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sonic_man_619 asks: Added Nov 12th 2004, ID #14615

Question for Pokemon Blue

Could you recomend the best starting Pokemon? (Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle?) and get

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Blue Eyes Black Dragon answered: Added 12th Nov 2004, ID #21955
The best starting pokemon I guess would be Bulbasaur as the first two gyms focus on Rock/ground and Water pokemon. These types are very weak against grass. If you choose Charmander, you run the risk of losing to Misty as your fire pokemon is weak to water. And as for Squirtle, you run the risk of losing to Lt. Surge due to the fact that water is weak against electric. All 3 pokemon have different strengths so choose which 1 you like most.
Other Answers
spideraman99 answered: Added 12th Nov 2004, ID #21972
My favorite is Charmander because it evolves into Charizard, one of my favorite Pokemon. However strategy wise, Bulbasaur is the best choice. It can beat many of the gym leaders and is the best grass Pokemon in this game, according to me.
eciruam answered: Added 17th Nov 2004, ID #22472
Bulbasaur is probably the best Pokemon to start with because of his type, but you can catch a grass type before you fight brook, (oh and he can be beaten by blaine, the cinnabar island gym leader).

Charmander is a poor choice because of his type making him the one to start with if you are more comfortable with the game, however fire types aren't catchable early in the game, but I wouldn't worry about that because you wouldn't need one till celadon city, and you should have your Pokemon built up enough by then to not really need one.

Squirtle is probably the best choice because water is strong against rock types. He loses the advantage in celadon and vermilion city, but again, by then your pokemon should be strong enough not to worry about it. one other good thing about him is that you can't catch a water pokemon till you get a fishing rod, and the first pokemon you'll be able to catch with it is only a magikarp (and those things are hard to build up).
D-legend answered: Added 21st Nov 2004, ID #22707
-Charmander is useless until gym 4...
/Squirtle is good for gyms 1,7 and 8 only...

Bulbasaur is good for gyms 1,2,3,4,+8...
It CAN stand 5,+6 but not 7...
it IS the best...
Megaman619 answered: Added 15th Dec 2004, ID #25230
I recommend Squirtle because you can beat your rival if you learn ice beam or you could use another pokemon and choose what you like.

I say Charmander sucks against Brock's rock type and Misty's water. Bulbasaur is rather good once it learns sleep powder and stuff like that.

