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by oldschool312

                          Marvel Ultimate Alliance
                             Created 11-04-2006
                               Version 2.0

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. My Team                            [MYT] 
3. FAQs                               [FAQ]
4. Walkthrough
    A. S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier       [SHH]
    B. Stark Tower                    [STT]
    C. Omega Base                     [OMB]
    D. Stark Tower 2                  [ST2]
    E. Atlantis                       [ATL] 
    F. Stark Tower 3                  [ST3]
    G. Valley of Spirits              [VOP]
    H. Sanctum Sanctorum              [SNS]
    I. Murderworld                    [MDW] 
    J. Mephisto's Realm               [MPR]
    K. Valhalla                       [VHL]
    L. Bifrost Bridge                 [BBG]
    M. Asgard                         [ASG]
    N. Niffleheim                     [NFF]
    O. Shi'ar Empire                  [SHR]
    P. Skrull Planet                  [SKP]
    Q. Doomstark                      [DMS]
    R. Dr. Doom's Castle              [DDC]

5. Heroes                             [HRS]
    A. Spider-Man                     [HRSPM]          
    B. Captain America                [HRCPA]
    C. Iron Man                       [HRIMN]  
    D. Wolverine                      [HRWVN]
    E. Thor                           [HRTHR] 
    F. Mr. Fantastic                  [HRMFC]
    G. Thing                          [HRTHG]
    H. Human Torch                    [HRHMT]
    I. Invisible Woman                [HRIVW]
    J. Storm                          [HRSTM]
    K. Colossus                       [HRCLS]
    L. Iceman                         [HRICM]
    M. Moon Knight                    [HRMKN] 
    N. Deadpool                       [HRDPL]
    O. Spider-Woman                   [HRSPW]  
    P. Elektra                        [HREKA]
    Q. Daredevil                      [HRDDL] 
    R. Luke Cage                      [HRLCG]
    S. Ms. Marvel                     [HRMMV]
    T. Silver Surfer                  [HRSVS]
    U. Black Panther                  [HRBPN]
    V. Doctor Strange                 [HRDRS]
    W. Ghost Rider                    [HRGHR] 
    X. Blade                          [HRBLD]
    Y. Nick Fury                      [HRNKF] 
    Z. Hulk                           [HRHLK]
   AA. Hawkeye                        [HRHKE]  
   BB. Nightcrawler                   [HRNTC]  
   CC. Cyclops                        [HRCYC]
   DD. Magneto                        [HRMGO]
   EE. Sabretooth                     [HRSBT]
   FF. Dr. Doom                       [HRDRD]
   GG. Venom                          [HRVNM] 

6. Teams Bonuses                      [TMB]

7. Trivia Game                        [TRG]
    A. Act 1 Trivia                   [A1T]
    B. Act 2 Trivia                   [A2T]
    C. Act 3 Trivia                   [A3T]
    D. Act 4 Trivia                   [A4T]
    E. Act 5 Trivia                   [A5T] 

8. Training Simulator                 [TNS]
    A. Captain America                [TSCA]
    B. Wolverine                      [TSWV]
    C. Iron Man                       [TSIR]
    D. Ultron                         [TSUN]
    E. Mr. Fantastic                  [TSMF]
    F. Daredevil                      [TSDD]
    G. Crimson Dynamo                 [TSCD]
    H. Thing                          [TSTG]
    I. Black Panther                  [TSBP]
    J. Doctor Strange                 [TSDS]
    K. Mysterio                       [TSMY]
    L. Elektra                        [TSEK]
    M. Scorpion                       [TSSP]
    N. Blade                          [TSBD]
    O. Ghost Rider                    [TSGR]
    P. Luke Cage                      [TSLC]
    Q. Spider-Man                     [TSSM]
    R. Storm                          [TSSR]
    S. Thor                           [TSTR]
    T. Deadpool                       [TSDP]
    U. Invisible Woman                [TSIW]
    V. Shocker                        [TSSK]
    W. Spider-Woman                   [TSSW]
    X. Iceman                         [TSIM]
    Y. Piledriver                     [TSPD]
    Z. Ulik                           [TSUK]
    AA. Human Torch                   [TSTH]
    BB. Dragonman                     [TSDG]
    CC. Ms. Marvel                    [TSMM]
    DD. Kurse                         [TSKS]
    EE. Lizard                        [TSLZ]
    FF. Paibok                        [TSPK]
    GG. Super Skrull                  [TSSS]
    HH. Thunderball                   [TSTB]
9. Sketch Books                       [SKB]

10. Action Figures
     A. Daredevil                     [DDAF]
     B. Black Panther                 [BPAF]

11. Achievements                      [ACV]

12. Legalities                        [LGL] 

1. Introduction

I have prefaced all my past guides with the note that this is a description of
the manner in which I played the game. It may not be the best/easiest way but
is a method that is proven successful. Having played both X-men Legends and 
X-men Legends 2, I anticipated a game with more of a variety of Marvel 
characters. Ultimate Alliance does not disappoint. Hopefully you will find the
information provided below helpful as you venture into the world of 
Ultimate Alliance. Using Alt + F and searching the above abbreviations will 
allow you to skip to a certain area of the guide you may be interested in.

2. My Team                                                            [MYT]

My team is a pretty cool new concept added for Ultimate Alliance. You can 
create your own team of heroes, give them a unique name, and choice an emblem
to represent your team. As objectives are completed your team will gain 
reputation points and then skill points that can be used to add bonuses to the
team. Substituting a member out of he team however will cause a reduction in
reputation. The team concept is unlocked at the beginning of the Atlantis 
mission. The team menu is accessed by pressing the right trigger in the Hero
Details menu. Skill points are can be added to the following characteristics:

Team Vitality- Boosts your team's maximum health
Team Synergy- Boosts your team's maximum energy
Team Force- Increases all damage done by your team
Team Focus- Increases XP gained
Team Tactics- Increases the rate at which you gain momentum
Team Bench- Increases the roster slots (max of 10 heroes)

3. Frequently Asked Questions                                          [FAQ]

First I'd like to thank everyone who has sent compliments about the guide. Its
nice to know this work has been well received.

Q. How do I get back to Mysterio's sim disc? It is the only one I missed and 
   need it to unlock Sliver Surfer without cheats.

A. Unfortunately, if you miss this disc you have to restart a game, recollect
   all discs, and get bronze to unlock Silver Surfer. I (and apparently no one
   on any message board I've been to) have not found a way to go back and 
   acquire this disc. 

Q. I can not find Moon Knight and Colossus, how do I unlock these characters?

A. Moon Knight and Colossus are Nex Gen exclusive so if you are playing the PS2
   Xbox, or PC versions they are not there. If you are on a nex gen console 
   they are available at the first SHIELD access point.

Q. Where are the action figures  to unlock Daredevil and Black Panther?

A. There are at least five locations of each of the action figures in the 
   walk-through portion of the guide and I just added (on January 18th) 9 
   locations in a separate stand alone section of the guide.

Q. How do you change (Insert Hero's name here) costume?

A. Costumes can only be changed by using a SHIELD access point. Go to Change 
   Team then hit Y for details. Move over to outfits and Equip (A) the outfit
   you prefer.

Q. Which characters did you use while playing the game?

A. Primarily I used Spider-Man, Captain America, Moon Knight then rotated the
   other spot to get a feel for the other heroes in the game.

Q. Where is the Magnetic Dampner and the Manual Dr. Pym asked for in Doomstark?

A. This must be a glitch or something because a lot of people are having a 
   hard time finding these two items. One is on the table in the center of 
   the room near where Fury and Black Widow regularly are positioned. The other
   item is on a table on the platform where the Trivia game is found.

Q. Your guide doesn't list the location of the simulator discs and I missed 
   (insert name here)'s disc, where is it?

A. I actually do mention where each disc is found in the main part of the guide
   and give a brief description of the location of each disc in the Training 
   Simulator portion of the guide.

Q. How do I get (insert hero's name) other costumes?

A. The 2nd outfit is unlocked by killing 30 enemies while the 3rd costume is 
   unlocked by killing 175 enemies. You have to be controlling the character
   while the enemies are defeated. CPU controlled character kills do not count.
   The last outfit is obtained by scoring at least a bronze on that characters'
   simulator disc.

Q. I've played the X-men Legends series and there was a stash to place unused
   items and a store to buy items, where are they in this game?

A. There is no stash or store. Once you sell an item it is gone forever, so 
   be careful in what you sell. Even if you play through the game on hard
   after defeating normal, the bosses will not drop the items they did the 
   first time through. So if you sell it you will not get it back.

Q. How do you unlock (insert hero's name)?

A. Silver Surfer: defeat all sim discs with at least a bronze
   Daredevil: collect 5 action figures
   Black Panther: collect 5 action figures
   Dr. Strange: meet him in the Valley of Spirits
   Ghost Rider: save him in Mephisto's Realm
   Blade: Use the giant claw machine in Murderworld

Q. This is my team... Is it good enough to beat the game?

A. Basically, any team of heroes is good enough to beat the game. Some
   arrangements will make it easier while others might make it more difficult
   but any group of characters can accomplish completion of the game.

Q. The guide mentions characters that are not on my game. How are Hawkeye, 
   Nightcrawler, Hulk, Cyclops, Dr. Doom, Magneto, Sabretooth, and Venom 

A. Those characters are only available for the Xbox 360 version of Ultimate
   Alliance. They are obtained by purchasing the Gold edition of the game or
   via download on Xbox Live. The cost for the download is 500 points for the
   hero pack, 500 points for the villain pack or 800 points for both.

Q. I have downloaded the new characters but can't find their sim discs. How
   do I unlock their last costume?

A. The DLC characters' final costume is unlocked just as the 2nd and 3rd are 
   unlocked: by killing enemies. Once 250 enemies are destroyed while you 
   are in contol of the character the last costume will be unlocked.

4. Walkthrough

A. S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier                                            [SHH]


-Furious: Rendezvous with Colonel Fury on the bridge of the U.N.N. Alpha

-The Scorpion's Sting: Defeat the Scorpion in battle

-Nuclear Disaster: Stop the Masters of Evil from launching the helicarrier 
                   nuclear missiles

-Bullseye's Target: Defeat Bullseye in battle

-S.O.S: Protect the helicarrier engine from the Masters of Evil

-Dragon's Fire: Defeat Fin Fang Foom before he can destroy the helicarrier 

The game begins with a killer cut scene on the S.H.I.E.L.D ship. To begin your
character options are predetermined. The group consists of Spider-Man,
Wolverine, Captain America, and Thor. If you are like me and wish to control 
what powers are upgraded and who uses certain items I would suggest hitting 
start and turning off the Auto Equip and Auto Point distribution features. The
team needs to make it to the bridge and rendezvous with Colonel Fury. Take the
stairs up to the left and through the door. Battle a few Ultron Warriors and 
continue through the next door. Make a right across the fan and down the ramp 
for to fight a few more Ultrons. Up the ramp on the other side and leap 
over/move through the blaze of fire. Enter the next room and fight more 
Warriors and move out. Down the ramp and up the stairs to the next room where 
you should find a door that must be manually opened using the x button. There
will be some lasers fired but should not hit you. Follow the ramp around and 
up some stairs and you meet your first real enemy: Scorpion.

He is a pushover. There are some Ultron Warriors that will try to help him
out but they can't do much. Scorpion has a ranged tail attack and a melee tail
attack neither of which is too impressive. He should easily be defeated and
provided you with your first item, Scorpion's Tail. 

Go up the stairs Scorpion was guarding and through the next room. There is a
large blaze on the other side that you can move around. The next door leads
to the command deck and Nick Fury. Fury asks that you stop a nuclear missile
launch by the Masters of Evil. Before you leave you can talk to Fury and he 
will fill in some story points. Move down the stairs and exit the bridge. 
The green circle on the ground is a S.H.I.E.L.D access point that allows you
to save and change your team. The others available are Moon Knight, Ms. 
Marvel, Mr. Fantastic, Storm, Invisible Woman, Luke Cage, Thing, Iron Man, 
Human Torch, Elektra, Colossus, Ice Man, Deadpool, and Spider-Woman. More 
characters will be unlocked as you proceed.

Standing with your back to the bridge move right through the door. A cut scene
will occur and your team is trapped in the room. Destroy the Ultron Strikers
and then pull out the old energy source and replace it with one from the
corner of the room (the large silver object that you can push). Once in place
move back to the console (indicated by the orange triangle) to open the door.
Through the door and down the stairs for more battles. You start to see 
enemies with special features (resistances and power ups for defense or attack
etc.). The next room has more enemies in it that the previous areas but they
are still no match. Move through them and climb the ladders on the right
side of the room to reach the next area. Through 2 doors and you have reached
the nuclear weapons launch bay. Fury says the only way to stop the missiles
is to destroy the console that controls them. There is one on each side of the
room marked by large X's. You destroy them both but one of the missiles 
launched. Now its to the navigation room to activate the missile's self
destruct. You have 5:00 minutes to get there. Head back the way you came and
you will encounter BULLSEYE. 

Bullseye is a little tougher than Scorpion was but still no match for the good
guys. He has a decent ranged attack and an adequate supply of health. I just
used Spidey's ranged attack and moved in close for some hand to hand with 
Wolverine. There are a couple normal enemies with him that are easily taken 
care of allowing you to attack Bullseye relentlessly. He leaves an Item
Assassin's Sight. Use the console in the next room to destroy the missile.

Go down stairs to enter the barracks. There is a S.H.I.E.L.D access point to
the left and ahead is the Black Widow's laptop. Pick it up. Moving forward you
will encounter a SHIELD agent. He has been trapped and needs to be release. 
Turn around and go in the door to the right. Jump the laser and walk over to 
a consol. Press X to make one of your team stay at the console then select 
another member (using the d-pad) and go to the other console and hit X. This 
unlocks the SHIELD agent. Return to where you first saw him. Each of the rooms
has a computer with some story information on it. Read it if you like then
continue. Down the stairs and you encounter Doombots. One breaks through the 
window. Kill it then jump through the open window to the outside. Fight your
way through some more Doombots and move around to the far side of the outer
portion of the ship. Go up the stairs and you will encounter Winter Soldier
and Radioactive Man. Midway through the battle, Dr. Doom interrupts over the 
radio and they leave. Follow the evil duo. They send there minions in to do
their dirty work while they attempt to escape. Destroy their henchmen and 
double jump the platform they escaped to. If you cross to the other side there
is a +1 permanent attack boost one of your heroes may enjoy. Give chase and 
catch up to the enemies. This time the fight is for real. They are imposing but
beatable. I focused first on Radioactive Man with ranged attacks then moved in
close for melee against Winter Soldier. If you have a hero that can fly there 
is a +1 body bonus on a balcony at one end of the battle field. The defeated
enemies drop the Bionic Arm and Radioactive Touch items. Once victory is 
obtained Fury activates an elevator in the previous room.

Once at the top of the elevator, go down the stairs and straight ahead to 
the ladder. Continue down the predetermined path. There really isn't anything
special with the exception of a Health regenerating Doombot that may require
some teamwork. Eventually you will come to a point where you can go outside.
This is where Fin Fang Foom is.

Fin Fang will begin on the deck. While he is on the ship he has striking
attack that can be avoided by keeping your distance and an attack where he
creates an energy way by pounding the ground (avoided by a well timed jump).
He will also spit a barrage of fire balls. Attack with a ranged character while
he is grounded. When he goes to fly run up to the gun and use Y to fire. Once
he is hit he will land on the deck. Fin Fang leaves Dragon's Heart. Head 
back inside when you are ready.

B. Stark Tower                                                           [STT]


-Electronic Secrets: Get the decryption module from Black Widow and take it to
                     The Vision

-Cyber Speak: Find Dr. Pym's cybernetic helmet on the Omega Base and return it
              to him at Stark Tower

The base of operations will be Stark Tower. Explore the area and talk to 
everyone you like. Fury and widow provide some background. There is a focus
upgrade and a body upgrade up the stairs on either side of Wyatt Wingfoot's 
position (the yellow exclamation point on the map). There is also a sketch book
located next to Wingfoot. There is also a striking upgrade and a pair of 
Tony Stark's cufflinks available on tables in the room.  Hank Pym and the 
Vision are in one corner and will provide some background information and 
a couple of new objectives. Pym would like you to find his cybernetic helmet
on the Omega Base and bring it to him. Vision needs a decryption module from
Black Widow. That is an easy objective to complete. There is a trivia game
and a training simulator at your disposal. When ready talk to Wingfoot to set

C. Omega Mission                                                        [OMB]


-Detecting Dugan: Locate Dum Dum Dugan to find out what's happening on the
                  Omega Base

-Resuming Control: Protect Dum Dum Dugan as you escort him to Central Control

-Train Wreck: Disable the primary drive train for the Omega (Optional)

-A long way to the top: Stop the Omega Base by reaching the control room on the
                        upper deck

-Ultimate Ultron: Stop the Masters of Evil from stealing the Ultron upgrades

-Neural Nightmare: Don't let the Masters of Evil unleash the neurally
                        enhanced Super Soldiers

-Gamma Detonation: Take Dr. Banner and deactivate the Gamma Bomb before it

-Database Destruction: Stop the Super Soldiers from destroying the Omega
                            computer (optional)

-The Menace of MODOK: Defeat MODOK in battle before the Omega base crashes into
                      the dam

Once you begin the mission go through the door on the left to meet up with 
Dugan. Escort Dugan to Central Control. He isn't a baby and will mix it up so
as you encounter enemies. Enter the next room and veer to the left. Fight some
Troopers and enter the door on the left at the end of the hall. A mini cut
scene will introduce you to a Super Soldier. He looks large but isn't very 
dangerous. Move into the room the big guy just busted through and continue to
fight your way to a larger room with rotating gears. Dum Dum has an idea. 
Disable the primary drive train so the Omega Base is forced to switch to the
secondary drive. Destroy the gear that is down the stairs and has an orange
arrow pointing toward it. Down the stairs to the right is a Daredevil action
figure. Move around the to the other side of the room and destroy the other
part of the drive train before going up the stairs. Doom destroyed this control
room so it is useless, fortunately there is a second one. Exit to the left and
pick up a +1 body upgrade. Go back and exit through the other door for a SHIELD
Simulator disc that contains Captain America's comic mission. Move through the
door in the center and you will come to Crimson Dynamo. He launches missiles 
from his suit and has an electric charge attack. It is doubtful he will provide
much resistance. Once you are by Dynamo the other portions of the drive train 
are ahead, marked by the 2 large X's. Take them out. The next room has a SHEILD
access point and is the control room you have been searching for. Of course
these controls are busted too. The team needs to make it to one of the upper 
decks and Dum Dum will stay put.

Through the door and you will see a message notifying you that some enemies 
will have shields and need to be attacked from behind. You can also grab their
shields and pull them away. The only way to the top is through via the 
Omega's exterior. Move the only way that you can and a helicopter will come by.
Notice the red circle as it fires its missile from now on if that is seen you
should probably move. Fight your way through the same old enemies and reenter
the base on the other end and you should reach the Project Labs.

Save if you would like then go through the door on the right. This leads to
a room with Super Soldiers encased in glass. Mysterio messes with the Neural
inhibitor and causes the encased soldiers to come alive. Once the four super
soldiers are dead move up the stairs and into the next room. Bruce Banner is
stuck in the lab (why doesn't he just become the Hulk and bust out?). Before 
leaving go to the to left corner an pick up the helmet Hank Pym asked for.
Banner will wait outside while you go in and deal with 2 Super Soldiers. The
shutoff to the Gamma Bomb has been damaged so off to the secondary lab. A red
arrow will appear on the mini map. Back track a little an there is a new path
open. The doors to the right lead to a sleeping area and has Wolverine's 
Simulator disc inside. Go through the next door and downstairs to use the 
console. The gamma bomb has been disarmed. Go back up the stairs and move 
toward the large X. Mysterio is at it again. He wants to fight but instead he
makes 2 copies of himself. The copies will continue to regenerate until the 
real Mysterio is gone. The battle is quick so I didn't see a visual way to
differentiate the 3 Mysterios. The health meter at the top though will let you
know if it is the real one or not. He drops the Master Hologram item. Continue 
forward and in the room opposite the lift there is a +1 striking upgrade. Take
the lift up.

As the lift rises you will be attacked by numerous enemies. They are not tough
but there are bombs that will drop as well. These bombs are identified by the
orange flashing arrow above them. They can be disarmed by hitting the X button
when near one and then the button sequence that appears. You can also just stay
away from them and let them explode. When the lift stops moving jump up and 
move down the hall. There will be a door you can enter to the left for an 
optional objective. Destroy all the Super Soldiers (6 maybe) before they 
destroy the computer. Exit and continue to another lift.

Down the stairs and you encounter a SHIELD Agent. There is another helicopter
in the area and the only anti air craft gun is on other side of the base. To
the right downstairs is a comic book. Continue forward and you will come to a
point where there are some enemies with shields on a higher platform. One of
them will destroy the railing for you to jump up. Fight off these guys and the
helicopter will block your path. Push/pull the large metal object on the 
platform over the railing that was destroyed and through the glass floor below.
Drop through the opening and "Go Inside". Pick up the Black Panther action
figure standing on the yellow and black striped floor. Move through a couple 
doors and a few enemies until you can "Go Outside". The helicopter lands, 
releases a few enemies and leaves. SHIELD agent is trying to open the door to 
the bridge but the helicopter keeps him form doing so. Use the anti air craft 
gun to take out the chopper. A timer appears (I believe 45 seconds) you won't 
have to worry though just jump down to the gun and press X the cut scene does
the rest. Take out the enemies once the helicopter is destroyed. Don't forget 
the focus upgrade near the door before you leave the area. Keep going and you 
will encounter MODOK. 

MODOK will immobilize your team. He will ask you questions and each time you
get one right you move forward. A wrong answer and its an electric shock. The
Earth is 93.2 million miles from the sun, (I got the 1/2 life of strontium 
wrong), fumf is not a sub atomic particle, and the bottom answer (starts with 
P) is the one for the question about the watchers. MODOK will drop the MODOK
chip. Use the console and the Omega Base will be stopped before reaching the

D. Stark Tower 2                                                       [ST2]


-Data Stream: Ask Dr. Pym to look at the Quinjet's data feed for Wyatt

Talk to everyone again. Make sure you return Dr. Pym's helmet. Talk to Wyatt
and he will give you the aforementioned objective. Go back to the good doctor
and he would be happy to take a look at the Quinjet. Also notice the large X
on the map. It leads to Iron Man's Lab. Weasel has some info on Black Widow's
laptop but needs a password to SHIELD's priority files to go further. He says
to talk to Vision for to key on where to get the necessary password. Talk to 
everyone you'd like in here. Black Panther, Elektra, and Jarvis are available.
If you picked up Stark's cufflink earlier Jarvis will discuss it briefly with
you and you get an objective completed. If you didn't get it then he will ask
for it Iron Man's Simulator disk is also here on the desk next to Elektra. A
sketch book is also positioned on the right side of the room. To get the 
password for Weasel, talk to Vision about Nick Fury's brother. Now talk to 
Black Widow about Baron Strucker and finally talk to Nick Fury about Gabriel 
Jones. Now go back to Weasel and tell him the password is Gabriel Jones.

E. Atlantis                                                             [ATL]


-Riot in Atlantis: Locate Namor to discover what caused the riot in Atlantis

-Battling the Barbarian King: Remove Attuma from the throne of Atlantis

-The Secret of the Crypts: Discover what the Masters of Evil are doing in the
                           Atlantean crypts

-The Sound of Insanity: Destroy 3 Sonic Emitters (OPTIONAL)

-Mission of Mercy: Gather rare seaweed to create a medicine that will heal
                   Namor (OPTIONAL)

You have unlocked the ability to create your own Marvel Team. You could move
members in and out before but this lets you build a "reputation" for your team.

There is a focus upgrade up the stairs one set of stairs the other set leads
to the underwater connection tube. Once you've passed through the connection
tube enter the dive chamber. On the end opposite entry is a Black Panther 
action figure. Use the control console to open the hatch for entry into the 
water. Take either the path to the right or the left and you will end up at 
the same point. Continue forward until you reach a mini cut scene where you 
see Namor encased in a bubble. Destroy the guards and then you can use the
console to release him.

The Temple of Negrete is the side door. Enter here if you'd like to get the 
seaweed. Take the left path and destroy the enemies in the room. Open the 
clam for a pearl that will open a lock. In the corner of this room there 
is a wall with a crack in it. The wall can be broken to open a secret area
housing Mr. Fantastic's simulator disc. When you exit the room through the door
that will put you behind the giant statue at the entrance. Move left up a ramp
and into a room where your team will notice openings in two pedestals next to
a giant statue. Place the Eye of Negrete on one of the pedestals. Exit and 
swim straight across the hall toward the giant X. In this room you will acquire
Trident's Tip. Now remember when we went left at the beginning of the 
temple. Investigate the other side and you will find a door to a tomb (marked 
by an X) and inside is the 2nd Eye of Negrete. Place the second eye and the 
statue will move. Place Trident's tip and a door will open to the Walek 
Seaweed. Namorita opens a whirlpool to her locations so she can administer the
medicine to Namor.

Now enter the Atlantean Trenches. Be wary of the mines floating in the water,
if you hit one of them they explode. Byrrah and Krang are guarding the first
sonic emitter. When defeated, they will drop the Crown of Byrrah. This duo is
the toughest opponents to date. They actually killed a member of my team. I did
not have a particular strategy. I used Iron Man's ranged attack and went in 
close with Captain America for some melee shield damage. Take either of the two
available paths and you will find then next 2 sonic emitters destroy them and
save if you'd like. Move your way to the entrance to the throne room but before
entering release the guard from the giant clam and he will provide a 
combination to a safe in a submarine nearby. The sub is directly across from
the clam. Turn around swim up the "rock steps" to the sub. Inside the chest 
is a Daredevil action figure and I got Human Torch's Cloak. Now to the 
Atlantean Throne.

