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Follow the dark path or use the light


by Patt3rson

|                                                                            |
|   JUST CAUSE                                                               |
|                                                                            |
|   FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox 360                      Written by Patt3rson   |
|                                                                            |
|   Version FINAL                                            April 17 2009   |
|                                                                            |
|   patt3rson[at]gmail[dot]com                     |
|                                                                            |

| T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S                                          |
 ___ ________________________________________________________________________
| 1 | INTRODUCTION                                                           |
1.1  - Copyright
1.2  - Additions
1.3  - Preparations
 ___ ________________________________________________________________________
| 2 | GAME                                                                   |
2.1  - Review
2.2  - Story
2.3  - Characters
2.4  - Controls
 ___ ________________________________________________________________________
| 3 | WALKTHROUGH                                                            |
3.1  - Devil’s Drop Zone
3.2  - Breakout
3.3  - Freedom Fighters
3.4  - The San Esperito Connection
3.5  - Test of Loyalty
3.6  - Good Cop, Bad Cop
3.7  - Some Like it Hotter
3.8  - Brothers in Arms
3.9  - River of Blood
3.10 - Field of Dreams
3.11 - Broadcast News
3.12 - Love Is in the Air
3.13 - I’ve Got The Power
3.14 - Guadalicano Choo Choo
3.15 - Some Enchanted Evening
3.16 - Streets of Fire
3.17 - Dismissed Without Honors
3.18 - Sink the Buccaneer
3.19 - Taking Out the Garbage Vol. 1
3.20 - Taking Out the Garbage Vol. 2
3.21 - Taking Out the Garbage Vol. 3
 ___ ________________________________________________________________________
| 4 | CONCLUSION                                                             |
4.1  - Final Word
4.2  - Credits

| 1 | I N T R O D U C T I O N                                                |
 ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
| 1 | 1 | COPYRIGHT                                                          |
This document may not be distributed or copied in parts or as a whole. This
file may only be printed or saved for personal use. For usage in other ways or
for other locations, written permission has to be acquired from the author.
Even online files are covered by the international copyright law, usage
without permission can thereby be fought out in court. Permission can be asked
using the contact address below, but is not guaranteed.

If you find this file at another location than the allowed locations below,
please contact me using the same contact address. The newest version of this
file can always be found at For questions and/or remarks
about this file, including the walkthrough, you can also use the contact
address below. Only serious questions of which the answer isn't already in
this file will be responded to.


 ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
| 1 | 2 | ADDITIONS                                                          |
No additions have been made to the contents of this file. The layout has been
changed and generating it is now automated. No further additions will be made
to this document.
 ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
| 1 | 3 | PREPARATIONS                                                       |
In the walkthrough, wind directions are usually used to tell you which way to
go or to indicate a relative position. Use the compass that’s always on
screen, or the map you can view through your PDA, to see which way is north
and where you are at that time.

Almost all missions can be started by arriving at Sheldon’s trailer or by
entering the arrows at another location, where you can press A to start. You
can quickly go here by asking for a pick up through your PDA and choosing
Mission Briefing as your drop off point. A couple of missions will only become
available after meeting certain criteria, but these are generally already part
of what you were supposed to be doing anyway. At the end there are three
consecutive missions that don’t need to be started separately, you’ll just go
through them automatically.

San Esperito is a large area and it can be tough to get to the right location.
Fortunately you can always ask for assistance using your PDA. First of all,
it’s possible to request a pick up and get dropped off at the unlocked
hideouts, but also at the starting location of your next mission. Second of
all, you can request a vehicle. Two for on land, one for on water and one for
in the air. At the start only the motorbike is available, you can unlock the
rest by completing missions. You do have to stand on a pretty flat surface
outside of a city to be able to use these services.

Next to the services of the Agency, you can use the transportation of the
inhabitants of San Esperito. Your grappling hook can be used to steal a
helicopter or get onto the roof of a car. If you do this, the driver will get
scared and hit the gas, you don’t have any control over where you’re going at
that time. If you get in on the passenger’s side, you’ll hitch a ride also
without the option of choosing in which direction you go. That is only
possible of you get behind the wheel yourself, which is easily done from the
roof or the passenger’s side. Of course you can also just use the grappling
hook to grab the vehicle and fly after it with your parachute.

