pokemon available in Ruby and Sapphire by normal means. The rest must be acquired through Emerald, FireRed, LeafGreen, Pokemon Colleseum, Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness. Gameshark may be desired for Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, and Deoxys. I don't use Gameshark though which is hard to believe with a Pokedex of 381 Pokemon.

The Pokemon Contests are a pain, but to get your Pokemon's picture on the wall in the Art Museum, beat the master rank contest by about 10% better than the other Pokemon. In otherwords, you can't win by a hair.

My preferences in Battle Tower are Pokemon of the Rock, Steel, Ghost type. Pokemon start exploding after 35 wins. They use moves like Selfdestruct, Explosion, Sheer Cold, Fissure, Horn Drill, and other devestating moves.

The dots you read to catch the Regis are Braille so by or make a Braille decoder.
By a book that teaches Braille or use the game's decoder.

Level 100 Pokemon aren't as strong as most people think they are. Given the right move, most can be taken out with one hit.

Leftovers restore 1/16 of your H.P. Between turns. Wrap take 1/16 of the victim's H.P. Poison and Burn take 1/8 of the victim's H.P. Curse and Nightmare take 1/4 the victim's H.P. King's Rock only works if you attack your opponent before it attacks you.

Given the right conditions, a Fire or Water Type move's damage can be multiplied up to 12x damage. Example: Blaziken holding Charcoal attacks with Blaze Kick while the Weather has strong sunlight with low H.P.(ability kicks in) and delivers a critical hit will multiply the damage 12x.

The sword usually falls to the shield. I use a Shuckle with it's defense stats being at an estimated 500 points at level 100 can withstand virtually any attack. This wears away a powerful move's PP forcing the opponent to use struggle.

Man I feel better letting my anger out like that. Much better alternative than beating someone up to let anger out like this and safer too.

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