Go either direction here they both circle to the area where the mini cut scene
took place. Fight your way to the other end of the room. Tiger Shark and Attuma
place a bead and release to enemies, one of which will regenerate health. 
Destroy them and take the bead. Place the bead in the center of the next room
to open 2 doors. Once the bead is in place numerous enemies will appear. 
Defeat the enemies then enter the door on the left. There is a trench that you
will not want to dive into, so swim across and get the bead. As you leave get
the Sketch Book on the side wall. Now to the other door. Cross this trench and
obtain the bead. Place one bead on the remaining pedestals to open the main 
door for a battle against Attuma and Tiger Shark. This battle was difficult 
only in the sense that Attuma and Tiger Shark were able to swim a lot better
than I. The enemies will be "grounded" for a while if you activate the consoles
on either end of the throne room. It is much more difficult (at least for me)
to fight by swimming only. Once grounded, I was able to corner Tiger Shark and
unleash a barrage of melee attacks with Captain America to take him out fairly
easily. With their defeat your team acquires a Hydro Suit and may enter 
Defender's Crypt. 

Fight your way through the area. Along the left side of the path there is a
body bonus you can pick up. You eventually come to the Arena. Enter it. In the
arena you will find Mandarin and before he goes he has a small surprise for 
you. Kraken has a ground smash attack and he will punch. Kraken also sprays
a black mist for a ranged attack. Watch for openings in the columns surrounding
the beast. When there is one enter it for a button pushing mini game that will
deal out damage to Kraken. Defeating the guards seems to be the key to opening
another column for the minigame. No attacks you perform will damage Kraken 
other than the columns collapsing. Pick up the Blood of the Kraken and move 
to the area where Mandarin was. You are back at Stark Tower.

F. Stark Tower 3                                                      [ST3]


-Problematic Schematic: Find the Ultimo schematics from the Mandarin's Palace
                        and give them to Colonel Fury at Stark Tower

Talk to Fury and he will ask you to retrieve the Ultimo schematics from your 
next mission. Now to Iron Man's Lab and Weasel to see what information he 
retrieved from the Black Widow's laptop. He needs help but doesn't know who to
trust. He recommends talking to Dr. Pym to figure out who is more trustworthy.
Pym knows Cebulski and has some information but refers you to Vision for data
about Beroge. The choice seems clear tell Weasel he can trust Cebulski.

G. Valley of Spirits                                                  [VOP]


-The Rings of Mandarin: Question Mandarin about Dr. Doom's plans for the 
                        Masters of Evil

-The Orb of Agamotto: Locate the Orb of Agamotto for Dr. Strange 

Enter the first room and kill the monks. Down stairs in the corner behind a 
column is a Sketch Book. Use a strong character to pull the rope in this room
to open a door. I say strong character because Captain America said he wasn't
strong enough when he tried, Spider-Man though was able to pull the rope. If
none of your characters are strong enough (which is unlikely) you can go 
through the door on the left and fight your way around to the same position.
The wooden barrels in this world are explosive so do not use melee attacks to
destroy them it will cause considerable damage. Fly to the center of the room
and punch the gong to open a door. (Alternatively you can use the other door
in this room and fight your way around to the other side of the door. One of
the enemies with this route is a large dragon creature). Once in the room with
the three fires downstairs you can leave through the door past the fire or
maybe use your powers to extinguish the fires with blue X's above them. (I did
not have anyone on my team that could do so, therefore I just used the other
door). Once through the door battle Ultimo and then pick up Ultimo's Plating.
After Ultimo and just before the stairs to the next room a striking bonus sits
behind a fire. In the next room when you approach a door a cutscene tells you
it is locked from the other side. Enemies will then appear. Once they are 
destroyed the door opens and more enemies come through. Save Point.

On to the Golden Court, where there are three doors you can take. All of which
lead to the exact same room. Fight your way through the enemies here and go up
the stairs and into the next room. Stay away from close contact with the 
spinning blades and move on. In the next room stay upstairs and go right. You
should fight your way to a weapons cache that has an item in it (Iron Man's
Gloves). Go back the way you came and move over the balcony. There is 2 
large columns of spinning blades to destroy before going up the stairs. On
each side of the stairs there is a balcony that will have a room attached. One
room contains Thing's simulator disc. The other has the Ultimo Schematics 
Fury asked for. Continue to the next room and stay on the balcony (if you 
fall climb the hanging fabric to get back to the balcony). Wait for the 
fire breathing statues to stop then jump from platform to platform. The next
hall has a number of easily destroyed enemies. Through this door is the Grey
Gargoyle. Grey Gargoyle can temporarily turn one of your team to stone. He also
regenerates health from time to time. Overall it is not a difficult battle.
Continue to attack until one member is turned to stone then switch. By this
time you may have built up some Extreme attacks. Bosses are always a good place
to unleash them. He drops an item Stone Touch.

Advance to the Celestial Hall. The floor opens and enemies jump in. It would 
be wise to take out he regenerating guy first so you don't have to keep killing
the same monks over and over. Go up the stairs and to the left. In this room 
there is a sketch book to the left and a weapons cache at the top of the 
stairs. Defeat the enemies to make a lever appear. Use the lever and a door
will open next to the SHIELD access point. There is however another door and
another lever. Exit, go straight across the room and up the other set of 
stairs. Move the blocks one of the blocks over one of the areas where the 
enemies appear. Then take the 2nd block to the other side of the floor and 
cover an enemy portal. Defeat the remaining enemies and a lever appears. Use it
to open the 2nd door. 

This leads you to an improved stronger Ultimo. He is still no match for your
foursome. A constant barrage of attacks should put this bot out of his misery.
At the top of the stairs past the Ultimo battle are a focus and body upgrade.

Into the Forbidden Passage. You run into Dr. Strange and decide to help him 
out. Your team also agrees to help the good doctor retrieve the Orb of 
Agamotto. Continue forward and you will come to more spinning blades. In among
these blades sits the Crimson Dynamo simulator disc. Continue to fight your way
through to a door that says it is locked from the other side. Use the other 
door in this room and follow the path to the Orb located in a treasure chest.
Once the orb is yours so is Dr. Strange. He has been unlocked and is available
to your team at any SHIELD access point. In the room connected to where you 
found the orb several enemies appear. Head back there and fight your way 
through and go up the other set of steps. In this hall there are Buddha statues
on either side. The statues can be destroyed to reveal small secret areas. 
Each area has a spinning blade column to destroy and several vases. The one on
the left nearest the exit to Mandarin's Court also has the third Black Panther
action figure.

Mandarin has a whirlwind attack and a ice attack that temporarily encases a 
hero in a block of ice. Keep on the attack and he will leave to a protected 
area once his health is about half. He will release a small spider looking 
robot that you can destroy then a Ultimo Mark 3 to fight. The large yellow
disc below Mandarin's position is a teleporter to where he stands. Stand on the
disc and you enter the room he is in. But the Ultimo will grab you and take you
back to where you started. You need to blow up the Ultimo in Mandarin's room.
Since the spider bots are attracted to you have one chase you into the 
teleporter and it will destroy the Ultimo in the other room. Once the Ultimo 
is gone teleport to Mandarin and continue the battle. Repeat the process a
couple more times and Mandarin will be back on the main floor. This part is just
like the beginning. Once he is gone pick up the White Ring of Mandarin and 
use the portal to return to Stark Tower; 2 X-men are missing. 

Talk to Fury back at Stark Tower and provide him with the schematic you found.
When ready talk to Wingfoot to move on to a new base and Act 2.

Side Note: COOL Nightcrawler cut scene.

H. Sanctum Sanctorum                                                   [SNS]

Objectives (optional)

-Security Breach: Get the SHIELD security module from Vision and give it to 

-The Scientific Mystic: Locate the mystic tome 'A History of the Arcane' and 
                        give it to Vision

Move up stairs and down the left corridor to meet up with Nick Fury. Explore
the area and talk to whoever you like. Find Vision and he will ask you to find
a book for him. There is also a striking upgrade in the room where you find 
Vision. You can also take the orb from the foyer and place with the Mirror
of the Ancient One for a minor conversation. Go upstairs to the Sanctuary and
you will run into Weasel. The Cebulski was helpful but now he needs a SHIELD
security module from Vision. (Boy he is awful needy). Go to the large X to 
pick up the book Vision requested. The third Daredevil action figure is just
past the book. Dr. Strange's simulator disc is located up the stairs across 
from where you got Vision's book and the action figure. Place Dr. Strange in
your party and enter his bedroom to pick up 2 focus upgrades. When ready 
teleport to your next mission using the Orb of Teleportation. 

I. Murderworld                                                      [MDW]


-The Land of the Doomed: Save Nightcrawler and Jean Grey at Castle Doom

-The Plight of the Phoenix: Clear Jean Grey's mind by destroying the equipment
                            controlling her

-Murderworld Mayhem: Find Arcade and see what he knows about Nightcrawler

-Political Schemes: Locate and free Senator Kelly (OPTIONAL)

Enter the next room and a mini cut scene will show enemies jumping out from 
behind the paintings on the wall. Destroy the enemies and move forward. There
is a treasure chest in the room but opening it only reveals a large hammer that
will hit your hero. The next hall has gates that move up and down. They are
easily timed (but the CPU controlled members have some trouble). Move forward 
and into the next large room. This area will have a few more enemies and five
smaller rooms attached. You can break the gates and enter the smaller rooms
for some items. On the right there is another hammer chest and a Daredevil 
action figure. The left side rooms contain a Mysterio simulator disc and a 
focus upgrade. 

SPECIAL NOTE: MAKE SURE TO GET MYSTERIO'S DISC, if you miss this disc here and
              now  there is no way to come back to this point later and get 
              the disc. The disc is required to unlock Silver Surfer and get
              the Golden Age of Comics achievement. END OF SPECIAL NOTE.

Through the only door remaining and you find yourself in a long
hall. There will be gates ahead and a wall with spikes trailing behind you.
The goal is to make it down the hall without being killed by the spiked wall.
Just move forward killing the few enemies you see and breaking the gates down.
Once near the end duck into the room on the left and the spiked wall will pass.
Return to the hall and push the spiked wall further to reveal a secret area.
In the secret area there is a chest (no hammer this time) and a skill point.
The next area has a floor pattern resembling Dr. Doom that will shoot fire. 
Just avoid the Doom squares and move on. Once through the Doom floor area the 
adjacent hall will have 2 mini-rooms. One of which houses a striking upgrade.
In the next room you will encounter Jean Grey and she's ready to fight. Its 
not really tough at all, constant attacking will cause her to flee. On to the 
Big Top.

Pick up Luke Cage's simulator disc to your immediate left and a sketch book to
the right. Senator Kelly is located at the large X just down the stairs from
the entrance to the Big Top. Bust him out and pick up the body upgrade. When 
ready to continue, enter the tent. Your team of heroes encounters Jean Grey 
again. This battle is as easy as the first. Once she is gone she gone a clown
car enters the tent. Destroy all the clowns that exit the car and receive a 
coin. Use the coin to play Pitfall. Basically you jump over anything in your
way an try to collect the gold bars (I guess). At the end is a carousel that 
you activate to free Jean.

Now that you are out of Pitfall you need to pursue arcade. To do so you need
2 golden tickets. One can be acquired through playing pinball. Enter the 
pinball area. In here there are enemies to kill but try to avoid the flippers.
They will hit you and knock you back. Explore the area and knock down as many
of the boards with Arcade on them that you find. Knocking them down gives you
points toward the 1,000,000 you need. Search the are for a sketch book, a 
strike upgrade and a body up grade. Eventually you should come to a set of 
ramps on opposite sides. Up one ramp is Rhino and up the other is Shocker. 
These enemies are rather simple as well. In close melee damage should be 
enough. If you have an extreme built up it doesn't hurt to use it. Once both 
enemies are down and you have the necessary points a cut scene occurs. Numerous
pinballs will fall from above. Head toward the save point and pick up the 
ticket before exiting. You are now back at the beginning of the Big Top. Head
back to the tent and enter the Fairgrounds to obtain the 2nd ticket.

Venture to the right side of the fairgrounds and you should see a focus upgrade
behind a wooden wall. Destroy the wall to get the upgrade and ride the bumper 
car around if you like. Fight all the enemies in the area then enter one of
tents in the center. Inside you should find a hammer pick it up and go to the
locked gate. Hold the A or B button and use it on the test of strength game 
just to the left of the gate. Enter the next area and fight all the enemies.
There is a sketch book and a claw game to play here. Make sure you play the 
claw game because the prize is pretty cool. Once the claw game is activated 
just press the correct (on screen) button sequence for your prize. When ready
take the hammer out of the tent in this area and test your strength again for
a new item and some coins. There is one other tent that has a chest you can 
open for an item as well. When ready exit the area through the opening in 
the tent at the rear. 

Open the chest to the right for some gear then move on to the Maze-O-Death.
Pull the finger to the right and a wall will lower allowing you to move
forward. Avoid the flowers with the green gas, they will lower your health.
Also do not go near the rotating spikes, it is an automatic kill. Elektra's
simulator disc is in the maze and easy to spot. The last finger has 2 chests
next to it. The chest on the left is the one with the goodies. Once the last
finger is pulled pick up the hammer and test your strength to open the gate.
You should now be at a bumper care area. Use you car to destroy the enemies
for the 2nd golden ticket. Exit to the Roller Coaster and then the Big Top.

Use your 2 tickets at the ticket booth and enter the Fun House. You have a 
choice of 3 doors. Door number 2 can not be opened initially (each time you
try the hammers come out of the chests and hit you). So lets start with door
numero uno. Fight your way down the hall and open the first chest you see
for some loot. Once the enemies are defeated another door number 1 will open.
Through this door is a mini-game where you grab hold of a white bar and make
a ball bounce into the blocks above. Once the blocks are gone door number 2
opens. But first lets check out what's behind door number 3. Alright a 
striking upgrade, but wait picking up the upgrade causes a wall to appear 
blocking your exit. Looks like you will have to fight your way out. There 
are a lot of enemies to kill. Once they are gone break down the wall but before
leaving go to the flowers in the room. Though you may not see it there is a
Black Panther action figure next to them. Pick it up and them go to door number
2. Fight your way through the disco room and down the remaining hall when you 
reach the finger pull it. Save first if you like you are about to battle 
Arcade. Once the finger is pulled the floor falls away and your are in battle 
against Arcade. At the top of one of the ramps along the wall is a body 
upgrade. The object here is not to attack but fall through the floor via the 
trap doors on the sides of the room. Once you fall through you will be sent to
a cannon that blasts you on top of Arcade. Once on top press the button
indicated repeatedly to make him punch himself in the head. You will only land
on top of the enemy when he is positioned near the center of the room. Four 
punches and Arcade is down for the count.

J. Mephisto's Realm                                                   [MPR]


-Chasing the Devil: Locate Nightcrawler in Mephisto's Realm

-Evil Schemes: Find out what the Masters of Evil are up to in Mephisto's Realm

-Mephisto's Flames: Light the candles by solving the puzzles Mephisto has 

-Chasing the Angel: Locate Jean Grey in Mephisto's Realm

-Vengeance be Mine: Save Ghost Rider from his prison

-Fire and Brimstone: Defeat Mephisto to leave his realm

-Nowhere to hide: Determine the safest place for Weasel to hide from SHIELD 
                  agents (optional)

-The Eye of the Shadow Queen: Find the Eye of the Shadow Queen somewhere in 
                              Mephisto's Realm and return it to Wong (Optional)

Before embarking on the next mission take time out to talk to whoever you like.
Be sure to talk to Weasel and Wong to get the optional objectives. Use the 
orb to teleport when you are ready.

Head straight across from the SHIELD access point and up the stairs to update
your objectives. I went around the center area killing all the demons before
moving on. Blade's simulator disc is in the area as well. There are five paths
that connect to this main area. Defeating the challenge at each path lights a
candle in the center area. We will start with the one closes to the access 
point and move clockwise. 

Read the altar and the Book of Majernik says "Thy way shall be lit by the 
flames of impure soles." The key is to throw enemies into the fire using the 
grab (X) button and the left analog stick. With each enemy thrown into the 
center fire the pedestal lowers. (Setting your team to defensive may help you
do this part a little easier). Once it is lowers all the way a portal will
open, but before leaving get the strike upgrade. Now to the next puzzle. 

This time the book of Majernik states "Whilst thy name is carven in stone, thy
shall be invincible." I believe you have to destroy the large markers with
crosses at the top area to open this portal. 

The third altar reads "Only the Eternal Torch shall renew the Flames of the 
Damned." This one is easy. Defeat the few enemies here to open the path to
the torch and a body upgrade. Wield the torch and attack each of the "cups" at
each corner. Once they are lit the portal opens. At this point the professor
talks to you and says Jean Grey is joining the team in Mephisto's Realm.

Next the altar says, "Wilst the Trees of Aegis live, mine servants never 
perish." There is an axe you can wield next to the trees with the blue/purple
rings around them. Use the axe to destroy the trees then kill the enemies to
open the portal.

The final altar states, "Sacrifice upon the altar shall imprison thee." Kill
an enemy from each of the rings within the center circle to "imprison" them
in the rings and open a portal. 

Now a portal should open where the candles are lit. Enter it to continue to the
Inferno. Now Jean is in trouble too. Way to go Xavier. Defeat the enemies in
this area and a Fire Giant leaps from the lava in the center. Even with his 
health regeneration powers he is a pushover. Continue through the door that
opened and up the stairs. Make a right at the top of the stairs and beneath
a statue is a skill point. Head back and open the weapons cache. Go to the 
opposite side and go through the opening to the left to pick up the Eye of the
Shadow Queen. Now jump across the broken bridge. Look to the right and you
should see a large tree. Under that tree sits a Daredevil action figure, which
should make 5 and unlock the character for use. Open the weapons cache, kill
the fire giants and move forward. The team comes across Ghost Rider and they 
feel they should help him out. There are four large X's on the screen. Go to 
each X and destroy the rock formation holding the chain. While you are breaking
the chains free on the left side keep an eye out for a Sketch Book. (A note on
the fire giants: Pressing A next to them will not grab them, instead you jump
on their backs and a button sequence later you still their sword and beat them
with it). Mephisto is willing to free Ghost Rider but only in exchange for a
member of your team. Pick which member of your team you wish to trade and 
Ghost Rider is unlocked (the trade is not permanent). Ghost Rider seems like a
pretty strong character but anyway. Move forward and fight your way through 
the creature coming out of the ground. There will be 2 weapons caches to open
and then a bridge to cross. Once you've crossed the mini-bridge and reached 
the top of the stairs be sure to retrieve the Scorpion simulator disc to the
left and the body upgrade to the right. Continue fighting forward and you will
reach a point where 2 fire giants break through doors to fight you. In the 
rooms the fire giants leave are a focus upgrade and a Sketch Book. You will 
encounter Blackheart shortly. Blackheart like most of the bosses/mini-bosses
is not that difficult. He does have a nasty little ranged energy attack that
can prevent you from getting too close for melee action. Try ranged attacks 
then switch characters to someone close for some melee damage. His knockdown
energy ray seems to be focused on the character you manually control. You have
to defeat him 3 times before continuing toward the large X's. 

Here is a tip against Blackheart sent to me by Ralph Perez. You can actually 
destroy the chambers first where he gets resurrected. After you destroy those
chambers. Now you can go head to head with him and beat him just once. I tried
this and it works well. If the chambers are gone he cannot come back after a
defeat. Now back to the guide

Here is where you have to make a choice. To the left you can save Nightcrawler
or to the right save Jean Grey. I will go with Nightcrawler but it is your 
choice. Once the unlucky one plummets to their death, enter Stygian Abyss.

Upon entering the Abyss move to the left and jump across to the rock and pick
up Ghost Rider's simulator disc. Mephisto brings numerous minions to destroy
you. Keep moving toward the top of the screen killing as many enemies as you
like (I don't think they will ever stop, not sure but...). You should come to
a wall with a gate in it. Fly over or break through he gate and head to the
blue portal you saw in the mini cut scene. Once you see it jump into it. Now 
you are battling Mephisto. He has a ranged energy attack, some melee, and a 
power that makes you loose control (temporarily) of your team as they run 
around. In the beginning attack as you would any other enemy. When you notice
he drops his sword or if you get close and press X to induce a mini-game to
take it from him, use his weapon to destroy the statues surrounding the center
circle. Once the statues are gone Jean Grey is back but helping Mephisto. 
I attacked Jean some then Mephisto some. Mephisto's energy bar eventually 
turned a shade different from red (a very light purple or maybe a gray) and
then I accidentally ran into Jean who helped put Mephisto away.

K. Valhalla                                                           [VHL]

There is a path to the north that leads to a Gladsheim Hall and a strike 
upgrade. There is a design on the floor that will allow you to summon Hermod
for a discussion. Another path leads to Himinbiorg Hall and a body upgrade.
You will also find Warrior Hall, but your team is not welcome until you prove
yourself. To prove yourself help the gods in Asgard or Bifrost Bridge.

L. Bifrost Bridge                                                     [BBG]


-The Gate of the Gods: Open the gate at the end of Bifrost. 

-Dragon Fang: Find the sword of the Valkyrie, located somewhere on Bifrost

Move to your immediate left to pick up Storm's simulator disc. As you venture
onto the bridge, Valkyrie speaks and provides you with an optional objective.
The bridge ahead is broken so take the path to the right and via the ship. At
the right end of the ship there is a Black Panther action figure. Once off
the ship go left and then right at the top of the ramp. In this area there are
several enemies you have to trip (A, B, A) to defeat. Go straight ahead to see
a giant statue of Odin. Go back up the stairs and go right. You will see four 
stones with designs and four raised areas of the floor with designs. Move the 
stones with the designs over the match on the floor. The one in the middle goes
on the bottom left The one on the left goes to the top right. The one in the 
rear goes to the bottom right. The one on the right goes to the top left. Step
on the blue letters and the Odin statue will lift his right arm. Once across 
a Sketch book is sitting next to the stairs. When you reach the area with the 
gear, turn it and then look around and you should find Valkyrie's sword. (In 
order to be complete I went back and lifted Odin's other arm by moving the 
column in the center to the far right and using ranged attacks to kill the
distant archers. You also pick up a weapons cache with XP in it). Now through
the Midgard gate.

Once on the bridge move toward the TV screen (as if the characters where going
to jump out of the screen) to pick up Spider-Man's simulator disc. Avoid the 
fire from the flaming statues then use a charged B to knock back the enemies
and kill them. Once you reach the end lower the drawbridge. Lowering the 
drawbridge provides access to the rest of the bridge. Here there are fire 
spitting statues at the end of the bridge. If you are good it is possible to 
dodge the fire balls all the way to the end. Alternatively you can go on one
side of the bridge and walk your way to the end. When you come to a hole in 
the bridge you can jump/fly over it or wait patiently for pauses in the fire 
balls and cross to the other side of the bridge. There is an axe you may wield
early on the bridge that may come in handy later on. Once at the other end save
and lower another drawbridge. The battle with the Wrecking Crew could be tough.
It is four on four and they will attack from the beginning. I was fortunate to 
have all four of my characters with an Extreme power save and unleashed it on
the Crew immediately. This made the battle much easier. Once the Extreme took
a good portion of energy away I would alternate between a character with a 
good ranged attack (use up all their energy) and a melee character (use up all
their energy). Once the Wrecking Crew is gone, destroy the barrier to the door
and open it.

You are now granted access to the Warrior Hall so go there and check it out.
There is a focus upgrade next to the Viking that told you to buzz of earlier
(the guy is marked by an ! on the map). Once in the hall there is a Sketch 
Book directly behind your team. Also pick up some XP (formerly an action 
figure), Thor's simulator disc, and a skill point. Talk to Weasel and he will 
give you another task. Ask Dr. Pym about Ivan and then Black Widow about Dr.
Ines. The choice seems clear so let Weasel know. 

M. Asgard                                                               [AGD]


-Balder the Brave: Find Balder, who is imprisoned somewhere in Asgard

-Unleash the Guardian: Locate Heimdall and free him

-Freeing the God of War: Find Tyr and free him from his prison in Asgard

-Liberating the Brave: Free Balder from his mystical prison

We will take the path to the right and fight are way across the bridge. Once
across venture ahead onto the porch for some enemies and a weapons cache with
a skill point inside. Move off the porch and go right. Pick up some XP 
(formerly action figure) and fight your way around to the back side of the
building and you will encounter a statue of Thor that requires the power of
lightning. Lets move back to the beginning and see where the other path takes 
us. You will encounter an area where you have to defeat several trolls to 
advance. Once the trolls are gone the Hammer of Vidar appears that allows you 
to take out the stones blocking your path. You should now see an anvil and a 
body upgrade. Move down the path of grass covered rocks and you will end up 
back at the Thor statue. I assume the easy way to move forward is to use a
lightning power of Thor (maybe Storm) on the statue. Another way (the method I
used) is to activate the door, which will catch on fire and throw one bad guy 
from each of the pillars into the fire. They will just keep regenerating until
one from each area is placed in the fire.

Continue forward and you encounter Balder. In order to free him you must free
his brethren Tyr and Heimdall first. Their is a door on either side of Balder.
Odin's Courtyard - West Wing is where we will start. Read the inscription on 
the statue ahead. Some super soldiers will bust in. Destroy them and go in the
door they opened. Around the corner to the left there is a weapons cache if
you are interested. Go through a couple more doors and fight off some more 
super soldiers. You will come to a hall with a large block. Push the block down
the hall and then to the left. This will open a door to a chest and the hand
of Tyr. With Tyr's hand in hand (heeheee, sorry) continue forward to a large
sword that will act as a bridge. Walk down the sword and lift Fenrir's mouth
to gain access to the other side. Fight your way to the next room and push the
statue to the far end on top of the elevated panel. Enter the Great Forge. 
Scorpion and Lizard are waiting for you as well as Tyr hanging from the ceiling
above a fire pit. Go to either side and attack one before the other can react.
You will be able to severely damage one enemy while the other is making his way
to your area. Once they are gone we need to find a way to cool the lava below
Tyr. There are 2 levers behind Tyr. Positioning one team member on one lever
and switching characters to move a second to the other lever allows your the 
option of lowering Tyr into the lava. We don't want to do that so lets figure 
out how to cool it. Go through the only door you are allowed to at this point.
Fight the monsters and go down the stairs for a weapons cache and the Invisible
Woman's simulator disc. Get a 2nd weapons cache and move to the next room. In
the room with wooden stairs there is a sketch book straight ahead and a 
weapons cache to the right. The exit to the next room is on the left. Save at
the SHIELD access point and go down stairs. Here you find the Great Anvil.
Pick up some metal from the table to the right and take it to the forge on the
other side. Use the bellows to heat it. Go back to the items table and pick up
some tongs to retrieve the metal. Put the heated metal on the Great Anvil and 
get the hammer from the table. Use the hammer to create Asgard's Armor. Pick 
up the striking upgrade and body upgrade on either sides of the next room and
move forward. You should now be in a room with a lava pit and a giant cauldron
to the side. Kill the enemies and use the cauldron pulley to pour water onto 
the fire thereby cooling it. Fight your way to the 2 large X's and use the 
levers to open the door. You are back to Tyr so use the levers in this room to
lower him to safety. He is thankful and opens a portal to Asgard for you.

