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Guitar Hero 2



by sajhin

					        \                /
	____/\______         ___________  _______\___   /\      /
	|	  /___   ___/___   ____/_ \   ____   \ |  |    /
	|   /\	  |\  |  | | ___| |   /  \ |  |  \   } |  |   |
        /  |  |___| | |  | | \ /| |  / /| ||  | _X  X  |  |   |
       <   |  _____ | |  | | | || | \ /_| ||   _    \  |  |   |
       \   |  \   / | \__| | | || | | ___ ||  | \   \  |  |   |
        |  \___| |  \______\ / \| | | | | ||  |  \  \  |  |   |
	| ____   |  _______  ---/_\ /_\ | |/__\   \  \ |  |   |
	|/    |  /  \     /__/^\__\   __   ___/^\__\ \ |  |   |
              / /__  |   | | |\_  || |  \ \|   __  | \\|  |   |
	     //    | |   | | |  | || |   | |  / |  |   \  |   |
              \    | |   | | |__/ || |__/ }{  | |  }   |\ |   |
	       |   |_|   | |  ___/ |  __ X |  | |  |   |  |   |
	       |    _    | | |___  |  | \ \|  |_|  |   |  |   |
	       |   | |   | \__ __/ |  |  \ \\__ __/|   |  |   |
               |   | /___\    \/    /__\    \\ \/  |   |  |   |
               /___\                         \     |   |  |   |
						  /     \/     \

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction to Guitar Hero II Faq

2.0 Controls
    2.1 Xplorer Controls
    2.2 Controller Controls

3.0 Tutorial/Practice
    3.1 Step-By-Step Tutorial
    3.2 Proper Use of Practice

4.0 Career
    4.1 Introduction To Guitar Hero II
    4.2 Getting Started
	4.21 Default Characters
	4.22 Default Guitars
    4.3 Songs
        4.3.01 Opening Licks
        4.3.02 Amp-Warmers
        4.3.03 String Snappers
        4.3.04 Thrash and Burn
        4.3.05 Return of the Shred
        4.3.06 Relentless Riffs
        4.3.07 Furious Fretwork
        4.3.08 Face-Melters
        4.3.09 Bonus Tracks
        4.4.10 Downloadable Songs
    4.4 Store
	4.4.1 Guitars
	4.4.2 Finishes
	4.4.3 Songs
	4.4.4 Characters
	4.4.5 Outfits
	4.4.6 Videos

5.0 Scoring For Starring

6.0 Multiplayer
    4.51 Cooperative
    4.52 Face-Off
    4.53 Pro Face-Off

7.0 Acheivements
    7.1 What Songs Give What

8.0 Cheats

9.0 Contact Information

10.0 Contributors

11.0 Outro

1.0 Introduction to Guitar Hero II Faq

This is the Guitar Hero II Faq created by GameFAQs user
Sajhin or JayB The Canadian.  This Faq is for the XBOX
360 version only and allows me and my contributors to
help all of you in dire need of help in Guitar Hero II.
Well here you go, I will be updating on guides on
expert as soon as I start playing again and have some
tips to help all of you.

2.0 Controls

2.1 Xplorer Controls

(Full Guitar Diagram Coming SOON)

Green Button -


Red Button -


Green Through Orange Buttons -

Use these buttons to choose what note to press.

Strum Bar -

Use this bar in order to strum the notes you press from above.
Strum down to move down menu and same for up.

Whammy Bar -

Use this whammy in order to retrieve more star power
from the elongated notes, that have a star around them.
Press against the pick guard.
(Does not give extra points, only extra star power)

Xbox Guide Button -

Activates the XBOX 360 Dashboard

D-Pad -

Navigates the menues, alternative for strumming.

Start Button -


Back Button -


2.2 Controller Controls

Left Button -

Red Note

Left Trigger -

Green Note

Right Trigger -

Blue Note

Right Button -

Yellow Note

Left Thumb Pad -

Rotate to use whammy

Back Button -

Activates Star Power, back

D-Pad -

Navigates the menus

Xbox Guide Button -

Activates the XBOX 360 Dashboard

Start -


A Button -

Orange Note/Confirm

B Button -


3.0 Tutorial/Practice

3.1 Step-By-Step Tutorial

Basic Lessons:

Lesson 1: Guitar Tuning
Tune your guitar:
1. HOLD Fret button to CHOOSE note
2. Press Strum bar up or down to PLAY note

Press each note three times and strum accordingly.

Lesson 2: Playing Notes
As notes cross the line, play them on your guitar

Press each note as it passes the target and strum accordingly,
do this six times in order to continue, it's not hard
because it's the green button everytimes.  If more of one
note comes one after another, you can hold down the
corresponding fret button and strum for every note.

Lesson 3: Different Notes
Match the note colors to play different notes

Press each note as it passes the target and strum accordingly,
hit eight notes and you will be done.  Only red, yellow, and green
notes will pass by.

Lesson 4: Long Notes
1. Hold fret button down2. Strun
3. Keep fret button down until the whole note has played

Make sure you follow through on step three because it will not accept
the note unless you held down the whole note, do this 6 times.

Lesson 5: Chords
Two notes played at the same time

Hit 6 of these chords in order to continue

Lesson 6: User Interface
Rock Meter is at bottom right

Yellow = OK performance
Green = good performance
Red = poor performance
Blinking Red = danger!
Play notes = score points

Basic Tutorial COMPLETE!

Star Power Lessons:

Lesson 1: Star Chords
Hit every note in a Star Combo for a Star Power Boost

Hit the next five notes in order to complete the combo

Lesson 2: Whammy Bar
After playing a note, move the whammy bar in and out
to extract Star Power.

You should be able to gain star power from whammy-ing
three corresponding notes, do not go crazy with the
whammy bar because it can cause it to break or lose its
tightness and start moving from gravity on its own.

Lesson 3: Tilt for Star Power
Tilt the guitar upright to activate Star Power.
Once it is acitivated you can drop the guitar back down.

Tilt the guitar upwards to activate and once you do so,
hit 8 notes correspondingly.  This will also double your
multiplier to the max of 8X.