To get new hideouts and unlock Achievements, you need to help the resistance
to throw government forces out of settlements and liberate houses from the
Montanos for the Riojas. You can start these missions by talking to a
resistance or Rioja member at the exclamation mark icons on your map. What you
need to do depends on the type of settlement you’re going to liberate. At
mansions, villages and military bases, the start is the same. Enemy troops
will appear and you need to shoot them until you’re told about a barricade.
You need to destroy this with grenades. Then this is repeated twice, to get
access to your final target. In villages and military bases you need to reach
the enemy flag and replace it with the flag of the resistance, with the only
difference between these being that villages are not guarded by tanks and air
defence. At the end of liberating mansions, you need to take out a special,
stronger enemy. Cities can be liberated by changing the flag after just
eliminating enough enemy troops and vehicles. In all variations your progress
will be shown in a meter. Side missions can be started at liberated

| 2 | G A M E                                                                |
 ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
| 2 | 1 | REVIEW                                                             |
A review for this game written by me can be found at
 ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
| 2 | 2 | STORY                                                              |
Rico Rodriguez is working for The Agency, a company that executes secret
missions for the American government. The leader of the sunny San Esperito,
president Mendoza, is a thorn in the eye of the Americans and also of the
local population. Violence and drug dealing happens every day and it’s up to
The Agency to destabilize the government of San Esperito and remove president
Mendoza from power, under the radar. To do this you will go on multiple
missions, in which you take out key figures and slowly diminish the means and
grip Mendoza has, before eliminating him personally.
 ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
| 2 | 3 | CHARACTERS                                                         |
Rico Rodriguez is in American with an exotic background, working for the
Agency. He is the character you plat with for the entire game.

The man that hands you your Agency assignments. In his colorful outfit and
with his wild hair, he seems to be enjoying himself in San Esperito.

A blonde, female employee of the Agency, who doesn’t seem to get along with
Rico at the start but kind of defrosts towards the end.

The president of San Esperito and apparently not a very popular dictator. You
need to remove him and his government from power by helping the resistance.

The leader of the local resistance. You’ll free him early in the game and
that’s the start of a good work partnership.

Also an important person for the rebels and the sister of Caramicas. You also
need to rescue here from a prison later on.

The leader of a large drug cartel in San Esperito. His name is not mentioned
when he gives you missions to take care of the Montanos.

Edmundo’s wife and also an active member of the Riojas drug cartel. She loves
doing business with Rico, which didn’t slip by Edmundo.

Part of the police force in San Esperito, but he’s playing both sides by
working both for The Agency and Mendoza.

Velasco also has a high position in law enforcement, but he is taken out by
you as an order from Carmona.

Durango is part of the military force of San Esperito, when you take him out
you strike a very hard blow against the army.

A son of Mendoza, you take him out when he’s giving a speech at the airport
together with his brother Tomaso.

A son of Mendoza, you take him out when he’s giving a speech at the airport
together with his brother Luis.

Otto Kleiner is a former Nazi and now present on San Esperito to help dictator
Mendoza with his special weapon program.

A man of little importance. He is the one who take off with your money if you
go to an arms deal with Esperanza.

Franco Alifano leaves for a hotel in his limousine under escort, you need to
hijack the limousine and take him out.
 ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
| 2 | 4 | CONTROLS                                                           |
Up    = Select grappling hook / explosives directly
Down  = Select grappling hook / explosives directly
Left  = Switch weapon
Right = Switch weapon

A = Interact, parachute
B = Jump
X =
Y = Enter/leave vehicle

LB = Switch target
LT = Throw grenade, extend grappling hook
RB = Reload
RT = Fire, retract grappling hook

Left analog  = Move character
Press left   =
Right analog = Move camera
Press right  = Shoulder camera

Start = Pause menu
Back  = PDA

| 3 | W A L K T H R O U G H                                                  |
 ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 1 | DEVIL’S DROP ZONE                                                  |
You’ll start the game falling from the sky and at a reasonable distance from
the island ahead of you. You can drop down quite a bit before you open your
parachute with A. Of course you can switch back to free fall after opening it
by pressing the A button again. You do have to use that parachute, or you
won’t have enough forward momentum to reach the beach. In that case you have
to swim, which is possible but it will cost you extra time and it’s less
interesting. Once on the beach you will meet Sheldon, the man that’s in
contact with you over the radio all the game and hands out missions to you. He
is being attacked on the beach by the local police, who will show up in vans
and start shooting. Select a weapon with the directional button left or right,
so that you can take them out. You’ll see a mark on the enemy you’re targeting
and if you fire you’ll know you hit the target when a red addition is made to
that mark. Shoot down all the men, including the reinforcements that show up
with about four to five guys in a van. Walk around a bit while doing that to
pick up items from defeated opponents, including a faster firing weapon.

