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All the Cheats you really need...and more!!! cheat for Pokemon Silver


All the Cheats you really need...and more!!!

All Three Starter Pokemon

Free masterballs. (The following free cheats will appear in you key item pocket. Dont freak if you can't find key items. They will reappear when the cheat is disabled.)

Free Rare candies(No longer rare...)

And now every Pokemon...
Replace the ?? With the code next the the Pokemon name.

01: Bulbasaur
02: Ivysaur
03: Venusaur
04: Charmander
05: Charmeleon
06: Charizard
07: Squirtle
08: Wartortle
09: Blastoise
0A: Caterpie
0B: Metapod
0C: Butterfree
0D: Weedle
0E: Kakuna
0F: Beedrill
10: Pidgey
11: Pidgeotto
12: Pidgeot
13: Rattata
14: Raticate
15: Spearow
16: Fearow
17: Ekans
18: Arbok
19: Pikachu
1A: Raichu
1B: Sandshrew
1C: Sandslasn
1D: Nidoran Female
1E: Nidorina
1F: Nidoqueen
20: Nidoran Male
21: Nidorino
22: Nidoking
23: Clefairy
24: Clefable
25: Vulpix
26: Ninetails
27: Jigglypuff
28: Wigglytuff
29: Zubat
2A: Golbat
2B: Oddish
2C: Gloom
2D: Vileplume
2E: Paras
2F: Parasect
30: Venonat
31: Venomoth
32: Diglett
33: Dugtrio
34: Meowth
35: Persian
36: Psyduck
37: Golduck
38: Mankey
39: Primeape
3a: Growlithe
3b: Arcanine
3c: Poliwag
3d: Poliwhirl
3e: Poliwrath
3f: Abra
40: Kadabra
41: Alakazam
42: Machop
43: Machoke
44: Machamp
45: Bellsprout
46: Weepinbell
47: Victreebell
48: Tentacool
49: Tentacruel
4A: Geodude
4B: Graveler
4C: Golem
4D: Ponyta
4E: Rapidash
4F: Slowpoke
50: Slowbro
51: Magnemite
52: Magneton
53: Farfetch'd
54: Doduo
55: Dodrio
56: Seel
57: Dewgong
58: Grimer
59: Muk
5A: Shellder
5B: Cloyster
5C: Gastly
5D: Haunter
5E: Gengar
5F: Onix
60: Drowzee
61: Hypno
62: Krabby
63: Kingler
64: Voltorb
65: Electrode
66: Exeggcute
67: Exeggcutor
68: Cubone
69: Marowak
6A: Hitmonlee
6B: Hitmonchan
6C: Lickitung
6D: Koffing
6E: Weezing
6F: Rhyhorn
70: Rhydon
71: Chansey
72: Tangela
73: Kangaskhan
74: Horsea
75: Seadra
76: Goldeen
77: Seaking
78: Staryu
79: Starmie
7A: Mr. Mime
7B: Scyther
7C: Jynx
7D: Electabuzz
7E: Magmar
7F: Pinsir
80: Tauros
81: Magikarp
82: Gyarados
83: Lapras
84: Ditto
85: Eevee
86: Vaporeon
87: Jolteon
88: Flareon
89: Porygon
8A: Omanyte
8B: Omastar
8C: Kabuto
8D: Kabutops
8E: Aerodactyl
8F: Snorlax
90: Articunno
91: Zapdos
92: Moltres
93: Dratini
94: Dragonair
95: Dragonite
96: Mewtwo
97: Mew
98: Chikorita
99: Bayleaf
9A: Meganium
9B: Cyndaquil
9C: Quilava
9D: Typhlosion
9E: Totodile
9F: Croconaw
A0: Feraligator
A1: Sentret
A2: Furret
A3: Hoothoot
A4: Noctowl
A5: Lediba
A6: Ledian
A7: Spinarak
A8: AraidosuA9: Kuroba
Aa: ChoncchiAb: Rantan
Ac: Pichu
Ad: Pi
Ae: Pupurin
Af: Togepi
B0: Togechikku
B1: Neitei
B2: Xatu
B3: Meripu
B4: Mokoko
B5: Denryuu
B6: Kirehana
B7: Marill
B8: Mariruri
B9: Usokki
BA: Politoed
BB: Hane
BC: Popo
BD: Watakko
BE: Eipamu
BF: Himanattsu
C0: Kimawari
C1: Yanma
C2: Wooper
C3: Quagsire
C4: Espeon
C5: Burakki
C6: Yamikarasu
C7: Slowking
C8: Muuma
C9: Annon
CA: Sonansu
CB: Kinriki
CC: Kunugidama
CD: Fuoretosu
CE: Nokocchi
CF: Guraiga
D0: Haganeru
D1: Buru
D2: Guanburu
D3: Harisen
D4: Hassamu
D5: Tsubotsubo
D6: Heracross
D7: Nyura
D8: Himeguma
D9: Ringuma
The: Magumaggu
DB: Magukarugo
DC: Urimu
DD: Inomu
DE: Sanigo
DF: Teppouo
E0: Okutan
E1: Dribado
E2: Maintain
E3: Eamudo
E4: Derubiru
E5: Heruga
E6: Kingudoru
E7: Gomazou
E8: Donphan
E9: Porygon2
EA: Stantler
EB: Doburu
EC: Tyroge
ED: Kapoera
EE: Smoochum
EF: Erekiddo
F0: Bubii
F1: Miltank
F2: Blissey
F3: Raikou
F4: Entei
F5: Suicune
F6: Larvitar
F7: Pupitar
F8: Bangirasu
F9: Lugia
FA: Ho oh
FB: Serebeii