To the East Wing. Read the inscription on the statue. The Ram is the guardian
of the Bifrost Bridge. Fight your way to the Super Soldier who talks about 
Dark Magic being your downfall, yeah right whatever. Destroy the 2 ram statues
to open the exit. Go through the door to the right and fight your way to a 
turnable statue. Turn the statue in the direction of the pattern marked on the 
floor (it should be looking away from you). Go to the other room and turn that
statue so you can see its left arm from the side. The big door will open.
When you encounter the clay enemies stacked on top of one another blast them
with a ranged attack to separate them. They are easier to destroy when apart.
When you arrive in the room with the moveable statue push it (like in the West
Wing) to the raised portion of the floor. This opens a door to a secret area 
with a focus upgrade, a strike upgrade and a weapons cache with XP (action 
figure). Once you have what you want enter the Grand Hall via the path on the
right. From the Grand Hall go to the left down the path with the large X's.
Fight your way there and the way out becomes blocked. Destroy the structures
indicated by the X's to reveal moveable, large blocks. Once the enemies are
disposed of pull out the block in the center and move it to the floor pattern
to the right (the pattern on the floor and the pattern on the block should 
match. (There is also a focus upgrade on the platform above the center block).
The block closest to your current position goes on the opposite side of the 
room. Finally the block that was on the left as you entered this room is to
be placed in the center. This opens your way out and removes a force field 
around a device we will get to in a minute. Now on the other side we have a 
different problem. Three large creatures stole the center piece of the room. 
Return the three pieces. Once the emblem is restored you can leave and use 
both buttons that were previously blocked. Press the buttons simultaneously
for entry to the next room. Heimdall has been frozen solid.

Shocker and Rhino are going to try to stop you from saving Heimdall. You may
have an Extreme saved by this point. If all four of your characters do then
using it now will all but kill both of your enemies. There is a Sketch book
behind the frozen Heimdall. There are four levers in the room each 
corresponding to a cage covering a mirror. Rotate each lever to raise the 
cages. Now, move to the mirror with the green arrow and activate each mirror.
He is free, but has lost his horn and would like it back. 

SPECIAL NOTE: If collecting the discs is important be sure to accept the 
              mission to find the horn. Deadpool's disc will not be able to be 
              retrieved unless the disc is gotten here. If the disc is missed 
              now, you will have to play through the game again and recollect 
              every disc.

Since we are super heroes we will retrieve his horn. Exit Heimdall's room and a
cut scene will open a door. Continue forward and get Deadpool's simulator disc.
Jump across the broken bridge, get the horn, and return it to it rightful 
owner. Use the portal to return to Balder. Balder is free but Executioner and
Enchantress appear ready for a fight. Enchantress will heal Executioner and
has the ability to enchant your team members. When she is attempting to heal
Executioner use A, A, B combo to stop her. I focused my attacks on her until
she was dead (since she does the healing) then went after Executioner. He 
seemed like he was primarily a melee fighter. Now through the center door to 
the courtyard. 

Talk to whoever you like, but be sure to go see Weasel to check on his progress
into the Black Widow situation.

N. Niffleheim                                                          [NFF]


-The Demise of Odin?: Search Niffleheim and discover what's happened to Odin

-Savoir's to the King: Free Odin

-Raven's Spire: Open Portal created by Loki

-The Spear of Heaven: Guess which spear is Gungnir and use it to open the
                      portal to Raven's Spire

-A Favor for the Prophetess: Locate Volla's Ring (Optional)

Enter the Well of Helvelgamar, the Way to Niffleheim (its near the Warriors'
Hall) when ready. Move forward and defeat the enemies that come back to life
on the boat. Next you will find a strike upgrade and some enemies coming out
from the ground. Take the path to the left and pass a large fire for a Sketch
book. Not much to do really just keep battling forward till you come to a small
snow bridge and a Viking ship to the left. There is a focus upgrade off to the
left. Another small snow bridge and you come to Ulik and Kurse. Kurse is not 
a problem he is just another ordinary boss. Ulik however is Energy and Physical
Resistant. A weapon seems to work well against him as does some of Thor's 
lightning/electric powers. Just keep on the attack and he will perish. Another
method I like to use is to activate Captain America's skill that decreases 
damage for the entire team and Spider-Man's Spidey Sense that slows down the 
enemy. Once the terrible twosome are gone look for a key to the chest. Continue
to fight forward and you will come to a SHIELD access point and Shocker's 
simulator disc. Just before you get to the SHIELD access point you should see
a small building with a fire outside it. Examine the fire and find the key
to the chest Kurse and Ulik were breaking into. There is Volla's ring. Return
to the save point and enter the Battleground. 

Take the path around to the left if you want to fight or go straight ahead and
push the boulder out of the way. There is a body upgrade behind where the rock
settles. A cut scene shows that you will be attacked from above by a catapult 
from here on. Again if you see a red circle on the ground avoid the area. 
Light the watchtower to provide minor distraction and move forward. Move 
straight across the frozen water to find the catapult that is creating the 
problem. Destroy it and the nearby enemies then use the other catapult to 
destroy the rock barrier blocking the gap. Pick up a body upgrade and keep
going. The next thing you see is the Twilight Sword. A mini cut scene occurs
and it is off to Ymir's Domain. Ymir is huge and the camera stays fixed in one
position. You can not harm Ymir with your powers. This fight is similar to the
type of fight you had against Arcade. Ymir will clear out the trees ahead and
swing his club at you. In the meantime enemies with large weapons will appear.
Kill the enemy with the weapon and watch for Ymir to slam his club to the 
ground. When he does run toward him with the weapon and hit the correct on 
screen button sequence. The last button is to be pressed repeatedly so you can
jam the weapon into his neck. Four hits and Ymir is dead. Not really that 
difficult once you figure out what to do. Pick up the item he drops and the 
Sketch book behind him and move on to Spire's Ascent.

Not much to describe here either, fight across two bridges (look to the left 
after the first one and you should see Spider-Woman's Simulator disc) and then
you will come to a place that has a small ledge to the right with a strike 
upgrade on it. Another bridge, more giants, a focus upgrade and finally another
SHIELD access point. Move past the save point and you will run into Baron Mordo
and Ultron. Not too tough a fight. Mordo is maybe the stronger of the two. He
has a nasty little freeze attack that will encase any hero it hits in ice. You
could literally have all 4 frozen at once. Ultron doesn't seem too special he
may not do much more than melee attack. Use any Extremes you have saved and 
concentrate on Mordo to start. Once they are gone its time to choose the true
spear of Odin. Fortunately for us, we have Volla's ring to let us know which
spear is the correct one. The Fourth Spear is sparkling so pick it and use it
to Dispel Loki's Magical Barrier. Now you battle Loki. He has the ability to
create a band of wolves to help him attack. I'd recommend an Extreme if you
did not use one against Mordo and Ultron, otherwise the same as I have said 
before seems to work (switch among your melee and ranged attackers). 

You are returned to the Great Hall and need to find the four god swords using 
the portals Sif created. First we will go to the first portal on the same side
of the room as where Fury is standing. There are 3 elevated floor patterns in 
the room stand on one, hit X, and switch members of your team. Do so on all 
three elevations. A door opens and you should have one free member that can
roam. Enter the room and wield the sword. Move down the same side to the next
portal. Walk only on the floor patterns with the darker wood. The lighter 
colored patterns will collapse. When you have reached the other side wield the
sword. Jump the table and move to the other side of the hall. You should be 
outside. Move to your right and climb the mountain. Go down the ledge and jump
the gap. Climb the mountain again. Be sure not to let the wind tunnels push you
off the ledges. Just keep climbing until you wield the sword. The last portal
has a bouncing sword that runs away from you when you approach it. I entered
the portal to the left and reappeared in the same room to grab the sword (not
sure if the rest of the portals will work). Now that you have all 4 swords go
to the center where they are aligned and use them to bust open the ice. The
Destroyer Armor is free and Loki is not really dead. He tricked us and then 
runs into a portal. Chase Loki into the portal, though we don't know which is
the right one. The Destroyer Armor will follow. If this is the wrong portal you
must destroy the trolls to exit the area. Keep repeating and one portal will
give you access to a room where Loki is crouching between two columns. Now 
attack the Armor until the bottom meter fills. An explosion takes out Loki.
Pick up the Norn Stones and leave. Dr. Doom appears and has a surprise for you:
Your Death. But a cut scene takes over ...

O. Shi'ar Empire                                                        [SHR]


-Full Stop: Destroy the hyperdrive matrix in engineering

-Weapon of the Gods Pt. 1: Talk to Lilandra to get a shard of M'Kraan Crystal

-Self Destruct: Stop Deathbird before she can destroy the Shi'ar starship

-The Pawns and Princess: Save Princess Lilandra from her evil sister Deathbird

-Miscommunication: Send a message using the antenna of the Shi'ar starship

-Weapons of War: Disable the main guns of the Shi'ar starship (OPTIONAL)

Pick up the focus, body, and strike upgrades, as well as a sketch book in the
Royal Library at Attilan. Then go in to the Royal Court for a sketch book.
Crystal will also ask where Medusa would look for the Nullifier. Tell her its
at Muir Island. Then talk to Lockjaw (the large dog) to head to the Shi'ar

Move your way across the room to the large moveable blocks. Move some out of
the way to gain access to the stairs. There is a sketch book to the left behind
the boxes and before the stairs. Go up the stairs and to the right. Up another
set of stairs and through a door into a larger hangar. In this hangar go down
the stairs and make a left. Staying on the catwalk go to the other side of the
room. Up some stairs and Iceman's simulator disc is available for the taking.
Now fight your way to the north end of the hangar for a mini-cut scene. When
the force field appears and the hangar floor opens work you way to the console
indicated by the green arrow to close the door. The open hangar floor will try
to suck your team into the vast nothingness of space. Work your way back to the
front/center area of the hangar and use the aforementioned console. On either
side of the hangar there is an entrance to another area. Go into the Port 
Crew Quarters and use the console to turn off a force field. Repeat the process
on the Starboard Crew Quarters. The Starboard Quarters also has a strike 
upgrade you may want. Exit to the Main Bay and head to the exit.

Once you near the Shi'ar Power Core, Corsair leaves but will ask you to do some
tasks for him. Move forward and some guards will enter, lock the door and 
leave. You need their keycards to continue through the engineering deck. Give
chase to the right and you will find an Ultron simulator disc. The guy with 
the key card will have an orange arrow above his head. Once he is dead go to
the other side to get the second keycard. On the left side the keycard holder
will lock himself in another room. Just destroy the door then him. There is a
focus upgrade available in this room as well. Go back and use the consoles with
the green circles in front of them and the previously locked door should open.
Enter and use the elevator to arrive at then next level. You encounter
Gladiator. He is invincible to start, but when you think someone can't be 
harmed they always have a weakness. Go to the four corners of the area and use
the transfer energy consoles. This will create a beam that allows your team to
do damage to Gladiator. A well timed Xtreme here works wonders for depleting 
his health greatly. If you are not able to take him out you will probably have
to hit the consoles another round then attack. You may want to save the Xtremes
for the next battle that occurs shortly.

Exit the area and pick up the body upgrade to your left. There is also a
sketch book in the next room on the left. Use the airlock controls to access 
the outer hull. You encounter Starbolt and Warstar. Warstar will mostly go with
melee attacks while Starbolt will use projectiles and a nasty little radial
attack. I took out Warstar first because he seemed the more aggressive of the
two. If you didn't use Xtremes against Gladiator use them now. Spider-Man's
spidey sense is helpful here to slow down the enemies for some free hits. Once
Warstars is out of the picture turn your attention to Starbolt. Move in for 
some melee action but be cautious of his radial attack. If you are quick you
can move out of the way while it charges. Keep on the offensive and alternate 
between a good melee character and a ranged character. Once Starbolt is gone,
move forward and you should see a yellow arrow pointing to a force field 
console. Destroy it so the guns can be taken out. Jump up to the upper level
to the left to pick up a strike upgrade. Head toward the large X's (the guns)
and destroy the three you see. Jump/fly to the area above the guns to get
Ulik's simulator disc. Straight ahead you should see the large antenna needed
to send the message out. Manually align the antenna with the X button and move
on. There is another series of three guns to destroy and then the large weapon
located next to the entrance to the observational deck. Move down the 
observational deck and Hussar and Neutron are waiting. I had an Xtreme here 
with Moon Knight that killed both bosses with one attack. So I don't know much
about their abilities/attacks. They seemed to be primarily melee combatants
but the battle didn't last nearly long enough to flush out their powers. All
I have to say is wow to Moon Knight's Xtreme. Another boss battle is next.
This time it is against Deathbird. She is not that tough. You can basically 
pound away at her with ranged attacks. She will at times fly through the air,
swoop down, and grab a hero. When she grabs a hero pressing the correct button
sequence allows the hero to regain the upper hand and pull Deathbird to the 
ground for some decent damage. Once you have her health approximately half 
gone, she an become temporarily invincible thanks to the device that appears
in the center of the room. Attack this device to break her invincibility and
attack some more. Pick up a body upgrade when she leaves and move to the 
Science Section.

Upon entering the area you will see Deathbird in another room activating a 
self destruction sequence. There is also and one minute timer that appears. 
Don't even worry about the enemies in the area. Turn around and head to the 
right. Go through the door and smash the power node indicated by the large X. 
This will buy you some extra time. Move through the next door and turn left at
the force field wall. Destroy another power node and move on (there is some XP
formerly an action figure above where this node is destroyed. You can come back
for it after you finish saving the ship. In the next room you will find 
Princess Lilandra. Destroy a node and if you would like to save her (optional
objective) destroy the computer next to her. This is one tough computer. An 
Xtreme should help immensely. Make sure you watch the timer. If it hits zero
you have to restart from a checkpoint.  Continue to destroy nodes until you
reach Deathbird again. The only way to stop the destruction of the ship is to
destroy the four consoles (X's) in the room. Exit by Lilandra and turn right.
Go down the hall until you find a console that allows you to control a 
force field below. Use the console then attack the crystal below. There is a 
focus upgrade you may want to get here before grabbing the crystal.

P. Skrull Planet                                                       [SKP]


Weapon of the Gods Pt. 2: Steal the Muonic Inducer from Galactus

To Weaken a Giant: Destroy the magnetic shield generators that protect Galactus

Core Meltdown: Destroy the core drills of Galactus and save the Skrull planet

After talking to whoever you like at Attilla (for background info) use Lockjaw
to arrive at your next mission. Move straight ahead and through your first
battle (not to much to say here). You will come to a large X indicating a
magnetic shield generator. Destroy it for a better chance against Galactus if
you have to face him later. Continue forward and you will find a Piledriver
Simulator disc just past the next set of enemies. Head back and take the door
to the right to advance. The very next are has some XP to the left (formerly
an action figure) and another generator to destroy. No need to jump the gap
in the platform just walk around and kill some more bad guys. Another generator
is up a set of stairs and down another set. Once the generator and all the 
enemies you would like are destroyed, pick up a body and focus upgrade. Head
toward Aeronautics. Upon entering Aeronautics the team will be greeted by 
Super Skrull and Paibok. They want to fight but the Skrull Emperess has a deal
for you. She knows of a weakness of Galactus and is willing to share her 
information if you open a door for her. To help you along the way she offers
one of the two previously mention enemies as a guide. Paibok apparently has
super strength and endurance while Super Skrull has the powers of all the 
Fantastic Four. Lets choice Super Skrull. The goal is to reach the large red
X. Along the way, just before you reach the SHIELD access point, there is a 
room that houses a focus upgrade. To acquire the upgrade you must break down
the walls of the room to gain entry. Use the console to open the door. Before
you return to the empress pick up the Sketch book in the room next to the
console room (a strike upgrade is on the other side). She tricked us, wow 
I totally didn't see that one coming. Paibok and Super Skrull get their chance
to fight now. They are a fairly formidable duo. Their main abilities were 
described before. One of them also has a attack that will encase your heroes 
in a block of ice. An Xtreme as usual will make this a very winnable battle.

Move on to Cityscape. After you turn at the flaming wreckage and head toward
the screen, watch for Ms. Marvel's simulator disc at the end of the platform.
Next, you will find a core drill that Galactus uses to help destroy planets.
If you want (OPTIONAL) destroy the objects below the blue arrows to save this
miserable planet. The enemies will continue to attack so it may be easier to 
destroy them first. Once that is done there is a Sketch book just past the 
drills. This part is fairly linear just continue to fight your way to the
next set of drills. Remember to watch for the red circles on the ground, they
indicate missiles from above. Along the way you should find a strike and a 
body upgrade. Once you arrive at the next set of drills use a projectile attack
to save the planet. Continue forward and Galactus (who has been in the
background the entire time) will turn his attention toward you. Humans are 
beneath him so he sends some goons to do his dirty work. Destroy them and 
go left to get the Human Torch's simulator disc. Turn around and go the 
other direction and you will shortly arrive at the Heights of Progress.

The stairs are out and you need to go up to the ledge across the room. Fly,
double jump, or use the moveable block on the left to reach the ledge. Once 
there pick up the Dragonman simulator disc and save. There is a skill point
in a small room past the save point to the left. The next major battle is 
against Titannus. He is a beast. Titannus seems very strong and seems to have
a good defense (or just a large amount of health). It would be difficult to 
stand toe to toes with him so use a ranged attack to start. Once he becomes
distracted with destroying the room attack him from behind. While he is
crushing the equipment in the room he will not pay any attention to your team.
Once he is gone go to the next area and position a hero at each of the consoles
to free a scientist and obtain some XP (formerly action figure). Open the door
at the end of the hall to the World Devourer. Now you are up against Galactus.
At the start just run from him. If he happens to grab you repeatedly press the
button shown on screen to escape his grasp. He has a laser that will stun you
thereby keeping you from running. Galactus will knock over a tower that you
will use as a ramp to gain access to a higher platform. Cross the platform and
jump down the other side. Continue to run away. Fight any enemies you want 
along the way, just remember that Galactus is giving chase. Continue forward
dodging enemies and running around barricades. Eventually you meet up with 
Silver Surfer. There are 3 consoles you must activate to have a chance against
Galactus. One is directly behind your starting position, one is to the left,
and one is to the right. Pay no attention to anything but activating the 
consoles. If you try to fly or webswing Galactus shoots a green laser that 
immediately knocks you to the ground. Once the three consoles are active, 
Silver Surfer takes over and you are required to hit the correct on screen 
button sequence. The third time will be the charm and Galactus is down. Finish
up on Attila and talk to Lockjaw to return to earth.

Q. Doomstark                                                          [DMS]


-To Curse the Darkness: Reactivate the power for Stark Tower

-Follow the Leader: Save Nick Fury from Doom's version of Iron Man

-Iron Marathon: Survive the onslaught of Doom's Iron men

-Protection from Doom: Find the Magnetic Dampener and the manual in Stark Tower

You are back at Stark tower but it looks slightly different. Go to the red X's
to get things going again. Chase the fake Iron Man robots into Iron Man's lab.
Several of the robots appear and the room is locked down. Dr. Pym needs three
minutes to get the EMP blast ready and destroy all the robots. Stay alive for
3:00 and objective is complete.  The computer down the stairs will activate 
a recharge of health that can be used as many times as needed. So if you start
to run low (you probably won't) use the computer to stay alive. Once the
three minutes are up head out of the lab. Explore the new looking Stark Tower
for a Sketch book, focus upgrade, strike upgrade, and a body upgrade. Talk to
Dr. Pym. He is in the area where Wingfoot was previously. If you are able to 
find two items for him he thinks he may be able to help protect your team 
somewhat from Dr. Doom. The manual is on the table near Widow and the dampener
is near the trivia game. When ready talk to Fury and head out.

R. Dr. Doom's Castle                                                  [DDC]


-To Battle a God: Defeat Dr. Doom by using the Muonic Inducer and the M'Kraan

-The Hand of Doom: Find Doom's gauntlets

-The Armor of Doom: Find Doom's armor

-The Face of Doom: Find Doom's mask

-Device of the Ancients: Locate the Ultimate Nullifier (OPTIONAL)

-The Rescue of Odin: Save Odin from Dr. Doom's infernal contraption (OPTIONAL)

Move straight ahead and a stone staircase will appear. Climb it and move across
the newly formed stone walkway. In this next room go left and read the Sacred
Text. Enter the next room and another stone path is created. Destroy the 
2 statues on the wall at either side of the room and two weapons caches will
appear. Once the chest are open a skill point and XP (formerly an action]
figure) will appear. Continue on and you reach an area with a large pit. 
No fear though, a stone walkway is created as you cross. There is another book
to read this one denouncing Reed Richards. Enter the Hall of Many Doors to find
a puzzle. There are doors on the side of the room but only one provides you
with an exit. You can try all of them if you like but the one you need to go
through is the one you just entered from. Doom then tells you that the only way
to proceed is to take a leap of faith. Just jump in the hole in the center of
the room. Go up the stairs and your attention will turn to a giant statue of
Doom. Go Examine the statue to learn that you need to obtain the Armor, 
Gauntlets, and Facemask of Doom before battling the good doctor. Go back up the
stairs and make a right. Get the Sketch book and go through the door. Oops not
so fast the door is locked so lets try the other side of the room.

Now in Doom's Lair, go down the stairs and read another book. Move to the other
side of the room and finally some enemies to thrash. Up the stairs and through
the next door we go. In the first room to the right you will find a skill 
skill point. The second door on the left has a bookcase we can move to gain 
access to a hall. This secret area has a weapons cache with some XP (formerly
action figure). Exit the secret area and move to the other side of the large
room. There is a bookcase in the far right corner that can be moved for further
exploration. Continue pass the bookcase and fight your way down the hall. You
should shortly encounter a Sketch book in plain sight. Continue and use the
SHIELD access point to do as you wish. Ahead is a battle against Dark Captain
America and Dark Colossus. No need to use an Xtreme here, this boss battle is 
pretty simple. Just wail away at Colossus then focus on Dark Cap. Up a set of
stairs and you have the Gauntlets. The ground falls beneath you and you end up
in a small pool of water. Exit to the stairwell and prepare to fight some 
Doomsmen as you climb the stairs. Enter the Dimensional Cavern. Next you fight
Dark Psylocke and Dark Cyclops. This battle is made very easy since the 2 Dark
X-men separate. Fight either you like initially but both have to be defeated
before continuing. If you accidentally take the portal to Cyclops don't worry, 
just fight him and return to Psylocke later. Once they are gone open the 
weapons caches in the room and go toward the door with the yellow arrow. Enter
the Hall of Arms. There is a Sketch Book immediately to your left. Go down the
stairs to get the armor, but the Iron Man Doombots have other ideas. Once they
are gone get the armor for real. Now, move on to Doom's Lab. 

Fury says the Ultimate Nullifier may be nearby. Find it and maybe it will help
against Doom. Clear the room of enemies then go up the stairs and through the
door. Your goal is the red X you see on the map. Fight your way there, but 
first pick up the Sketch book in the first room on the left. The red X was the
Ultimate Nullifier, its broken but may still come in handy. As you continue, 
be wary of the green electrical fields ahead. Move through them as they are 
off and into the next room for a SHIELD point. Either run across the rotating
walkway or fly across the pit. Move through another series of green rays and
into the next area. In this area notice the X in the center. It is Odin and he
is trapped. Once you pass Odin, Dark Thor and Dark Spider-Man wish to battle 
your team. Dark Thor will drop a hammer that will destroy the machine trapping
Odin. Once Odin is free, pick up Doom's Mask and exit to Castle Doom. A cut
scene shows the items you found being place on the giant Doom statue. Also the 
upgrades that were encased in glass are now available. Use the upgrades as 
you wish, save, and move into the portal to Doom's Throne.

Doom has created a dark Fantastic Four to protect him. Doom will go sit on his
throne as he watches his Fantastic Four try to dismantle your group of heroes.
This battle could be difficult. Having your teams costumes "defensed up" and 
using Spider-Man's Spidey Sense helps a lot. Spidey Sense slows down the dark
group and allows you to focus on them individually. Once they are slowed down
switch to a good melee character and use their best attack (my case Moon 
Knight's Nunchuks). This strategy had me take out the Thing, Mr. Fantastic, 
Invisible Woman, and the Human Torch (in that order). Using Captain America's
boost Heroism will also minimize the damage your team takes. 

Dr. Doom is initially invincible. Five large X's appear on the screen move to
each one and attack the structure. Once it is gone the X disappears and a 
Dark Fantastic Four member emerges. Kill the dark Fantastic Four member and 
move to the next X. Once the last X is gone approach Doom and hit the button 
on the screen repeatedly to touch him and steal some of his power. Now you get
to battle Doom one on one, well not really Doom has more Dark Fantastic Four
goons that can be killed for health but will respawn endlessly. Doom moves from
one side of the room to the other quickly and has a strong lightning attack.
If you were able to save your Xtremes while fighting the Dark Fantastic Four
use them now against Doom. This action will reduce Doom's health by at least 
one-half. Use strong ranged attacks against Doom as he moves from side to side.
If you are lucky, you may be able to get Doom cornered for some quick melee
action. Just continue to alternate between ranged and melee attacks and Doom
should be destroyed. 

After defeating Doom a cut scene ensues and you are given a glimpse of the 
future based on what OPTIONAL objectives you completed during the game.