Star Power Tutorial COMPLETE!

Advanced Tutorials:

Lesson 1: String Basics

This lesson talks about how when higher notes are played
on a guitar, lower notes on the same string to not alter
this note.  This allows for hammer-ons and pull-offs,
which are the proper way to play notes with white tops.

Lesson 2: Hammer-On Fingering
1. Play Green normally (strum)
2. Hammer-on Red (no strum)
3. Hammer-on Yellow (no strum)

For those who do not get it, basically put your hand on
a counter and tap your index finger on it, from there you
tap with your middle finger and keep going down the row
of fingers, the faster you can do this correctly, the
better you can nail those solos. Go through the sequence three times.

Lesson 3: Hammer-Ons

Hit 8 Hammer-On notes in an actual song.

Lesson 4: Pull-Offs
1. Player Yellow normally (strum)
2. Pull-off Yellow (no strum)
3. Pull-off Red (no strum)

Pull-Offs are the same thing as Hammer-Ons except in reverse order,
except remember that higher notes are the ones played. Basically
read Lesson 2's description and replace index with pinky or ring
finger, depending if you're playing with three fingers or four,
and middle finger with either ring or don't replace it.
Hit 8 Pull-Off notes in an actual song.

Advanced Tutorial COMPLETE!

3.2 Proper Use Of Practice

Practice Mode is for those who are struggling with a certain song or
solo, you are allowed to pick bass, lead, or rhythm guitar, depending
if you want to practice for multiplayer, riffs, choruses, or single

In order to determine if you good enough for the real times, take
one of the slow modes and keep practicing until you get at least 80%
of the notes hit.  From there move up a level until you get to Full
Speed, if you can accomplish Full Speed with at least 80%, giving
"under pressure" room for errors, it allows a sure-thing to pass this
part of the song, or full song.

4.0 Career

4.1 Introduction To Guitar Hero II

4.2 Getting Started

4.21 Default Characters:

Johnny Napalm - Johnny embodies the true spirit of punk rock with his
		signature stomp and swagger. Released from lockup from
		"Almost Tolerable Behavior," Johnny lurches back into
		the spotlight ready for action.

Judy Nails -    A fan of distorted feedback and roller derby, Judy Nails
		has been a pioneer of Alt-Rock since her first tour at
		age 17. Known for her hug collection of vinyl, Judy brings
		a smile, and a lot of pedals, to the stage.

Izzy Sparks -   A real crowd pleaser, Izzy thrills all with his energetic
		onstage showmanship while delighting the media with his
		offstage debauchery, Izzy's fan bas is even bigger than
		his hair.

Pandora -	Pandora's youth is shrouded in mystery, some say she was
		born in a dimension of pure darkness, others say she was
		raised in a duplex near Boise. With her blazing solos
		and chaotic melodies, Pandora is the dark princess of rock
		(FAQ creator's pick)

Axel Steel - 	Famous for his driving riffs and up-front attitude, Axel
		Steel first picked up a guitar in an attempt to quell his
		boredom during suspension from elementary school. The rest
		is history. Metal history.

Eddie Knox -	When he's not cruisin' in his '55 chevy, Eddit brings his
		hard-working rock to any stage he sets foot on a real "road
		dog," Eddie Knox claims that as long as he's got his hollow
		body and his pomade, he "ain't too far from home."

Casey Lynch -	A veteran of the tour circuit, Casey's dirty, low-end growl
		and ultra-heavy riffs have influenced budding shredders from
		Maine to Alaska, she's tough, she's brash, and she'll break
		your heart faster than an E string.

Lars Umlaut - 	Lock the doors and board the windows, Lars Umlaut is coming
		for you! An intimidating presence, the Norwegian-Born Umlaut
		describes himself as "a force for you to be doing the
		reckoning with!"

4.2.2 Default Guitars:

Gibson Les Paul - 	In the hands of Jimmy PAge, Joe Perry, Slash, and 
			countless others, the Gibson Les Paul shaped the
			sound of hard rock. Take the stage with this classic
			model, and channel the real guitar heroes who set
			the standards.

Gibson SG -		For those about to rock, we... give you the Gibson
			SG, embraced by the likes of Angus Young, Tony Iommi,
			and Ian MacKaye, this slim-bodied "Devil Horns"
			doube-cutaway has become an iconic instrument of
			heavy rock.

Gibson Flying V - 	The Flying V was one of a trio of radical guitar
			designs introduced in 1958 in an effort to refute
			Gibson's reputation for conservative sensibilities
			and to match the more "modern" instruments favored
			by the burgeoning rock scene.

4.3 Songs

4.3.01 Opening Licks:

Surrender --Made Famous By Cheap Trick--
Possum Kingdom --Made Famous By The Toadies--
Heart-Shaped Box --Made Famous By Nirvana--
Salvation --Made Famous By Rancid--
Strutter --Made Famous By KISS--
Shout At The Devil --Made Famous By Motley Crue-- (ENCORE)

4.3.02 Amp-Warmers:

Mother --Made Famous By Danzig--
Life Wasted --Made Famous By Pearl Jam--
Cherry Pie --Made Famous By Warrant--
Woman --Made Famous By Wolfmother--
You Really Got Me --Made Famous By Van Halen--
Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight --Made Famous By Spinal Tap-- (ENCORE)

4.3.03 String Snappers:

Carry On Wayward Son --Made Famous By Kansas--
Search And Destroy --Made Famous By Iggy Pop And The Stooges--
Message In A Bottle --Made Famous By The Police--
Billion Dollar Babies --Made Famous By Alice Cooper--
Them Bones --Made Famous By Alice In Chains--
War Pigs --Made Famous By Black Sabbath-- (ENCORE)

4.3.04 Thrash And Burn:

Monkey Wrench --Made Famous By Foo Fighters--
Hush --Made Famous By Deep Purple--
Girlfriend --Made Famous By Matthew Sweet--
Who Was In My Room Last Night? --Made Famous By The Butthole Surfers--
Can't You Hear My Knockin'--Made Famous By The Rolling Stones--
Sweet Child O' Mine --Made Famous By Guns 'N' Roses-- (ENCORE)

