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Game Name Cheats Reviews Trailers
K-Pax (Collector\'s Edition)YES  
Kangaroo JackYES  
Kate Rusby: Live from LeedsYES  
Kath & Kim: Series 2YES  
Kath & Kim: Series 3YES  
Kathy Griffin: AllegedlyYES  
Kentucky Fried MovieYES  
Kevin and Perry Go LargeYES  
Kiddy Grade - Volume 1: The PeacekeeperYES  
Kiddy Grade - Volume 2: Pieces of the PastYES  
Kiddy Grade - Volume 3: Lies BeneathYES  
Kiddy Grade - Volume 4: Present FutureYES  
Kiddy Grade - Volume 5: The Freedom of TruthYES  
Kiddy Grade - Volume 6: Mirror ImageYES  
Kiddy Grade - Volume 7: Lurking ShadowsYES  
Kiddy Grade - Volume 8: Emerging AnewYES  
Kikaida - Volume 1 (Collector\'s Edition)YES  
Kikaida - Volume 2 (Collector\'s Edition)YES  
Kikaida - Volume 3 (Collector\'s Edition)YES  
Kikaida - Volume 4 (Collector\'s Edition)YES  
Kikaida - Volume 5 (Collector\'s Edition)YES  
Killer InstinctYES  
Killswitch Engage: Set This World AblazeYES  
King Arthur YES 
King Kong (Deluxe Extended Edition)YES  
King Kong (Two-Disc Special Edition)YES  
King of the Cage: Best of King of the CageYES  
King of the Hill: Season 1YES  
King of the Hill: Season 2YES  
Kiss Me Quick / House on Bare Mountain (Special Edition)YES  
Kiss of the DragonYES  
Kiss the GirlsYES  
Kissology: The Ultimate KISS Collection - Volume 1 1974-1977YES  
Knockaround GuysYES  
Knowing Me, Knowing You & Knowing Me, Knowing Yule with Alan PartridgeYES  
Korn: Live on the Other SideYES  
Kronk\'s New GrooveYES  
Krull (Special Edition)YES  
Kung Pow! Enter the Fist YES 
Kung Pow: Enter the Fist (Chosen Edition)YES  
The Karate Kid CollectionYES  
The Krone Experiment (Collector\\\'s Item First Edition)YES  

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