5. Heroes                                                             [HRS] 

T: Type
D: Description

NOTE: The 3rd attribute of each costume is a defense increase that maxes out at

A. Spider-Man                                                         [HRSPM]

1. Powers
    a. Web Bullets
         T: Projectile
         D: Shoots projectiles of impact webbing (rapid tap)
    b. Web Snare
         T: Projectile
         D: Uses webs to freeze an enemy in his tracks and deals damage
    c. Web Throw
         T: Radial
         D: Grabs and enemy and swings him around, doing radial damage to 
            enemies nearby (Chargeable)
    d. Slingshot
         T: Melee
         D: Propels himself forward using webbing as a slingshot (Chargeable)
    e. Web Warrior
         T: Special
         D: Uses web to fling an enemy into the air. Charge longer to increase
            the distance an enemy will soar
    g. Web Shield
         T: Boost
         D: Creates a web shield that has a chance to block all attacks
    h. Spidey Sense
         T: Boost
         D: Time slows down for Spider-Man and his allies allowing them to 
            react to events much more quickly
    i. Bungee Bash
         T: Xtreme
         D: Team Xtreme attack that will grab enemies and spin them into web 

OLDSCHOOL'S PICKS:  Web Shield, Spidey Sense, Web bullets, Web Warrior  
                    Spidey sense works to even slow down bosses and web shield
                    helps Spider-Man's defenses. Web bullets is a good rapid 
                    fire projectile, while Web Warrior deals a higher amount of
                    damage than his other attacks.
                    Bungee Bash is not effective against bosses and giants but
                    works very well when surrounded by normal enemies.
2. Costumes
    a. Classic
         -Reflect Melee- Reflects a percentage of melee damage back at attacker
         -Web Damage- Increases the amount of damage done by web attacks
    b. Symbiote
         -Max Health- Increases max health
         -Critical Web- Increases critical hit chance with web attacks
    c. Scarlet Spider
         -Web Damage- Increases the amount of damage done by web attacks
         -Experience- Increases the amount of XP gained

    d. Stark Armor
         -Evade- Increases chance to dodge all incoming melee attacks
         -Striking- Increases striking stat

                  I just like the look of this better than the others. It is 
                  the Spider-Man I know. The Stark Armor does have a neat evade
                  ability but Classic is the way to go.

B. Captain America                                                    [HRCPA] 

1. Powers
    a. Shield Throw
         T: Projectile
         D: Throws shield at enemy. Hold button and use left stick to steer
    b. Shield Bash
         T: Melee
         D: Thrusts his shield forward stunning opponent (Chargeable)
    c. Energy Shield
         T: Radial
         D: Spins around, cutting through enemies and objects in a radius with
            his energized shield
    d. Shield Charge
         T: Charge
         D: Uses shield as battering ram
    e. Reserve strength
         T: Boost
         D: Taps into a reserve of strength and agility beyond that of peak 
            human development, increasing speed and damage
    g. Heroism
         T: Boost
         D: Reduce the damage taken by the entire team

    h. Avenger's Shield
         T: Xtreme
         D: Throws shield in a giant arc, circling around and striking all 
            enemies in the area with massive physical damage

OLDSCHOOL'S PICKS: Shield Bash, Shield Throw, Reserve Strength, Heroism. 
                   Use Shield throw upon entering a room to deal some distant 
                   damage then run in close and use Shield Bash. Heroism will
                   will help keep your team alive longer and Reserve Strength
                   makes this hero a beast (not the blue guy from X-men). 

2. Costumes
    a. Ultimate
         -Shield Mastery- Increases shield damage
         -Increase XP- Increases the amount of XP gained
    b. Classic
         -Critical Chance- Increases melee critical hit chance 
         -Max Energy- Increases maximum energy
    c. US Agent
         -Skill Boost- Gives entire team chance to execute powers at 3 ranks 
                       higher than normal
         -Melee Damage- Increases melee damage
    d. WW2
         -Patriot's Strength- Increases max health
         -Momentum Rate- Gain momentum from melee combat faster

                  The look of each costume is very good. I mainly used shield
                  attacks while playing Captain America and this costume helped
                  add damage, while providing a moderate boost the experience 
C. Iron Man                                                            [HRIMN]

1. Powers
    a. Plasma Disc
         T: Projectile
         D: A single projectile with an explosion radius
    b. Rocket Uppercut
         T: Melee
         D: Massive melee punch that sends enemies flying
    c. Nano Assault
         T: Radial
         D: Radial energy shockwave, with smaller secondary shockwaves
    d. Uni-Beam
         T: Projectile
         D: Rapidly fire off a stream of lasers, which repeatedly bounce off
            walls at higher levels
    e. Speed Overdrive
         T: Boost
         D: Gives Iron Man's suit a burst of energy temporarily increasing his
            attack speed and damage
    g. Energy Reroute
         T: Boost
         D: Greatly decrease energy spending for entire party
    h. Air Strike
         T: Xtreme
         D: Launch a flurry of missiles into the air dealing massive energy 
            damage to all enemies in the area

OLDSCHOOL'S PICK: Plasma Disc, Energy Reroute, Speed Overdrive
                  Plasma Disc is Iron Man's best attack doing nice damage from
                  a distance. Energy reroute is excellent for a team where lots
                  of powers will be used. Speed overdrive is a nice personal 
                  boost for Iron Man but Energy Reroute is more beneficial in
                  a team atmosphere.

2. Costumes
    a. New Avenger
         -XP- Increases amount of XP gained
         -Power Damage- Increases power damage
    b. Classic
         -Power Damage- Increases power damage
         -Momentum- Increases momentum gained
    c. War Machine
         -Boost Resistances- Boosts all resistances 
         -Melee Damage- Increases melee damage
    d. Ultimate
         -Health Regen- Regenerates health over time
         -Critical Strike- Increases critical strike chance 

                  Iron Man is one of the characters that has multiple outfits
                  that look good. What tips the scale for me is the combination
                  of Power Damage and Momentum gain. Melee fighters will 
                  probably prefer War Machine or Ultimate.
D. Wolverine                                                          [HRWVN]

1. Powers
    a. Claw Slash
         T: Melee
         D: Increased melee attack that causes bleed damage
    b. Claw Frenzy
         T: Melee
         D: Multiple slashing attacks with each hit increasing speed for a time
    c. Lethal Lunge
         T: Charge
         D: Launches forward knocking back enemies where Wolverine lands and 
            brutally slashing his target
    d. Certain Death
         T: Melee
         D: Impale the enemy on Wolverine's claws, lift them up, and throw them
            down. High chance of Instant Kill
    e. Eviscerate
         T: Melee
         D: Radial damage to nearby enemies with heavy thrust into a single 
            second target
    g. Spin Attack
         T: Melee 
         D: Spin forward hitting multiple targets with his claws
    h. Fury
         T: Boost
         D: Boosts damage, speed, and rage
    i. Taunt
         T: Debuff
         D: Forces enemies to attack Wolverine. Affected enemies do less damage
            and are forced to melee
    j. Feral Rage
         T: Xtreme
         D: Slashes multiple targets in a blinding flurry of rage

OLDSCHOOL'S PICK: Claw Slash, Claw Frenzy, Certain Death, Fury
                  Claw slash is an effective melee type attack that is energy
                  efficient and does decent damage. Claw Frenzy and Certain 
                  Death are attacks only available when Wolverine's rage meter
                  maxes. Claw Frenzy can be somewhat hard to control. I often
                  found myself attacking air with this power, but once you 
                  get your claws into someone (particularly bosses) it does 
                  good quick damage. Certain Death is nice against normal
                  enemies for the chance of instant kill. Fury increases damage
                  speed, and rage potentially allowing access to Wolverine's 
                  crazed state quicker. Taunt which takes the place of Furry
                  during the raged state is a nice debuff that lowers enemy 
                  damage and forces the enemies to concentrate on Wolverine.

2. Costumes
    a. Modern
         -Environment Damage- Increases the amount of damage done with weapons
                              or throws
         -Max Energy- Increases the maximum energy
    b. Classic
         -Claw Damage- Increases damage done with claw attacks
         -Critical Strike- Increases critical strike chance
    c. Astonishing
         -Health Regen- Increases health regeneration
         -Bleed Damage- Adds a chance to add bleed damage to all melee attacks
    d. Ultimate
         -Max Health- Increases maximum health
         -Rage Focus- Increases the length of time the Rage state lasts

OLDSCHOOL'S PICK: Any except Modern
                  My favorite look is the blue and yellow Astonishing outfit
                  but Classic and Ultimate may have the more beneficial boosts.
                  The environment damage of the Modern outfit is absolutely 
                  useless for my style with Wolverine add the jeans and t-shirt
                  look and it may be one of my least favorite outfits in the  
E. Thor                                                             [HRTHR]

1. Powers
    a. Mjolnir' Might
         T: Melee
         D: Hammer attack. When fully charged has chance to instant kill
            stunned enemies
    b. Mjonir Slam
         T: Melee
         D: Massive hammer slam
    c. Hammer Toss
         T: Projectile
         D: Throws hammer stunning enemies
    d. North Winds
         T: Special
         D: Swing magical hammer in a circle to create a massive whirlwind
    e. Thor's Rage
         T: Special
         D: Summons lightning down on victim. Can chain to more victims at 
            higher levels
    g. God Speed
         T: Boost
         D: Increase the speed of all standard attacks
    h. Asgard's Blessing
         T: Boost
         D: Increase skill ranks for entire team temporarily
    i. Wrath of the Gods
         T: Xtreme
         D: Bring down lightning from the sky dealing Electricity Damage to all
            nearby enemies. Also restores energy to entire party

OLDSCHOOL'S PICK: Mjolnir's Might and Hammer Toss
                  Thor's best attacks are by far Mjolnir's Might and Hammer
                  Toss. Hammer toss will hit multiple enemies stunning each
                  and allow Thor to run in for an instant kill with Mjolnir's
                  Might. This is a very good combination of powers. As far as
                  Thor's boosts are concerned I prefer the increased attack 
                  speed over the increased skill rank but neither is a
                  particularly wonderful boost.
2. Costumes
    a. Ultimate
         -Hammer Damage- Increase the amount of damage done with Hammer attacks
         -Max Energy- Increases the maximum energy 
    b. Classic
         -Elemental Damage- Increases the amount of damage done with Lightning
         -Melee Damage- Increase melee damage
    c. Beta Ray Bill
         -Resistance- Increases all resistances
         -Hammer Damage- Increases the amt of damage done with Hammer attacks
    d. Asgardian Armor
         -Max Health- Increases maximum health
         -Elemental Damage- Increases the damage done with lightning attacks

                  The Ultimate outfit has the best combination for Thor. 
                  Especially if you are using Hammer Toss and Mjolnir's Might
                  as your primary attacks. I like the look of Classic and
                  Asgardian Armor but I didn't use lightning attacks very 
                  often. Wearing one of these outfits and adding Asgardian
                  Armor or Dark Uru Hammer for the gear makes them viable 
                  options for increasing the damage done by Thor's Rage.
F. Mr. Fantastic                                                     [HRMFC] 

1. Powers
    a. Elastic Crush
         T: Projectile
         D: Slams fists into nearby victim. If victim is stunned does 50% extra
    b. Propeller Arms
         T: Special
         D: Walk forward while spinning arms popping up and damaging anything 
            that gets in the way
    c. Drastic Elastic
         T: Radial
         D: Swing arms in a huge arc. If fully-charged knocks down targets
    d. Pinball
         T: Special
         D: Roll into a ball and bounce around. Damage is based on contact
            speed. Executing any other power exits pinball mode
    e. Rubberband Recoil
         T: Special
         D: Jump into the air coming down on enemies and knocking them back
    g. Fantastic Fists
         T: Boost
         D: Size up Mr. Fantastic's fists and do extra melee damage for a time
            along with his chance for critical hits
    h. Elastic Evasion
         T: Boost
         D: Temporarily increase the elasticity of Mr. Fantastic's skin giving
            him the ability to deflect nearly all projectile and beam attacks
    i. Orbital Attack
         T: Xtreme
         D: Call in an air strike on nearby enemies. Increases damage done by 
            other attacks in sequence and greatly increases XP earned as well

OLDSCHOOL'S PICK: Drastic Elastic, Rubberband Recoil, Fantastic Fists
                  Fantastic Fists helps make Reed Richards a very good melee
                  fighter. Rubberband Recoil is a good attack to use in a group
                  of enemies to provide your team with some space. Drastic 
                  Elastic is similar in the sense that if enemies are ganging
                  up on Mr. Fantastic he can swipe his arms out and knock them

2. Costumes
    a. Ultimate
         -Energy Regen- Increase energy regeneration
         -Power Damage- Increases the damage from powers
    b. Original
         -Melee Damage- Increase melee damage
         -Max Health- Increases maximum health
    c. New Marvel
         -Combo Bonus XP- gives bonus XP for combos
         -Power Damage- Increases the damage from powers
    d. Classic
         -Reflect Damage-Reflects some melee damage back on attacker
         -Focus- Increases focus         

                  I choose the Ultimate outfit sole because I like to use the
                  heroes powers as opposed to punching my way through levels.
                  The original outfit provides a perfect build for a melee
                  Mr. Fantastic. The look of the outfits differ very little.
                  Ultimate and Original are by far the best outfits available
                  to Reed Richards

G. Thing                                                           [HRTHG]

1. Powers
    a. Uppercut
         T: Melee
         D: A massive uppercut
    b. Hand Clap
         T: Radial
         D: With thunderous might the Thing claps his hands together and 
            creates a concussive wave that blasts and stuns enemies in front of
    c. Earthclobber
         T: Radial
         D: The Thing smashes the ground with both fists causing huge ripples
            in the earth, knocking enemies off their feet. Does double damage 
            to enemies lying on the ground
    d. Bullrush
         T: Charge
         D: Charges forward destroying everything in his path
    e. Tough Skin
         T: Boost
         D: Mutates skin into "spiky" rock plating resisting all damage 
            especially melee damage
    g. Die Hard
         T: Boost
         D: Makes all party members resistant to melee damage but more 
            vulnerable to other attacks
    h. Rock and Roll
         T: Xtreme
         D: Slams into ground dealing massive physical damage to all nearby 
            enemies with a chance to slow them for a time

OLDSCHOOL'S PICK: Tough Skin and Rock and Roll
                  The Tough Skin boosts helps make Thing into a very nice tank.
                  His powers are decent. His radial attacks are maybe his two
                  best. Hand Clap stuns and Earthclobber will knock enemies 
                  back. If you are moving toward a large group of enemies 
                  Thing can Bullrush into them getting some initial damage but
                  for the most part it isn't very useful. Rock and Roll is a
                  good Xtreme attack that Thing will be able to use frequently
                  since most will play him as a melee character (he has no
                  projectile attacks).

2. Costumes
    a. Modern
         -Critical Strike- Increases critical strike chance
         -Rock Hard- Reflects some damage back to melee attacker
    b. Original
         -XP- Increases amount of XP gained
         -Boost Stats- Boosts body, focus, and strike stats
    c. Classic
         -Melee Damage Increase melee damage
         -Power Damage- increases the damage of all powers
    d. Ultimate
         -Power Damage- Increases the damage of all powers
         -Max Health- Increases maximum health

                  This was a close call but Modern won because it looks more
                  like Thing (at least to me). Rock Hard is a good boost for
                  Thing but the combinations available with Classic and 
                  Ultimate are very tempting. Basically as long as you don't 
                  choose Original you have picked a good outfit to level up for
H. Johnny Storm (Human Torch)                                       [HRHMT]

1. Powers
    a. Flame Thrower
         T: Special
         D: Launch a continuous stream of fire toward enemies
    b. Inferno
         T: Blast
         D: Create a quick blast under enemies popping them up
    c. Wildfire
         T: Radial
         D: Create an outward blast of flame, damaging enemies in a radius
    d. Fireballs
         T: Projectile
         D: Rapidly launch fireballs at enemies doing fire damage and keeping
            popped up enemies in the air longer
    e. Fire Storm
         T: Blast
         D: Create a charged fireball that starts a fire on the ground. Stuns
            enemies when fully charged
    g. Nova Blast
         T: Special
         D: Flames around the Human Torch increase damaging enemies who come in
            range. Also adds fire damage to melee attacks
    h. Ring of Fire
         T: Boost
         D: Gives each member a chance of igniting enemies with melee attacks
            and also decreases damage taken
    i. Fantastic Fire
         T: Xtreme
         D: Brings down meteors from the sky pummeling all nearby enemies with
            Fire Damage

OLDSCHOOL'S PICK: Inferno and Firestorm
                  Both attacks do very good damage and are easy to control.
                  With Inferno Torch can stand in one spot and clear a whole 
                  area of enemies by repeatedly using this attack. There is 
                  not a whole lot of quality with his remaining attacks.
                  Firestorm is similar to Spider-Man's Web Bullets. It allows
                  for a rapid fire ranged attack that does small damage with
                  each hit but can be used repeatedly. Torch's boosts are not 
                  wonderful but Ring of Fire has the advantage of adding fire
                  damage to everyone on the team.

2. Costumes
    a. Ultimate
         -Flaming Fist- Adds fire damage to melee attacks
         -Critical Strike- Increases critical strike chance
    b. Original 
         -Point Blank- Adds damage to any ranged attack that hits enemies 
                       within 6 feet
         -Boost Stats- Boosts body, focus, and strike stats
    c. Modern
         -Energy Regen- Increase energy regeneration
         -Fire Damage- Increase fire damage
    d. Classic
         -Burning Sensation- Chance to set enemies on fire with melee attacks
         -Max Health- Increases maximum health
                  The energy regen and fire damage of the Modern outfit is 
                  the best combination available to the Human Torch. It 
                  utilizes the abilities most people would want controlling 
                  this character. The only drawback for me is that I didn't
                  like the look of the costume. He just doesn't look very super
                  hero like with this outfit. I would have preferred those 
                  boosts applied to a different outfit.

I. Invisible Woman                                                 [HRIVW] 

1. Powers
    a. Concussion Blast
         T: Projectile
         D: A powerful force blast
    b. Telekinesis
         T: Special
         D: Levitates enemies and objects
    c. Kinetic Bolts
         T: Projectile
         D: Fires kinetic bolts at enemies
    d. Kinetic Surge
         T: Projectile
         D: Release a powerful wave of kinetic energy causing physical damage
    e. Kinetic Snare
         T: Special
         D: Spins target in a kinetic sphere causing crushing damage
    g. Invisibility
         T: Boost
         D: Become invisible to enemies raises chance of critical hit and stuns
            enemies hit by critical attacks
    h. Fantastic Shield
         T: Boost
         D: Creates a large shield that will deflect projectile attacks
    i. Ultimate Overload
         T: Xtreme
         D: Creates a large arc of energy that damages all enemies on screen 
            and stuns them for 40 seconds. If the enemy is already stunned then
            the arc critically hits them for 50% of their life

OLDSCHOOL'S PICKS: Fantastic Shield, Invisibility, Kinetic Surge, Telekinesis
                   Invisible Woman may have the best combination of boosts in
                   the game. Invisibility keeps enemies from seeing her and 
                   allows her to stun nearly every foe on the map. Facing a 
                   boss with projectile attacks? No need to worry with
                   Fantastic Shield it blocks projectile attacks. Telekinesis
                   is just cool especially when done while invisible and 
                   Kinetic Surge is a quality rapid fire ranged attack.
2. Costumes
    a. Ultimate
         -Max Energy- Increases the maximum energy
         -Critical Strike- Increases critical strike chance
    b. Original
         -Concussive Mastery-Increase damage of all concussive force attacks
         -Unstoppable Force- Reflects damage back on melee attackers
    c. New Marvel
         -Concussive Mastery- Increase damage of all concussive force attacks
         -Protective Force- Increases all resistances 
    d. Classic
         -Elusiveness- Increases chance to dodge attacks
         -Boost Stats- Boosts body, focus and strike
                  Unstoppable force helps keep Sue from taking too much damage
                  and concussive mastery aids supplements her powers nicely.

J. Storm                                                           [HRSTM]

1. Powers
    a. Lightning Strike
         T: Blast
         D: Casts lightning bolt down on enemy
    b. Whirlwind
         T: Trap 
         D: Creates a powerful wind vortex lifting and throwing objects and 
            enemies about
    c. Chain Lightning
         T: Blast
         D: Lightning shoots from Storm's hands chaining from enemy to enemy
    d. Hail Storm
         T: Special
         D: Attaches a hail storm to an enemy damaging other enemies nearby
    e. Blitz
         T: Radial
         D: Radial lightning attack
    g. Whirlwind Armor
         T: Boost
         D: A whirlwind protector that absorbs energy and radiation damage for
            Storm and damages enemies that touch her
    h. Conduction
         T: Buff
         D: Adds electrical damage to all melee attacks and raises elemental 
            resistance 80% for the entire team
    i. Thunder Struck
         T: Xtreme
         D: Radial lightning attack. Does extra damage against slowed, stunned,
            and frozen enemies

OLDSCHOOL'S PICK: Lightning Strike and Blitz
                  Lightning Strike is by far Storm's best power. It does good 
                  damage against single enemies. Blitz is a nice attack for 
                  multiple enemies, that will momentarily cause them to be 
                  paralyzed for some melee attacks. Storm's Whirlwind Armor can
                  also protect her somewhat from attacks.

2. Costumes
    a. Astonishing
         -Static Charge- Adds electricity damage to melee attacks
         -Focus- Increases focus stat
    b. Retro
         -Combo Bonus XP- Receive bonus XP for combos
         -Weather Mastery- Increases the damage of all powers
    c. Ultimate
         -Max Energy- Increases the maximum energy
         -Critical Strike- Increases critical strike chance
    d. Classic
         -Weather Mastery- Increases the damage of all powers
         -Momentum- Increases the amount of momentum gained

                  This was a tough choice. The Classic outfit looks more like
                  Storm to me and has the Weather Mastery boost while the 
                  Ultimate outfit (also looks good) has 2 good boosts. Either
                  is a good choice for Storm. The final determining factor 
                  may be how difficult you find Storm's simulator disc mission.
                  Of all the discs I attempted it took the most tries before 
                  completing it and since I had to earn that costume, I might
                  as well use it. (Retro is hideous and Astonishing is mostly
K. Colossus                                                         [HRCLS]

1. Powers
    a. Pulverizing Punch
         T: Melee
         D: Devastating two hit punch that stuns enemies for a time
    b. Earthquake
         T: Radial
         D: Colossus pounds the ground with his fists damaging enemies in an 
            increasing radius
    c. Soaring Strike
         T: Radial
         D: Jumps in to air and comes back down hard doing radial damage
    d. Take Down
         T: Special
         D: Charges forward tackling an enemy and beating him mercilessly
    e. Intimidation
         T: Debuff
         D: Debuff that will frighten enemies for a time
    g. Thick Skin
         T: Boost
         D: Reduces damage taken by entire team
    h. Colossal Crash
         T: Xtreme
         D: Leaps into air and comes back down doing massive radial damage

OLDSCHOOL'S PICK: Thick Skin, Soaring Strike, Pulverizing Punch
                  Thick Skin is a boost that helps the entire team stay alive.
                  Soaring Strike will cause numerous enemies damage and knock
                  them onto the ground. Colossus' melee power, Pulverizing
                  Punch can be charged for some good damage and even when not
                  charged works well. The punch also stuns enemies making them
                  susceptible to a combo. Take Down is a cool looking attack
                  but its overall usefulness is not as good as the attacks 

2. Costumes
    a. Ultimate
         -Critical Chance- Increases critical strike chance
         -Melee Damage- Increases damage done by melee attacks
    b. Classic
         -Boost XP- Increases amount of XP gained
         -Boost Stats- Boosts body, focus, and strike stats
    c. Astonishing
         -Melee Damage- Increase melee damage
         -Power Damage- Increases the damage done by powers
    d. Retro
         -Power Damage- Increases the damage done by powers
         -Max Health- Increases maximum health

                  Each of Colossus' outfits are well made. The Astonishing 
                  outfit has the best combination of boosts. With it you can
                  increase melee damage and damage done by Colossus' powers.
                  The increased max health would make Retro a close second.

L. Iceman                                                           [HRICM]

1. Powers
    a. Ice Shards
         T: Projectile
         D: Throws shards of ice at enemies inflicting cold damage. Chance to 
            slow enemies to 50% of speed
    b. Freeze Beam
         T: Beam
         D: Sends out a beam freezing enemies for a time. If the frozen enemy 
            receives a critical hit they shatter
    c. Polar Explosion
         T: Projectile
         D: Charge a particle and throw it at enemies inflicting cold damage 
            and slowing enemies for a time
    d. Ice Slide
         T: Charge
         D: Slides on an ice sled damaging and knocking back enemies
    e. Blizzard
         T: Radial
         D: Create an ice storm inflicting cold damage to enemies in a radius
    g. Frost Bite
         T: Boost
         D: Gives entire party ice gloves for a time adding cold damage to 
            melee attacks with a chance to slow enemies by 50%
    h. Frigid Aura
         T: Boost
         D: Create a shield of cold around Iceman slowing and damaging enemies 
    i. Deep Freeze
         T: Xtreme
         D: Massive cold blast damages and slows all enemies with a chance to 

OLDSCHOOL'S PICK: Ice Shards, Polar Explosion, Frost Bite, and Freeze Beam
                  Use Freeze Beam to encase enemies in ice then attack with
                  Polar Explosion or Ice Shards. Frost Bite is the better boost
                  because it adds melee damage to the entire team and slows 

2. Costumes
    a. Classic
         -Icy Touch- Adds cold damage to melee attacks
         -Max Health- Increases maximum health capacity
    b. Spiky
         -Cold Mastery- Increases cold damage
         -XP- Increases amount of XP gained
    c. Bobby Drake
         -Max Energy- Increases maximum energy
         -Cold Mastery- Increases cold damage
    d. Original
         -Point Blank- Adds damage to any ranged attack that hits enemies 
                       within 8 feet
         -Frost Bite- Reflects damage back on attackers

                  I prefer the Iceman look of the Classic outfit but the 
                  combination of Max Energy and Cold Mastery provided with
                  the Bobby Drake outfit is too difficult to pass up.