After defeating the attacking waves, Sheldon will tell you to get onto the
back of the car and use the on board turret. So run to the indicated car and
press Y at the back of it to get in. Sheldon will do the driving, while you
need to take care of pursuers in the shape of terrain vehicles and
helicopters. The helicopters should be your priority, because they can do more
damage with their rockets. You don’t need to aim very carefully, as long as
you see the mark and it turns red while firing at the target you’ll know
you’re doing damage. A bit further ahead Sheldon will stop in front of a
blockade. Get out of the car and walk up to the fuel tank. Press the right
analog stick to look over the shoulder in free aim and shoot at the tank until
it explodes, you can basically ignore the other men. Sheldon will drive up a
bit to the blockade when the coast is clear, you have to get in again to
continue to follow the route. In this section more terrain vehicles and
helicopters will show up that follow you, again first take out the
helicopters. When you almost get to the end, Sheldon will call upon the help
of some planes, the mission is accomplished after their bombardment is
 ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 2 | BREAKOUT                                                           |
After all kinds of information about garages, health recovery, weapons and
vehicles, you can directly start this mission at the trailer that’s parked
here. You need to travel quite a distance and without your grappling hook your
options are pretty limited. Just grab the motorbike next to the trailer and
follow the path right in front of you to get to the normal road. Follow it
left and use the map to keep going in the right direction. On your way to the
goal you can open your parachute and float through the air a bit, land on the
roof of cars to hitch a ride or get in as a passenger on the right side of a
car. Not everyone will appreciate this and you won’t have control over where
you’re going, but you can always take the wheel by pressing Y again. If you
follow the route you’ll come to a prison on an island after using some
bridges, followed by police because you drove through a blockade. You can open
your parachute if you have enough speed and taking the Stunt Position, which
can get you across the fence. But it’s faster to arrange your exit as soon as
you enter.

The entrance consists of a couple of gates, with conveniently placed barrels
right next to them. If you blow them up part of the gate will fall over, do
that to both gates to get in. Run straight ahead through the prison inside and
only take out the opponents that really bother you. Once outside, cross the
basketball field and follow the linear route to the indicated location. There
you will meet Caramicas, the leader of the resistance. He will follow you on
your way back across the courtyard and when you go inside again he’ll see
goodbye for now. Continue outside again and take out the cops around the
barricade of cars, so that you can steal one of those for your escape. The
gates should still be down so that you can just drive outside, what remains is
a long drive through the mountains while being chased by the cops. One of the
bridges along the way will open, but that just means you’ll jump and have to
pay a little attention while landing. The mission is over as soon as you reach
the resistance camp.
 ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 3 | FREEDOM FIGHTERS                                                   |
In this mission you have to help the resistance liberate two villages and it
will automatically be started after the previous mission. Taking over villages
and cities, which will eventually take an entire province out of government’s
hands, is an important activity outside of the missions, but you’ll be
familiarized with it here. Move to the location now indicated on your map, if
you get there you’ll be told how the liberation process works exactly. To
start this you have to talk to the man with the green arrows above his head,
he is also indicated with a green icon of an exclamation mark on your map. At
the crates next to him you can also refill your ammunition, especially
grenades will come in handy. After starting the liberation mission, more
resistance members will show up and you have to walk along with them towards
the village. Your task is to take out the government troops, but eventually
you’ll come to a barricade. If you take out enough surrounding enemies you’ll
be told to destroy the barricade, indicated with red arrows.

