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Guest asks: Added Jul 27th 2011, ID #210302

Question for The Sims 3

How to have a baby and get
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Guest answered: Added 20th Aug 2011, ID #434075
U have to invite someone over and get a boy or girl get them to relax on a double bed then cuddle then HEY PRESTO!
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Guest said: 14th Oct 2014, ID #458575 | REPORT
There isn't even a relax button
Guest said: 2nd Nov 2014, ID #466221 | REPORT
Well you can only use your sim
Guest said: 8th Feb 2015, ID #513468 | REPORT
I r
Tried that is doesn't work.....
Guest said: 24th Mar 2015, ID #532441 | REPORT
In the android , you can only adopt a baby from phone , not have a actual own baby .
1.Get your sim married .
2. While they both are at home , have ''woohoo''
3. Have a ''Wohhoooo'' for 3 days (in the sims , not in real life) .
4. select your sim and go towards the phone and select adopt baby .
5. In a few seconds you might get your baby .
Guest answered: Added 27th Oct 2011, ID #451014
I have 3ds some ppl say no some ppl say yes MAKE UP YOUR MIND AND TELL ME
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Guest said: 22nd Sep 2013, ID #310794 | REPORT
That's not true mines rated t for teens
Guest said: 1st Jan 2014, ID #337626 | REPORT
I think ik how!!
1) make sure that you have lot of karma powers
2) click the lightining 1 and keep rubbing the cyrstal until it goes red then click 1 of them and click energize then do the same with the other.
3) then do the est right at the top
Guest said: 11th Nov 2014, ID #470475 | REPORT
How long do u have to restfor?
Guest said: 21st Feb 2015, ID #519199 | REPORT
I got one all you had to do is woo hoo then wait for 200 Sims days
Guest answered: Added 1st Dec 2011, ID #460622
Im certain that the answer is no you can woohoo but thats all I've tryed to have a baby but I had no luck.
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Guest said: 24th Jan 2013, ID #246088 | REPORT
How do u know when its 200 sims days though
Guest said: 20th Feb 2013, ID #256609 | REPORT
just make a townie and pretend its your kid
Guest said: 24th Apr 2013, ID #277205 | REPORT
u cant sorry i tried
Guest said: 23rd Feb 2015, ID #520298 | REPORT
Ok can you have a baby
Guest answered: Added 7th Dec 2011, ID #462025
That is what I am tring to do