M. Moon Knight                                                     [HRMKN] 

1. Powers
    a. Crescent Darts
         T: Projectile
         D: Launch a spread of Crescent Darts inflicting energy damage
    b. Staff Slam
         T: Radial
         D: Leap in the air and slam adamantium staff into the ground creating
            a shockwave of physical damage
    c. Cable Shot
         T: Melee
         D: Launch a cable towards enemies reaching farther when charged
    d. Boomerang
         T: Projectile
         D: Throw a crescent boomerang. Hits multiple enemies as you steer it
    e. Nunchuks
         T: Melee
         D: Rapidly swing nunchuks in a forward arc. Speeds up as more enemies
            are hit
    g. Staff Combat
         T: Boost
         D: Enables staff melee combat for a time and increases melee damage 
    h. Full Moon
         T: Boost
         D: Enhances Moon Knight's senses showing nearby enemies on the map and
            increasing chance of dodge
    i. Lunar Eclipse
         T: Xtreme
         D: Throw crescent darts in a radius bouncing off walls and lasting 
            several seconds

OLDSCHOOL'S PICK: Nunchuks, Lunar Eclipse
                  Nunchuks is by far Moon Knights best power. Lunar Eclipse is 
                  wonderful in enclosed rooms against bosses. Basically if 
                  Moon Knight is on the team with an Xtreme in reserve the boss
                  stands no chance of winning.

2. Costumes
    a. Classic
         -Health Regen- Increases health regeneration
         -Attack Speed- Increases attack speed for melee moves and powers
    b. Ultimate
         -Critical Chance- Increases critical hit chance
         -Crescent Damage- Increases the damage with all Crescent Powers
    c. Khonshu
         -Boxing- Increase non power melee damage
         -Energy Regen- Increase energy regeneration

                  The worst has to be the Ultimate outfit. I rarely ever use
                  Crescent Powers and an increase critical chance isn't 
                  important to Moon Knight. The once reason to use Khonshu is 
                  for energy regeneration so Moon Knight's powers can be used
                  more frequently.
N. Deadpool                                                         [HRDPL]

1. Powers
    a. Assassin Strike
         T: Melee
         D: Deadly multi-hit sword attack
    b. Dual Shot
         T: Projectile
         D: Pull out two pistols and shoot, chance to knock down enemies hit
    c. Teleport Flurry
         T: Special
         D: Rapid teleport attack on several targets
    d. Blade Cyclone
         T: Radial
         D: Radial sword spin attack
    e. Grenade Toss
         T: Blast
         D: Throws several grenades that explode when within 3 ft of enemy or
            when time expires
    g. Wisecrack
         T: Debuff
         D: Taunts nearby enemies lowering their defenses and causing them to
    h. Battle Cry
         T: Boost
         D: Boosts allies' attack speed and damage temporarily
    i. Merc's Revenge
         T: Xtreme
         D: Jump in the air and do a 360 spin taking down every enemy in sight

OLDSCHOOL'S PICK: Dual Shot, Grenade Toss, Battle Cry, Teleport Fury
                  Battle Cry is an excellent Boost. Dual shot is a good rapid
                  fire ranged attack. Grenade Toss does decent damage. Finally
                  any teleport attack is just plain cool.

2. Costumes
    a. Classic
         -Dodge- Increase chance to dodge melee attacks
         -Melee Damage- Increases damage of all melee attacks
    b. Ultimate
         -Max Energy- Increases the maximum energy
         -Health Regen- Increases health regeneration
    c. Weapon X
         -Health Regen- Increases health regeneration 
         -Critical Strike- Increases critical strike chance
    d. Assassin
         -Weapon Damage- Increases damage done by weapons
         -Resist All- Increases all resistances

                  Classic and Ultimate are the two best looking outfits.
                  Ultimate better fits my game play style with Deadpool. Max
                  Energy and Health Regen are better boosts than those provided
                  with the other costumes.  
O. Spider Woman                                                    [HRSPW]  

1. Powers
    a. Venom Blast
         T: Beam
         D: Shots a bioelectric beam that pierces multiple enemies if fully 
    b. Ensnare
         T: Special
         D: Throws out several incapacitating traps that for a time deliver
            energy damage to the enemies caught in them
    c. Spider's Blood
         T: Projectile
         D: Throws a bouncing projectile that causes energy damage and has a
            50% chance to stun
    d. Bio-electric Surge
         T: Radial
         D: Releases powerful radial blast causing energy damage and knockback
    e. Spider's Bite
         T: Special
         D: Spawns several energy balls from both her feet and hands causing 
            energy damage
    g. Attract
         T: Boost
         D: Uses a pheromone that causes enemies near Spider-Woman to focus on 
            her. Also giver her a 50% ongoing resistance to the last damage 
            type that hit her
    h. Metabolic Aura
         T: Boost
         D: Surrounds Spider-Woman with a healing aura that also heals allies 
            that come in her range
    i. Bio Web
         T: Xtreme
         D: Weaves a bio-electric web that breaks causing energy damage. It
            also has a chance to turn enemies into allies for a time. Once time
            expires the affected enemies are instantly killed.

OLDSCHOOL'S PICKS: Ensnare, Venom Blast, Metabolic Aura
                   Using Ensnare to trap enemies where they stand and blast
                   blast them with a good projectile (Venom Blast) is a sound
                   strategy for using Spider-Woman. Metabolic Aura heals
                   Spider-Woman and her allies and no one can argue the 
                   usefulness of a heal power.

2. Costumes
    a. Classic
         -Resistance- Increases all resistances 
         -Bio Energy Mastery- Increases the energy damage done by all attacks
    b. Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
         -Melee Damage- Increase melee damage
         -Dodge Melee Attacks- Increases the chance to dodge melee attacks
    c. Secret Wars
         -Power Rank Increase- Adds a chance to temporarily increase the skill
                               level of all powers by 1 
         -Max Health- Raises maximum health
    d. Spider-Girl
         -Bio Energy Mastery- Increases the energy damage done by all attacks
         -XP- Increases amount of XP gained

                  It is the best combination of look and upgrades for the style
                  of play Spider-Woman is suited for. Secret Wars is the 2nd
                  best looking costume while the SHIELD outfit would be good
                  for a melee build. Spider-Girl has a better secondary bonus
                  (XP vs. Resistance) but Classic look is better and you get
                  it from the start of the game.         

P. Elektra                                                         [HREKA]

1. Powers
    a. Nerve Strike
         T: Debuff
         D: Strikes an enemy in a critical location stunning them
    b. Ninja Stars
         T: Projectile
         D: Throws ninja stars in a spread pattern
    c. Sai Stab
         T: Melee
         D: A powerful sai stab that inflicts physical damage and has a chance
            of doing a deadly strike
    d. Spin Kick
         T: Radial
         D: A radial melee attack. Chance of gaining health if fully charged
    e. Death's Touch
         T: Projectile
         D: Throws a sai at target causing major knockback. Has a chance to 
            instant kill the target if fully charged
    g. Focused Chi
         T: Boost
         D: Boost damage, speed, and reduces damage taken
    h. Inner Calm
         T: Boost
         D: Raises team's damage
    i. Curse of the Hand
         T: Xtreme
         D: Deals physical damage and stuns all enemies. If the enemy is 
            already stunned then they will take a critical hit for a percent
            of their current health

OLDSCHOOL'S PICK: Sai Stab, Death's Touch, Focused Chi, Curse of the Hand
                  Curse of the Hand is wonderful Xtreme attack that does good
                  damage and stuns numerous enemies. Focused Chi helps Elektra
                  stay alive and provides a decent boost to damage output. Sai
                  Stab and Death's Touch are her best attacks and provide some
                  variety with ranged and in close combat.

2. Costumes
    a. Classic
         -Critical Strike- Increases critical strike chance
         -Boost Stats- Boosts body, focus, and strike stats
    b. Ultimate
         -Energy Per Kill- Regains energy with each kill
         -Sai Damage- Increases damage of all sai attacks
    c. Assassin
         -Dodge- Increases chance to dodge melee and projectile attacks
         -Health Per Kill- Regain health for each kill
    d. Stealth
         -Sai Damage- Increases damage of all sai attacks
         -Momentum- Increases momentum gain
                  Elektra has a nice assortment of outfits. Each one has been
                  well designed and depending on personal preference/playing
                  style has good boosts. Since Elektra's best power is her
                  Xtreme attack (some may argue it is her only good power). The
                  more it is available the better a character she is. That said
                  I could fault no one for their choice of costume for Elektra.
Q. Daredevil                                                        [HRDDL]

1. Powers
    a. Baton Smash
         T: Melee
         D: Attacks with baton. Stuns enemies when charged
    b. Baton Throw
         T: Melee
         D: Uses baton to fling an enemy into the air
    c. Extensive Strike
         T: Projectile
         D: Forcefully extend baton toward enemy
    d. Devastation
         T: Radial
         D: Spin around with baton causing knockback
    e. Charge
         T: Melee
         D: Charge at the enemy and pop them into the air with his baton
    g. Blind Sight
         T: Boost
         D: Show all enemies on the mini-map and increase the damage inflicted
            by Daredevil and his allies
    h. Hyper Sense
         T: Boost
         D: Slow down time except for Daredevil and his allies
    i. Devil's Onslaught
         T: Xtreme
         D: Whips both batons around doing physical damage to nearby enemies

OLDSCHOOL'S PICK: Blind Sight, Devastation, Baton Smash, Extensive Strike
                  Devastation is a nice radial attack that will knock several
                  enemies to the ground. Baton Smash and Extensive Strike
                  provide Daredevil with some versatility. Blind Sight improves
                  damage done and that can't be bad.

2. Costumes
    a. Classic
         -Dodge- Increases chance to dodge melee attacks
         -Baton Damage- Increases the damage done with batons 
    b. Original
         -Baton Damage- Increases the damage done with batons 
         -XP- Increases amount of XP gained
    c. Armored
         -Critical Strike- Increases critical strike chance
         -Max Energy- Increases the maximum amount of energy
    d. Marvel Knight
         -Skill Boost- Adds a chance to temporarily increase the skill level of
                       all powers by 1
         -Melee Damage- Increase melee damage 

                  Dodge and Baton Damage compliment Daredevil nicely. I just
                  can't believe a super hero would actually wear Daredevil'
                  original costume.                  

R. Luke Cage                                                       [HRLCG]

1. Powers
    a. Jab
         T: Melee
         D: A powerful melee punch
    b. Chain Strike
         T: Special
         D: Quick forward chain swipe; can hit several enemies popping them up
    c. Block Party
         T: Radial
         D: Luke pounds the ground with his fists damaging enemies in an 
            increasing radius
    d. Hammer Toss
         T: Radial
         D: Grab nearby victims swinging them around and throwing them on
    e. Drill Bit
         T: Radial
         D: Leap into the air and drill into the ground damaging and knocking
            back nearby enemies
    g. Rebound
         T: Boost
         D: Causes all nearby enemies to attack Luke for the duration of the 
            boost. Reduces damage taken and reflects all projectiles back at
            the attackers
    h. Street Smart
         T: Boost
         D: Raises max health and striking stats for a time
    i. Sweet Christmas
         T: Xtreme
         D: Leap into the air and slam into the ground causing massive physical
            damage. Also increases SHIELD credit drops for enemies defeated
            during attack sequence

OLDSCHOOL'S PICK: Chain Strike, Rebound, Drill Bit
                  Use Rebound to focus the enemies on Luke then Drill Bit to
                  knock them back. Chain Strike is nice complement that sends
                  nearby enemies into the air. Sweet Christmas is also a nice
                  attack that players controlling Cage will most likely get to
                  use often.

2. Costumes
    a. New Avengers
         -Health Regen- Increases health regeneration
         -Max Energy- Increases maximum energy
    b. Hero for Hire
         -Critical Strike- Increases critical strike chance
         -Power Damage= Increases the damage from powers
    c. Street
         -Melee Damage- Increases melee damage
         -All Resistances- Increases all resistances
    d. Modern
         -Max Health- Increases maximum health
         -Power Damage- Increases the damage from powers
                  Street is a close second because I like the look and melee
                  mastery is a good fit for Luke Cage. It doesn't get the 
                  recommendation because all resistances is not as good an
                  option as what the New Avengers outfit provides.

S. Ms. Marvel                                                       [HRMMV]  

1. Powers
    a. Luminous
         T: Projectile
         D: A powerful force blast
    b. Photon Burst
         T: Projectile
         D: Spawns multiple energy balls that orbit Ms. Marvel and attacks 
            enemies that come into range
    c. Explosive Touch
         T: Special
         D: Charges an enemy with explosive energy that blows up after a time
    d. Mega Blast
         T: Radial
         D: Fires a blast of energy into the ground causing radial damage. 
            Reduces attack speed of enemies
    e. Prism
         T: Projectile
         D: Shoots energy beam that can split off and hit multiple enemies
    g. Binary Boost
         T: Boost
         D: Adds energy damage to attacks and increases energy damage
            resistance for Ms. Marvel and her allies
    h. Cosmic Awareness
         T: Boost
         D: Slows time for everyone except Ms. Marvel and her allies
    i. Warbird's Wrath
         T: Xtreme
         D: Massive flash of light does energy damage and stuns all enemies on 
            screen. If an enemy is already stunned they take a critical hit for
            50% of their current health

OLDSCHOOL'S PICK: Photon Burst and Prism
                  Photon Burst is a neat easy to use power. It creates energy
                  balls that will attack enemies on their own. Prism is a
                  ranged attack that deals good damage and can hit multiple 
                  enemies. Her boosts are not bad just nothing special, another
                  hero on your team probably provides something similar. 
                  Explosive touch is a unique attack that you may want to try
                  but Photon Burst and Prism are better quality.
2. Costumes
    a. Warbird
         -Energized Fists- Adds energy damage to all melee attacks
         -Critical Strike- Increases critical strike chance
    b. Original
         -Boost Stats- Boosts body, focus and strike stats
         -Point Blank- Adds damage to all powers that hit enemies within 6 feet

    c. Ventura
         -Photon Damage- Increases the damage of all powers
         -Resistance- Increases all resistances 
    d. Binary
         -Max Energy- Increases maximum energy 
         -Photon Damage- Increases the damage of all powers
                  This costume has the best combination of boosts. Ms. Marvel's
                  strength is in the powers she has and the ability to use 
                  them. This costume provides more damage and increases the 
                  frequency with which her powers can be used. 

T. Silver Surfer                                                   [HRSVS] 

1. Powers
    a. Cosmic Beam
         T: Beam
         D: A powerful piercing beam
    b. Silver Dash
         T: Charge
         D: Quick burst forward on board knocks enemies back and damages them
    c. Power Surge
         T: Special
         D: A radial blast of cosmic energy that stuns enemies
    d. Surfer's Rage
         T: Charge
         D: Create arcs of energy to enemies, dealing initial damage and 
            chaining up to four extra enemies with each button tap
    e. Molecular Mix-up
         T: Special
         D: Re-arrange molecules in targeted enemy causing internal damage
    g. Slow Time
         T: Boost
         D: Slows down time except for Silver Surfer and his allies
    h. Heal
         T: Boost
         D: Heal all nearby allies
    i. Galactic Might
         T: Xtreme
         D: Calls down a beam from the cosmos building up and energizing nearby
            enemies. Deals extra damage if victim is slowed, frozen, or stunned
            Also restores party's Health and Energy

OLDSCHOOL'S PICK: Heal, Molecular Mix Up, Surfer's Rage
                  The ability to heal your team is a very valuable power. Add 
                  in the ability to attack multiple enemies with a single
                  attack and you have a very powerful ally.

2. Costumes
    a. Power Surge
         -Energy Regen- Increase energy regeneration
         -Cosmic Mastery- Increases the damage of all powers
    b. Silver Age
         -Boost Stats- Boosts body, focus, and strike
         -XP- Increases amount of XP gained
    c. Vitality
         -Power Damage- Increases the damage of all powers
         -Health Per Kill- Regains health per kill
    d. Heavy Damage
         -Melee Damage- Increase melee damage
         -Critical Chance- Increases critical strike chance

                  There is not one single difference (as far as I can tell) in
                  the design of Silver Surfer's costumes. Power Surge provides
                  the best combination of ability boosts. Surfer is not a melee
                  fighter nor does regaining health per kill matter since you
                  can heal yourself.  
U. Black Panther                                                   [HRBPN]  

1. Powers
    a. Panther Claw
         T: Melee
         D: Slash at enemies with Black Panther's claws
    b. Energy Daggers
         T: Projectile
         D: Throws out several daggers in a spread pattern doing energy damage
    c. Razor Cyclone
         T: Radial
         D: Spin around with daggers outward damaging nearby enemies with an 
            additional chance of doing bleed damage
    d. Crippling Blow
         T: Melee
         D: Slash attack with a high chance of getting a critical hit
    e. Pounce
         T: Melee
         D: Tackle an enemy and stab them multiple times
    g. Stealth
         T: Buff
         D: Becomes invisible to enemies decreases damage taken and boosts
            critical hit damage to take away 33% of enemy's current health
    h. Master Hunter
         T: Boost
         D: Increases team's defense against projectiles, decreases damage
            taken, and reveals enemies on the mini-map
    i. Panther's Might
         T: Xtreme
         D: Black Panther jumps into the air and leaps down on his enemies
            doing massive physical damage with a 25% chance for an instant kill
            Also boosts the damage of team's Xtreme powers by 50%

OLDSCHOOL'S PICK: Razor Cyclone, Crippling Blow, Energy Daggers, Stealth
                  Black Panther has a variety of attacks. Crippling Blow and 
                  Razor Cyclone are good close attacks, while Energy Daggers
                  provides Black Panther with ranged abilities. Both of the 
                  boosts are good. Stealth is designed to improve Black 
                  Panther's capabilities and Master Hunter decreases damage 
                  taken by the team.

2. Costumes
    a. Modern
         -Reflect Damage-Reflects some damage back at attacker
         -Max Energy- Increases maximum energy
    b. Classic
         -Critical Strike- Increases critical strike chance
         -Increased Power Damage- Increases the damage of all powers
    c. Ceremonial
         -Dodge- Increases chance to dodge melee attacks
         -Melee Damage- Increase melee damage
    d. Holy Armor
         -Bleed Damage- Adds a chance to cause bleed damage to melee attacks 
         -Max Health- Increases maximum health
                  All four of these outfits are very good. Each looks nice and
                  has good abilities to spend credits on. The one to choose is 
                  the one to take advantage of the way you see Black Panther
                  fitting into your team.
V. Dr. Strange                                                      [HRDRS]

1. Powers
    a. Mystic Bolts
         T: Projectile
         D: Fires mystical bolts at enemies
    b. Levitation
         T: Special
         D: Levitates enemies and objects
    c. Falteen Flame
         T: Radial
         D: Radial attack. Rapidly tapping the attack steals health from 
    d. Eldritch Aura
         T: Special
         D: Conjures pixies that follow Dr. Strange and swarm any enemy that
            comes nearby
    e. Black Magic
         T: Special
         D: Throws a ball of energy toward an enemy resulting in physical
            damage and a chance of turning the enemy into a crate
    g. Mind Wipe
         T: Special
         D: Mind controls enemies switching them to your team
    h. Teleport
         T: Special
         D: Ability to teleport within a given range. If an ally is directly in
            front of you, they will teleport with you. Damages enemies at the 
            destination following the end of the teleport
    i. Eye of Agamotto
         T: Boost
         D: Raises health regeneration rates for party and removes status 
            ailments from allies within range. Costs a percent of Dr. Strange's
            max health
    j. Mystic Maelstrom
         T: Xtreme
         D: Damages enemies onscreen with a chance to change all stunned, 
            frozen or slowed enemies into Xtreme Pips

OLDSCHOOL'S PICK: Falteen Flame, Black Magic, Teleport
                  Black Magic is Dr. Strange's best power. It does the most 
                  damage and has a chance to instant kill. Teleport can get 
                  him out of trouble quickly and Falteen Flame damages enemies
                  while returning health to the good doctor.

2. Costumes
    a. Classic
         -Max Energy- Increases maximum energy
         -Magic Damage- Increases the damage of all magic attacks
    b. Royal Seer
         -Critical Strike- Increases critical strike chance
         -Health Per Kill- Gain health per kill
    c. Blue Mage
         -Magic Damage- Increases the damage of all magic attacks
         -XP- Increases amount of XP earned
    d. Ultimate
         -Skill Increase- Chance for powers to be temporarily increased 1 level
                          when used
         -Boost Stats- Boosts body, focus, and strike stats
                  Max energy and magic damage are important boosts for Dr. 
                  Strange. The other alternative is Blue Mage. It has magic
                  damage and looks good. The other 2 costumes should most 
                  likely not be used at all.

W. Ghost Rider                                                      [HRGHR]

1. Powers
    a. Ravaging Flame
         T:  Blast
         D: Spontaneously combust enemy. Ignites enemies if fully charged, 
            dealing extra burn damage
    b. Chain Flechette
         T: Projectile
         D: Rakes chains together and breaks them into tiny pieces doing damage
            and causing massive knockback. There's 100% chance of critical hit
            if you shoot an enemy that is airborne
    c. Fiendish Chains
         T: Special
         D: Uses chains to fling an enemy into the air. Charge longer to 
            increase the distance the enemy will soar
    d. Chains of Retribution
         T: Radial
         D: Spins and swings chains around dealing radial damage. Pops up 
            enemies if fully charged
    e. Damnation
         T: Special
         D: Breath fire on enemies. Enemies run in confusion igniting
            additional foes as they go
    g. Fear
         T: Debuff 
         D: Terrifies nearby enemies decreasing their defenses and causing them
            to run in fear
    h. Penance Stare
         T: Debuff
         D: Scares enemies into feeling remorse for the sins they've committed
            For a time any damage inflicted on them comes back as energy for
            Ghost Rider
    i. Vengeance
         T: Xtreme
         D: Team Xtreme power that will steal the life from enemies and
            distribute it among the active party members

OLDSCHOOL'S PICK: Ravaging Flame, Chain Flechette, Penance Stare, Vengeance
                  Vengeance and Penance Stare will help with damage done and 
                  replenish health and energy respectively. Ravaging flame is
                  a strong power to attack with. Chain Flechette knocks enemies
                  to the ground making them vulnerable to attacks.

2. Costumes
    a. Classic
         -Hellfire Damage- Increases hellfire damage
         -Melee Damage- Increases melee damage
    b. Original
         -Chain Damage- Increases chain damage
         -Resurrect Ally- Gives a chance to automatically resurrect fallen
    c. Vengeance
         -Hellfire Damage- Increases hellfire damage
         -Max Health- Increases maximum health
    d. Western
         -Chain Damage- Increases chain damage
         -Energy Per Kill- Gain energy per kill

                  Ghost Rider's costumes are similar to Black Panther's. Each
                  one has very good abilities. An edge can be given to Original
                  because of its unique Resurrect Ally ability. 
X. Blade                                                             [HRBLD] 

1. Powers
    a. Slayer Slash
         T: Melee
         D: Slash at enemies with Blade's katana
    b. Gun Blast
         T: Projectile
         D: Fires four shots causing physical damage and knockback to enemies
            hit. +50% chance of critical hit if the enemy is stunned when hit 
            by the attack 
    c. Glaive Strike
         T: Projectile
         D: Throw glaives at Blade's enemies
    d. Circle of Death
         T: Radial
         D: Spin with katana causing damage to all enemies within a given
    e. Spike of Destruction
         T: Projectile
         D: Throws and explosive spike that explodes and damages all enemies 
            within a given radius
    g. Blood of the Warrior
         T: Boost
         D: Increases damage taken but adds health regen and attack abilities
    h. Flash Bomb
         T: Debuff
         D: Throws a flash bomb to the ground that stuns enemies and lowers 
            their damage output
    i. Blood Haze
         T: Xtreme
         D: Throw multiple bottles of serum into the air then blast them with
            pistols raining destruction down on all nearby enemies

OLDSCHOOL'S PICK: Spike of Destruction and Gun Blast
                  Gun Blast has a nice chance for a critical hit. Spike is a
                  good projectile and Blade's best attack. 

2. Costumes
    a. Ultimate
         -Health Regen- Increases health regeneration
         -Striking- Increase striking
    b. Classic
         -Critical strike- Increases critical strike chance
         -Max energy- Increases maximum energy
    c. Night Stalker
         -Weapon damage- Increases the damage done with weapons
         -Health regen- Increases health regeneration
    d. Daywalker
         -Melee damage- Increases melee damage
         -Health per kill- Regain health per kill

                  Blade does not have any super strong powers so I mostly found
                  myself using melee attacks. The bonuses of health per kill
                  and melee damage are a perfect fit for this style. 

Y. Nick Fury                                                        [HRNKF] 

1. Powers
    a. Furious
         T: Melee
         D: Grab and slam a nearby victim in the ground
    b. SMG
         T: Special
         D: Pull out a sub machine gun and fire as long as button is held. 
            Allow movement and strafing
    c. Frag
         T: Radial
         D: Toss a grenade; explodes in a radius
    d. Sniper
         T: Projectile
         D: Use high-powered rifle to shoot a single enemy. Fires on release.
            25% chance of instant knockout; if victim is stunned chance 
            increases to 50%.
    e. Motion Sensor
         T: Boost
         D: Reveals all enemies on the automap; also decreases damage taken for
            the entire party
    f. Cloaking Device
         T: Boost
         D: Go into stealth mode; all attacks have a greater chance of causing
    g. S.H.I.E.L.D. Strike
         T: Xtreme
         D: Calls down an air strike on all visible enemies. Also increases 
            damage inflicted by other attacks in sequence

OLDSCHOOL'S PICK: Furious, Motion Sensor, SHIELD Strike
                  Furious is a good melee attack where Fury grabs an enemy and
                  slams them into the ground. While he is slamming the enemy he
                  grabs damage is done to the surrounding enemies as well. 
                  Motion Sensor decreases damage received and SHIELD Strike can
                  be used multiple times if you use Furious frequently.

2. Costumes
    a. Classic
         -Leadership- Increase damage and XP for all combo attacks
         -Boost Stats- Boosts body, focus, and strike stats
    b. Stealth
         -Marksman- Increased damage with gun attacks
         -Max Energy- Increase Max energy
    c. Ultimate
         -Melee Mastery- Increase Melee damage
         -Reflection- Reflect Melee damage
    d. General Fury
         -Max Health- Increases max health
         -Marksman- Increase damage with gun attacks

                  For my melee style with Fury this was a perfect fit. I didn't
                  like the gun upgrades because Sniper is somewhat difficult to
                  use effectively and SMG does hardly any damage at all.