4.3.05 Return Of The Shred:

Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo --Made Famous By Rick Derringer--
Tattooed Love Boys --Made Famous By The Pretenders--
John The Fisherman --Made Famous By Primus--
Jessica --Made Famous By The Allman Brothers Band--
Bad Reputation --Made Famous By Thin Lizzy--
Last Child --Made Famous By Aerosmith-- (ENCORE)

4.3.06 Relentless Riffs:

Crazy On You --Made Famous By Heart--
Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart --Made Famous By Stone Temple Pilots--
Dead! --Made Famous By My Chemical Romance--
Killing In The Name --Made Famous By Rage Against The Machines--
Freya --Made Famous By The Sword--
Stop --Made Famous By Jane's Addiction-- (ENCORE)

4.3.07 Furious Fretwork:

Madhouse --Made Famous By Anthrax--
The Trooper --Made Famous By Iron Maiden--
Rock This Town --Made Famous By Stray Cat--

	Expert Guide/Hints To Get By:

	- First practice and practice the GRY part over and over. 
	  Try doing GR-RY-GR and then skipping the next RY so you're 
	  at least getting 3/4 of the notes and then from there get
	  5/6 of the notes (GR-RY-GR-RY-GR then skip the next RY) 
	  and keep going until you have it mastered or stay in green. 
	  From this the chords, either you get all them or only concentrate
	  on enough chords that will get you by, that is how I got through
	  most of the chords. When you have to do double notes going up and
	  down the buttons; try hard mode, notice the tempo of the single 
	  notes, now for expert you do the same tempo except you double strum
	  (either up and down or just consistantly down, depending on how you
	  play). Use star power immediately when you're going to fail 
	  (obviously trick but a lot of people do not follow it, thinking
	  that they will get by). Keep practicing the following and you 
	  will eventually get through Rock This Town.

	Expert Guide/Hints To Five-Star:

	- Alt strum the R-G R-Y HOPO sections and the walking guitar riff

	- Watching out for the quick chord to single note combos is a key

	- Use start power correctly, don't waste if your failing

	- Using it during the chord heavy sections is a good boost,
	  provided you can play them, do not use during the mini-solos

Laid To Rest --Made Famous By Lamb Of God--
Psychobilly Freakout --Made Famous By Reverend Horton Heat--

	Expert Guide/Hints:

	- Hold down the red button during the first half of the HOPOs in the
	  song, then finish it off

	- For points, it's best to use SP during the fast chords and trying
	  to get it to end before the following SP phrase comes up

	- Practice the end of the song, since a lot of people get 
	  screwed by it

	- It's truly not that bad once you get used to it

YYZ --Made Famous By Rush-- (ENCORE)

4.3.08 Face Melters:

Beast And The Harlot --Made Famous By Avenged Sevenfold--
Carry Me Home --Made Famous By The Living End--
Institutionalized --Made Famous By Suicidal Tendencies--
Misirlou --Made Famous By Dick Dale--
Hangar 18 --Made Famous By Megadeth--
Free Bird --Made Famous By Lynyrd Skynyrd-- (ENCORE)

4.3.09 Bonus Tracks:

Raw Dog --Made Famous By The Last Vegas--
Arterial Black --Made Famous By Drist--
Collide --Made Famous By Anarchy Club--
Drink Up --Made Famous By Ounce Of Self--
Elephant Bones --Made Famous By That Handsome Devil--
Fall Of Pangea --Made Famous By Valient Thorr--
FTK --Made Famous By Vagiant--
Gemini --Made Famous By Brian Kahenek--
Kicked To The Curb --Made Famous By Noble Rot--
Push Push (Lady Lighting) --Made Famous By Bang Camaro--
Laughtrack --Made Famous By Acro-brats--
Less Talk More Rokk --Made Famous By Freezepop--
Jordan --Made Famous By Buckethead--

	Expert Guide/Hints:

	- Practice the whole song ahead of time because what tends to happen
	  is you can actually lose after the BNOF if you don't know the rest
	  of the song

	- For the solos, hit the triplets before it and stay in the green

	- Then just watch the patterns of the solo closely to get an idea
	  of what to hit

Mr. Fix It --Made Famous By The Amazing Crowns--
The New Black --Made Famous By Every Time I Die--
One For The Road --Made Famous By Breaking Wheel--
Parasite --Made Famous By The Neighborhoods--
Radium Eyes --Made Famous By Count Zero--
Red Lottery --Made Famous By Megasus--
Six --Made Famous By All That Remains--
Soy Bomb --Made Famous By Honest Bob And The Factory-To-Dealers Incentives--
The Light That Blinds --Made Famous By Shadows Fall--
Thunderhorse --Made Famous By Dethklok--
Trogdor --Made Famous By Strongbad--

	Expert Guide/Hints:

	- For the second verse, keep your ring finger on yellow
	  ad use the remaining three to switch chords

X-Stream --Made Famous By Voivod--
Yes We Can --Made Famous By Made In Mexico--

4.3.10 Downloaded Tracks:

First Pack:
Ace Of Spades --Made Famous By Motorhead--
Bark At The Moon --Made Famous By Ozzy Osborne--
Hey You --Made Famous By Exies--

Second Pack:
Frankenstein --Made Famous By Edgar Winter Group--
Killer Queen --Made Famous By Queen--
Take It Off --Made Famous By The Donnas--

Third Pack:
Higher Ground --Made Famous By Red Hot Chili Peppers--
Infected --Made Famous By Bad Religion--
Stellar --Made Famous By Incubus--

4.4 Store

4.4.1 Guitars:

Gibson X-Plorer -	Along with the V and the Moderne, the Explorer
			(its original name was changed in 2002) was part
			of Gibson's three-pronged, late-'50s entry into
			progressive guitar design. ($700)

Gibson Les Paul -	First appearing as a double-cutaway in 1958, this
Double Cutaway		version of the Les Paul allows for greater access
			to all 22 frets, while retaining certain key
			qualities such as the LP's legendary sustain. ($850)