Throw a grenade at it, you can make it explode early if you want by using LB
to target it and then firing. With a maximum of two well targeted grenades the
barricade will be demolished and then you can continue. You must then repeat
the process of taking out enemies and blowing up barricades twice more. Then
you’ll get access to the flag of the village, walk up to it and when standing
next to it you have to press A to replace the government flag. This will
liberate the village, but you need to gain control of all settlements that are
held by the government in a province to completely and definitively liberate
that province. To do this you need to go to the now indicated location and
talk to the guy with the green arrows again, so that you’ll start a next
liberation mission. Here you can actually get some Timed Explosives from the
ammo crates, but you don’t really need those. As soon as this settlement falls
into resistance hands you will have liberated the province, what you can also
see on the Politcal map. That was your job in this mission, so you’re done now.
 ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 4 | THE SAN ESPERITO CONNECTION                                        |
This mission has to be started by going to the location of Sheldon’s trailer
again and pressing A while next to the door. After that you will have to
travel quite far, but you do own the grappling hook now. This enables you to
move from vehicle to vehicle more easily and leave the driving up to the
original drivers if you don’t want to drive yourself. If you get close to the
indicated location, you’ll see the limousine leave. Now it’s smart to take the
Stunt Position on a vehicle that has enough speed, to open your parachute from
that position and then use your grappling hook to grab onto Alifano’s car.
Hold RT to pull yourself towards the car, press Y when you’re on top of it to
take control of the wheel. You can also do this by pressing B to jump over to
the car, after driving next to it. Alifano will jump out of the car
immediately, so get out as well and keep firing at Alifano until his health
bar is completely empty. Then arrange some new transportation to head over to
the new location, if you go through the mountains you can possibly take a
shortcut by using your parachute. At the hotel you will meet the wife of the
leader of the Riojas, after which you’ll successfully complete the mission.
 ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 5 | TEST OF LOYALTY                                                    |
You’ll do this mission for the Riojas and you’ll be equipped with remotely
detonated explosives, you need those to blow up some targets. Move to the
indicated spot on your map, there’s a terrain surrounded by fences and the
entrance to it is on the southwestern corner. You’ll get fired upon as soon as
you enter, but it shouldn’t bother you that much. Head over to the east, where
there’s a smaller enclosed area with two silos inside that you need to blow
up. You need to destroy those specifically using the remotely detonated
explosives or the Timed Explosives, which you need to place at the spots
indicated with red arrows. It’s possible that many enemies will enter the
area, so make sure it doesn’t get too crowded by shooting some of them every
now and then. As soon as both silos are brought down the location of a truck
will be highlighted on your map, in the northwestern corner of the large
terrain. Grab the truck after shooting down the surrounding enemies and drive
it through the western exit, try to drive through the small opening there
without hitting the fences. You need to drive quite a while and make sure you
deliver at least two crates of your cargo. That isn’t really a problem, unless
you flip over, because the lower crates will usually stay inside the raised
edges of the truck. You’ll be chased by armed cares, but they won’t do much
damage to your vehicle. So just follow the route you want to the final
location, the mission is over as soon as you approach the garage in which
you’re expected to park.
 ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 6 | GOOD COP, BAD COP                                                  |
Contrary to what your employer says it isn’t that hard to take on a direct
approach in this mission. The boat with your target on it is located on the
other side of the city. Grab a car or walk to it and use your grappling hook.
Wait for a boat to pass by close enough to attach your grappling hook to it.
Pull yourself aboard and take over the wheel. Now you can sail to the west
side of the ship to enter it using some stairs, but you can also pick up some
speed into the direction of the ship and use your parachute to land on the
ship’s deck. Velasco is on board somewhere, he’s the one with the red arrows
above his head. Shoot at him until his health runs out, which makes Kane show
up in a boat. Jump off the ship on the west side and climb behind the turret
at the back of the speed boat. You’ll be chased by other boats and
helicopters, try to take out those flying things first. You can try and hit
them before you even have a mark on them, that’s even easier for boats and it
makes a difference when they actually get closer. The mission is over as soon
as Kane reaches the final location
 ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 7 | SOME LIKE IT HOTTER                                                |
Use the motorbike standing on the rear side of the trailer and get to the
normal road. Follow the route towards the mountains while Sheldon tells you to
hurry up to prevent Durango from getting away. But he’ll just stay put until
you get to a certain distance from him, then his limousine and escort will
leave. The best trick is again to chase him with speed and stand on your roof
if you’re close enough to open your parachute. Use your grappling hook to grab
Durango’s limousine directly, then retract the cable until you get to the roof
and press Y to get inside the car and find out Durango wasn’t in this vehicle.
A new location will be highlighted on your map and you can use this limousine
to get there or hijack a pursuing helicopter to travel faster. Once there you
first take out the armed opponents to get to your target, the one with the red
arrows above his head. Drain his health bar, if that takes to long and you’re
being shot at a lot it might be worth taking those shooters out first. The
mission is over when Durango is eliminated.
 ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 8 | BROTHERS IN ARMS                                                   |
There’s a helicopter directly next to the trailer, this will make the journey
to Esperanza much shorter. Land next to her on the road and talk to her, this
will make her sit in the car. She won’t sit behind the wheel, so you have to
drive this time instead of shooting. Just follow the road you’re already on
until you get to the location where the deal will take place underneath a
bridge. After getting fired upon, you need to get to a car as soon as
possible, the one you arrived in or the one parked in front of it. Start the
pursuit right away. This time it’s a bit harder to drive next to the target
car and press B to get onto it. So if you want to get to the target car, you
need to take the Stunt Position at speed, open your parachute and use your
grappling hook to get to the roof of the car and get it. It’s also possible
that Sanchez will just stop somewhere after a while. As soon as he is outside
of his car you can shoot at him, he will do the same. The mission is over as
soon as his health bar is depleted.
 ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 9 | RIVER OF BLOOD                                                     |
There’s a fast, armed speed boat waiting for you in the water. Get in and
follow the coast bending to the left. You’ll get onto a river where you have
to keep going into the direction of the target, but where you can pass some
small islands both on the left or right side. At some places the river is
rather small, so watch out if you move trough there at full speed. Once at the
indicated location, where you need to get before time runs out, it’s a good
idea to leave your boat at a safe spot because it’s also the best way to
escape. There’s a train parked here with three big fuel tanks on it, guarded
by multiple enemies. If it’s getting crowded, take out some of them and start
by destroying the front most fuel tank on the train, which will leave towards
the southwest. As soon as it’s destroyed the train will start to accelerate,
so you have to be quick in destroying the center and then rear most fuel tanks.