Those are the most important codes for the game.

Here are some extra


010aa6ce-walk through anything

0100add7-Pokemon are always asleep and poisoned

Added by: bhogue Jun 20th 2011, ID#5343 and get
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Even if I put four lines of the cheat walk..
Still can not walk up down or left into walls

Added 7th Nov 2015, ID #622968

how do you enter these cheats?

Added 2nd Nov 2015, ID #621803

All work but now I can't get the master ball off and can't get my key items back

Added 29th Oct 2015, ID #620690

Not working

Added 4th Oct 2015, ID #613917

Game genie for the guy under me.

Added 3rd Oct 2015, ID #613691

I'm playing pokemon silver on my computer so what do I do I click gamegenie or gameshark?

Added 25th Sep 2015, ID #611414

I can't get any Pokémon that I put the cheat in for...why?

Added 22nd Sep 2015, ID #610643

All work for me, thx to this guy I got a larvitareally

Added 10th Sep 2015, ID #607146


Added 14th Aug 2015, ID #598144

Serebeii is not a pokemon... it's Celebi...
But... all the codes work for me! I have every Pokemon in the pokedex except Deoxys...

Added 3rd Aug 2015, ID #593233

You can't get deoxys in pokemon silver you douche bag.

Added 19th Sep 2015, ID #609802

the names written above are they new pokemons ?bcoz i dont remember such names

Added 6th Jul 2015, ID #580465

The master balls cheat does not work I tried 2 times already
[color=blue[size=24][/size] ][/color]

Added 13th Jun 2015, ID #569883

This cheat is not working

Added 29th May 2015, ID #562647

Walk through stuff one doesn't work

Added 24th May 2015, ID #560212

It does it only works moving right

Added 5th Oct 2015, ID #614191

I need master balls to catch entei and raikou because they always fled they are stinks

Added 18th May 2015, ID #557808

How do I put these codes in on Pokemon silver on gameboy color

Added 10th May 2015, ID #554535

there should be a cheat option there
then click on cheat list and then click on add gameshark type a little description and the code in the other column if u want to disable the cheat after using the go there again and just remove the tick

Added 6th Jul 2015, ID #580463

Any infinite money cheat

Added 3rd May 2015, ID #551553

How can i cheat the other pokemon?? like that bulbasaur??

Added 28th Feb 2015, ID #522568

How do I put these cheats on game boy colour??

Added 1st Feb 2015, ID #510502

Is there a code for badges please?

Added 13th Dec 2014, ID #483801

Niga learn how ro type or something gawd you do not know how to type bruh

Added 29th Nov 2014, ID #478106

One to talk

Added 31st Jul 2015, ID #592047

i lost my bicycle from the cheat rare candies how i get back ??