Gibson Firebird -	Launched in 1963 as a "toned down" version of the
			(then) commercially unpopular Explorer, the Firebird
			featured neck-through construction, humbuckers, and
			a scultped two-tone headstock with banjo pegs. ($700)

Epiphone Coronet -	Originally, this one-pickup entry-level double-cutaway
			was slated to be released as a Gibson, with the name
			"Moderne," though when it appeared in 1958 it was
			mysteriously renamed and re-branded. ($550)

Kramer Vanguard	-	A heavy metal landmark, Kramer's V-shaped guitar was
			favored by velocity hounds from its introduction,
			thanks to super-hot pickups and a fast, low-action
			neck. ($700)

Gibson Moderne - 	The doomed sibling of the Flying V and Explorer, the
			Gibson Moderne is the Holy Grail of guitar collectors
			- the existence of even a single model from the
			original production run is in doubt. ($850)

Gibson Corvus -		Though decidedly ungainly, Gibson's early '80s stab at
			a New Wave austhetic has nonetheless gained a loyal
			following amongst guitar aficionados with a taste for
			the bizarre. ($550)

Gibson ES-335 -		This celebrated thinline, semi-acoustic model features
			a maple arched top and back, slim and fast neck with
			adjustable truss rod, and twin humbucking pickups
			with seperate tone and volume control, which can be
			preset by the player. ($850)

Kramer 650 -		Kramer's wildly innovative 650 features a maple-walnut
			composite body, Sperzel tuners, a zero fret, and -
			most significantly - an aluminum neck with forked
			headstock.  This distinctive neck construction
			produces increased sustain. ($700)

Gibson EDS-1275 - 	Gibson first began to offer custom-order doublenecks
			in 1958 - initially as a 6- & 12- strubg combo and
			a 6- string & maudolin combo. With an arched spruce
			top and double Florentine cutaways, they recall the
			SG body style. ($950)

Gibson Melody Maker -	Double-cutaway Melody Makers were originally offered
			as entry-level guitars, but with the passage of time
			and association with certain... (ahem) "runaway"
			success stories, '60s Melody Makers have become highly
			sought-after. ($700)
			(Faq Creator's Pick)

Gibson Sonex 180 -	Launched in 1980, the Sonex's Multi-phonic body was
			composed of a hybrid material designated "Resonwood"
			(wood core, resin outer layer) and the guitar featured
			many characteristics of the Les Paul, but at a more
			affordable price. ($550)

Gibson Marauder - 	Gibson's mid-'70s "budget" solid body offering, the
			Marauder was an amalgam of design elements, boasting
			a "Les Paul-ish" alder body, a V-series headstock,
			and featuring both a humbucker and single coil pickup.

Epiphone Casino -	As one of John Lennon's favored guitars, the archtop
			Epiphone Casino played a significant role in shaping
			the soundtrack of the sixties. ($700)

Epiphone Sheraton -	A more upscale semi-acoustic known for its warm tone,
			the double-cutaway Sheraton features an inlayed
			headstock, block/triangle fretboard inlays, and neck 
			and body binding. ($700)

Gibson Chet Atkins -	Introduced in 1986 and modeled after Chet Atkin's
Country Gentleman	classic archtop, this model was built in close
			partnership with Atkins and features a wood interior
			block for greater sustain, gold-plated Bigsby
			tallpiece, and tortoiseshell armrest. ($850)

The Fish -		This is a highly practical and efficial guitar.
			Because it looks like a fish. ($500)

The USA -		Sometimes people think that it'd be a good idea to
			make guitars in funny shapes.  Sometimes people
			mistakenly drink a tall glass of apple vinegar
			thinking that it's apple juice. Things happen
			like that. ($1000)

The Coffin -		Coffins are kinda cool in a creepy, Misfits way.
			Guitars are cool.  You'd think this could work.

The Viking -		The Vikings were a Nordic seafaring people noted
			for their violent raids along the coasts of France
			and the British Isles in the 8th through 11th
			Centuries.  All of this history culminates in a
			guitar shaped like a viking with a sword in his
			head.  ($2000)

The Snaketapus -	"Whats a 'snaketapus'?" you ask? Well, it's a skull
			with snakes coming out of it and it's... um... a
			guitar. ($2000)

The Eyeball -		Get five stars on every song on HARD. I know, it's
			scary.  You can do it, cap'n.

The Battle Axe -	It's likely a guy in Manowar actually plays a guitar
			like this, so I guess that's something. ($5600)

"The Log" -		If you take the time to get five stars on every song
			on EXPERT, this guitar will make up for the fact that
			you've lost all of your friends.

Scythe -		On second thought, you probably should fear the
			Repear, equally suited for uber-fast shredding
			or deadly combat, this literal axe is a dangerous
			mother.  (Comes with the purchase of the Grim Ripper)
			(Only usable by the Grim Ripper)

4.4.2 Finishes:

Cayenne Standard -	Spice up the archetypal solidbody electric with this
			special cayenne-red veneer Les Paul standard. ($250)
			(Gibson Les Paul)

Rose Burst Goddess -	With a slimmer profile and lighter overall bodyweight.
			the Goddess's stylish appearance - courtesy of
			finishes such as Rose Burst over the figured maple
			top, couple with translucent humbuckers - appeals to
			players regardless of gender. ($550)
			(Gibson Les Paul)

Zakk Wylde Custom -	Based on Wydle's trademark "Grail" bullseye-design Les
			Paul, this signature model combines bold visual
			elements with "shred-ready" custom mods, including two
			EMG humbuckers and an oiled, raw maple neck. ($550)
			(Gibson Les Paul)

Worn White Special -	Guitarists like Wayne Kramer, Eric Bloom, and Duane
			Allman helped to turn the Gibson SG into an icon in
			its own right. Join the ranks, with this time-honored
			Worn White model. ($250)
			(Gibson SG)

Candy Apple GT -	The GT series is geared towards the giggling
			guitarist, with a number of road-ready features. An
			over/under dual truss rod provides extra neck
			reinforcement, while a Neutrik input jack and dual
			function strap locks ensure that you'll stay
			connected. ($450)
			(Gibson SG)