If you do this in reverse order you won’t have any time to destroy the last
fuel tank, because the train is already moving to fast for you to catch up.
After destroying the fuel tanks, get back into a boat. Preferably the black
one you arrived in, but there’s also a small white one or a larger guard ship.
Use it to travel back along the river while being shot at by helicopters and
boats. The boats aren’t really a problem, the helicopters won’t be either if
you can maintain your speed. If you still get hit in such a way that your boat
catches on fire, then quickly get out and try to hijack a chasing ship or even
a helicopter. The river will bend to the right after a while, follow it
further and eventually there’ll be an incline on the right side. Enter there
and approach the wooden building on the shore to finish the mission.
 ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 10 | FIELD OF DREAMS                                                   |
To quickly get to the location where you need to be, you can take the
helicopter standing on the terrain next to the road. When you get close to the
red star on the map you’ll notice six smaller red dots around it. The coca
plants on these fields need to be destroyed and you can do that in many ways.
There’s a truck next to the closest field for example, loaded with chemicals
in the back. Place it in the middle of the coca field and throw a grenade at
it, most of the plants will disappear because of this. You can clearly see the
difference between living and dead plants and the coca plants also look
different than the surrounding vegetation. The plants can also be destroyed
with explosions, from grenades, explosives, cars and rockets. New troops will
show up regularly, which enables you to get a hold of grenades pretty easily.

If you use those to blow up cars you’ll have a slightly bigger radius,
destroying more plants at once. You’ll be notified if all the plants in a
field have been destroyed, if not there’s probably still a small bush you need
to wipe out. After destroying a couple of fields, about half of them, the
enemy will also come after you with helicopters. By driving around in a car
across the coca field there’s a big chance the incoming rockets will destroy
the coca plants, but you’ll also risk getting your car blown up. It’s also
possible to hijack the helicopter and use its weapons yourself to destroy the
coca plants of the remaining fields, which you can’t do with the helicopter
you started with because it doesn’t have any weapons. Above all it’s also very
easy to get back to where the mission started, because you need to go there
after all the coca fields have been destroyed.
 ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 11 | BROADCAST NEWS                                                    |
To inform the population about the upcoming revolution, you have to help
Caramicas to broadcast some propaganda. Take the ATV parked next to the
trailer and take the winding path to the south. Bend towards the east, ahead
you can take the left adjacent road to get to the location where Caramicas is
waiting for you. Talk to him and you’ll storm the studio with some rebels.
Stay close to Caramicas, a bit in front of him. Shoot all the opponents you
run into and Caramicas will soon disappear into a building after a short walk.
At that moment Sheldon will notify you where enemies will be coming from over
the radio, first that’s from the sea side up north. So move over to that side
of the area and shoot down the men that come running in through the open gate.
After that they will appear at the main entrance, in the west where you also
entered the area.

After that attack wave you have to return to the northern entrance to take out
the next wave there. A final wave will appear, this time at the southern
entrance of the area, so head over there and take out the few enemies that
show up. During this attack waves, red arrows will indicate which entrance you
have to defend, the enemies are not allowed to reach those doors. After
defeating all the waves you’ll be told to take out the large radio tower. A
couple of enemy vehicles will appear with crews around them, so take them out
before you move down the ramp. Make sure you are in possession of at least one
grenade, if you don’t have it you can shoot down more enemies until one of
those drops them. At the bottom of the ramp underneath the radio tower, throw
a grenade next to the pillar. You’ll be picked up by a helicopter after it
explodes, wrapping up this mission.
 ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 12 | LOVE IS IN THE AIR                                                |
Take the helicopter directly next to the trailer and fly it to the northwest.
The base on top of the mountain is well guarded and the air defense is a
threat to your helicopter. Just fly above the area as soon as possible and
jump out of the helicopter before you’re fired upon, to use your parachute to
land inside the base. First move to the most southern red dot on your map.
Walk through the base while shooting enemies and continue to the south side of
the farthest building. At the back you can go up some stairs, then walk over
to the north side to climb a ladder. Follow the roof to the south and climb
another ladder, after which you can get to the highest roof using the pipe and
the block. Place the satellite beacon there and just jump off the roof on the
north side, you can land safely with your parachute. Now run to the northeast
and between the containers. You’ll see that the next location where you need
to be is right in front of you and on a lower level, so just jump to it and
use your parachute to neatly land next to the small building.