Added 1st Nov 2014, ID #465739

My bicycle is missing. ..but I do have 54 master balls. is there anyway to reset these cheats to where they are completely off I cant go to bicycle road now!

Added 19th Oct 2014, ID #460511

how do i reset my pokemon codes so i can go back to random encounters i put in the mewtwo cheat now im stuck kicking mewtwos all the time. HELP HELP!!!

Added 9th Oct 2014, ID #456331

All you do to stop getting mewtwos in grass is turn off the cheat and if that doesnt work then delete it

Added 12th Apr 2015, ID #541657

how do i reset my pokemon codes so i can go back to random encounters i put in the mewtwo cheat now im stuck kicking mewtwos ass all the time. HELP HELP!!!

Added 9th Oct 2014, ID #456321

Haha, if you fight someone with the Catch Any Pokemon Glitch, their pokemons name will change to that pokemon. For example, i fought someone with a Wooper, but i had the Suicune glitch on, and it said that the person sent out Suicune, even thought it showed a Wooper on screen.

Added 26th Sep 2014, ID #451905

If you want to see a Missingno like character, do 0100edd0
BUT, your game will glitch, so be warned. If you try and catch it, it will still glitch. it will say ?????? was caught, but you can still fight it.

Added 25th Sep 2014, ID #451609

Love these cheats... We are all cheaters..lollollol

Added 23rd Sep 2014, ID #451102

To turn infinite health off you need to disable cheat and heal at pokecenter.

Added 22nd Aug 2014, ID #439265

The walk through anything cheat, I can only walk right, not up, down or left

Added 30th Jul 2014, ID #428136

How do you enter these code on a iphone ??

Added 21st Jun 2014, ID #403448

I put in the masterbsll and it dousnt work ?

Added 28th May 2014, ID #390317

I introduce the cheat of Lugia but where is Lugia?

Added 12th May 2014, ID #383770

Can you please add umbreon to the list of pokemon encounters

Added 24th Apr 2014, ID #378305

used the cheat for master balls on dark energy (Silver hack) and lost my running shoes.. is there a way to have the master balls and not lose like anything??

Added 9th Apr 2014, ID #373062

used the cheat for master balls on dark energy (Silver hack) and lost my running shoes.. is there a way to have the master balls and not lose like anything??

Added 9th Apr 2014, ID #373060

Used masterball cheat, got masterballs, lost my coin case. Must have done something wrong, when I turned off cheat I still don't have my coin case and masterballs never leave my inventory. Fix??

Added 2nd Apr 2014, ID #370788

How do I get the same pokemon showing up to stop. I deleted the code and its still the same one pokemon only

Added 26th Jan 2014, ID #348454

I accidentally saved the game with a bulbsaur cheat on. Nd now every pokemon is bulba Iv deactivated the cheat nd everything nd there all still bulbasaur. Is there a way to fix this. Playin on emulator nd how do I delete roms

Added 25th Jan 2014, ID #347926

Why can't I catch any of the pokemon a level 5 charzard broke out of a master ball

Added 6th Dec 2013, ID #325885

how about the lost silver cheat?

Added 2nd Dec 2013, ID #324643

The walk through any thing cheat sucks my game keeps crashing and you can only. Walk in one direction

Added 28th Nov 2013, ID #322960

Works fine thanks

Added 23rd Nov 2013, ID #321412

Used the rakiou cheat now every pokemon is stuck as raikou

Added 18th Nov 2013, ID #320247

ummm. they dont work.

Added 8th Nov 2013, ID #318434

I did the code for mewtwo now every Pokemon is mewtwo how do I get rid of that /:??? Help please

Added 17th Jul 2013, ID #298053

how do you do this on an emulator? like john gbc?

Added 24th Jan 2013, ID #245980


Added 8th Jan 2013, ID #239792

How can you deactivate the cheats, I wanted a venusaur but now the only pokemon who appear are venusaur's. Can somebody please help me to deactivate the cheat and make the pokemon disappear random?

Added 8th Jun 2012, ID #150380

Code somehow got stuck on now all I fight are zapdos any ideas?

Added 1st Apr 2012, ID #128191


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