Custom Flame Finish -	You'll presumably be playing an SG while the Highway
			to Hell - may as anticipate your end-pont with this
			tricked out custom finish. ($550)
			(Gibson SG)

Natural V2 -		By the late seventies, high profile usage of the
			Flying V via the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Dave Davies
			had prompted numeroud reissues of the model. The
			second-generation V2 featured two distinctive
			Boomarang pickups. ($250)
			(Gibson Flying V)

New Century Finish -	Back in the reflected (literally) glory of this iconic
			guitar, presented here in new-millenium fasion
			complete with full body mirrored pick guard. ($450)
			(Gibson Flying V)

Worn Cherry Finish -	Make 'em think you've been at it for years, courtesy
			of this V's well-worn, "weathered" finish. ($550)
			(Gibson Flying V)

Natural Finish -	Explorers such as this Natural finish model have been
			played by Bob Mould, The Edge, and Lynyrd Skynyrd's
			Allen Collins, among others.  ($250)
			(Gibson X-plorer)

Custom Rising Sun -	If you can't blind 'em with blazing licks, try
Finish			blinding your audience with this custom Explorer
			featuring a scorching Rising Sun finish. ($450)
			(Gibson X-plorer)

Classic White Finish -	Some of the most brutal speed metal rhythms of the
			mid-'80s were authored on a white Gibson Explorer.
			Strap this bad boy on and Jump in the Fire, brah.
			(Gibson X-plorer)

Custom Cherry Swirl -	This eye-catching black and red finish augments one of
Finish			Gibson's most recognized and daring guitar designs 
			(Gibson X-plorer)

TV Yellow Finish -	Thanks to the debauched, low-slung guitar exploits of
			one Johnny Thunders, the TV Yellow double-cutaway has
			become the quintessential trash-punk Gibson. ($250)
			(Gibson Les Paul Double Cutaway)
			(Gibson Corvus)

Custom Resin Finish -	Gibson goes Jurassic with this unique amber LP
			double-cutaway - complete with prehistoric mosquito
			trapped within the fossilized resin. ($550)
			(Gibson Les Paul Double Cutaway)

Ice Blue Finish -	The Firebird's unusual body shape has been termed
			"reverse," due to the treble-side's horn being higher
			and more pronounced than the other - a profile unique
			to this guitar and the Explorer, from which the
			Firebird was derived. ($250)
			(Gibson Firebird)

Ebony Finish -		Featuring the more typical set-neck design, instead of
			the classic Firebird's neck-through-body construction,
			the Firebird Studio offers a slightly different spin
			on this landmark's guitar. ($450)
			(Gibson X-plorer)

Custom Leopard Skin -	Reowrr! This little kitten's got claws, mny friend.
Finish			Saucer of milk - table three! Um... point made? Good.
			(Gibson Firebird)

Cherry Finish -		In 1959, Epiphone began shipping the Coronot in cherry
			red with a P-90 pickup.  These "budget" offerings now
			regularly fetch top dollar amongst vintage collectors.
			(Epiphone Coronet)

Tobacco Burst Finish -	Featuring gold hardware, two high output humbuckers,
			and a more traditional 6-on-a-side headstock, this
			model proves the Coronet cleans up real nice. ($450)
			(Epiphone Coronet)

Green Finish -		Maximize the Coronet's retro-cool factor with this
			radiant green sparkle finish. ($550)
			(Epiphone Coronet)

Yellow Finish -		Bust out the hairspray and pour yourself into some
			spandex - this brilliant yellow Vanguard is taking
			you back to the time when hair-metal ruled the charts,
			whether you like it or not. ($450)
			(Kramer Vanguard)

Red Finish -		Echoing the angular, shrp-edged tailfins on cars of
			the late 1950s, the radical design of the mysterious
			Moderne would have made it a highly sought-after
			period piece, even if it had been widely distributed.
			(Gibson Moderne)

Natural Finish -	"Bottle-opener" guitar, au naturel. The Corvus, with
			its offset v-type cut, rosewood fingerboard, and
			bolt-on maple beck, was discontinued in 1984. ($300)
			(Gibson Moderne)
			(Gibson Corvus)

Custom Cherry Finish -	Eric Clapton, Alvin Lee, and numerous other guitar
			luminaires have made the most of the ES335's thin
			double-cutaway body and speed, low-action neck to
			craft some of popular music's most memorable guitar
			line. ($450)
			(Gibson ES-335)

White Finish -		Sometimes good guys don't wear white - beneath this
			striking finish lies some of the most badass guitar
			innovations of the late 1970s, making the 650 still
			well ahead of the curve today. ($550)
			(Gibson Flying V)
			(Gibson Les Paul Double Cutaway)
			(Kramer 650)

Alpine White Finish -	The EDS-1275 has been played by a strikingly diverse
			group of guitarists, including James Hetfield, Alex
			Lifeson, Tom Morello, Don Felder, Pete Townshend, and
			Zakk Wylde.
			(Gibson EDS-1275)

4.4.3 Songs:
(All of them cost $550)

Raw Dog -		Full throttle rock that never slows up. A great mix of
(The Last Vegas)	rock, grage and post-punk kicks. Contest winners The
			Last Vegas have got what is takes - America will never
			know what hit 'em. Grab the new album 'SEAL THE DEAL'.

Arterial Black -	Drist returns to offer a double-dose of flying
(Drist)			fretwork with Arterial Black.

Collide -		Anarchy Club returns to Guitar Hero with "Collide,"
(Anarchy Club)		the newest song from their upcoming E.P. - "A Single
			Drop of Red." Wanna know what a love song for the
			apolcalypse sounds like? Like This..

Drink Up -		OUNCE of SELF is ready to out-heavy the entire face
(Ounce Of Self)		of this planet!  Keeping everything heavy sludgy, and
			earth-shakingm the band tends to leave their mark on
			the metal scene.

