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Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise

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Several cheats for you to check out including how to get easy money, growing plants quicker, unlocking Credit mode, accessories and the wishing well.

More Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise Cheats and Tips

We have 9 cheats and tips on Xbox 360.If you have any cheats or tips for Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise Questions & Answers page.

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When you can use the fertilizer bag choose the following fertilizer colours for the indicated plant.
Purple fertilizer
Yellow fertilizer
Yellow fertilizer
Red fertilizer
Red fertilizer
Gooseberry Bush:
Green fertilizer
Apple Tree:
Red fertilizer
Blue fertilizer
Green fertilizer
Yellow fertilizer
Bird of Paradise:
Orange fertilizer

Food Effects

If you feed a Pinata certain fruits or vegetables it is possible to change their colour or evolve them into a new Pinata. Below are some examples.
Flutterscotch (Blue):
Feed a White Flutterscotch a Bluebell Flowerhead.
Flutterscotch (Green):
Feed a White Flutterscotch a Watercress Flowerhead.
Flutterscotch (Orange):
Feed a White Flutterscotch a Bird of Paradise Flowerhead.
Flutterscotch (Yellow):
Feed a White Flutterscotch a Buttercup Flowerhead.
Flutterscotch (Red):
Feed a White Flutterscotch a Poppy Flowerhead.
Feed a Rashberry a Cheesecake.
Whirlm (Purple):
Feed a Whirlm a Turnip.

Unlock Gamerpic

Complete ALL 7 of the Langston's Region challenges to get the Gamerpic.

Unlock Bonuses

The following bonuses become available when you complete the corresponding task.
Unlock Accesories:
Smash ALL junks.
Unlock Cool Items:
Smash ALL sours.
Unlock Wishing Well:
Smash ALL pinatas.
Unlock Credits:
Unblock ALL the pinatas from Pester's hands.

Professor Pester

There are a few ways to get Professor Pester and his Ruffians out of your garden, or just get them to stop messing with your pinatas:
1. Have a Limeoceros in your garden when he comes. The pinata rams into Professor Pester and he flies out of your garden. You can't direct the pinata to Professor Pester, so the Limeoceros does it itself.
2. You can buy Decoys at Costalot's shop, but they are sold at a very high price. Professor Pester always tries to hit the Decoy, and not your pinatas or your valuable items. I suggest having at least four Decoys in the garden at a time, just to be safe.
3. Pay Professor Pester and his Ruffians to leave. Press X when you're hovering over any of them, and you can pay them to leave. Paying Professor Pester at least 700 Chocolate Coins should get him to leave, and the Ruffians usually settle for just 400 Chocolate Coins.

Growing Plants quicker.

To make your plants grow quicker is just a two step process.
1. Dig a hole in the ground using your Shovel.
2. Plant your seed.
This means it only takes Half the time.
P.S this is helpful for the Orchid Money Cheat.

Easy Money.

This is a really Good way to get Easy money, all you have to do is plant as Many Orchid seeds as you can,(cost about 100 Chocolate Coins.) Then use Special Mix fertilizer, try and get it inbetween the two plants to maximize Profit.(63 Chocolate Coins per hit.)
Now you've got this far there is two options to do, you could either sell them and start all over again. This would earn you 1800 a plant.
Or you coul whack the plant and sell the heads. There is four heads on a plant and you get 450 Chocolate coins for each one. Your probably asking why do this long way and get the same? Well simple you now have four Orchid Seeds sitting there which saves you 400 chocolate coins.
When doing this try and use a one shot wonder watering Can as it makes it all so much easier.

Mega Money

This cheat works if you have the wishing well. You can get the wishing well by doing the cheat to get it or by beating the game. Ok first you have to get as many lantern o loots as you can. Put them in your garden wherever you want. Then donate 9999 chocolate coins into the wishing well. The wishing well will throw chocolate coins around it. If you get all of them you should get around 50,000 chocolate coins. Sometimes it wont throw out coins. With the lantern o loots in your garden it raises each coins value. Each coin is worth 2 to 3 thousand coins. I got 700,000 coins in under 10 minutes!

Unlock Credits Mode, Accessories and the Wishing Well

At the 'Main' menu select the 'Play Garden' option and create a new garden and name it 'Piñata People' (without quotes). When that garden loads you will now be able to access a sign at the far left of the 'Main' menu that allows you to view the credits. To view the credits you have to break open the Piñatas (one hit breaks them) but before breaking them all destroy the debris to find hidden accessories as they will no longer be available after all the credit pinatas have been broken. The Wishing Well becomes unlocked after ALL the credit pinatas have been broken.

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