Guest answered: Added 17th Dec 2011, ID #464138
Well when I waz playin I got a girl yes it waz in the 3ds and it said try for a baby
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Guest said: 10th Mar 2013, ID #262293 | REPORT
how did you do it
Guest said: 25th Jun 2013, ID #292650 | REPORT
But how do u have a baby wat do u have to do
Guest said: 26th Jun 2013, ID #292894 | REPORT
Guest said: 20th Nov 2014, ID #474112 | REPORT
Guest answered: Added 26th Dec 2011, ID #466681
Umm....did any of you read that one guys/girls comment were they said it takes 200 sim days estimating and that you have to keep romancing with your sim like kissing chatting flirting etc and you have to be patient
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keishaMoon said: 31st Aug 2012, ID #181769 | REPORT
Exactly!! Does no one put the evidence together!?
Guest said: 2nd Sep 2012, ID #182397 | REPORT
I've been married with luigi we try for a baby but no risults
Guest said: 2nd Sep 2012, ID #182537 | REPORT
[color=red][/color] i cant have a baby
Guest said: 16th Jul 2013, ID #297942 | REPORT
Help new!!!!!!!!!
Guest answered: Added 2nd Jan 2012, ID #469371
I Have A 3ds And To Have A Baby You Have to :
1.)Get Them In A Double Bed
2.)Put Them In RELAX
3.)It Says "CUDDLE" Click It
4.)When There Cuddling You Click The "Guy" Or "Girl" It Will Say WooHoo click And Do It Alot Of Times Then It Will Say "Try For A Baby"
5.)Click "Try For A Baby" And She'll Be Pregnant Within 3 Days
Hope It Works!!!
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Guest said: 5th Feb 2014, ID #351995 | REPORT
they fall asleep after u woohooh once though
Guest said: 27th Jul 2014, ID #426243 | REPORT
ok I got pregnt
Guest said: 27th Oct 2014, ID #464088 | REPORT
um how to get them relax at the same time only one sim i can control plzz reply
Guest said: 20th Dec 2014, ID #487409 | REPORT
wait a minute how many times exactly?!
Elannah answered: Added 3rd Jan 2012, ID #469688
Yes, I'm sure you can have a baby on sims 3 3ds. Be patient, because some of you who say it doesnt work probably hast even had the damn game for that long.
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Guest said: 29th Aug 2012, ID #181356 | REPORT
if you can can you get prego in the theater?
Guest said: 21st Jan 2013, ID #245047 | REPORT
have you tried kiss 4 times, make out 3 times and woohoo 8 times. do this 2 days in a row and u will be prego!!
Guest said: 26th Jun 2013, ID #292886 | REPORT
Does this really work
Guest said: 28th Nov 2013, ID #323074 | REPORT
You guys, you can't have babies on the 3ds platform. And if you can, why doesn't anyone post videos?
Guest answered: Added 18th Jan 2012, ID #474399
I want to know how many times are you supposed to woohoo to get prego I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!
Guest answered: Added 12th Feb 2012, ID #482248
I think you just got o keep on woohoo and then she will get preg
Guest answered: Added 13th Feb 2012, ID #482445
[color=red] get married then you flurt kiss make out ect then go in a double bed press relax for both of them then click on a sim then cuddle then whoohoo lots of times then try for a baby then if you are not satisfied with the gender of the baby save just before you give birth just in case hope this helps it helps me
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Guest said: 21st Mar 2014, ID #366657 | REPORT
you cant woohoo lots of times because your sims just fall asleep after one woohoo.
SuziDusk answered: Added 13th Feb 2012, ID #482459
I have woohooed over and over for our weeks and she is still not prego. I also find that they are not up for a woohoo during their working week. God they must be frustrated I know I am!!! Ah well patience is a virtue!!!!!!
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Guest said: 15th Sep 2012, ID #186162 | REPORT
I have a tip so you be so rich you won't need a job..
search up on youtube "money trick for the sims 3 on 3ds" and this kid will show you!
Guest answered: Added 26th Feb 2012, ID #486139
I know I have been romancing and woohooing but I havent gotten one yet I've been doing it twice a day for two days then once a day for the next skip a day then kept doing it atleast once HOW LONG IS 200 SIM DAYS!!!!!!
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Guest said: 28th Jul 2012, ID #169565 | REPORT
uhmy sim wohooed many times but shes not married it so hard too play with 2 sims
Guest said: 22nd Mar 2013, ID #265941 | REPORT
I tried and its very very
Guest said: 24th Mar 2013, ID #266707 | REPORT
200 sim days is 8 hours in real life
Guest said: 6th Jul 2013, ID #295488 | REPORT
ok people if you wanna know sop bad call tech support or whatever
Guest answered: Added 27th Feb 2012, ID #486397
So you definitely have to be married then? It was difficult to get them into bed together to woohoo in the first place. Their romance/flirt has to be high. Doesn't matter whether they are bf gf or not. They woohood just flirting/kissing a lot.

I've been woohooing like 4 times a day on their days off. It's only been about 3 "weekends" so far. But if you definitely have to be married, then i'll get right on it and always keep their flirt/passion high. I'm sure it doesn't take 200 Sim days. I'm sure they just have to be passionate.

BTW thanks for the $$ cheat! Worked like a charm. An easier way to describe what to do is: Open the store. Click on the TV for 8k, click purchase. Don't click anything else but the Shopping Tab and the circle Purchase button multiple times (like 5x) then Click on the Sledgehammer and Delete all the tv's placed around the lot JUST bought. The extra money goes straight to your funds. XOXO
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Guest said: 28th Feb 2012, ID #119057 | REPORT
i still dont got a baby and a already know the money cheat i just need answers to how to get a baby! and yes they are married[img][/img]
Guest answered: Added 28th Feb 2012, ID #486457
I know right it is stupid their should be a baby button when you get marrid] [/color] [/color]
MD2017 answered: Added 25th Mar 2012, ID #492996
I have a 3DS to prove it in the instruction booklet it said in the live mode start a family and I'm not lying
Guest answered: Added 29th Mar 2012, ID #493875
Guya I am soory but you can'y have baby because when it says make a family a family of 2...... 2 people the married couple sozbut if ya actually got a baby why don't you give a trial of it on youtube and say what's it called xxx
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Guest said: 14th Jul 2012, ID #163968 | REPORT
actually u can have 3 people.
Guest answered: Added 9th Apr 2012, ID #496960
thnx 4 the tip but how many times cos I've been makin them woohoo for 20 sim days col
Guest answered: Added 12th Jun 2012, ID #515014
I am trying to but all the answers are yes or no make up the mind I am so confused plus I think when it said family was to ask friends or bf or gf to move in and thats your family
lucy.loo17 answered: Added 18th Jun 2012, ID #516335
I have sims 3 on the 3DS.. And I'm married on there but for some reason, I can't get my two sims to relax on the bed together, if I try to they just get grumpy.. And start jumping up and down? So does anyone know why? Thanks
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Guest said: 27th Jun 2012, ID #157471 | REPORT
just keep making them close to each other and then take care of all their needs b4 they relax and PRESTO
Guest said: 23rd Aug 2012, ID #179323 | REPORT
how though
Guest said: 22nd Aug 2013, ID #306262 | REPORT
it has to be a double bed
Guest answered: Added 4th Jul 2012, ID #520489
Just romance for ages I have a 3ds I t's pretty had though