Z. Hulk                                                            [HRHLK]  

1. Powers
    a. Cyclone Punch
         T: Melee
         D: Devastating punch that will stun enemies for a time
    b. Hulk Stomp
         T: Radial
         D: Stomps the ground doing radial damage and sends a shockwave forward
    c. Hulk Smash
         T: Radial
         D: Jumps in the air and comes back down hard doing radial damage
    d. Hulk Knock Down
         T: Special
         D: Charges forward tackling an enemy and beating him mercilessly
    e. Hulk Roar
         T: Debuff
         D: Ferocious scream that frightens enemies for a time
    g. Hulk Boost 
         T: Boost
         D: Reduces damage taken by entire team for a time
    h. Fury
         T: Boost 
         D: In a rage of fury Hulk grows in size increasing speed, power, &
    i. Hulk Smash
         T: Xtreme
         D: Leaps into the air and comes back down doing massive radial damage

OLDSCHOOL'S PICK: Fury, Hulk Stomp, Hulk Smash (Xtreme)
                  I absolutely love how they made Hulk's Fury boost. His growth
                  in size as he becomes enraged is perfect. Stomp provides 
                  adequate crowd control but is not a high damage attack. The
                  main damage is caused by using Hulk as a melee character and
                  abusing enemies with his very well named Xtreme.

2. Costumes
    a. Classic
         -Critical Chance- Raises chance of landing critical hits
         -Melee damage- Increases damage done by melee attacks 
    b. Original
         -Melee damage- Increases damage done by melee attacks 
         -Boost stats- Boosts all stats
    c. Planet Hulk
         -Melee damage- Increases damage done by melee attacks
         -Power damage- Increases damage done by powers
    d. Joe Fixit
         -Power damage- Increases damage done by powers
         -Boost XP- Increases XP gained 

                  This was close. The look of the Clasic outfit edges out the
                  Planet Hulk outfit. I like the double damage improvement
                  Planet Hulk provides but the Classic outfit most resembles 
                  the Hulk I know.   

AA. Hawkeye                                                         [HRHKE] 

1. Powers
    a. Multishot
         T: Projectile
         D: Fires multiple arrows at one time if the power is charged
    b. Paralyzer 
         T: Special
         D: Fires single arrow shots that damage and stun the enemy
    c. Adamantium Arrow
         T: Projectile
         D: Fires a blazing hot arrow up that explodes on impact when it comes
    d. Ice Pick
         T: Projectile
         D: Fires a special arrow that hits the ground and explodes causing
            cold damage, freezing anyone caught in the blast radius and slowing
            them down for a brief period of time
    e. Piercing Shock
         T: Projectile
         D: This arrow will pierce any objects or enemies it hits. Any enemies 
            hit in addition to taking damage from the arrow, will be encased
            in a damaging energy field
    g. Hyper Shot
         T: Buff
         D: For a short period of time will have an increase to speed
    h. Hawk's Revenge
         T: Buff
         D: Using this will increase the damage to all attacks made
    i. Ricochet Rocket
         T: Xtreme
         D: Fires a special arrow that will bounce off of walls and enemies 
            doing damage to anything it hits

OLDSCHOOL'S PICK: Paralyzer, Piercing Shock, Ricochet Rocket
                  Piercing Shock is a high damage arrow that stuns and damages
                  do to an added electric field. It is probably Hawkeye's most
                  powerful regular attack. Paralyzer is a rapid fire attack 
                  that will not do lots of damage but puts constant pressure
                  on the enemies. His Xtreme may be the best in the game. 
                  Ricochet Rocket works similar to Moon Knight's Lunar Eclipse.
                  This move is a certified boss killer.

2. Costumes
    a. Classic
         -Dodge- Increases chance to dodge melee attacks
         -Melee damage- Increases damage of melee attacks 
    b. Modern
         -Critical Experience- Increased chance to make a critical attack
         -Bow Mastery- Increase damage of bow attacks
    c. Street Gear
         -Point Blank- Increase amt damage done at close range by bow attacks
         -Hawk's Endurance- Increase Max Health  
    d. Ultimate
         -Bleed Damage- Adds a chance to cause bleed damage to melee attacks
         -Max Energy- Increases maximum energy 

                  I am a fan of the look of the Modern and Classic uniforms.
                  In this instance the Modern wins due to much better boosts.
                  A common theme among my selections is the increased use of 
                  powers. Bow Mastery makes Hawkeye that much more deadly.    

BB. Nightcrawler                                                   [HRNTC]

1. Powers
    a. Acrobatic Kick
         T: Melee
         D: Nightcrawler teleports forward and delivers an acrobatic kick combo
            to his enemies with a chance to stun them for a brief time
    b. Sword Mastery
         T: Melee
         D: Nightcrawler wields his two swords with ninja mastery
    c. Bamf Flurry
         T: Special
         D: Nightcrawler bamfs to multiple nearby enemies and does one attack 
            against each enemy
    d. Sword Whirlwind
         T: Melee
         D: Nightcrawler does an acrobatic wide radius attack by slashing out
            with his swords while spinning on his legs and tail
    e. Bamfing Blitz
         T: Special
         D: Nightcrawler bamfs around a singular enemy multiple times
            unleashing kicks and punches
    g. Shadow Crawl
         T: Special
         D: Nightcralwer hides in the shadows becoming invisible to most 
            enemies and has critical hit chance increased
    h. Sword Combat
         T: Boost
         D: Nightcrawler wields his swords with devastating effectiveness
    i. Bamf Unleased
         T: Xtreme
         D: Nightcrawler bamfs around multiple enemies unleashing multiple 
            attacks culminating in a blast attack

OLDSCHOOL'S PICK: Shadow Crawl, Bamf Flurry, Bamfing Blitz
                  The Bamf moves are just cool. There is nothing better than
                  teleporting around a single or multiple enemies hitting them
                  and leaving before they even know your there. Shadow Crawl
                  improves the strength of Nightcrawler's attacks and 
                  apparently keeps him from being seen by enemies at all times.

2. Costumes
    a. Astonishing
         -Melee Mastery- Increase melee damage
         -Max Energy- Increase maximum energy 
    b. Classic
         -Max Energy- Increase maximum energy 
         -Critical Strike- Increase critical strike chance
    c. Age of Apocalypse
         -Max Health- Increase maximum health
         -Power Damage- Increase damage from powers
    d. Ultimate
         -Melee Mastery- Increase melee damage
         -Protective Forces- Increases all resistances 

                  All of the costumes have a nice look to them and no 
                  combination of attributes really outshines the others. A lot
                  will depend on what kind of character you see Nightcrawler

CC. Cyclops                                                          [HRCYC]

1. Powers
    a. Optic Beam
         T: Projectile
         D: Cyclops' basic eyebeam attack. Push the left stick forward to cause
            more damage, back to cause less to a wider area
    b. Optic Stream
         T: Special
         D: Launch a continuous stream of optic beam toward an enemy
    c. Roundhouse Kick
         T: Melee
         D: Powerful kick combo that sends the enemy flying into the air
    d. Ricochet Blast
         T: Projectile
         D: Cyclops fires a seires of short blasts that will eventually 
            ricochet of walls once powered up 
    e. Optic Explosion
         T: Radial
         D: Powerful optic blast that explodes on contact sending out splash
            damage to nearby enemies
    g. Beam Power
         T: Boost
         D: Increases damage to all beam attacks and increased critical chance
    h. Combat X-pertise
         T: Boost
         D: Damage received is reduced for the entire team
    i. Optic Incineration
         T: Xtreme
         D: Cyclops spins around 360 degrees incinerating the room in an
            enormous optic blast

OLDSCHOOL'S PICK: Optic Incineration, Beam Power, Optic Beam
                  Incineration is a very good Xtreme, probably a notch below
                  Lunar Eclipse and Ricochet Rocket. The boost Beam Power 
                  increases the strength of Cyclops' laser eyes. Optic Beam
                  is unique. You can control what type of damage you are trying
                  to do. Moving the analog stick up or down allows the player
                  to focus with a high damage smaller area attack or use a 
                  wider are lower damage attack. 

2. Costumes
    a. Astonishing
         -Critical Strike- Increases critical strike chance
         -Boost Stats- Boost body, focus, and strike stats
    b. Original
         -Melee Mastery- Increase melee damage 
         -Reflection- Reflect melee damage
    c. Classic
         -Max Health- Increase maximum health
         -Optic Power- Increases all optic power damage
    d. Ultimate
         -Optic Power- Increases all optic power damage
         -Max Energy- Increase maximum energy 

                  The design of each costume is very well chosen. They all look
                  great. The ultimate is probably the one I least prefer in
                  that regard but it has the better upgrade combination. Any
                  of the outfits chosen here will be a good pick.

DD. Magneto                                                          [HRMGO]

1. Powers
    a. Magnetic Pulse
         T: Projectile
         D: A bolt of magnetic energy that damages all enemies in its path
    b. Magnetic Beam
         T: Special
         D: Use Magneto's magnetic powers to grab objects and throw them with
            magnetic force
    c. Magnetic Explosion
         T: Radial
         D: Magneto charges up and unleashes an explosion damaging all nearby
    d. Shockwaves
         T: Projectile
         D: A concussive blast of magnetic energy that radiates in front of 
    e. Magnetic Toss
         T: Projectile
         D: Magneto hurls a metal projectile around the screen directing it 
            wherever he wishes
    g. Magnetic Shield
         T: Boost
         D: A protective shield surrounding Magneto consisting of magnetic 
    h. Dark Energy
         T: Boost
         D: Temporarily increases all party members skill and outfit ranks
    i. Metal Storm
         T: Xtreme
         D: Magneto causes a magnetic storm and summons pieces of metal that 
            rain down on enemies. Increases the damage from other Xtremes as

OLDSCHOOL'S PICK: Magnetic Toss, Magnetic Shield, Magnetic Beam
                  Magneto's Toss is comparable to Shield Toss. Each move
                  behaves in the same manner and are deadly upon entering a 

2. Costumes
    a. Classic
         -Magnetic Damage- Increases the damage done by magnetic attacks
         -Melee Damage- Increases damage done with melee attacks  
    b. 80's
         -Resistance- Increases all resistances 
         -Magnetic Damage- Increases the damage done by magnetic attacks
    c. Xorn
         -Max Health- Increases maximum health
         -Power Damage- Increases the damage done by power attacks
    d. Ultimate
         -Max Health- Increases maximum health
         -Magnetic Damage- Increases the damage done by magnetic attacks 

                  This is Magneto. None of the other costumes are even close.
                  Classic has the best look and the best combination of 
                  upgradable attributes.  

EE. Sabretooth                                                      [HRSBT]

1. Powers
    a. Sabretooth Slash
         T: Melee
         D: Sabretooth tears up his opponents with his claws
    b. Pounce
         T: Special
         D: Sabretooth lunges forward knocking the opponent to the ground and
            pummeling him
    c. Talon Concussion
         T: Radial
         D: Sabretooth pins around slashing nearby enemies with his claws 
            multiple times
    d. Disembowel
         T: Melee
         D: Sabretooth punches and kicks enemies in front and behind him
    e. Talon Frenzy
         T: Special
         D: Charging talon attack which knocks opponents out of the way and 
            causes them to take damage over time from the slash attack
    g. Berserker Rage
         T: Boost
         D: Sabretooth boosts his own defense and movement speed
    h. Roar
         T: Debuff 
         D: Sabretooth lets out a furious roar which frightens nearby enemies
            and decreases their defense
    i. Savage Rampage 
         T: Xtreme
         D: Sabretooth goes into a blind rage attacking every enemy nearby 
            doing heavy damage

OLDSCHOOL'S PICK: Sabretooth Slash, Talon Frenzy, Savage Rampage
                  Slash is the heavy hitter of Sabretooth's powers. It is a 
                  high damage attack focused on a single enemy. If there 
                  are multiple enemies Talon Frenzy allows him to attack them
                  with many quick attacks. The problem with Frenzy is contol.
                  Targeting the enemy you want can be difficult but it controls
                  better than Wolverine's similar move. All other moves for 
                  most of the melee fighters are just there until you can use
                  the Xtreme. Sabretooth is no exception. 

2. Costumes
    a. Modern
         -Critical Strike- Increases critical strike chance
         -Max Energy- Increases maximum energy 
    b. Original
         -Dodge- Increases chance to dodge melee attacks 
         -Claw damage- Increases damage done with claws
    c. Age of Apocalypse
         -Claw damage- Increases damage done with claws
         -XP- Increases XP earned
    d. Ultimate
         -Skill Boost- Adds a chance to temporarily increase the skill level of
                       all powers by one
         -Melee Damage- Increases melee damage 

                  The Modern outfit was the one that I thought looked the best
                  but its difficult to pass up on the good combination that
                  the Orginal outfit has. Most would agree Sabretooth is a 
                  melee character. That said increasing damage and decreasing 
                  the chance of being hit are good things.  

FF. Dr. Doom                                                        [HRDRD]

1. Powers
    a. Doom Blast
         T: Projectile
         D: Explosive shot that emanates from Doom's hands and explodes on
    b. Mask of Doom
         T: Laser Beams
         D: Instant blast that originates from Dr. Doom's face mask and deals
            damage to enemy struck by laser
    c. Doom Detonation
         T: Radial
         D: Dr. Doom unleashes an exlposion which deals damage to all nearby
    d. Doom Arc
         T: Special
         D: Electric blast that spreads to multiple enemies
    e. Curse of Doom
         T: Special
         D: Bolt of energy that emanates from the sky striking a random enemy
    g. Aura of Doom
         T: Special
         D: Increases critical strike percentage for Doom and gives a chance of
            striking fear into nearby enemies when activated
    h. Doom Shield
         T: Boost
         D: A protective shield surrounds Doom deflecting all projectiles and 
            damaging all melee attackers
    i. Doomsday
         T: Xtreme
         D: A massive explosion that damages all enemies in the vicinity

OLDSCHOOL'S PICK: Doom Shield, Curse of Doom, Doom Blast
                  Using Doom Shield protects him from a lot of damage and has 
                  the bonus of dealing damage to those enemies that get too
                  close. The only drawback of Curse of Doom is the random 
                  enemy part. When you use an attack it would be nice to direct
                  it to the enemy of your choosing but I guess that may be why
                  Doom Blast ends up being such a powerful move. 

2. Costumes
    a. Classic 
         -Reflect Damage- Reflects damage back to melee attackers
         -Focus- Increases focus stat 
    b. Secret Wars
         -Energy Regen- Increases energy regeneration 
         -Power Damage- Increases damage from powers
    c. Kristoff
         -Combo Bonus XP- Gives bonus XP for combos
         -Power Damage- Increases damage from powers
    d. Ultimate
         -Melee Damage- Increases melee damage
         -Max Health- Increases maximum health 

                  None of Doom's costumes look bad but the Classic one looks 
                  the best. The attributes of the Classic outfit are not the
                  preferred ones but Doom is so powerful in the game that
                  its not really necessary to upgrade him much. I would prefer
                  the look of the Classic outfit with the upgrades of the 
                  Secret Wars. The combination of increased energy regeneration
                  and increased power damage make Doom an even greater force
                  than he is.  

GG. Venom                                                            [HRVNM]

1. Powers
    a. Venom Thrust
         T: Projectile
         D: Venom throws out his tendrils stretching them to a great distance
            damaging all enemies in the way
    b. Symbiote Flail
         T: Radial
         D: Venom's tendrils flail out in a radial attack damaging all 
            surrounding enemies
    c. Venom Swing
         T: Radial
         D: Grab an enemy with Venom's tendrils and swing him around doing
            damage to all in the way. When enemy is released enemy goes flying
    d. Venom Heave
         T: Special
         D: Venom throws his tendrils at an enemy and can then heave him high
            into the air
    e. Symbiote Bite
         T: Special
         D: Venom lunges forward knocking down an enemy and biting him 
            multiple times
    g. Claw
         T: Boost 
         D: Venom's hands turn into the shape of claws. All Venom's attacks
            have increased damage
    h. Terror
         T: Debuff
         D: Venom terrorizes nearby enemies and increase his defense against 
            physical damage
    i. Symbiote Sludge
         T: Xtreme
         D: Venom sends off pieces of his symbiote self and adheres his
            adversaries to the ground

OLDSCHOOL'S PICK: Venom Thrust, Symbiote Flail, Symbiote Bite
                  Venom Thrust is a high quality ranged attack but Symbiote
                  Flail may be Venom's most useful. This attack hits multiple
                  enemies and with repeated button taps continues to remove
                  health from all the enemies it contacts. Bite is a nice 
                  charge attack (most of which I do not prefer). This one
                  seems to be eaiser to direct and hit an enemy with.

2. Costumes
    a. Classic 
         -Reflect Melee- Reflects a percentage of melee damage back at attacker
         -Tendril Damage- Increases amount of damage done with tendril attacks 
    b. Marvel Knights
         -Tendril Damage- Increases amount of damage done with tendril attacks 
         -Experience- Increases amount of XP gained
    c. Thunderbolts
         -Evade- Increase chance to dodge attacks
         -Striking- Gives a striking bonus
    d. Ultimate
         -Max Health- Increases maximum health
         -Critical Strike- Increases critical strike chance 

                  The different outfits are mostly indistinguishable as far as
                  how they look. There are some minor differences, with the 
                  Ulitmate one looking the most different. Therefore, the 
                  Classic selection is based on the superior combination of 
                  of upgrades.  

6. Team Bonuses                                                         [TMB]

New Avengers: +5 to all Resistances
     -Captain America, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Spider-Woman, Luke Cage

X-Men: +15% Max Energy
     -Wolverine, Ice Man, Colossus, Storm

Fantastic Four: 20 Health Gain per Knockout
     -Thing, Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, Invisible Woman

Classic Avengers: 15% Max Energy
     -Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Black Panther

Avengers: 5% Damage Output
     -Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Woman (Warbird)

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: +5 to all  Resistances
     -Captain America, Wolverine, Nick Fury, Spider-Woman

Femme Fatale: +5% Damage Output
     -Storm, Elektra, Spider-Woman, Invisible Woman, Ms. Marvel

Natural Forces: +5% Damage Inflicted Goes to Health
     -Ice Man, Storm, Human Torch, Thor

Martial Artists: +15 Striking
     -Captain America, Daredevil, Nick Fury, Moon Knight, Black Panther

Think Tanks: +15% Max Health
     -Spider-Man, Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man, Dr. Strange

Bruisers: +15 Striking
     -Captain America, Thing, Colossus, Luke Cage, Ms. Marvel

Air Force: +15% Max Health
     -Storm, Human Torch, Ms. Marvel, Thor

Supernatural: +5 Health Regeneration
     -Dr. Strange, Blade, Thor, Ghost Rider

Marvel Knights: +6 to All Stats
     -Spider-Man, Moon Knight, Daredevil, Dr. Strange, Luke Cage, Black Panther

Scorchers: 10% Reduced Power Cost
     -Human Torch, Ghost Rider, Thor, Storm

Power Platoon: 20 Energy per Knockout
     -Ms. Marvel, Thor, Iron Man, Silver Surfer

New Fantastic Four: 15% Max Energy
     -Wolverine, Luke Cage, Ghost Rider, Spider-Man

Agile Warriors: 10% Reduced Power Costs
     -Daredevil, Spider-Man, Elektra, Black Panther, Deadpool

Double Date: +5 to Health Regeneration
     -Storm, Black Panther, Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic

Weapons Specialists: +5% Criticals
     -Captain America, Elektra, Blade, Nick Fury, Deadpool

Assassins: +60% SHIELD Credits Drops
     -Elektra, Blade, Deadpool, Wolverine

Dark Past: +5% XP
     -Elektra, Blade, Ghost Rider, Spider Woman

Bad to the Bone: 5% Damage Inflicted Goes to Health
     -Luke Cage, Blade, Wolverine, Ghost Rider

Raven Ultimates: +6 Body, Strike, Focus
     -Thing, Deadpool, Colossus, Iceman, Ghost Rider, Silver Surfer, Invisible

Shaba Ultimates: +15% Max Energy
     -Magneto, Hulk, Sabretooth, Hawkeye, Venom, Cyclops, Nightcrawler

Met His Maker: +6 to All Traits
     -Captain America, Magneto, Dr. Doom, Hawkeye

7. Trivia Game

Act 1 Trivia (Correct answers provide 50 XP)                         [A1T]

The Fantastic Four have their headquarters in what building? (Baxter Building)

Peter Parker works as a photographer for: (The Daily Bugle)

Thor has two war goats to pull his chariot. They are named: (Toothgrinder and 

Before becoming Radioactive Man, Chen Lu was: (A Nuclear Physicist)

S.H.I.E.L.D.'s highest ranking agent is: (Nick Fury)

Captain America was frozen in which war? (World War II)

The vampire hunter Blade is: (Half vampire)

Before turning to a life of crime, Mysterio was: (A special effects artist)

Dr. Doom went to the same college as: (Reed Richards)

What is commonly believed to be the Black Widow's previous occupation before
     becoming a Russian spy? (A ballerina)

Ghost Rider is known as: (The Spirit of Vengeance)

Deadpool joined the Weapon X program because: (He had incurable cancer)

Who paid Mac Gargan to become the Scorpion? (J. Jonah Jameson)

What did Dr. Pym discover that allowed him to change size? (Pym Particles)

Who here was not a member of the Howling Commandos? (Jasper Sitwell)

What vehicle is the Avengers primary mode of transport? (The Quinjet)

Which Inhuman did Johnny Storm date? (Crystal)

Iceman is a member of which team? (The X-men)

Which Super Hero is romantically interested in Sue Storm? (Namor)

What was Dum Dum Dugan before he joined the military? (A circus strongman)

What is the name of Tony Stark's building that the team uses as a headquarters
     in Marvel Ultimate Alliance? (Stark Tower)

Wyatt Wingfoot is a member of what tribe of Native Americans? (Keewazi)

What was Wolverine's name when he was a Horseman of Apocalypse? (Death)

Daredevil and Elektra met at which school? (Columbia University)

Weasel's real name is: (Jack Hammer)

Edwin Jarvis is the butler to: (Tony Stark)

Captain Leonard McKenzie was the father of: (Namor)

The Vision is an android created by: (Ultron)

Fin Fang Foom is an alien form: (Maklu IV)

How many rings of power does Mandarin possess? (Ten)

Spider-Man was talked into creating the Spider-Mobile by the advertising firm 
     of: (Carter Lombardo)

When just a child living on the street Storm attempted to: (Pick the pocket of
     Professor Xavier)

The Thing has how many fingers on both hands, including his thumbs? (8)

Silver Surfer's 'surfboard' is composed of: (the same material as his body)

Nicky Fury has a brother who became the villan: (Scorpio)

Ms. Marvel has never been known as: (Rogue)

In college, Mr. Fantastic roomed with: (Ben Grimm)

Bullseye killed Elektra with: (her own sai)

Bucky was: (Captain America's sidekick)

What does the K in MODOK stand for? (Killing)

Jarvis was at one time a member of: (The Royal Air Force)

When she worked for Hydra, Spider-Woman's first mission was to:(Kill Nick Fury)

Wyatt Wingfoot was a college roommate of: (Johnny Storm)

Weasel has worked closely with: (Deadpool)

Namor's cousin Namorita is: (A clone)

Namor is half Atlantean and half: (Human)

Dr. Doom was expelled from college because: (He caused an explosion with an

The Grey Gargoyle is able to: (turn his victims to stone with a touch)

Attuma believes he is destined to rule Atlantis because: (it was written in 
     the Atlantean Chronicles)

Mandarin lives in: (The Valley of Spirits)

B. Act 2 Trivia (Correct Answers provide 200 XP)                        [A2T]

Who is not a member of the Vishanti? (Tyr)

The Vision is programmed based on the brain patterns of: (Wonder Man)

The other Black Widow is also known as: (Yelena Belova)

The Sanctum Sanctorum is the home of: (Dr. Strange)

Professor Charles Xavier is the founder of: (The X-Men)

Who was Luke Cage's partner in Heroes for Hire, Inc? (Iron Fist)

Reed Richards tried how many times but failed to: (Revert Ben Grimm to his 
    human form)

Tony Stark created his first armor:(with a pacemaker to keep his heart beating)

Invisible Woman's mother: (died in a car accident)

Who saved Ghost Rider from his deal with Mephisto? (Roxanne Simpson)

Elektra's father was a: (Diplomat)

Daredevil's father was killed because: (He wouldn't throw a boxing match)

What villain was resurrected by using a cloned body of Captain America? 
     (The Red Skull)

What is woven into Black Panther's suit to absorb attacks? (Vibranium)

Dr. Doom's full name is: (Victor von Doom)

S.H.I.E.L.D. uses a piece of equipment known as an LMD, which stands for:
     (Life Model Decoy)

Wong is Dr. Strange's: (Student)

Nightcrawler's real name is: (Kurt Wagner)

Ms. Marvel became the Super Hero Binary after: (Being experimented on by the 

Nick Fury's middle name is: (Joseph)

How did Rhino get the super-strong suit he wears: (He was part of an Eastern
     Bloc experiment)

Where does Arcade trap his victims? (Murderworld)

The Sanctum Sanctorum is located at: (177a Bleecker Street)

The Ancient One is the teacher of: (Dr. Strange)

Who is Nightcrawler's mother? (Mystique)

Where is Clea from? (The Dark Dimension)

Spider-Man's real name is: (Peter Parker)

Storm has a deep fear of: (Enclosed spaces)

Before he became the Thing, Ben Grimm was: (Leader of the Yancy Street Gang)

Hank Pym has not worked under which name? (Big Man)

Professor Xavier was unable to walk after suffering a spine injury during a 
     battle with: (An alien named Lucifer)

Wong's father was named: (Hamir)

Mephisto considers Blackheart to be: (His son)

Arcade's two assistants are named: (Miss Locke and Mr. Chambers)

When she uses too much power Jean Grey can potentially become: (The Phoenix)

Clea is a close friend of: (Dr. Strange)

Daredevil first wore a mask when: (He attempted to save Elektra and her father)

The Human Torch's uniform is never damaged by flame because it's made of: 
     (Unstable molecules)

Dr. Strange originally sought out the Ancient One: (To cure his damaged hands)

One of Peter Parker's worst enemies in high school was: (Flash Thompson)

Thor was once turned into what animal by Loki? (Frog)

