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Zooba: Zoo Battle Arena Walkthrough and Guide

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Zooba: Zoo Battle Arena Walkthrough and Guide

Zooba: Zoo Battle Arena is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) that features a different twist to the plethora of traditional battle royale games in the mobile market. With cartoony graphics and weird but cute zoo animals as characters, Zooba: Zoo Battle Arena offers a less serious approach to the genre but still employs the same types of strategies and tactics you'de expect to see in a MOBA. The objective in this game is to stay away from the fire that burns the land and makes the safe zone smaller and smaller and achieve your goal of being the last person standing and be the king of the zoo.Check out our Zooba: Zoo Battle Arena Walkthrough and Guide to find out how you can improve your chances of surviving.

Zooba: Zoo Battle Arena Walkthrough and Guide

Choosing a Character

When you begin Zooba: Zoo Battle Arena you will be made to choose between three characters - Bruce, Molly, and Nix. Bruce is strong, Molly is fast, and Nix has average strength and speed. Eventually as you progress through the game unlocking crates and reaching higher leagues other characters will become available but to begin with you should choose the character that best suits your play style.

Learn to Identify Characters

You will be able to find out the strengths and limitations of your character by viewing stats. Make sure you also become familiar with other characters as soon as possible as this knowledge will enable you to quickly identify the proper approach and strategy when you play against them.

Beginner's Strategy

The best strategy if you are new to Zooba: Zoo Battle Arena is to only engage the enemy if you are given no other choice, or you are presented with an opportunity to eliminate another player. Keep in mind that even if you don't engage the enemy and just focus on surviving your rating will go up the longer you stay in the match. This stays true even if you do not eliminate any players.

Plan your Path

In Zooba: Zoo Battle Arena you won't be starting off by jumping out of a plane of blimp into the battle arena, instead you will be placed in a random location and then left with the decision to either stay there or move into a different quadrant. If you are a beginner we recommend that you first move to an open spot away from the action so you have time to prepare your character before engaging other players.

Grabbing Gears

As you explore your surroundings you will find scattered across the battle arena various items and weapons which you can pick up. You will discover that the guards that patrol the area will occassionally drop items that are better than those found lying around. The best source of equipment drops though comes from other eliminated players. You will be able to loot and equp gears from a fallen player even if it was not you that eliminated them, this is risky as the player who did the eliminating will be close by.

Limited Time Crate

If you visit the in-game store when you first start Zooba: Zoo Battle Arena you will see a limited time chest which costs 80 gems. This is the 'Welcome Offer' and it can be found by going to 'Offers' at the lobby. This offer will contain a Gold Toolbox that will contain gold coins, Rare or Epic items, and 120 Gems. Early in the game you should focus on farming for this crate as it will help you a lot.

Always Be Prepared

Make sure whenever you approach rare items you spot lying on the ground you are prepared to engage or flee if it is a trap laid out by an enemy. Some of the characters have active skills such as Molly's double jump that will help them to escape from surprise ambushes. If your chosen character has one, you need to ensure it is fully charged before entering risky territory.

Charge Skills

Each of the heroes has 3 weapons and an active skill that they can use in the battle arena. It is important that you keep an eye on them to check how soon they will be fully recharged after using. How you use these skills individually or as a combination can be the difference between winning and losing an encounter so it is essential that you try to keep them fully charged at all times.

Use Bushes

Bushes can be used as opportunities to gain an advantage over enemies. If you hide in bushes the enemies can't see you and you can easily damage them with the grenades. The only indicator that will give your position away is if you use an attack with an area of effect like the grenade, if you move in too close to an enemy, or if an enemy sees you heading towards the bushes. Beware of Pepper the Giraffe who has a passive ability to see animals that hide in the bush.

Avoid Water

It is essential that you avoid water whenever possible as it will slow down your movement speed and you will not be able to use any weapons. Only Fuzzy the Penguin, by using his passive ability can move in the water fast.

Complete Daily Missions

Completing the Daily Missions will give you the opportunity to recieve great rewards that include gems, coins, and a key which is used for the Mission Season. You will receive four new daily missions per day and these will always consist of an easy, a medium, a hard, and a premium one (the last of which is only collectable if you have Zoo VIP). The Daily Missions are only available for 24 hours.

Earn Coins

The main source for earning coins in Zooba: Zoo Battle Arena are crates and toolboxes. Different kinds of crates and toolboxes will grant different amounts of coins. You can also earn coins by achieving a high position in battles. You are also rewarded coins by progressing on the Leagues, on the Mastery road and by completing your Daily Missions and collecting Season Rewards.

Earn Gems

Like coins there are several ways which you can earn gems, you can get them through the League and Mastery roads, Daily Missions and collecting Season Rewards. There is always the option of purchasing them using real money at the in-game store. Gems are the premium currency, do not waste them opening crates. Always be patient and wait for the chest timer. Use your gems only to buy better crates so that you can have better items and animals.

Collect League Rewards

In Zooba: Zoo Battle Arena you are ranked based on the number of trophies you have collected. To get trophies, you need to score a better rank in the battle. There are various rewards in the league ladder so once you gathered the required amount of trophies, you can collect the reward by tapping on the shield icon at the top left corner of the game screen.

Free Items

If you visit the in-game store you will be able to claim extra gold under the daily deals. You will also be able to obtain free gems by watching a 5-15 second advertisement. There is also an option for a free 7-day VIP trial.

Zooba: Zoo Battle Arena Walkthrough and Guide


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