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The Trophies

Latest update by OMEGA CALEB on Dec 25th 2012
In El Shaddai Ascension of the Metatron for Playstation 3 there are 50 trophies that can be earned in the game. There are 39 bronze, 8 silver, 2 gold, and 1 platinum trophy. You have to beat story mode one time to unlock the difficult "Hard" and the other difficultly "Extra." When you beat story mode on the "Hard" difficultly you'll get a silver trophy, and when you beat story mode on the "Extra" difficultly you'll get a gold trophy. So here's a list of the trophies.

~The Bronze Trophies
The Journey Begins,
Journey's End,
Welcome to the Tower,
An Unfriendly Greeting,
Nephilim Party,
Visitor from Beyond Time,
Unnatural Evolution,
A Warm Welcome,
Aren't You Happy, Too?,
Welcome Back, Enoch,
My Beautiful Children...,
The Last Job,
Escape from the Darkness ,
What's Yours Is Mine,
Good Listener,
Benevolent Missionary,
Out of Control,
Show No Mercy,
Your Weapons Are Your Best Friends,
Quite a Find,
Rest in Peace,
I'll take the best you have.,
I'm Not Afraid of Fallen Angel 1,
I'm Not Afraid of Fallen Angel 2,
I'm Not Afraid of Fallen Angel 3,
I'm Not Afraid of Fallen Angel 4,
Arch Master,
Veil Master,
Gale Master,
Martial Arts Master,
Pushing the Limit,
A Reliable Friend,
Indomitable Soul,
Battle for Honor,
The armor okay? If not, I could...,
Time In The Spotlight,

~The Silver Trophies
I Will Mourn You,
Benevolent Savior,
My Acrobatic Friend,
Counterstrike Artist,
No Problem,
Living Miracle,

~The Gold Trophies

~The Platinum Trophy
Lord Of the Metatron

To get the trophy for beating the "Extra" hard difficultly more easily. You should go in the darkness stages first and find the Prophecies/Bones of Ishtar once you obtain all of the Prophecies/Bones you'll unlock a trophy and Enochs special armor which makes him invincible.
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