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The Weapons

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Once you begin to play El Shaddai Ascension of The Metatron. Enoch can fight with three types of weapons he can also steal weapons from his enemies, and change his weapons by picking up the weapon wisps/fruits of wisdom.

~The Arch
This is the first weapon weapon Enoch will receive once he starts his journey to bring back the fallen angels. The arch is balanced in both attack and defense, you can perform a couple of airborne attacks when you wield this weapon. The special move you can use once you get this weapon is called the Arch Glide, with this ability you can platform more easily [if your playing on a PS3 just hold "X" after jumping] and you'll hover to the ground more slowly. So the arch is a helpful weapon when you have to jump/platform alot.

~The Gale
This is Enoch's second weapon, you will get this this weapon once you reach the tower where the fallen angels are hiding [chapter 2] . With the gale you can attack your enemies at a long range. The gale has two parts, one part is the donut shaped circle that sits on Enoch's back which is the control system for the three sets of slaves which Enoch uses to attack his enemies with. The special move that you can use when you wield the gale is called Hurricane Tackle. [if your on a PS3 hold "R1" and press "X" at the same time to use this move.] You can use this move to knock enemies out of your way, and you can use it to dash instead of walk. The gale dose not guard well, its a 50% chance that your block will be broken if you block an enemies attack.

~The Veil
This is Enoch's final weapon, you will get this weapon once you reach chapter 3. The Veil is the most powerful weapon out of all of Enoch's other weapons. The veil has excellent attacking power perfect defense strength, Enoch wears the veil over both of his arms. When your playing through the game you can only reach some spots by only using the veil, by destroying the object that's in your way. The special move you can use when you wield the veil is called Progress Fort. [if your on a PS3 hold "R1" and press "X" at the same time to use this move.] When you use this special move, you will be able to block and move at the same time.
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