Rating:Charmander(00%), Squirtle(100%),Bulbasaur(95%)
Megaman619 answered: Added 15th Dec 2004, ID #25231
And once you are in Mt. Moon you can find mega punch to use against whoever you are weak against.
spideraman99 answered: Added 3rd Mar 2005, ID #36853
Bulbasaur is the best against most of the gyms so he's probably the best.
nintendo_dude answered: Added 7th May 2005, ID #51258
I found Bulbasaur to be the best. It is a great help in seven of the eight gyms.
rockinangels answered: Added 28th Jul 2005, ID #68269
I would recommend bulbasaur because it will beat most of the gyms at the beginning.
Hope this helps :D
darkboarder_77 answered: Added 1st Aug 2005, ID #69272
I should say, despite Charmander's power and stats, he is nothing special against many of the Gym Leaders, as with Squirtle, leaving you with Bulbasaur, who easily is the best against most of the gyms.
sprtskhne33 answered: Added 27th Dec 2009, ID #324460
I would go with Bulbasaur. He is great against Brock and Misty, and decent against Lt. Surge from him being not that weak to electric type. Also consider when they learn moves early in the game. By the time you face Brock, he should have learn Vine Whip at Lv. 13. At the same time, Squirtle don't learn Water Gun until Lv 15 and Charmander learns Leer at Lv. 15. Yes Squritle will have bubble at level 8, but when you get to face Misty, you have to catch a grass type in that town, but Oddish you can't catch since he's only in the Red and Yellow versions. Now as you go through the game, you find many types of fire and water type as well as grass, but when Bulbasaur evolves, he is the best type of grass Pokemon in my opinion. On the subject of evolving, when it's an Ivysaur at lever 32 it evolves in Venasaur. Wartorttle don't evolve into Blastoise until level 36 same as Charmelen evolves into Charizard at Level 36. So not just a good choice in the beginning stages of the game, but later as well. One last thing, when you face your rival in the Elite Four area in Victory Road area, he will have Charizard which you can have many strong water type that late in the game such as Lapras, Starmie, even Vapreon if you evolve it from evvee.
Guest answered: Added 20th May 2011, ID #406337
Bulbasaur may be the best but I recomend squirtle because most trainers don't have electric or grass Pokemon and (in my opinon) blastoise is stronger than venosaur but I agree charizard is a good Pokemon but it's pointless getting charmander
Guest answered: Added 22nd Jun 2011, ID #414776
Depends on skill, looking for a challange use Charmander, want it to be easy use Bulbasaur, if you don't care use Squirtle (The one always choose)
Guest answered: Added 6th Jul 2011, ID #419325
Well, Charmander, when it evolves into Charizard, becomes a very powerful pokemon. Charizard is a part flying type, thus making it able to learn Fly, which is awesome because there aren't many great flying type Pokemon that early in the game, sure charmander is sorta bad against some gym leaders, but there are many other great Pokemon too :D
Guest answered: Added 20th Jul 2011, ID #423773
In my opinion charmander is better in the long run.
Sure in the first couple of gyms you'll end up spending countless hours toughening him up but after the first few he'll own especially since (well I did) toughening him up to about level twenty-five.
Plus his final evolution (Charizard) is, in my opinion the best Pokemon in the game.
Guest answered: Added 31st Aug 2011, ID #437537
Well, I would choose bulbasaur because it's useful on many gyms. This time fire loses. In johto, Fire then would be the best choice for the gyms but for elite four it would be totodile. ;)
Guest answered: Added 4th Nov 2011, ID #453076
I'd say you're best bet is Bulbasaur. It's a good Pokemon, and it has the type-advantage over two of the first gyms, also most grass types are easier to train than Fire or Water-types. Go for Bulbasaur if you want to start off easier if you just started. Squirtle is okay, but it will have two type-disadvantages with Erika, and Lt. Surge. However, it has the advantage over Brock, Blaine, and Giovanni. Even though Charmander looks 'cool' it is a poor choice. It has a bad disadvantage over Misty, Brock, and Giovanni.
So therefore, Bulbasaur or Squirtle.

Have a nice day, hope I helped! ^_~
Guest answered: Added 22nd Nov 2011, ID #457781
Bulbasaur is the best choise.I mean for crying out loud Bulbasaur is ausome.You know even if it was like Charmander I would still pick it just because I always pick the grass type.And for a fact my favorite starter Pokemon are Turtwig and ta-the!!!Bulbasaur.
Guest answered: Added 17th Dec 2011, ID #464113
If you want to pick Charmander, I suggest that you catch a bellsprout and train it alongside Charmander. It's pretty decent grass Pokemon which will help you counter the gyms your charmander is having trouble with.

You'll still have trouble with the first gym, though. Since Bellsprouts cannot be found until Mysty's town.
Guest answered: Added 17th Dec 2011, ID #464114
If you want to pick Charmander, I suggest that you catch a bellsprout and train it alongside Charmander. It's pretty decent grass Pokemon which will help you counter the gyms your charmander is having trouble with.

You'll still have trouble with the first gym, though. Since Bellsprouts cannot be found until Mysty's town.
Guest answered: Added 2nd Apr 2012, ID #494900
Charmander is a harder start, but has an easier training you can fight bug type where fire type has advantage secondly if you have charmander evolve before you fight brock it should one shot geodude and 2-3 shot onyx with ember. After that you can get bellsprout to fight misty and by the time you get to giovanni you will have plenty of strong Pokemon.This is in my opinion the strongest fire type Pokemon.
Guest answered: Added 22nd May 2012, ID #509054
This really depends; Bulbasaur is generally good for beginners and those who want the least challenge, and it reaches it's final eveolution quicker. While Squirtle will aid you for a few gyms, exceptions for leaders such as Surge and Erika.
However, those who are familiar with the gameplay or want a challenge should pick Charmander. Charmader will struggle/ stand no chance against early leaders however. Brock CAN be beaten, but getting Charmander to a Charmeleon, or raising a Caterpie/Metapod to a Butterfree is as simple as Brock will get.
Guest answered: Added 17th Jun 2012, ID #516244
I'd say bulbasaur because using it, pigeot, dewgong you beat the game in like 23 hours.

