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Sniper Elite 3 Cheats for XOne

Cheats and Tips for Sniper Elite 3


We have 5 cheats and tips on XOne. If you have any cheats or tips for Sniper Elite 3 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 4

You can also ask your question on our Sniper Elite 3 Questions & Answers page.

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Eliminating Enemies Silently

The best method when you need to eliminate enemies silently is to use melee combat (close-quarter takedown) after getting behind their backs. For this to be successful however the enemy must not notice your approach otherwise they will defend themselves from the takedown and begin their counteroffensive. If you do not want to risk direct contact with the enemy you can always use a short-range weapon with a silencer attached to it.

Collectable Card Locations

In total there are 20 Collectable Card locations and they will appear as a deck of playing cards lying on a surface, they can be picked up by walking up to/over them.
Mission 1

Collectible Card Location #1 – 1:35

Mission 2

Collectible Card Location #2 – 2:41

Mission 3

Collectible Card Location #3 – 4:17
Collectible Card Location #4 – 4:55
Collectible Card Location #5 – 5:58

Mission 4

Collectible Card Location #6 – 0:25
Collectible Card Location #7 – 2:29
Collectible Card Location #8 – 5:07

Mission 5

Collectible Card Location #9 – 3:04

Mission 6

Weapon Parts

In total there are 15 Weapon Part locations and finding them ALL will help unlock the 'Dedicated Soldier' Achievement (Completed 100% of the campaign on any difficulty setting). Picking up each of the Weapon Parts will enable you to customise your Sniper Rifle and upgrade your Binoculars. To pick up a Weapon Part you hold the X button on your controller to search a corpse.

00:06 - Weapon Upgrade #1 (Siege of Tobruk)
00:29 - Weapon Upgrade #2 (Gaberoun)
01:03 - Weapon Upgrade #3 (Gaberoun)
01:54 - Weapon Upgrade #4 (Halfaya Pass)
02:19 - Weapon Upgrade #5 (Halfaya Pass)
02:46 - Weapon Upgrade #6 (Fort Rifugio)
03:38 - Weapon Upgrade #7 (Fort Rifugio)
04:18 - Weapon Upgrade #8 (Siwa Oasis)
05:00 - Weapon Upgrade #9 (Siwa Oasis) - Kill
05:21 - Weapon Upgrade #9 (Siwa Oasis) - loot
05:39 - Weapon Upgrade #10 (Kassarine Pass)
06:25 - Weapon Upgrade #11 (Kassarine Pass)
07:06 - Weapon Upgrade #12 (Pont Du Fahs Airfield)
07:45 - Weapon Upgrade #13 (Pont Du Fahs Airfield)
08:46 - Weapon Upgrade #14 (Ratte Factory)
09:57 - Weapon Upgrade #15 (Ratte Factory)

Explore Area

The most important thing you need to do before each usage of your rifle is to find a suitable firing position. When you explore the area you should be looking for various elevations, vantage points, observation towers, and Sniper Nests. When you use those type of places it will allow you to have a broader view on your surroundings and enable you to eliminate the enemies from the furthest distance possible.

Sniper Nests

In total there are 22 Sniper Nest locations and opening them up will help unlock the 'Nesting instinct' and 'Dedicated soldier' Achievements (the 'Nesting Instinct' Achievement is unlocked when you have found ALL the Sniper Nests and the 'Dedicated Soldier Achievement' is unlocked when you have completed 100% of the campaign on any difficulty setting).
Mission 1

Sniper Nest Location #1 – 0:27

Mission 2

Sniper Nest Location #2 – 1:26
Sniper Nest Location #3 – 3:00
Sniper Nest Location #4 – 5:38

Mission 3

Sniper Nest Location #5 – 0:57
Sniper Nest Location #6 – 2:26
Sniper Nest Location #7 – 5:28

Mission 4

Sniper Nest Location #8 – 0:47
Sniper Nest Location #9 – 1:15
Sniper Nest Location #10 – 3:14

Mission 5

Sniper Elite 3 Achievements
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