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Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition

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Revisit the S. S. Anne! cheat for Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition


Revisit the S. S. Anne!

There's a glitch which you can use that enables you to revisit the S. S. Anne. In order for you to actually be able to get to the S. S. Anne, however, you'll need Surf and the Soul Badge, so that you can use it outside of battle.

Okay, head down to Vermillion Harbour. The Sailer hanging around at the bottom will do what he usually does and stop you from going down into the harbour because there's no ship there. Walk up so you're directly in from of (or, technically, above) him, and face right. Save your game and turn the power off, and then start it up and select 'Continue'. Because the game is programmed so that you's automatically facing downwards when you select 'Continue', you'll end up facing down, but ON TOP of the sailor, rather than facing him. Face to the right towards the water, press A and choose to Surf on it. You can just Surf downwards and get off below the sailor. You can now enter Vermillion Harbour. Because the game is programmed so that when you have manual control over your character, the S. S. Anne is supposed to be there, it will still actually be there even though it shouldn't.

For something even weirder, when you're in Vermillion Harbour, Surf over to the right (I think, if not, just try the left) and keep going. You'll eventually reach a small area of land where a mysterious red truck is parked. There's absolutely nothing to do here and it has no impact on the game whatsoever. It's just a remnant something that was part of the original plot but removed from the final version of the game. Strange, huh?

Added by: Volke May 25th 2010, ID#5181

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the red truck is where mew, if you had the gameboy and got the mew chip put in.

Added 20th May 2015, ID #558586

you dont need to use that glitch all you do is after retrieving cut on the boat you die then you arrive at the pokemon centre and the boat doesnt set sail so you then get to the point where you have surf then return to the ship.

Added 12th Aug 2012, ID #175055

you have to be inside the harbor and surf right its there but theres nothing special about it

Added 21st Feb 2012, ID #117086

Perhaps it only works in certain regional versions of the game, but that wouldn't really make sense. I should make a video for this - it's quite difficult to explain.

Added 23rd Jun 2011, ID #51486

theirs no red truck on ether side

Added 22nd Jun 2011, ID #51254

not work

Added 25th Jan 2011, ID #26820

this doesn't work... like, even if you did end up on top of him when you turned the game back on, which you don't, he's still got big impassable rocks on either side of him.

Added 6th Jul 2010, ID #3255


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