Elephant Bones -	That Handsome Devil: Born of chemicals and lightning
(That Handsome Devil)	sparks, just in time to kick the world's teeth in.

Fall Of Pangea -	Valient Thorr wrote this song about the beginning of
(Valient Thorr)		the Earth, to explain what really happened... how the
			dinosaurs were killed by weather and how Earth was
			seeded by the Venusians in search of a new home.

FTK -			VAGIANT is composed of 3 HMX miscreants (Elena, The
(Vagiant)		Hellion, and Leanne) and one scrappy drummer
			(LoWreck). When not writing heavily edited anthems
			like this one, they spend their free time hating

Gemini -		"Kahanek lets loose (on 'Real Life') with one vivid
(Brian Kahenek)		demonstration after another of the pure joy of playing
			the electric guitar as if your life depended on it."
			- Jason Warsburg
			- "The Daily Vault" (not to be confused with Jason
			Warsburg of HMX)

Kicked To The Curb -	Noble Rot is pure American rock 'n' roll with an extra
(Noble Rot)		large side order of PARTY. Founded in 2006, their
			first full-length album debuts December 7th.

Push Push -		Bang Camaro is slowly turning Boston into the new
(Lady Lightning)	Sunset Strip. Hide your girlfriends.

Laughtrack -		In a bid to force listeners to look beyond the
(Acro-brats)		boy-band cuteness and stylish haircuts that first made
			them household names, Boston's The Acro-brats haven't
			shaved or showered since 2005.

Less Talk More Rokk -	Stop talking, start rokking! Freezepop is back with
(Freezepop)		fuzzy keytars and keys to the Eliminator which we
			scored cheap from the Top

Jordan -		Buckethead wrote and recorded "Jordan" specificially
(Buckethead)		for Guitar Hero II (in a special chicken coop, no

Mr. Fix It -		Under your hood, HMX lackey and Crowns singer Jason
(The Amazing Crowns)	Kendall is a jack-of-all-trades.

The New Black -		"If the only thing your band has to look forward is to
(Every Time I Die)	playing the county fair or the minor league baseball
			stadium circuit, it's time to hang it up."
			- Keith Buckley
			- Every Time I Die

One For The Road -	Breaking Wheel (formerly called Artillery) is a Boston
(Breaking Wheel)	trio that disregards any boundaries in the metal
			genre. If it's heavy, they'll play it.

Parasite -		Boston legends The Neighborhoods helped to pioneer the
(The Neighborhoods)	sound of the hooky garage-rock that still dominates
			the local music scene today.

Radium Eyes -		An interesting, catchy, playable song, written just
(Count Zero)		for Guitar Hero II by Count Zero, a Boston band known
			for its peculiarities. And dalliances. And fol-de-rol.
			And a hodgepodge of hocus-pocus hot-polloi.

Red Lottery -		Like a wild power, burning the ice black beneath its
(Megasus)		hooves of steel, the MEGASUS bears tales of woe upon
			its furrowed brow.

Six -			Featuring guitar wizardry from Oli Herbert and Mike
(All That Remains)	Martin, All That Remains us modern metal with
			twin-guitar throwbacks to Iron Maiden. "Six is taken
			from their album "The Fall of Ideals."

Soy Bomb -		Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives surf
(Honest Bob And The	their way into the sequal on a wave of jubilation.

The Light That Blinds -	With 5 albums under their belt, a Grammy nomination
(Shadows Fall)		and main stage spot on the Ozzfest, international
			metal heroes Shadows Fall shows no signs of stopping.
			(Faq Creator's Pick)

Thunderhorse -		Extreme METAL band DETHKLOK - "the biggest act in the
(Dethklok)		universe" - brings forth the ultimate metal
			Armaggedon. Prepare to be crushed. On
			[adult swim](TM).

Trogdor -		The Trogdor song from the Strong Bad Email 'dragon'
(Strongbad)		was actually an afterthought that was added at the
			last minute.  Mike was finishing up the cartoon and
			Matt suddenly started screaming the chorus while
			making eggs.

X-Stream -		This track is off the highly anticipated 14th album
(Voivod)		album by Voivod, entitled 'Katorz' on The End records.

Yes We Can -		Made In Mexico was made in Providence, Rhode Island
(Made In Mexico)	while eating stuffles off a Red. The smallest
			state in the nation actually has over 4000 miles
			of ocean coastline, and all Rhode Islanders live
			within a 12 minute drive of the Atlantic.

4.4.4 Characters:

Clive Winston -		Having abandoned his fascination with sitar (an
			interest developed during a court-ordered
			"meditation retreat"), Clive returns to the
			forefront of classic rock with his guitar
			wizardry and iconic status. ($5000)

Xavier Stone -		Raised in suburban Connecticut, Xaiver Stone broke
			from his pampered umbringing after realizing he
			preferred rock clubs to country clubs. Weaving
			slick '70s style with chunky grooves, Xavier does
			it right every time. ($5000)

Grim Ripper -		The rock star is bad to the bone. Grim's riffs are so
			killer, fans are lucky just to leave the show with
			their souls intact.  Grim's supernatural licks always
			knock 'em dead.  'Cause he's... you know... right.

4.4.5 Outfits:

Johnny Napalm -		Johnny has a couple of different looks, but neither
(Liberty Spikes)	of them involves bathing. With liberty spikes and a
			bullet belt, Johnny makes sordid degenerate behavior
			look pretty good. ($2000)

Judy Nails -		The queen of alternative rock, through and through,
(Snakes)		Judy is always seen in the latest styles.  Keep her
			on the cutting edge with this cute get-up. ($2000)

Izzy Sparks -		Not everybody can pull off a top hat and feather boa.
(Top Hat)		Izzy is not afraid to subvert the dominant paradigm
			in his ultraglam ensemble. ($2000)

Pandora -		The conssummate chameleon, Pandora is admired almost
(Feathers)		as much for her unique and ever-changing personal
			style as for her incomparable shredding skills.
			(Faq Creator's Pick)

Axel Steel -		Since they don't make you play better and you can't
(Other Shirt)		drink'em, Axel has zero interest in clothes. But even
			Axel needs a change once in awhile. ($2000)

Eddie Knox -		Eddix Knox is one cat who ain't afraid to look his
(Vegas)			best.  As long as his hair is in place, he's as
			comfortable in old jeans as he is in these swanky
			duds. ($2000)

Casey Lynch -		Casey's look is designed for backbreaking life on
(Skins)			the road; if she can't pass out in the van wearing
			it, she's not interested. ($2000)

Lars Umlaut -		Asked about his gauntlets-to-gargoyles style, Lars

4.4.6 Videos:

Guitar Hero II: -	The Guitar Hero II development team takes you
Behind The Scenes	backstage to see what life is REALLY like at
			Harmonix. ($1500)

Guitar Hero II: -	Check out an exclusive behind-the-scenes video
Making of Songs		of the recording of the Guitar Hero II songs.