Take the stairs on the north side and walk to the southern end of the walkway
along the left, place the second satellite beacon there. Go back down the
stairs and walk up to the western wall to the end of a road. There’s probably
a car parked next to the small building, steal it and follow the road up the
mountain. Go left at the intersection and ignore any opposition you might
face, take the exit on the right ahead more up the mountains through a misty
area. In the hairpin turn to the left there’s a building you can pass quickly
to get away from the opponents there. At the top you crash through the
barrier, then run or drive up the mountain to the red dot. You’ll get to the
exact location by running up the long ramp on the south side of the
construction, then place the satellite beacon on the north side. The rockets
are activated immediately, so you have to prevent them from being launched. A
new location is indicated on your map, so descend and quickly run down the
mountain in a southeastern direction. Using the roof of a building you can get
to the south side of it, then walk inside and press A to use the computer
there. Leave the building and run towards the edge of the mountain, you’ll
automatically jump off and the mission is accomplished.
 ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 13 | I’VE GOT THE POWER                                                |
After your briefing there will be some Timed Explosives for you to pick up
diagonally in front of the trailer. Try to grab onto a boat from the shore,
hijack it and then sail to the other side of the island with the indicated
location on it, to get onto it from the north side on a beach. It’s a military
island, so you won’t run into any civilians or normal cars and you’re probably
constantly being harassed by police and possibly helicopters. Quickly hijack a
car of the army and drive it to the indicated location, you can take a
shortcut at the last part of the route. When you get to the base, it is not a
good idea to travel by car, unless there aren’t any helicopters. Inside a
vehicle they will fire at you with rockets and that’s a lot more dangerous
than regular machine gun fire when you’re on foot. Inside the base there are
three spots marked with red dots. These are the locations of three computers
you need to blow up. The most northern one is all the way up in a chimney, you
have to go up a stairs on the north side and then use the walkways and ladders
to get up there. The most western one is also reachable by walkways, the
stairs for this one is next to the road going past it on the north side.

The last one is on ground level, you can just walk up to it. The computers can
be blown up with grenades and Timed Explosives, if you don’t have any you can
shoot the army until a fallen soldier drops some. After taking out the three
terminals a new location is highlighted on your radar. It’s worth the trouble
to hijack a helicopter with your grappling hook and fly to that location, but
a car will also do if you can drive fast enough the escape the incoming
rockets. From the helicopter you can also land nicely on top of the highest
walkway with your parachute, if you can’t do that then climb the stairs at the
western corner and follow the walkway to a ladder. At these stairs there is a
motorbike you’ll need later, so remember it. Continue to the indicated spot
and blow up the computer with a grenade or Timed Explosive. As soon as it
explodes a longer timer will start, you have to get off the island within that
time. Take the fastest route back to the motorbike near the stairs where you
started and get on. Driver straight and off the edge, after a couple of
seconds in the air you can press A to open your parachute. Then slowly drift
towards the indicated location on the remote island, you’ll complete this
mission if you get far enough within the remaining time.
 ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 14 | GUADALICANO CHOO CHOO                                             |
After starting the mission at the red smoke, a helicopter will show up. You
can only get in on the passenger’s side, after which you’ll get your briefing
inside the helicopter. Sheldon and Kane will jump out of it and you control it
as soon as the mission really starts. There’s a train ahead preparing to
leave, so head over to the indicated location. The train has 25 parts on board
that you need to destroy. At the front there’s some air defense and other
helicopters will show up as well, so work quickly and stay out of range from
the air defense. You can do this by flying behind the train and work your way
from the back to the front targets. Keep firing missiles as soon as the back
target gets marked and make sure you always have an indicator like that, or
you won’t hit anything. If you do this correctly you will quickly take out all
the targets and see the counter go up for almost every missile you fire. As
soon as you have disabled the train, Kleiner will take off and you’ll be
harassed by more helicopters. Start the pursuit and try to fly through the
valley at a low altitude, as soon as a marker indicates you can hit Kleiner
you should fire away with missiles to take him down quickly. If you can’t keep
your helicopter after taking out the train because the damage is too great,
you can’t do anything else than get to the ground and hijack another
helicopter with your grappling hook fast, before Kleiner gets away too far.
 ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 15 | SOME ENCHANTED EVENING                                            |
Drive the car standing next to the trailer up north. If you get close to the
pilot that’s on his way, he’ll start to follow the road to the west. You need
to remove him from his car, for example by first taking it over yourself. So
try to use your grappling hook on his car after standing on a chasing car or
jump to the roof of his car. As soon as the pilot exits his vehicle you must
kill him, then you’ll get to know where the helicopter is he was travelling
to. Head over there, everybody in the camp will shoot at you. Get into the
attack helicopter and fly towards the airport, which is now indicated on your
map. There’s a special landing spot for you there, so park the helicopter
there and walk to the new location.