The Shocker's suit does what? (Deflects physical blows with a vibrational 

Dr. Doom wears a facemask: (Because his face is scarred)

The parents of Professor Xavier are: (Sharon and Brian Xavier)

Margali Szardos is: (the gypsy who raised Nightcrawler)

Who was not a herald of Galactus? (Hurricane)

How did Spider-Woman get her powers from Spider-Man? (She didn't)

Mariko Yashida was engaged to marry (Wolverine)

Jean Grey's powers activated early in her life when she witnessed: (Her friend
     being hit by a car)

Dr. Doom attempted to get to Mephisto's Realm for many years because:
     (Mephisto held his mother's spirit prisoner)

C. Act 3 Trivia (Correct Answers provide 450 XP)                         [A3T]

The Asgardians refer to Earth as: (Midgard)

Odin is not the father of: (Loki)

Black Panther is the king of: (Wakanda)

Who created the Super Soldier Serum that created Captain America?(Emil Erskine)

Matthew Murdock's father was a boxer with the nickname of: (Battling Jack

Who built H.E.R.B.I.E.? (Reed Richards)

Thor's hammer can only be lifted by: (Those the hammer deems worthy)

After cutting off Sif's blond hair, Loki replaced it with new hair created by:

What did the wolf Fenris do to the warrior Tyr? (Bit his hand off)

What does Valkyrie call Dragonfang? (Her sword)

Enchantress is able to enslave men with a: (Kiss)

Dr. Doom attended what college with Reed Richards: (Empire State University)

Who is able to become as hard as a diamond or completely intangible? (Vision)

Bifrost is another name for: (The Rainbow Bridge)

Hermod is known primarily as the god of: (Speed)

The vampires refer to Blade as: (The Daywalker)

What earth-shattering news did Loki tell Deadpool? (That Deadpool was a comic
     book character)

Dr. Strange is also known as: (The Sorcerer Supreme)

Ghost Rider made a deal with Mephisto: (To save the life of Crash Simpson)

Iceman was able to hide his mutant powers until: (He had to freeze the leader
     of a gang of bullies)

Who is second in command of the Fantastic Four? (Sue Storm)

Luke Cage can only be injured by: (Adamantium weapons)

What can Mr. Fantastic do? (Alter his appearance to look like someone else)

Ms. Marvel had her powers stolen by: (Rogue)

Before joining the military, Nick Fury was part of: (an airplane wing walking

Which is the correct spelling of Peter Parker's alter ego? (Spider-Man)

Which of these is not true of the Thing's physique? (Has no nose)

Bifrost is the bridge to : (None of the above)

The Black Knight gave Valkyrie: (Her winged horse)

To recharge power, Odin must: (Enter a state known as Odinsleep)

After being fatally wounded by Bullseye, Elektra managed to: (Make her way to
    Matthew Murdock's home)

Pepper Potts is the name of: (Tony Stark's secretary)

The Silver Surfer is from the planet: (Zenn-La)

Wolverine's bones are covered in: (Adamantium)

Volla is an Asgardian who: (Can foresee the future)

Who has not lifted Thor's hammer? (Daredevil)

Which is not one of the races in Asgard? (All are found in Asgard)

What makes Spider-Woman so attractive to men? (Pheromones)

Storm's real name is: (Ororo Munroe)

What is Robbie Robertson's job at the Daily Bugle? (Editor in chief)

Sif and Thor didn't marry because: (Sif couldn't understand Thor's attachment
    to humans)

Asgard is made up of how many worlds? (Nine)

What does not describe Ymir? (A Fire Giant)

What magical item does Loki use? (Norn Stones)

The Black Widow's husband became: (The Red Guardian)

Hank Pym created Ultron based on the brain patterns of: (Himself)

S.H.I.E.L.D. is affiliated with: (The United Nations)

What experiment was Dr. Doom working on that exploded in college? (A 
    communicator to talk to his dead mother)

The Wrecking Crew got their super powers when: (An enchanted crowbar they held
    was struck by lightning)

Loki is the true son of: (The Frost Giant Laufey)

D. Act IV Trivia (Correct Answers provide 800 XP)                       [A4T]

Attilan is located: (In the Blue Area of the moon)

The Inhumans develop their superpowers after they: (Breathe in the Terrigen

What team wasn't Blade a part of? (The Lethal Legion)

What was the name given to the project to create Captain America? (Operation:

Ghost Rider was bound to the demon named: (Zarathos)

The Inhumans were originally humans who: (Were experimented on by the Kree)

Black Bolt does not talk because: (His voice is so powerful it could level a 

When Gorgon stomps his foot it: (Makes a mini-earthquake)

Galactus was originally: (an alien named Galen)

Super-Skrull was created to: (defeat the Fantastic Four)

The Starjammers are lead by Corsair, who is the father of: (Cyclops)

When he was created by Ultron, The Vision's first mission was to: (Kill the 

What is Wakanda's greatest mineral resource? (Vibranium)

What was the name of Matt Murdock's receptionist? (Karen Page)

Deadpool is known as: (The merc with the mouth)

The Watchers upload all information they accumulate to: (The One)

Black Bolt once whispered a word and: (Destroyed half of Attilan)

The Skrull were a peaceful race until they were attacked by: (The Kree)

The Shi'ar race evolved from: (Birds)

S.H.I.E.L.D. Central is the organizational headquarters which is located in:
     (New York)

Dr. Doom originally took the throne of Latveria from: (King Vladimir)

Which item doesn't Dr. Strange use: (The Infinity Formula)

Invisible Woman was at one time known as: (Invisible Girl)

Which villain did Tony Stark use his Centrifugal Force ray on to make so heavy
     he sank through the floor of the  factory? (The Crusher)

Hank Pym uses his cybernetic helmet to control: (Ants)

The equipment that gave Luke Cage his powers was created by: (Stark 

Silver Surfer's real name is: (Norrin Radd)

Which does not describe Lilandra Nermani? (Romantically involved with Magneto)

The Skrulls had a homeworld called Skrullos until:(it was devoured by Galactus)

The Starjammers are a group of former: (Shi'ar prisoners)

Who is king of the Inhumans? (Black Bolt)

Why was Attilan moved to the Moon? (To escape humans and their pollution)

What Kree device was used on Carol Danvers to turn her into Ms. Marvel? 

Nick Fury was at one time the leader of: (The Howling Commandos)

Does the Thing really have a Sweet Aunt Petunia? (Yes and she's a young woman)

Thor was banished to Earth for a while because: (He violated a truce between 
     the Asgardians and the Frost Giants)

The 'fastball special' is when: (Colossus throws Wolverine at an enemy)

When Storm was a child, the gang of street urchins she was in was lead by:
     (Achmed el-Gibar)

In battle, the Silver Surfer uses: (The Power Cosmic)

What device did Reed Richards successfully use to keep Galactus from consuming
     the Earth? (The Ultimate Nullifier)

Karnak's special power is: (to see the weakness in any item, person, or plan)

The only person who might be considered a friend of Uatu is: (Reed Richards)

What does not describe Gladiator? (Loyal only to Lilandra)

Triton is good friends with: (Namor)

Who does Dr. Doom blame for the explosion that got him expelled from college?
     (Reed Richards)

Elektra was resurrected by: (Stone)

Loki managed to foul up the creation of Thor's hammer by: (Shortening the 

Crystal's power is the ability to: (Control fire, water, earth, and air)

To protect Attilan from destruction, young Black Bolt was kept: (in a 
     soundproof room)

How did Medusa converse with Black Bolt when he was in the soundproof room?
     (With a special sign language)

Eitri, Brok, and Buri are dwarven blacksmiths who created: (Thor's hammer)

E. Act V Trivia (Correct answers provide 1250 XP, 0 XP for the first)   [A5T]

Castle Doom is located in: (Latveria)

How does Dr. Doom enforce the law in his country? (An army of robots)

Willie Lumpkin is: (Mailman to the Fantastic Four)

The Vision was created from parts: (used in the original Human Torch)

Nick Fury's brother Jake led the group of villains known as: (The Zodiac)

The Avenger's Mansion was located at: (890 Fifth Avenue)

Who is Psylocke the sister of? (Captain Britain)

Mikhail Rasputin, the brother of Colossus, was at one time a: (Cosmonaut)

What did the Shi'ar do with Cyclops' parents? (Kidnap them and make them 

What villain did T'Challa destroy the hand of while protecting his father?
     (Ulysses Klaw)

Which Super Hero is the alter-ego of Steve Rogers? (Captain America)

Daredevil was blinded as a child by: (Radioactive waste)

How did Willis Stryker have a big impact on Luke Cage's life? (He framed Luke
     for a crime so he would go to jail)

Who has not been a love interest for Wolverine? (Spider-Woman)

Thor's war hammer is made out of: (Uru)

The capital of Latveria is: (Doomstadt)

As a child, the Thing lived where? (Yancy Street)

Which does not describe Storm's mother: (A former member of the X-men)

Before joining S.H.I.E.L.D., Spider-Woman was a member of: (HYDRA)

At one time, Peter Parker's Aunt May was very close friends with: (Dr. Octopus)

Norrin Radd became the Silver Surfer to: (Save his home planet from Galactus)

Who used the Ultimate Nullifer to keep Galactus away from Earth?(Reed Richards)

Which Super Hero had a best friend named Harold "Happy" Hogan? (Iron Man)

Sandi Brandenburg is known as: (Deadpool's manager)

Which odd turn of events did not happen to Psylocke? (She teleported the X-men
     to the Negative Zone with Cerebro)

Deacon Frost is the vampire who: (Attacked Blade's mother)

Why was all the research on the Super Soldier Serum lost? (Dr. Emile Erskine
     was killed)

Franklin "Froggy" Nelson is Matt Murdock's: (Business partner)

Dr. Strange was originally a: (Neurosurgeon)

Johnny Blaze is the real name of which Super Hero? (Ghost Rider)

What's the name of the college Wyatt Wingfoot and Johhny Storm attended?
     (Metro College)

Colossus did not know he had the mutant power to turn to steel until he:
    (Stopped a tractor from crushing his sister)

Cyclops cannot control his optic beam unless he is: (Wearing special glasses)

Dr. Cornelius was the head of: (The Weapon X Program that dealt with Wolverine)

Ben Grimm's battle cry is: (It's clobberin' time)

Deadpool never removes his mask because: (His face is severely disfigured)

Daredevil is known as: (The man without fear)

Cyclops spent his childhood at an orphanage in: (Omaha, Nebraska)

How long did Dr. Doom's trans-dimensional experiment in college work before it
     exploded? (Two minutes and thirty-seven seconds)

Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker was known for leading the group called: (HYDRA)

When she was a Soviet agent, the Black Widow initially spied on: (Stark 

Who was Captain America's sidekick in WWII? (Bucky)

Elektra was killed by Bullseye shortly after she refused to kill:(Foggy Nelson)

When he was 15 years old, Tony Stark's parents were killed: (In a car accident)

What is not true about Colossus in his metal form? (Immune to magnetic attacks)

What is the name of the wrestler Spider-Man defeats as he attempts to cash in
     on his new found powers? (Crusher Hogan)

At the time she took Ms. Marvel's powers, Rogue was a member of: (The 
     Brotherhood of Evil Mutants)

Dr. Doom's mother died because she made a bad deal with: (Mephisto)

How does Dr. Doom describe his form of government? (An enforced monarchy)

8. Training Simulator                                                    [TNS]

The following description of each simulator mission is presented with the goal
of achieving at least a bronze in order to unlock Silver Surfer. Later I may
(may not) add details on achieving gold for each mission. The number in 
parentheses after my best score indicates the number of attempts tried before 
achieving the my "best" score. This number will only be found next to the 
individual simulator disc because the versus discs are played often to gather
SHIELD credits and kills to unlock the 2nd and 3rd costumes.

General Tips for the Training Simulator

-Pick a single uniform to power up

-Max out defense on the uniform you choose (it helps keep your hero alive)

-Play one time through to get a "feel" for the enemies and the boss

-Readjust your skill points if necessary

A. Captain America                                                    [TSCA]


-Defeat Winter Soldier
-Disarm all bombs
-Complete within 20:00


-Bronze (15000): Hero skin unlocked
-Silver (18000): +1 strike, +1 body, +1 focus
-Gold (22000): Free talent point    

How Acquired: In the Omega Base just before the battle against Crimson Dynamo

Score based on enemies killed, time remaining and objective completion (bombs)

Move straight ahead and kill the enemies in this room. The large X indicates
the first bomb. Move to hit and hit X to activate the on screen button sequence
required to deactivate the bomb. A force field blocks one door so exit through
the other. To gain entry to the next area you will have to break through the
weak portion of the wall. There are enemies in the barracks but don't worry 
about them just exit and take out the enemies in the bomb room. Now defuse the
bomb. Don't worry about any enemies until you get to the next room with a bomb.
Clear out as many enemies as you can (it seems the bombs are easier to defuse
when the enemies are gone). The bomb is behind the computer. In order to access
it you will have to destroy the console first. Once it is deactivated move
on to the battle against Winter Soldier. He is trying to launch a nuclear 
missile. Once the dialog stops you have a timer and Winter Soldier to deal
with. If the timer hits zero the missile launches. Attack Winter Soldier, 
primarily with Shield Bash. Use your boost to add damage. Soldier has a lot of
HP and is tough to bring down, but don't worry about his attacks they are weak.
It is highly doubtful you will/can die from Winter Soldier's attacks. When the
timer starts to get low (say around 25 seconds) go to the consoles that are
flashing and activate them for more time. If you go around and activate the
flashing consoles more than once you can build the timer back up to 1:00. Once
Winter Soldier is defeated use the keycard he drops to access the console with
the orange arrow above it (indicated by an X on the map) to stop the launch
sequence. Disarming all three bombs successfully really helps you reach the 
bronze score.


B. Wolverine                                                         [TSWV]


-Defeat Warstar
-Protect 8 Power cores
-Complete within 20:00

-Bronze (20000): Hero skin unlocked
-Silver (25000): +1 strike, +1 body, +1 focus
-Gold (30000): Free talent point 

How acquired: In a sleeping quarters during the Omega Mission just before you
              disarm the gamma bomb

This is fairly straight forward. Move through the level killing any of the 
soldiers with shields that you wish. Once you arrive in the room with the large
X's you can start to accumulate some points. Do not destroy the consoles. As 
long as the computers are intact non shielded enemies will continue to appear.
You can achieve the required points for the new costume (20000) by killing 
enemies here before moving on to Warstar. My first try at this mission I had
20000 + with a little over 10:00 left on the timer. When ready move through the
doors and if you have the number of points you wish just run past the remaining
enemies until you reach the end. The goal here is to defeat Warstar and protect
the power cores in the room. This wouldn't be so hard if it wasn't for the AIM
soldiers that try to take out the power cores as well. Mainly focus on Warstar
the faster you kill him the more likely 8 power cores will remain. Every so 
often a cinematic will show Warstar destroying a core, while it takes the 
soldiers a little longer to destroy one. Basically if you accumulate enough
points in the room where enemies regenerate all you have to worry about is 
destroying Warstar and occasionally wiping out some AIM Soldiers. 


C. Iron Man                                                         [TSIR]


-Defeat Ultimo
-Complete within 20:00


-Bronze (15000): Hero skin unlocked
-Silver (18000): +1 strike, +1 body, +1 focus
-Gold (20000): Free talent point  

How Acquired: Stark Tower 2 in Iron Man's lab on a table near Elektra

Getting the bronze here is not too difficult. Use Iron Man's uppercut and 
plasma disc to plow your way through each room on the SHIELD Helicarrier. Kill
enemies in each room but each room does not have to be cleared of enemies 
before continuing. Ultimo is not that difficult a boss. He has a stomp/radial
attack and a laser attack from his eyes. Both moves are easily avoided. Ultimo
will telegraph his attacks so jump, run, or fly out of the way and attack him
with the plasma disc from a distance. If you have an Xtreme it doesn't hurt to
use it here.


D. Ultron (Versus)                                                    [TSUN]


-Defeat Ultron
-Complete within 20:00

No Awards

-Bronze (18000)
-Silver (20000)
-Gold (22000)    

How Acquired: During the Shi'ar Empire level after Corsair leaves follow the 
              keycard carrying enemy to the right.

This is a versus simulation. These are unique in that you will command a team 
of four just as in the story mode. The bosses in general are not difficult so
the best strategy seems to be kill lots of enemies early to build up points, 
then when ready go kill the boss. The plan here is no different from this
general strategy. Accumulate points against the early enemies then pound Ultron
into submission. You should be able to acquire about 13000-14000 points and 
kill Ultron by the 13:00 mark to achieve a somewhat easy Silver.


E. Mr. Fantastic                                                    [TSMF]


-Defeat Bulldozer
-Complete within 20:00


-Bronze (15000): Hero skin unlocked
-Silver (18000): +1 strike, +1 body, +1 focus
-Gold (20000): Free talent point    

How Acquired: In the Temple of Negrete during the Atlantis mission. The disc
              is in a secret area behind a breakable wall

This training module takes place in Murderworld. Destroy enemies sparingly as
you proceed. You eventually come to an area where you may enter a bumper car.
During this part it is fairly easy to drive the car around killing lots of 
enemies. When ready to move on destroy the clown car at the end and exit the 
bumper car area opposite the way you enter. Now you are fighting Bulldozer. 
Bulldozer is a straight up melee fighter. I don't believe he has a ranged
attack. He does have a charge attack and a grapple. During the grapple, 
Bulldozer will hold onto Mr. Fantastic and squeeze. This move is unblockable
and inevitable. The strategy I used was to use Mr. Fantastic's Xtreme (not real
helpful) as it was available and use his Fantastic Fists boost to pound away
at the enemy. Basically the boosted defense via the costume let me stand in a
corner and block Bulldozer's punches and counter punch with Mr. Fantastic's 
enlarged fists. 


F. Daredevil                                                          [TSDD]  


-Defeat Bullseye
-Defend Elektra
-Complete within 20:00


-Bronze (15000): Hero skin unlocked
-Silver (18000): +1 strike, +1 body, +1 focus
-Gold (20000): Free talent point    

How Acquired: Unlock Daredevil by collecting 5 action figures during story mode

At first I thought there was something wrong with my game or my T.V. because 
everything was so dark during this mission. Don't worry though it is supposed 
to look this way during your trip around the helicarrier. Again since we are 
just shooting for bronze to unlock all the costumes kill some enemies in each
room as you advance. It isn't necessary to kill them all. If you are having 
trouble because of the darkness don't forget that you have a map on screen to
help guide you along the way. Once you arrive at the final room the first 
thing you will see is Elektra lying on the ground. As Daredevil you need to 
defend her and defeat Bullseye. It is not very difficult. Bullseye did not even
make a move toward Elektra while I was defeating him. Daredevil has a slow down
boost like Spidey-sense that helps out here. Use it to slow Bullseye and then
pound him with baton attacks and melee damage. Since you are using some melee
attacks Daredevil's extreme meter will fill several times. Use his Xtreme 
whenever it is available. Keep on the offensive and Bullseye should be defeated
in not time. 


G. Crimson Dynamo (Versus)                                            [TSCD]


-Defeat Crimson Dynamo
-Complete within 20:00

No Awards

-Bronze (20000)
-Silver (25000)
-Gold (30000)  

How Acquired:  In the Forbidden Passage during the Valley of Spirits mission,
               soon after encountering Dr. Strange

The Asgard levels are the easiest to employ the strategy mentioned in the 
Ultron section. Build up the points required for the medal you would like then
go kill the boss. Use any Xtremes you have and then pound away at Crimson. 
there really shouldn't be a problem here.


H. Thing                                                             [TSTG]


-Defeat Rhino
-Protect Frozen Mr. Fantastic 
-Complete within 20:00


-Bronze (15000): Hero skin unlocked
-Silver (18000): +1 strike, +1 body, +1 focus
-Gold (20000): Free talent point    

How Acquired: Valley of the Spirits' Golden Court in a room opposite where the
              Ultimo Schematics are found

Thing must battle his way through the Omega Base to fight Rhino. Bypass the 
enemies with shields and go straight to the room with the teleporters. Build up
points here then move directly to the battle with the boss. You should 
immediately notice Mr. Fantastic frozen in the room. Thing needs to destroy 
Rhino and protect Mr. Fantastic. Rhino will ignore your Fantastic Four teammate
as long as you are on the offensive. Rhino is a melee fighter, but so is Thing.
The main attack to be aware of is an uppercut Rhino uses with his horn. If it
hits Thing, he will pop up into the air. The best strategy (though it takes a 
while) is to block Rhino's attacks then counter with your own. A strong defense
and Thing's Tough Skin boost against melee damage should help you overcome the
enemy. Additionally, using the Modern Costume with points added to Defense and
Rock Hard (reflects melee damage) will have you scoring a victory against


I. Black Panther                                                      [TSBP]


-Defeat Dark Captain America
-Complete within 20:00


-Bronze (15000): Hero skin unlocked
-Silver (18000): +1 strike, +1 body, +1 focus
-Gold (20000): Free talent point    

How Acquired: Unlock Black Panther by finding 5 action figures during story 

Black Panther's simulator disc takes place in Murderworld. Use his buff ability
Stealth to either run through the level to the bumper car section to accumulate
points or to clear each room along the way without being seen to accumulate 
points. Either way once you near the points you desire for the medal you want
go fight Dark Captain America. He will may try his best to avoid you and 
primarily use shield throw against you. Fight back with melee, Razor Cyclone, 
and Panther's Might. Stealth and Master Hunter both will decrease the damage
Black Panther receives helping him stay alive long enough to do away with Dark
Captain America. I equipped Black Panther with his Modern outfit and had a few
points in each category. This helped of course but didn't seem like it would be
required to complete the mission.


J. Doctor Strange                                                    [TSDS]


-Defeat Baron Mordo
-Defend Clea
-Complete within 20:00


-Bronze (10000): Hero skin unlocked
-Silver (15000): +1 strike, +1 body, +1 focus
-Gold (20000): Free talent point    

How Acquired: Sanctum Sanctorum

This one and Storm's were the two most difficult simulator discs for me to 
defeat. I'd recommend having Dr. Strange's defense boosted. I used his Classic
outfit and put some points in Magic Damage and Max Energy. Dr. Strange's best
power is Black Magic it does a good bit of damage and can turn enemies into 
crates instantly killing them. Just as in the other Mephisto's Realm discs
take full advantage of acquiring the fire giants sword and the ability to throw
creatures of the ledges/bridges. Baron Mordo uses a freeze attack that slows 
and melee attacks, not much else. Use Black Magic from a distance to lower
his health. If you were able to get the last Fire Giant's sword use it against
Baron for some good damage. Once the sword is gone (if you used it) concentrate
on using Black Magic for you primary attack. It won't instant kill Mordo but
it does the best damage. Also equip Dr. Strange's Special Teleport. When
Baron comes close just teleport out of the way. Attacking with Black Magic and
Teleporting to avoid attack should have you defeating this simulator disc.


K. Mysterio (Versus)                                                 [TSMY]


-Defeat Mysterio
-Complete within 20:00

No Awards

-Bronze (10000)
-Silver (15000)
-Gold (20000)   

How Acquired: Murderworld near the beginning in the area with multiple side 
              rooms right before the wall with spikes chases your team

Fight a few enemies from the beginning but I would say it may be easier to keep
moving until you reach the bumper car area. Continually kill the clowns to 
build points and when you have enough destroy the clown car and enter the
next room. As long as the clown car is there clowns will continue to appear and
you will not be able to enter the next room. Most if not all of the clowns will
be energy resistant. Once you get enough points move to the next room and 
defeat Mysterio.


L. Elektra                                                          [TSEK]


-Defeat Bullseye
-Complete within 20:00


-Bronze (15000): Hero skin unlocked
-Silver (18000): +1 strike, +1 body, +1 focus
-Gold (20000): Free talent point    

How Acquired: Easily spotted in the Maze-O-Death of Murderworld

Run through the Omega Base until you reach the room where the enemies 
constantly regenerate. Build your score to the desired level then race to the
end of the map and Bullseye. Bullseye's best attacks are ranged and rapid fire.
If you stay close to him he doesn't use his best attacks. Keep Focused Chi 
activated and attack primarily with melee attacks and Sai Stab. Occasionally 
attack with Death's Touch when possible (as Bullseye runs) to do some extra 
damage. Approaching this battle with a melee style will allow Elektra's 
momentum meter to fill several times during the fight. Use Curse of the Hand 
every time its available. As far as costumes are concerned, Assassin is a 
pretty good melee fit. Definitely increase defense a couple points, while dodge
and health per kill can also be of benefit.


M. Scorpion (Versus)                                                 [TSSP]


-Defeat Scorpion
-Complete within 20:00

No Awards

-Bronze (10000)
-Silver (15000)
-Gold (20000)    

How Acquired: In Mephisto's Realm just past a bridge before you encounter 

Skip all the introductory enemies and head straight to the area with the 3
consoles and the constantly regenerating AIM soldiers. Don't destroy the 
consoles so the enemies will continue to appear. Accumulate points then run 
through the remaining halls and destroy an overmatched Scorpion.


N. Blade                                                              [TSBD]


-Defeat Dark Spider-Man
-Defend Storm
-Complete within 20:00


-Bronze (15000): Hero skin unlocked
-Silver (18000): +1 strike, +1 body, +1 focus
-Gold (20000): Free talent point    

How Acquired: Near the beginning of Mephisto's Realm

Wow, this one was a little easier than I thought it would be. It takes place in
Mephisto's Realm. Move forward attacking all enemies you would like. When you
run into fire giants use your grapple move and the on screen button sequence to
dispose of them and steal their sword. The giant sword will help you kill more
enemies quicker. Mix up powers and melee attacks to increase Blade's momentum.
His Xtreme power does good damage to the large groups you will encounter. I
entered the fight with Dark Spider-Man with about 11,000 points. This ended up
being more than enough to achieve the bronze. Dark Spider-Man is a very easy 
boss. Just use melee attacks to injure him and build up to Blood Haze.