5.0 Scoring For Starring

It has been argued that the scoring is either based off of multipliers
or score, since they are both dependent off of each other.  So for
arguers I will give the approximate scores and multipliers for 5 stars.

***Scores are all approximations if you have a lower number that is 5 star
that you would like to share for a minimum, it will be appreciated.


Surrender 184,943
Possum 202,233
Heart 190,748
Salvation 129,755
Strutter 166,130
Shout 115,509

Mother 145,925
Life 17,262
Cherry 102,086
Woman 141,879
Tonight 125,743

Carry On 162,036
Search 197,330
Message 183,868
Billion 108,825
Them 155,073
War 217,969

Monkey 289,815
Hush 138,816
GF 137,590
WWIMRLN 205,653
Knockin 165,743
Sweet 178,744

RRHK 165,049
Tattooed 181,943
John 119,196
Jessica 196,378
Bad Rep 131,876
Last 135,963

Crazy 231,031
Trippin 179,167
Dead 167,836
KITN 282,189
Freya 249,410
Stop 191,135

Madhouse 253,474
Trooper 229,000
RTT 217,723
LTR 220,701
PF 166,172
YYZ 158,643

BATH 281.916
Carry 214,936
Inst 242,130
Misirlou 201,137
H18 288,333
Free Bird 341,113


2.0 Multiplier = 4 Starred Song
2.8 Multiplier = 5 Starred Song

6.0 Multiplayer

6.1 Cooperative

Two players work together to make it through a song and get
the highest score possible!  In this mode one player plays
the lead guitar and the other player either plays the rhythm
or bass guitar.  Each player can adjust the difficulty to fit
their skill level.

Both players must share a multiplier and a rock meter.

Bonus basses:
Finish the following tasks to unlock the indicated bass in the shop 
for Co-op mode:

Reach 5 stars on 20 songs in Co-Op   - Cream SG
Reach 5 stars on 10 songs in Co-Op   - Lava Pearl Musicman Stingray
Reach 5 stars on every song in Co-Op - Natural Sunburst Gibson
				       Thunderbird Bass
Reach 4 stars on all Co-Op songs     - Natural Maple Gibson Grabber Bass
Finish 40 Songs in Co-Op mode        - Gibson Les Paul with the
				       Cherry Classic skin
Finish 30 Songs in Co-Op mode 	     - Gibson Thunderbird
Finish 20 Songs in Co-Op Mode        - Gibson Grabber
Finish 10 Songs in Co-Op mode        - Gibson SG Bass
Finish every song on Co-Op mode      - Hofner Bass

(I will include multipliers and scores for 4-starring
and 5-starring Cooperative songs)

6.2 Face-Off

Two players compete against each other while alternating play
on the same note chart.  Each player can adjust the difficulty to
fit their skill level.

6.3 Pro Face-Off

This is the ultimate duel for guitar champions.  Two players battle
it out playing the same note chart time on the same difficulty level.
(Unlocked after beating a difficulty level higher than Easy)

7.0 Acheivements

100K Club (10)
	- Get 100,000 or more on a song

200K Club (30)
	- Get 200,000 or more on a song

300K Club (30)
	- Get 300,000 or more on a song

400K Club (30)
	- Get 400,000 or more on a song

Champagne Room V.I.P. (30)
	- Get 500,000 or more on a song

200K Pair (30)
	- Get 200,000 or more on a song in Cooperative Mode

400K Pair (30)
	- Get 400,000 or more on a song in Cooperative Mode

600K Pair (30)
	- Get 600,000 or more on a song in Cooperative Mode

800K Pair (30)
	- Get 800,000 or more on a song in Cooperative Mode

Millionaire Pair (30)
	- Get 1,000,000 or more on a song in Cooperative Mode

Record Collector Award (10)
	- Unlock Rat Cellar

New Kid (10)
	- Unlock Blackout Bar 

Young Gun (10) 
	- Unlock RedOctane Club 

Shredder (10)
	- Unlock Vans Warped Tour
Rock Star (10)
	- Unlock Harmonix Arena

Axe Grinder (10) 
	- Unlock Rock City Theater

Guitar Hero (10) 
	- Unlock Stonehenge

Easy Tour Champ (10) 
	- Beat the Easy tour

Medium Tour Champ (30) 
	- Beat the Medium tour

Hard Tour Champ (30) 
	- Beat the Hard tour

Expert Tour Champ (30) 
	- Beat the Expert tour

Sandbox Hero Award (30)
	- Earn five stars on all songs in the Easy tour

Most Likely to Succeed Award (30)
	- Earn five stars on all songs in the Medium tour

Guitarmaggedon Award (30)
	- Earn five stars on all songs in the Hard tour

Start a Real Band Already Award (30)
	- Earn five stars on all songs in the Expert tour

Scoremonger Award (10)
	- Get an 8x multiplier

Dimebag Darrell Award (10) 
	- Get a 100 note streak

Eddie Van Halen Award (30)
	- Get a 500 note streak

Yngwie Malmsteen Award (30)
	- Get a 1000 note streak

Perfectionist Award (30)
	- Get 100% notes hit on a song

Lennon & McCartney Award (10)
	- Get an 8x streak in Cooperative

Joan & Lita Award (30)
	- Get a 100 note streak in Cooperative

Joe & Steven Award (30)
	- Get a 500 note streak in Cooperative

Keef & Mick Award (30) 
	- Get a 1000 note streak in Cooperative

Page & Plant Award (30)
	- Get 100% notes hit on a song in Cooperative

Big Spender Award (10)
	- Spend $10,000 at the store

Gear Head Award (30)
	- Buy all guitars

Fanatical Completionist Award (30)
	- Buy all guitar finishes (Must Buy All Guitars First)