Guest answered: Added 30th Aug 2012, ID #535652
Basically you just need to flirt and be romantic for ages and then get both to relax on a double bed. When they are both relaxed you can get them to cuddle and kiss and when their relationship is high you can make out and woohoo. Yes you can have babies but it takes 200 sim days/28 sim weeks which is equivalent to 8 real life hours. Just be patient and keep woohooing and flirting, eventually it will come up with try for a baby and in 3 sim days your female sim will be pregnant. Hop this helps .
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Guest said: 22nd Apr 2013, ID #276555 | REPORT
yes but how many times do you have to do woowoo
Guest answered: Added 2nd Sep 2012, ID #536326
But do you need to marry each other before you get a baby or can you be girlfriend and boyfriend if been in many websites and it's not helping so I'm confused so
SuziDusk answered: Added 21st Sep 2012, ID #540273
Well my sims have been married and woohooing for months now, most weekend days two or three times a day and occasionally in the week. They are at the top of their jobs and have one of the most expensive houses so would be in a position to have a baby. But nothing. Another thing, there are no items to purchase for babies anywhere so that would be a problem. Anyhoo, I will keep woohooing non the less I find it amusing LOL!!!
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Guest said: 13th Oct 2012, ID #195903 | REPORT
I know im trying to find baby stuff but there no where to be found
Sugarcube83 answered: Added 6th Nov 2012, ID #549392
You CAN have kids on there. But if you have the "E" version that is rated for everyone then no. You can't. If you have the rated "T" version which is rated teens and stuff, then yes, you can. But, nobody knows exactly how to make them have sex correctly to have kids, but one day we will find out if EA will clear this up.
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Guest said: 21st Mar 2014, ID #366662 | REPORT
er whats e and t? I live in nz we use g for general (everyone can play) and m for mature aduiances (usally 16 yrs and over but its not restricted) so is e like g and t like m? sims 3 for 3ds is m so can you have babies??

sorry if this is confusing
smileygrl94 answered: Added 22nd Nov 2012, ID #552770
I have the E version because I'm stupid and forgot to check the box before I bought it. Anyways after I got my couple married and after about 200 sim days they woohoo-ed and I heard a baby cry. But unfortuanatly I forgot to save my game so I have no idea if that meant she was prego or not :( and now my game wont save for some reason :O
But I hope that gives some ppl hope?
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Guest said: 26th Nov 2013, ID #322390 | REPORT
Yea I have the t version and after I save a couple times it won let me do it anymore
Guest said: 29th Nov 2014, ID #478138 | REPORT
i think the reason why your game wouldn't save was that it was a glitch of somesort but i thi nk if you try hard and be patient you might have some luck
Guest answered: Added 2nd Jan 2013, ID #561616
That money trick worked. I now have 192,540 simoleons.Thank you EA.
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Guest said: 9th Feb 2015, ID #513724 | REPORT
How to get preg in the sims 3 android
Guest said: 1st Mar 2015, ID #522906 | REPORT
Seriously how to get pregnant I need answers
Guest answered: Added 7th Jan 2013, ID #563304
I bought the game the sims 3 rated t for teen and I'm a little confused on how you have a baby on the game
Guest answered: Added 15th Apr 2013, ID #582998
Hmmmm... Why doesn't someone just email EA or something and ask? I can't I'm on a blackberry version... Do you think I'll be able to do it? It let's me woohoo but they won't have a baby I want one though :( how can I get them to relax on the bed also? Thx
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Guest said: 21st Mar 2014, ID #366663 | REPORT
that's easy just get a double bed then click on it. it should say sleep, nap and relax. just clik relax and they should
Guest said: 30th May 2014, ID #391118 | REPORT
you have to buy a cot to have a baby. then click on it and it will give u an option. your couples MUST be married(this is for the free play)
3mp0w3rd answered: Added 28th Apr 2013, ID #585021
Does it have to be everyday straight like I know the 200 days thing which I am trying my sims have been woohooing for like 6-7 sims weeks straight but today the are going to miss one day because my girl has to work overtime!!! >:you will this effect it and will I have to restart!?!?!?
3mp0w3rd answered: Added 28th Apr 2013, ID #585023
Does it have to be everyday straight like I know the 200 days thing which I am trying my sims have been woohooing for like 6-7 sims weeks straight but today the are going to miss one day because my girl has to work overtime!!! >:you will this effect it and will I have to restart!?!?!?
Prettygirl1926 answered: Added 9th Jun 2014, ID #627668
If you have an android tablet how do you make a baby.
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Guest said: 29th Aug 2014, ID #441907 | REPORT
I cant have baby there is no try for baby button

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