Guest answered: Added 15th Aug 2012, ID #532285
Any one if yr skilled enough.....many say charmander is a poor choice but if you train it enough it can easily beat anyone...(also use tms to inprove it's chances in the 2nd gym)

Guest answered: Added 18th Aug 2012, ID #533222
Guys,guys...guys we all know the water and grass are the best...but hers my argument.

To my PERSONAL expierence to the game I choose charmander even tho hes weak at most of the gyms BUT and this is a big but because he evolves qycker cos of his low xp chart so hes easy to get stonger and he learns moves like rock smash wich I best against brock and his rock gym and then theres mistyby then you should have a backup Pokemon to help but if you don't hes strong enough to take down a decent amount of Pokemon at mistys disposal even though there water types and guys even if I'm wrong it's my personal experience and hey,

Thanks for reading,
Guest answered: Added 13th Sep 2012, ID #538917
Ultimately it is up to you because troubles with gym leaders can be overcome with a good party. I personally choose Charmander because Charizard is a boss and this forces me to build a good party. I know it takes a while but catching a caterpie and training it until it evolves into butterfree and learns confusion is a good idea. Butterfree is a decent Pokemon and can beat broc for and put a dent in Misty. I would also suggest catching an abra around Cerulean city because Kadabra is very powerful. Catching a geodude in Mt moon will also get you far as you will be able to easily defeat the many trainers that have exclusively normal Pokemon and counter some gym leaders.
Guest answered: Added 23rd Sep 2012, ID #540715
I think squirtle is the best becuz you can teach it dig which is great against electric types and against your rivals bulbasaur! Also if you r lucky enough to catch a pikachu then misty shud be eezy. And bulbasaur doesn't learn any good moves until lvl 15-20 soooooo yea. And charmander can breeze past Brock so easily I doesnt matter until misty

Guest answered: Added 20th Dec 2012, ID #558302
Best starter is Bulbasaur. Because the other two are replacable. You don't need Blastoise, you can catch a Snorlax for tanking or there are other great water Pokemon too. Same goes for Charizard, you can have a Rapidash, Arcanine-Ninetails depending on Firered-Leafgreen. And and and: There is DRAGONITE! Yes there are other grass Pokemon too but none can match Venusaur! So Venusaur is one of it's kind!
Guest answered: Added 27th Dec 2012, ID #559567
From personal experience charmander. When I first got the game I chose squirtal and I couldn't get past the elite 4. So I restarted the game and chose bulbasaur again I couldn't get passed the elite 4. So then I chose charmander and I won against the elite 4.
Guest answered: Added 12th Mar 2013, ID #576370
I beat Pokemon fire in one day with charmander many times, who cares about the gym leaders, you can just use other Pokemon you catch to beat them.
Guest answered: Added 26th Mar 2014, ID #620775
To tell you the truth I would not pick Bulbasaur because he or she is a grass type and there are alot of Pokemon the can destroy you with psychic type and fire type. Especially when you go against one of the elite fours. Charmander is a good Pokemon...... But has weaknesses as well for example a rock type pokemon. Or a water type.... Squirtle on the the other hand is a good Pokemon but sucks against grass types and the dumb and annoying rival garry. But it doesnt matter what I say. Just pick your favorite. All Pokemon have a weakness no way out around it. And it also helps because you have other Pokemon too that are really strong. Anyway about it you still are going to beat the game no matter what Pokemon you choose.

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