O. Ghost Rider                                                      [TSGR]


-Defeat Baron Mordo
-Defend Wolverine
-Complete within 20:00


-Bronze (10000): Hero skin unlocked
-Silver (15000): +1 strike, +1 body, +1 focus
-Gold (20000): Free talent point    

How Acquired: Stygian Abyss in Mephisto's Realm, it is on a rock you must jump
              to reach on the left side of the map

Ghost Rider, appropriately so, must fight through Mephisto's Realm to complete
his Simulator mission. Whenever possible instead of fight enemies throw them
off the ledge for instant kills. The Fire Giants sword is a very good weapon 
for bashing some heads. Once you are comfortable with the points from enemy 
kills move on to face Baron Mordo. The Baron's most dangerous attack is a 
freeze attack in which he encases Ghost Rider in ice. Once the ice is broken 
Ghost Rider is temporarily slowed. This move can be avoided if you keep your 
distance from Mordo. He begins to crouch a little when he is about to use the
move so just run away and pound him with Ravaging Flame then move in for some
melee action. Continue to repeat the sequence and Ghost Riders costume is 


P. Luke Cage                                                       [TSLC]


-Defeat Ultron
-Complete within 20:00


-Bronze (15000): Hero skin unlocked
-Silver (18000): +1 strike, +1 body, +1 focus
-Gold (20000): Free talent point   

How Acquired: Murderworld's Big Top to the left just before reaching Senator 

Move to the portion of the base that has the 6 consoles with constantly 
regenerating bad guys. Collect all the points you wish then go fight Ultron.
With Cage's Rebound active and a couple points placed in the portion of defense
of his outfit, your hero can stand toe to toe with Ultron without any worries.
Just pound Ultron and use Sweet Christmas every time it is available. There 
really isn't a strategy, this one is all about pounding Ultron's head with
Luke Cage's fist.


Q. Spider-Man                                                      [TSSM]


-Defeat Scorpion
-Defend Dum Dum Dugan
-Complete within 20:00


-Bronze (15000): Hero skin unlocked
-Silver (18000): +1 strike, +1 body, +1 focus
-Gold (20000): Free talent point    

How Acquired: After entering the Midgard Gate walk toward the TV screen to
              retrieve the disc. It is in the area just before the bridge where
              you have to avoid the fire blasts

Spider-Man must fight his way through the Omega Base to complete his disc
mission. I used Spider-Man as one of my primary characters in story mode and I
finished story mode before trying any of the discs. Therefore, Spider-Man was
leveled up pretty strong and his classic costume was boosted with a few points
in each of the abilities (reflect melee, web damage and defense). Keep web
shield up as you move along and you will practically never be hit (if it is 
leveled up). Either head straight for the room with the regenerating AIM
soldiers or fight your way there. It is easier for Spider-Man to take out the
shield carrying soldiers than it is for most heroes. His Web Warrior works
wonders on them, making their shields useless. Spider-Man is also strong enough
to grab the AIM Reavers and pull them apart. Once you are satisfied with you 
point total (I'd recommend going ahead and getting enough for gold that way you
don't have to try to beat this one more than once) move on to the battle with 
Scorpion. Scorpion is not a difficult opponent but having to protect Dum Dum 
makes this more difficult that it should be. Dum Dum doesn't have a large 
amount of health and he is gung-ho about attacking (why doesn't he just stand
in the corner?). If he dies the mission is failed. Try to keep Scorpion's 
attention solely on you and help Dum Dum frequently with the AIM soldiers. 
Once Scorpion's health reaches certain levels a mini-game will occur. Dum Dum 
is placed in the center of the area and Scorpion moves a large metal object 
over his head. When the 2 buttons appear on screen hit them at the same time to
rescue Dum Dum. If you fail he takes a large hit to his HP. For the boss battle
use Web Shield to protect yourself and Web Warrior and Bullets to attack. 
Spidey Sense may be more important during the Scorpion battle than Web Shield
is. A costume with defense and reflect melee boosted limits the damage 
Spider-Man receives which is not a lot during this battle anyway. Additionally,
Spidey Sense slows things down so you have time to attack Scorpion and check on
Dum Dum.


R. Storm                                                           [TSSR]


-Defeat Hussar
-Defend Wolverine
-Defend Iceman
-Complete within 20:00


-Bronze (15000): Hero skin unlocked
-Silver (18000): +1 strike, +1 body, +1 focus
-Gold (20000): Free talent point    

How Acquired: The very beginning of Bifrost Bridge

I had tons of trouble on this one until I finally found the right combination
of boosts, powers, and tricks. First I'd recommend picking a costume and 
boosting Storm's defense. I went with Ultimate for the additional energy 
max energy can provide. Next, max out (as best you can) Lightning Strike. 
Whirlwind Armor can also be helpful but for this mission Lightning Strike is
more important. Finally, in the gear section let Storm use Asgard Armor. This
piece of equipment helps lightning strike become a dangerous power. When you
approach a new room do not automatically open the door. If you can see an 
enemy and their health bar appears at the top of the screen, Storm can use
Lightning Strike through walls/doors. So basically you can clear a room before
you even enter it. Three to four hits with Lightning Strike should kill any
enemy you face. Once you arrive at the bumper car area do not immediately
enter where the cars are. Stand next to the steps and the enemies will come 
to the steps but can not exit the bumper car area. Storm can stand off center
of the steps and spam Lightning Strike to accumulate as many points as you 
want. The cool thing is the clowns will often come in twos and one hit of 
your power will damage both enemies. Once you have got enough points (might as
well go for the gold) enter the bumper area and get into a car. Kill the
enemies as an afterthought, basically focus on the destroying the car at the 
end and move on to the boss battle. Defeating Hussar is not that hard. Hussar
is basically a melee fighter and will come in close and attack. Use Whirlwind
Armor for some cheap damage and Lightning Strike as your primary attack. As 
Hussar's health depletes, she will throw balls at the dunking booths Wolverine
and Iceman are in. Hit the correct button sequence to create a tornado that 
prevents your fellow X-men from being dunked. Hopefully this strategy will 
prevent the torment that this mission caused me. I tried this 8 times without
getting to the boss before being able to defeat this (looking back now somewhat
easy) simulator disc.


S. Thor                                                               [TSTR]


-Defeat Kurse
-Complete within 20:00


-Bronze (15000): Hero skin unlocked
-Silver (18000): +1 strike, +1 body, +1 focus
-Gold (20000): Free talent point   

How Acquired: In Warrior Hall at Valhalla 

Thor's simulator disc mission takes place in Mephisto's nah just kidding its
in Asgard of course. The enemies will repopulate just as in the Versus 
missions. So you can get all the points you need for any medal just by killing
the enemies. Once you arrive at Kurse he has a special power. You need to use
the iron hammers on either side of the battle area to break his armor and 
inhibit his invincibility. While his health bar is red (not purple) attack
Kurse with Hammer Toss and Mjolnir's Might. When he becomes invincible again
fly to the other side of the area and get the iron hammer again. Kurse's main
attack is a grapple where he grabs Thor by the throat and throws him down he
will also punch at the ground with force. The best way to avoid the grapple is
to stay at a distance with Hammer Toss then move in for some melee and 
Mjolnir's Might. This fight was pretty easy but I had used Thor during story
mode a little and had Mjolnir's Might maxed as well as the Defense on his 

OLDSCHOOL'S BEST: 28360 (1) 

T. Deadpool                                                         [TSDP]


-Defeat Dark Spider-Man
-Complete within 20:00


-Bronze (10000): Hero skin unlocked
-Silver (15000): +1 strike, +1 body, +1 focus
-Gold (20000): Free talent point    

How Acquired: The disc is found in Asgard while you are retrieving Heimdall's 
              Horn. Be sure to accept Heimdall's request, if you do not get the 
              disc it is lost unitl a subsequent play through. 

Deadpool's simulator disc takes you to Murderworld. Quickly clear the rooms
you enter along the way and kill several enemies with the bumper car to build
your score. Once you have the number of points you feel is adequate continue 
to face Dark Spider-Man. This boss is not any more difficult than any of the 
others. He does use some of Spidey's powers but not many (at least against me).
He primarily used melee attacks with some web snare. use Deadpool's Battle Cry
to inflict more and receive less damage. Alternate among melee attacks to build
the momentum meter, Grenade Toss, and Dual Shot. Use Merc's Revenge as often
as possible. This Xtreme will do some decent damage against Dark Spider-Man.


U. Invisible Woman                                                  [TSIW]


-Defeat Radioactive Man
-Complete within 20:00


-Bronze (15000): Hero skin unlocked
-Silver (18000): +1 strike, +1 body, +1 focus
-Gold (20000): Free talent point    

How Acquired: The first area you enter after encountering Tyr in Asgard

This is one of the easier simulator disc missions in the game. Use the Sue's
Invisibility boost to make your way through the rooms of the SHIELD 
Helicarrier. With this boost you will have an increased chance of stunning and
be invisible to everyone. Practically everyone you fight will be stunned by 
the Invisible Woman. Use melee attacks, Telekinesis, and Kinetic Bolts to clear
each room. I do not believe there is a hero better suited to fight a particular
boss than the Invisible Woman is to fight Radioactive Man. This boss uses 
mostly projectile attacks and Sue has a shield that blocks all projectiles. Use
the Fantastic Shield throughout the fight with Radioactive Man. Keep your 
distance and constantly fire Kinetic Bolts at him until he dies. 


V. Shocker (Versus)                                                    [TSSK]


-Defeat Shocker
-Complete mission within 20:00

No Awards

-Bronze (15000)
-Silver (18000)
-Gold (20000)

How Acquired: Niffleheim after defeating Ulik and Kurse the disc is next to the
              SHIELD Access Point

More Versus cake. Rehash the same strategy. Get a lot of points and kill an 
over matched boss.


W. Spider-Woman                                                     [TSSW]


-Defeat Wrecker
-Complete within 20:00


-Bronze (15000): Hero skin unlocked
-Silver (18000): +1 strike, +1 body, +1 focus
-Gold (20000): Free talent point    

How Acquired: In Niffleheim (Spire's Ascent) just after defeating Ymir, to the
              left of the first bridge you cross. It is accessible with a hero
              that can fly

This mission takes place on the SHIELD Helicarrier. There are 2 types of 
enemies Spider-Woman will face regular enemies and energy resistant enemies. 
Use ensnare to trap enemies then hit the normal enemies with Venom Blast and
attack the energy resistant enemies with melee action. In order to medal you
will need to kill the greatest majority of the enemies. If Spider-Woman's 
costume is defensed up and Metabolic Aura (healing power) remains active, she
should be able to make it to Wrecker without a major problem. The battle with
Wrecker is straight forward. He only has melee attacks. The one to watch for 
is a two handed over the head swing that will cause stun. You should be able
to avoid 90% of his attacks because they are telegraphed. When he moves to 
attack run away and hit him with Venom Blast until he runs at you again.


X. Iceman                                                           [TSIM]


-Defeat Mysterio
-Complete within 20:00


-Bronze (15000): Hero skin unlocked
-Silver (18000): +1 strike, +1 body, +1 focus
-Gold (20000): Free talent point    

How Acquired: Near the beginning of the Shi'ar Empire mission

This may be the worst pairing of hero and site for a simulator disc. Iceman is
in the fiery depths of Mephisto's Realm. His main mode of attack should be
a leveled up Polar Explosion. Use this attack for all enemies. Except steal the
Fire Giants'swords and then attack with it. Next you will want to take 
advantage of every ledge possible. If there is an enemy that can be tossed into
the fiery pit then toss away. Mysterio doesn't have any strong powers, he is 
mostly a puncher and a poor one at that. He will disappear and reappear behind 
you but that's not a big deal. If you kept the last Fire Giant's sword use it
to bash in Mysterio's domed skull. Once the sword is gone constantly hit 
the form special effects artist with Polar Explosion. I wore the Bobby Drake 
outfit with defense added. Max energy and cold mastery were each given a point 
or two.


Y. Piledriver (Versus)                                               [TSPD]


-Defeat Piledriver
-Complete within 20:00

No Awards

-Bronze (20000)
-Silver (25000)
-Gold (30000)  

How Acquired: Near the beginning of the Skrull Planet mission after destroying
              the first magnetic shield generator

In Asgard all you have to do is acquire the greatest majority (even all if you
like) of points before you get to the boss. Piledriver does not put up much 
resistance against four super heroes.


Z. Ulik (Versus)                                                     [TSUK]


-Defeat Ulik
-Complete within 20:00

No Awards

-Bronze (20000)
-Silver (25000)
-Gold (30000)   

How Acquired: During the Shi'ar Empire mission just before aligning the 

This is another Asgard mission, so there are enough enemies to get the gold 
before you get to the end. Ulik is tougher than most of the bosses in the 
simulator. He is Physical and Energy Resistant. Having a hero with lightning,
ice, or fire powers makes Ulik very easy to defeat. Even if you don't have a
hero with one of these powers it is still four against one so there shouldn't 
be a problem.


AA. Human Torch                                                    [TSTH]


-Defeat 30 enemies
-Defeat Paibok
-Complete within 20:00


-Bronze (15000): Hero skin unlocked
-Silver (18000): +1 strike, +1 body, +1 focus
-Gold (20000): Free talent point    

How Acquired: In Skrull Planet right before you reach the Heights of Progress

This is the only simulator mission that requires you to kill a certain number
of enemies. As you proceed you must kill 30 enemies. It is no problem to do so
just use Johnny's powers to take care of these guys easily. Having Inferno and
Fire Storm maxed out makes this mission exceedingly easy. For this disc I had
Torch wearing his Modern outfit. It provides extra fire damage and increases
energy regeneration both wonderful for his abilities. When you reach Paibok, he
has 2 may attacks he uses. One is a green energy blast that stuns and the other
is a attack that encases you in a block of ice. Don't worry about either. Just
stand in the center and spam Inferno and Paibok won't know what hit him.


BB. Dragonman (Versus)                                                [TSDG]


-Defeat Dragonman
-Complete within 20:00

No Awards

-Bronze (15000)
-Silver (18000)
-Gold (20000)  

How Acquired: In the Heights of Progress portion of Skrull Planet near the 
              SHIELD access point

Fight your way through the enemies. Any where you are out in the open throw
guys off the walkways for easy kills (this also will help you complete 
achievements). Dragonman is no match for practically any foursome you fight
him with. Moon Knight should be renamed Boss Killer.


CC. Ms. Marvel                                                     [TSMM] 


-Defeat Super Skrull
-Complete within 20:00


-Bronze (15000): Hero skin unlocked
-Silver (18000): +1 strike, +1 body, +1 focus
-Gold (20000): Free talent point    

How Acquired: In the Cityscape portion of Skrull Planet it just past the 
              flaming wreckage after entering the area

Move through Skrull Planet killing enemies with Prism and Photon Burst. At 
a couple points it is possible to just grapple and throw enemies off a ledge.
Take advantage of this for some easy kills. Super Skrull has the abilities of
all the Fantastic Four, against me though he looked like a green Mr. Fantastic.
He only used Reed Richards type moves. Keep Photon Burst up for some easy 
attacks because when Skrull tries to come in close the energy balls attack 
automatically. Hit him with Prism as he approaches and Skrull should be 
defeated rather quickly. With Ms. Marvel I chose to wear the Warbird costume 
but only bought a few points in defense


DD. Kurse (Versus)                                                [TSKR]


-Defeat Kurse
-Complete within 20:00

No Awards

-Bronze (20000)
-Silver (30000)
-Gold (40000)   

This mission takes place at Asgard. There are so many enemies here that you 
can obtain the points required for gold easily before ever reaching Kurse. Once
at Kurse there is a trick. At the beginning of the mission they mentioned his
weakness to iron. Initially, he is indestructible. At least until you get the
iron hammer on the side of the battle area. Strike Kurse with the hammer and 
his invincibility disappears and he is an easily defeated enemy.


EE. Lizard (Versus)                                                 [TSLZ]


-Defeat Lizard
-Complete within 20:00

No Awards

-Bronze (18000) 
-Silver (20000)
-Gold (22000)

Again no real big deal here. Versus mode missions are simple. Kill enough 
enemies to raise your point total then go kill Lizard.


FF. Paibok (Versus)                                               [TSPK]


-Defeat Paibok
-Complete within 20:00

No Awards

-Bronze (15000) 
-Silver (18000) 
-Gold (20000)  

Not much to say here fight through the enemies killing the majority of them.
But balance that with getting to Paibok with a good bit of time (not that you
will need it). The only thing that slows down the fight with Paibok is the 
fact that he can freeze your team. Especially when you are in close getting in
some melee attacks. Stay distant and use a good projectile and when your energy
is gone switch to a melee fighter.


GG. Super Skrull (Versus)                                           [TSSS] 


-Defeat Super Skrull
-Complete within 20:00

No Awards

-Bronze (15000) 
-Silver (18000) 
-Gold (20000) 

This versus mission isn't that tough. Just fight your way through the area,
killing as many enemies as you can. Even though Super Skrull has the Fantastic
Four's powers he apparently can't use them that well.


HH. Thunderball (Versus)                                            [TSTB]


-Defeat Thunderball
-Complete within 20:00

No Awards

-Bronze (20000) 
-Silver (30000) 
-Gold (40000)     

Move forward down the map breaking some doors as necessary. Thunderball will
not put up much of a fight so you can go ahead and build your score by killing
as many enemies as you like. He can deal some damage with his weapon but four
against one is unfair for him.


9. Sketch Books                                                          [SKB]

1. In Stark Tower next to Wyatt Wingfoot
2. Outside of the Omega Base
3. Iron Man's Lab
4. Atlantean Throne in a side room before the battle vs. Attuma and Tiger Shark
5. Mandarin's Palace initial room
6. Valley of the Spirits Celestial Hall in a room with one of the levers
7. In the upstairs Sanctuary of Sanctum Sanctorum
8. On the right upon entry to the Big Top in Murderworld
9. Inside the pinball machine in Murderworld
10. Mephisto's Realm (Inferno) down the stairs to the left of Ghost Rider
11. Mephisto's Realm (Seplucher) in the room the Fire Giant leaves
12. Bifrost bridge next to the stairs after Odin (statue) lifts his right arm
13. The Warrior Hall in Valhalla, in front of the door 
14. Odin's Courtyard - West Wing in an area past where you find Tyr
15. Odin's Courtyard - East Wing behind Heimdall after the Shocker/Rhino battle
16. Niffleheim near the beginning
17. Niffleheim in Ymir's Domain just after defeating Ymir
18. The Royal Library of Attilan
19. The Royal Court of Attilan
20. First area at the Shi'ar Empire just past the moveable blocks
21. Hyperdrive in the Shi'ar starship just after beating Gladiator
22. Skrull Planet (Aeronautics) next to the console that opens the hangar door
23. Skrull Planet (Cityscape) just past the core drills Galactus uses
24. Doom's version of Stark Tower near Black Widow's position
25. Doom's Castle next to the locked door 
26. Doom's Castle on the path toward the Gauntlets 
27. Doom's Castle upon entering the Hall of Arms
28. Doom's Castle in a side room in the Doom's Lab area

10. Action Figures

All of these action figures are not in the walkthough portion of the guide. I
have received so many questions and seen so many on the message boards that on
a subsequent play of MUA I scoured every level looking for all the action

A. Daredevil                                                     [DDAF]

1. Omega Base: Down the stairs to the right just before the first gear of the 
               drive train that needs destroyed

2. Atlantis: In the Atlantean Trenches just before entering the Atlantean 
             Throne Room, free the trapped soldier from the clam. He will give
             you the combination to a safe located in a nearby submarine. Open
             the chest for an action figure

3. Valley of Spirits: In the portion of the Golden Court where the fire 
                      breathing statues are located, jump to the floor below
                      and find an action figure in the center of the room 
                      along the wall with the aforementioned statues.

4. Sanctum Sanctorum: Go upstairs to the Sanctuary. The action figure is near
                      the book Vision was requesting. The book is indicated 
                      by a large X.

5. Murderworld: In "Castle Doom" a Daredevil action figure is just after
                picking up the Mysterio disc. Its to the right of the entrance
                to the next portion of the castle. If you exit and are chased
                by the moving spiked wall the action figure has been missed
                (maybe until the next play through).

6. Mephisto's Realm: The action figure is under a tree before you first 
                     encounter Ghost Rider.

7. Bifrost Bridge: Be sure to lift Odin's left arm and you will find a weapon's
                   cache with an action figure.

8. Asgard: Early in the level just to the left of the first porch you find.
           This porch also houses a weapons cache with a skill point.

9. Niffleheim: There is a house near the end of the Shore of Corpses. The
               action figure is on the roof 

B. Black Panther                                                  [BPAF]

1. Stark Tower: After defeating the Omega Base mission access is granted to
                Iron Man's Lab. Enter the lab and go down the stairs the action
                figure is under the first set of stairs.

2. Atlantis: In the dive chamber across from the entry point. (If you don't
             get this one I don't think there is a way to come back later and
             collect it).

3. Valley of Spirits: This action figure is behind destructible Buddha statues
                      at the end of the Forbidden Passage just before entrance
                      to Mandarin's Court.

4. Murderworld: Go through door 3 in the Fun House. In this area the exit will
                be blocked and clowns will attack. Destroy the clowns and walk
                toward the flowers along the wall and search for the action 
                figure. It is difficult to see but I promise it is there.

5. Mephisto's Realm: In the portion of the realm where the Book of Majernik
                     says "Whilst thy name is carven in stone, thy shall be
                     invincible," the action figure is in a grave to the rear
                     of the the area.

6. Bifrost Bridge: Early in the level you should come across a ship. At the
                   right end of the ship sits an action figure.

7. Courtyard of the Gods: After completing the Bifrost Bridge, you have access
                          to the Hall of the Honored Fallen. In the far right
                          portion of the hall there is an action figure.

8. Asgard: Move a statue in the East Wing and the West Wing. If both statues 
           are in place a secret area is accessible at the end of the West 
           Wing. The secret area has a weapon's cache with an action figure.

9. Niffleheim: At the end of Spire's Ascent after fighting Baron Mordo and 
               Ultron do not immediately exit to Raven's Spire. Instead, move
               through the now open gate and turn around and there you have 
               it a well hidden action figure.

11. Achievements                                                     [ACV]

1. Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (30) 
     -Nick Fury was unlocked as a playable hero

2. Doomed Ending (45)
     -Dr. Doom was utterly defeated

3. The Power Cosmic (45)
     -The mighty Galactus was toppled

4. Titanic Victory (15)
     -Titannus was defeated

5. Good Samaritan (20)
     -Completed Skrull Cityscape level without defeating a single enemy

6. Deathbird's Defeat (15)
     -Deathbird was crushed

7. Warrior's Path (15)
     -Gladiator was defeated

8. The Trickster (45)
     -Loki was defeated

9. Giant Relief (15)
     -Ymir fell to the forces of good

10. The Executioner's Blade (15)
     -Executioner and Enchantress were defeated

11. Wakandan Royalty (30)
     -Black Panther was unlocked as a playable hero

12. Marvel Master (10)
     -Answered 150 Trivia questions correctly
13. Mephisto's Defeat (45)
     -Mephisto was struck down

14. Son of a Devil (15)
     -Blackheart was defeated

15. Scarlet Swashbuckler (30)
     -Daredevil was unlocked as a playable hero

16. Game Over (15)
     -Arcade was defeated

17. Mandarin's Downfall (45)
     -The evil Mandarin was crushed by the forces of good

18. Defeated Grey Gargoyle (15)
     -Grey Gargoyle was defeated

19. Swimming with the Fish (15)
     -The mighty Kraken was defeated

20. Melee Master (15)
     -Performed 50 Finishing Moves

21. Underwater Battle (15)
     -Tigershark and Attuma were defeated

22. Pugilist (5) 
     -Performed 5 Finishing Moves

23. Fall to Death (10)
     -Threw 5 enemies off a ledge

24. Blue Screen of Death (15)
     -M.O.D.O.K was defeated

25. Legendary Super Hero (15)
     -Defeated 100 enemies

26. Comic God (15)
     -Answered 20 Trivia Questions correctly in a row

27. Marvel Geek (5)
     -Answered 15 Trivia questions correctly

28. Dragon Slayer (15)
     -Fin Fang Foom was defeated

29. Fledgling Super Hero (5)
     -Defeated 10 enemies

30. Surfs Up (30)
     -Silver Surfer was unlocked as a playable hero

31. Ultimate Super Hero (50)
     -Defeat 4000 enemies

32. Touch of Death (30)
     -Performed 200 Finishing moves 

33. Scared of Heights (20)
     -Threw 50 enemies of a ledge

34. Widow Maker (30)
     -Threw 500 enemies of a ledge

35. Excelsior! (50)
     -Beat the game in Hard Mode

36. Dressed for Success (45)
     -Unlock all outfits for all characters

37. Golden Age of Comics (30)
     -Attained Gold in all Comic Missions

38. I Have a Friend (5)
     -Complete 1 level in Co-op mode with at least 1 other player

39. Super Hero Team (15)
     -Complete 25 levels in Co-op mode with at least 1 other player

40. Teamwork (5)
     -Complete 1 level in Co-op with 3 other players

41. Ultimate Team Alliance (15)
     -Complete 25 levels in Co-op with 3 other players

42. Battle Tested (5)
     -Won 1 Arcade Mode game

43. Battle Hardened (15)
     -Won 20 Arcade Mode games

44. The Destroyer (25)
     -Won 100 Arcade Mode games

45. Mad Skillz (10)
     -Won 3 Arcade Mode games in a row

46. Teh Mast3r (25)
     -Won at least 15 Arcade Mode games in a row

47. Gamma Garb (20)
     -Unlocked all the outfits for the Hulk

48. Acrcher Apparel (20)
     -Unlocked all the outfits for Hawkeye

49. Optic Outfits (20)
     -Unlocked all the outfits for Cyclops

50. Teleport Threads (20)
     -Unlocked all the outfits for Nightcrawler

51. Doom's Duds (20)
     -Unlocked all the outfits for Doom

52. Magnetic Regalia (20)
     -Unlocked all the outfits for Magneto

53. Symbiote Skins (20)
     -Unlocked all the outfits for Venom

54. Creed's Cloth (20)
     -Unlocked all the outfits for Sabretooth

55. Mutant Love (20)
     -Cyclops has spoken with Jean
56. Doppelganger (20)
     -Doom has spoken with himself

57. Wrong Claws (20)
     -Sabretooth has been mistaken for Wolverine

58. Fleeting Allies (20)
     -Magneto has spoken to Xavier

12. Legalities                                                      [LGL]

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private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
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