Fashion Plate Award (10)
	- Buy all outfits

Life of the Party Award (10)
	- Buy all characters

Record Collector Award (10)
	- Buy all songs

Scenester Award (10)
	- Beat all the unlock songs (The ones from the store, no DLC)

Saturday Morning Award (10)
	- Beat Trogdor and Thunder Horse

Kick the Bucket Award (30)
	- Beat Jordan on Expert

Hendrix Award (10)
	- Beat a song with lefty flip on

Long Road Ahead Award (10)
	- Fail a song on Easy

Rock Snob Award (10)
	- Refuse to play an encore

Rock School Grad (10)
	- Complete all tutorials

Teacher's Pet Award (10)
	- Practice three different songs

Extra Credit Award (10)
	- View the credits

7.1 What Songs Give What

Possible Song Selection For (100 and 500 Note Streak Is Not Included):

Single Player:

200K Achievement

Fall of Pangea

Possum Kingdom
Life Wasted
Message in a Bottle
War Pigs
Monkey Wrench (Very hard to do)
Who Was In My Room Last Night
Sweet Child O' Mine
Crazy on You
Killing In The Name Of
The Troopers (Must be a FC, and good SP path)
Beast and the Harlot
Carry Me Home
Hanger 18
Fall of Pangea
Push Push (Lady Lightning)
Less Talk More Rokk
One For the Road
Red Lottery
The Light That Blinds
Bark at the Moon


Shout at the Devil
Cherry Pie
You Really Got Me
Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You, Tonight
Billion Dollar Babies
John the Fisherman
Bad Reputation
Drink up
Elephant Bones
The New Black
Radium Eyes
Killer Queen
Take it Off


Cherry Pie
You Really Got Me
Drink Up
Radium Eyes
Soy Bomb
Killer Queen




War Pigs
Monkey Wrench
Who was in My Room Last Night
Killing In The Name
The Troopers
Laid to Rest
Beast and the Harlot
Carry Me Home
Hanger 18
Fall of Pangea
Kicked to the Curb
Push Push (Lady Lightning)
One for the Road
The Light that Blinds
Bark At the Moon

Possum Kingdom
Heart-Shaped Box
Life Wasted
Carry on my Wayward Son
Search and Destroy
Message in a Bottle
War Pigs
Monkey Wrench
Who Was in my Room Last Night
Sweet Child O' Mine
Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo
Tattooed Love Boys
Bad Reputation
Crazy on You
Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart
Killing in the Name
The Trooper
Rock This Town
Laid to Rest
Psychobilly Freakout
Beast and the Harlot
Carry Me Home
Hanger 18 
Raw Dog
Fall of Pangea
Kicked to the Curb
Push Push (Lady Lightning)
Less Talk More Rokk
One for the Road
Red Lottery
The Light that Blinds
Bark At The Moon



Killing in the Name
Fall of Pangea
One for the Road

Monkey Wrench
Crazy On You
Killing in the Name
Beast and the Harlot
Carry Me Home
Hanger 18
Fall of Pangea
One for the Road
The Light that Blinds
Bark at the Moon




Killing in the Name

1000 NOTE STREAK ACHIEVEMENT (aka. Yngwie Malmsteen Award)



War Pigs
Monkey Wrench
Killing in the Name
The Trooper
Laid to Rest
Beast and the Harlot
Hanger 18
One for the Road
The Light that Blinds
Bark at the Moon

War Pigs
Monkey Wrench
Killing in the Name
The Trooper
Laid to Rest
Beast and the Harlot
Hanger 18 
One for the Road
The Light That Blinds
Bark at the Moon

Co-operative (Expert Only):




Shout at the Devil
Cherry Pie
You Really Got Me
Billion Dollar Babies
Mr. Fix It
The New Black
Radium Eyes
Soy Bomb
Killer Queen
Take It Off

600k PAIR

War Pigs
Monkey Wrench
Killing In the Name
The Trooper
Laid to Rest
Beast and the Harlot
Hanger 18
Fall of Pangea
Less Talk More Rokk
One for the Road
The Light That Blinds
Bark At the Moon

800k PAIR

Fall of Pangea
X-Stream (Must be FC on both parts and a Good SP Usage)



8.0 Cheats

All cheats should be inputted at the main screen where you select "Career"

Cheat				Effect
-----				------
Y,B,Y,O,Y,B			Air guitar 
B,O,Y,O,B,O,Y,Y			Enables hyperspeed 
Y,O,B,B,B,O,Y			Eyeball Head Crowd 
O,Y,Y,O,Y,Y,O,Y,Y,B,Y,Y,B,Y,Y	Flaming Heads 
O,Y,B,B,Y,O,B,B			Monkey Head Crowd 
B,B,Y,B,B,O,B,B			Performance Mode 
B,Y,O,R,Y,O,B,Y,B,Y,B,Y,B,Y,B,Y Unlock All Songs 

9.0 Contact Information

If you would like to contact me for adding to the Faq or any other reason:

AIM: tomorrows nobodi
Yahoo Mail: [email protected]

10.0 Contributors

CoolCloud333 - The whole "What Songs Give What" under Acheivements section.

Cky71321 -  Tips on expert songs: Jordan, Trogdor, Psychobilly Freakout,
	    and Rock This Town (5-Starring), Scores for 5 Stars

11.0 Outro

There you have it people, a great version of a Guitar Hero II Faq with 
guides through most of the songs and basically everything you need in a
Guitar Hero II Faq. If there are any problems with the Faq, please 
contact me, constructive criticism is always appreciated.
Thank you and I hope this Faq helps you out on the long run.
      x H