Not everyone here is hostile, you can probably just walk up to the stage where
Luis en Tomaso appear. As soon as you start shooting at them they will move to
the tanks that were on display, after which it’s a lot harder to take them
out. You can easily take one of them out before he reaches a tank, to get the
other one you’re going to need your own tank. Start the pursuit and use your
tank’s gun on the one of the brother you’re following. Try not to get hit too
often, by both the enemy tank and the pursuing helicopter. As soon as you take
out the brothers you have to get back to a safe location. Get out of the tank
as quickly as possible, because if you use it to get back you’ll eventually be
destroyed by the helicopter. It’s a good idea to hijack it or to go back to
where you parked the helicopter you used to get here. Use one of those to
approach the indicated location and finish the mission.
 ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 16 | STREETS OF FIRE                                                   |
You’ll be told to hijack a money transport and destroy the cash. The location
where you need to be is not far from here and in the same city. Move there by
grabbing a car. Depending on how fast you are, the money transport and the two
armed cars that guard it might have already left. If that’s not the case you
can reach the car pretty easily after maybe taking out some men, but if the
car is already moving it isn’t too much trouble either to get inside it. Just
follow the group of cars and drive next to the money transport, then press B
to jump to its roof. You can also do this by staying away from it, getting
into Stunt Position at a certain speed and opening your parachute. Aim your
grappling hook at the money transport and retract the cable to get to the roof
in this way. Press Y to jump inside the car and get behind the wheel, a new
location will appear on your map. On your way there you’ll be harassed by
armed buggies, just ignore them and quickly drive to the north side of the
block where the indicated location is. From that side you can go down a ramp
and drive into the garage where the mission will end.
 ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 17 | DISMISSED WITHOUT HONORS                                          |
Once you get to the indicated location you’ll see Immaculada and some
henchmen. Talk to her and the group will move towards the prison, which is now
highlighted on your map. Move towards the main entrance on the north side
while shooting people, where you need to use a grenade or other explosive to
break open the front gate. Walk inside and take care of the enemies on the
square, then go up the stairs in the back left. Follow the linear route
through the prison between the fences until you get to Esperanza at the end.
Talk to her and she’ll follow you, take the same route back until you get to
the point where Immaculada is waiting for you. Esperanza is safe then and the
corrupt Carmona will take off. Descend using the stairs and hijack an armed
car, Immaculada will then get behind the turret while you start the pursuit.
You only have to drive close enough to Carmona so that she can do enough
damage with the gun, which is indicated by the bar at the top of your screen.
Meanwhile you’ll be bothered by armed buggies, but they won’t form that much
of a problem. The mission ends when Carmona’s car explodes.
 ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 18 | SINK THE BUCCANEER                                                |
Take the boat waiting for you on the beach ahead and use it to head over to
the indicated location. Race towards the beach as fast as you can, take the
Stunt Position at the last moment and open your parachute to float away from
the water. Your goal is to also fly over the main entrance of the camp, so
walk away from it and grab a car with your grappling hook heading into the
direction of the camp. Try to get as high in the sky as you can with your
parachute and let go of the car when you get to the entrance of the camp, so
that you can turn and land between the fences of the camp. You need to find
three briefcases, but they are not shown on your map. The first one is located
behind two tents diagonally to the left, seen from the entrance of the camp.
The second briefcase is in the hangar to the right of the tank standing in the
corner left and in front of you at the back of the camp. You can find the last
one in the northern corner of the camp, directly next to a building. Once you
have the briefcases you need to get out of the camp again. You can do this by
driving a car through the gate, which can also be done by the attacking army.

As soon as the gate is open, take off at high speed and keep in mind that the
helicopters that follow you will fire rockets at you. You now need to get to
the large ship in the water, but you probably won’t survive flying there. It
would be nice if you could hijack a boat, for example by shooting at it with
your grappling hook from the shore. Use it to get to the northern side of the
ship, use the stairs there to get to the deck. You’ll be fired upon by
helicopters even if you go by boat, if they are still present, so maintain
your speed on your way to the ship. Once on board you can see three red dots
on your radar, the location of the missile containers. There’s one at the back
of the ship, one in the middle on the south side and one at the front. Move to
those three locations and if the container there is not open, you have to blow
it open with a grenade or Timed Explosive. Once a container is open you can
reach the computer, press A while standing next to it. After doing this at all
three computers, a timer will start to run. You need to jump off the ship
before this time runs out to finish the mission.
 ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 19 | TAKING OUT THE GARBAGE VOL. 1                                     |
After starting this mission at the indicated location a helicopter will show
up. Get in at the front at the passenger’s side and the mission will be
explained to you while travelling. Eventually you’ll end up above water, close
to the island where the president is currently located and the only thing you
can do is jump out of the helicopter. The difficulty of his level is so high
that it’s more about unfairness than about challenge. All normal tactics you
used up until now don’t really work. It’s crazy to move across the island on
foot, you’ll survive the first part but as soon as you hijack a vehicle you’ll
be blown to bits by the many helicopters that are constantly following you.
There will also be planes flying around, dropping bombs every now and then.
Using helicopters yourself is also dangerous because of the many air defense
systems n place, but if you keep up your speed then this approach does have
the best potential for survival. So jump out of the first helicopter, open
your parachute and land on the Jaeger diagonally behind you.

