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Townspeople's Birthdays hint for Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town


Townspeople's Birthdays

Rick - Fall 22
Barley - Spring 17
Saibara - Spring 11
Jeff - Winter 29
Duke - Winter 15
Thomas(mayor) - Summer 25
Harris - Summer 4
Stu - Fall 5
Popuri - Summer 3
Lillia - Spring 19
May - Winter 26
Sasha - Spring 30
Manna - Fall 11
Gray - Winter 6
Doctor - Fall 17
Carter - Fall 20
Basil - Summer 11
Won - Winter 19
Gotz - Fall 2
Kai - Summer 22
Doug - Winter 11
Cliff - Spring 6
Zack - Summer 29
Anna - Fall 23
Karen - Fall 15
Mary - Winter 20
Elli - Spring 16
Ellen - Winter 13
Ann - Summer 17

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what about Ann can someone tell more about her?

Added 20th Sep 2014, ID #450071

When the baby will get BIGGER ??? I mean , when the baby will becomes a teenager ??? :3 hehehe

Added 3rd Jun 2014, ID #393039

I marry mary because I give her chocolates, dresses, sunblock, lotion, diamond, Relaxation Tea, herbs, mushroom necklace.
If you want that fast you need to wrap it in the Super market
20% of it becoming a new stage of heart
In the red heart you should buy a blue feather,but first don't ever show it to her even it is red heart.
you should bring her some staff or food in 5-8 days

when you married to her, give her a food everyday!!!

Added 22nd May 2014, ID #387030

the fastest way to make popouri hearts turn to other color is by giving him food or roses
because in two months i already turns her heart in yellow
give her scrambled egg or omelet

Added 2nd Jan 2014, ID #338218

Cliff's birthday is Summer 6, not Spring 6.

Added 12th Sep 2012, ID #185531

Thank u all

Added 22nd Jan 2012, ID #108191

how to marry mary when we get the red heart

Added 28th Nov 2011, ID #91041

Marrigeable Girls' most favorite items:


Ann: Cheese Fondue
Karen: Popcorn
Elli: Moon Dumpling
Popuri: Scrambled Eggs
Mary: (Believe it or not) Diamond

Added 21st Nov 2011, ID #89101

u can get the largest bag on the supermarket . keep bying the bag until it gets large.

Added 5th Oct 2011, ID #78419

where can iget the largest bag

Added 7th Jul 2011, ID #55434

Well i married all girls in the town :D
and havve all houses :S well i eman karen elli
mary popuri ann and H.godess :D well goodluck on you all:D
if u want to marry karen always give this to her:
popcorn(her favorite)wine and french fries that just take me a half year :D
Elli=well i suggest to gave her blue grass or anykind of grass i dont think it work really XD
Mary=well she like grass like i say in elli xD

Added 6th May 2011, ID #41622

For mary: she likes mushrooms
For popuri: She likes weeds and flowers. She also likes your chickens.

Unknown Cheater 829
Added 15th Apr 2011, ID #37642

people that had married mary.. how do you marry so fast? i had her on green heart.. second year..

Added 30th Dec 2010, ID #23263

people that have married popuri. How do you all marry popuri fast because I'm on green.

Added 14th Nov 2010, ID #18195

Stages of the heart:
- black
- purple
- blue
- green
- yellow
- orange
- red
at the red heart eventit is time u need to givr the proposseal

Added 27th Oct 2010, ID #16425


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