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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Cheats for XOne

Cheats and Tips for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes


We have 6 cheats and tips on XOne. If you have any cheats or tips for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : 3DS : PC : PlayStation 3 : Wii U : Xbox 360 : PlayStation 4

You can also ask your question on our LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Questions & Answers page.

All Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Liberty Island Bonus Level

When you complete ALL 15 levels of the game in Story mode the 1,000,000 Stud Challenge bonus level ('The Brick Apple') will become unlocked on Liberty Island. In this mission you will play as Doctor Doom and Galactus and the objective is to collect 1,000,000 worth of studs from destroying. Successfully completing this mission will unlock Captain America (Classic) and Union Jack. The video below will show you how it is done.

Central Park 100% Guide

Use the following video as a guide to find ALL the collectables in the Central Park area. This video shows ALL of the missions, character tokens, vehicle tokens and gold bricks that you can collect in Central Park.

00:42 to 01:20 - Gold Brick #1
01:47 - Gold Brick #2 (Ant-Man required)
02:29 to 03:20 - Gold Brick #3
03:29 to 04:10 - Gold Brick #4
04:26 to 04:45 - Vehicle Token #1 - Flower Car
05:03 to 05:20 - Character Token #1 - Kraven the Hunter
05:31 to 05:45 - Gold Brick #5
06:10 to 06:59 - Gold Brick #6 (already collected)
07:03 - Vehicle Token #2 - Stark Jet (must beat Level 13)
07:20 to 08:23 - Gold Brick #7 (already collected)
08:43 to 09:40 - Gold Brick #8
10:03 - Character Token #2 - Viper
10:27 to 10:55 - Gold Brick #9
11:10 - Vehicle Token #3 - Fantasticar (must beat level 9)
11:24 to 12:05 - Character Token #3 - Black Bolt
12:33 to 13:05 - Gold Brick #10
13:17 to 14:02 - Character Token #4 - Ronan The Accuser
14:20 to 16:15 - Gold Brick #11
16:38 to 20:30 - Gold Brick #12 (must complete mission at 14:20 first)

Unlock Guardians of the Galaxy

The video below shows you how to unlock ALL of the Guardians of the Galaxy to earn the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Achievement.

Unlock and Fly the S.H.I.E.L.D. Minicarrier

The following video shows you how to unlock and fly the S.H.I.E.L.D. Minicarrier by completing the first two missions that Maria Hill gived you on the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier.


Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding character.
AIM Agent:
Complete level 10 'That Sinking Feeling'.
Complete level 4 'Rock up at the Lock up'.
Agent Coulson:
Complete the 'Tabloid Tidy UP' bonus level.
Aldrich Killian:
Complete level 5 'Rebooted, Resuited'.
Collect the Ant-Man token in the Industrial District.
Collect the Archangel token south of the X-Mansion (south of giant billboard).
Arnim Zola:
Complete level 6 'Red Head Detention'.
Complete level 8 'Juggernauts and Crosses'.
Collect the Beetle token at one block east of the Central Park lake.
Black Cat:
Collect the Black Cat token the cat pet shop directly under Lady Liberty on the map (requires Spider-Man).
Black Widow:
Complete level 3 'Exploratory Laboratory'.
Collect the Blob token after completion of the 'Put Up Your Dukes' bonus level.
Captain America:
Complete level 2 'Times Square Off'.
Captain America (Comics):
Complete 'The Brick Apple' bonus level.
Captain Britain:
Complete the 'The Brick Apple' bonus level.
Collect the Colossus token at the front right courtyard of the X-Mansion.
Complete level 8 'Juggernauts and Crosses'.
Damage Control:
Collect the Damage Control token by putting out fires on the SHIELD Helicarrier deck with the water gun.
Collect ALL Deadpool Red Bricks.
Doc Ock:
Complete level 2 'Times Square Off'.
Doc Ock (Ultimate):
Complete the 'Tabloid Tidy UP' bonus level.
Complete level 9 'Doctor in the House'.
Drax the Destroyer:
Complete Story mode, then complete 3 missions received from Drax.
Complete the 'A Shock Withdrawal' bonus level.
Frost Giant:
Complete level 7 'Bifrosty Reception'.
Galactus (Playable):
Complete level 15 'The Good, the Bad and the Hungry'.
Complete three of Gambit's missions.
Complete Story mode, then complete the first missions received from Drax.
Green Goblin:
Complete level 9 'Doctor in the House'.
Complete Story mode, then complete 3 missions received from Groot.
Complete level 2 'Times Square Off'.
Complete level 3 'Exploratory Laboratory'.
Howard the Duck:
Complete the 'Nuff Said' bonus level.
Complete level 1 'Sand Central Station'.
Human Torch:
Complete level 6 'Red Head Detention'.
Complete level 8 'Juggernauts and Crosses'.
Invisible Woman:
Complete level 9 'Doctor in the House'.
Iron Fist :
Complete the race mission with Blade, then win the fight with the ice enemies in the Blade mission.
Iron Man (Heroic Age):
Complete the 'New York Event' Deadpool bonus mission.
Iron Man (Hulkbuster):
Land on 'S' sign landing platform, then destroy ALL air vents around the 'S' sign.
Iron Man MK I:
Complete level 5 'Rebooted, Resuited'.
Iron Man MK VI:
Complete level 1 'Sand Central Station'.
Iron Man MK VII:
Complete the 'House Party Protocol' bonus level.
Iron Man MK XLVII:

Cheat Mode

Pause gameplay and select the 'Extras' option, then enter the following codes to enable the corresponding effect.
Enter KXFQ87
Black Cat:
Enter P9OWL0
Captain America (Classic):
Enter 7HWU4L
Enter AA0Z50
Howard the Duck:
Enter J58RSS
Hydra Soldier:
Enter B7AA3K
Iron Man (Mark 17 'Heart Breaker'):
Enter 2NGSRZ
Iron Man (Mark 38 'Hulkbuster'):
Enter CK7SDS
Iron Patriot:
Enter Q5X1J5
Enter SZ8Q06
Spider-Man (Future Foundation):
Thor 2014:
Enter H8CSE6
War Machine:
Enter TQ4C57
Wolverine (with hood 'cowl'):
Enter OAW2LB

Avenging Cycle:
Enter 5T3CQU
Pumpkin Chopper:
Enter 35E41W
SHIELD Staff Car:
Enter D5B7O3
Spider Bike:
Enter SH9MZQ

Studs x2:
Enter UZFBG4

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