Use this to move straight towards the island. Your goal is to hijack an attack
helicopter now, a lot of them are flying around. You can do that by taking the
Stunt Position on the boat as soon as a helicopter comes close enough to grab
with your grappling hook. You can also get to the beach by boat and then try
it there. The first option is trickier, but with the second option you might
get into trouble with the air defense on the coast line. Once you manage to
capture a helicopter you only have one task and that’s the only thing you
should focus on. Fly toward the indicated location on the island with the
fastest horizontal speed possible. Also fly low enough to be able to hit
ground targets and make sure you select missiles as your weapon. Sweep across
the square in front of the palace, where a tank will appear as your target if
you get close enough. Fly straight at it at the same altitude and fire as much
missiles as possible as soon as the marker highlights the tank.

With a bit of luck one sweep will be enough to take out the tank. Don’t keep
still, or you’ll be destroyed by the air defense. If you didn’t take out the
tank you’ll just have to maintain your high speed, turn around outside the
reach of the air defense and make another fast sweep across the area. It won’t
work to hijack the tank, so it’s not worth the trouble of trying to land on it
with your parachute and then get in. Once the tank is destroyed a new location
will be highlighted on your map, a mansion on a mountain ahead. Keep moving
fast to prevent getting hit and fly to a higher altitude. Jump out of the
plane above the mansion and if you get close enough, the place where you need
to be is moved to an airport on the coast. So run down the main and use your
parachute to get to this indicated location. It’s weird that the message Start
Mission is displayed when you get to the arrows, because if you press A here
you will have completed the mission.
 ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 20 | TAKING OUT THE GARBAGE VOL. 2                                     |
This mission will automatically start after the previous one and your first
task is to get inside the plane Sheldon and Kane have arranged for you. Take
off right away and make sure you equip the missiles as your weapon. There are
three red dots on your radar, these are cruise missiles you need to take down.
Pick one, the one on the right is the easiest at this time, and fly after it.
Once you get close enough a marker will appear around the cruise missile,
that’s when you can hit it with your own missiles. This works best if you’re
flying almost in a straight line behind the target, so that your weapons don’t
have to change course much and are more accurate. After taking out the first
cruise missile, you need to track the next one and do the some again. You only
have the time that is shown to also take out the third one, which is more than
enough if you have some flying skills. You have little to fear from your
enemies in this mission, only if take too long it’s possible that you’ll take
too much damage from opponents flying directly behind you. When all three
cruis missiles have been destroyed you need to fly towards the next target a
bit more, but you’ll finish the mission on your way there.
 ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
| 3 | 21 | TAKING OUT THE GARBAGE VOL. 3                                     |
Again, this mission is started automatically after the previous one. You’re
still inside the plane and you need to board the presidential jet. It is
flying calmly in the distance, so continue in that direction. Using your
grappling hook to get on board doesn’t really work, so you’ll have to do it in
a single jump. Position your plane above the presidential jet and press Y to
jump out. You can then immediately press A to grab onto the jet below you,
after which you’ll automatically end up inside of it. Make your way to the
front and take out a handful of stronger enemies. When you approach the door
in the back you’ll run into Mendoza himself and both of you will jump out of
the plane. Your last task is pretty annoying, your goal is to attach an
explosive to Mendoza. The problem is that he’s falling pretty fast and you
have to move through the air to get close enough. You can only increase your
speed by pressing up in free fall or decrease your speed by opening your

Unfortunately you don’t only need to be at the same altitude as Mendoza, but
also close to him horizontally. By pressing forward in free fall or opening
your parachute you will also move forward more. Your best bet is to use the
radar to get your black arrow on Mendoza’s red star, while being lower than
him. If you’re exactly below him you can open your parachute. Keep an eye on
the distance meter of your target and maintain your position directly below
him. When the distance meter gets very low, Mendoza will fall past you,
enabling you to quickly press A when the message Plant Explosive appears. It
will go very quickly, so you might have to guess a little. If you mess up, go
into free fall again. You can also try this from the top, but remember that
you will have to press up to go faster than Mendoza and that it will make you
move forward as well. In this case you need to dive towards him diagonally,
but at these speeds that’s pretty hard to do. As soon as you manage to put the
explosive on Mendoza’s back, this mission and the game will be over.

| 4 | C O N C L U S I O N                                                    |
 ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
| 4 | 1 | FINAL WORD                                                         |
Just Cause made a good first impression at the E3 it was first showed. The
paradise island of San Esperito is a nice place to stay for a while, but is
haunted retarded police, repetitive gameplay and bad actors. Above all, the
missions at the end are just unfair, you can’t even call it a difficulty
setting. Just Cause is certainly not a GTA in the sun, but hopefully its
potential is better demonstrated in a sequel.
 ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
| 4 | 2 | CREDITS                                                            |
Not a bad first attempt from the Swedish studio, but also not really a product
to be proud of. Hopefully they’ll do something nicer with the next game.

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