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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Cheats for Xbox 360

Cheats and Tips for The Amazing Spider-Man 2


We have 6 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : iPhone/iPad : 3DS : PlayStation 3 : Xbox One : PlayStation 4

You can also ask your question on our The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Questions & Answers page.

All Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

How to get the Luchador! Achievement

The best way to get this is to use the seismic blast ability whenever possible and web down your enemies while avoiding their attacks. Be quick when you're webbing down your enemies though for they will not stay down very long. If you lure a huge group enemies close to each other you should be able to take out a whole bunch of them at once with the seismic blast. If you need to heal you can either leave one guy standing and web him up or you can just heal in between waves which is what I would do. Do not try to heal while you're being attacked for you will die much quicker that way. That will leave you open for more attacks. It is better to do these once you have maxed out all the upgrades and are using a maxed out suit. You can access the combat challenges through the arcade machine at the Comic Stand. There are 12 combat challenges and 4 waves of enemies in each challenge. Just repeat this process until you have beaten all 12 challenges. Every now and then though you will come across a surprise event. Some of them are not required to move on but only 2 are required in order to move on. The first one is in challenge 2 and it requires you to drop 3 platforms in a specific order within the allotted time. First drop the one on the right after the cut scene. Next drop the one on the left and last drop the one in the center. That will get you past the first one. The second one is in challenge 11 and all you have to do is take out hunter robot within the allotted time. Don't worry it's not going to do anything so you just have to pound on it before the time runs out and so it should pretty easy. Then the last challenge is tricky. For this one you have to take out the enemies while avoiding the fire. For the first wave take out one of the grounded enemies and then the guy on the glider. For the second wave just use your seismic blast on the guys with the plasma blasters and them down while avoiding the other guys attacks and the fire. And then take the rest. For the third wave do the same thing from waves one and two. Take out the glider guy first and then seismic blast the rest of the enemies and web them down while avoiding their attacks and the fire. On the final wave take out the armored guys first. You can break their armor by web-shooting them. Once those guys are out take out the guys on the glider while avoiding the grenades and the fire. Just web pull them off the gliders and pound on them a little bit. As soon as you see his spider sense dodge back to avoid the glider and then do the same thing again. Repeat this process until they're all down. That should unlock a suit and the achievement. If this is the last suit you unlock you will also unlock the Fashionista achievement. I hope this helps for anyone who is struggling with this.

Unlimited XP

Load the 'Raid On Oscorp' mission and proceed through the mission until you leave the air vents. When you reach this point a cutscene will begin which you can skip if you hold 'Select'. Stealth kill 4 enemies and then dispose of the final enemy however you want. When you have defeated the last enemy pause the game and select the 'Restart' option. Then choose the 'Yes' option to restart from the last checkpoint which is where you leave the air vents. Keep repeating this process until you reach the desired costume level. Note: the max costume level is 8.

Black Cat Journal (Audio Log) Locations

There are 10 Black Cat Journals in total, when you have found ALL 10 you will earn the 'Lover' Achievement. Check out the video below to see where they are located.

1 - Felicia Hardy's Journal Part 01 - 0:05
2 - Felicia Hardy's Journal Part 02 - 0:49
3 - Felicia Hardy's Journal Part 03 - 1:23
4 - Felicia Hardy's Journal Part 06 - 1:52
5 - Felicia Hardy's Journal Part 07 - 2:16
6 - Felicia Hardy's Journal Part 09 - 2:35
7 - Felicia Hardy's Journal Part 05 - 3:02
8 - Felicia Hardy's Journal Part 04 - 3:33
9 - Felicia Hardy's Journal Part 10 - 4:02
10 - Felicia Hardy's Journal Part 08 - 4:31

Bonus Costume Video

Check out the video below to see how you unlock ALL the bonus suits.

1 - 00:11 - Hornet
2 - 03:45 - Spider-Carnage
3 - 07:02 - Spider-Man 2099
4 - 10:56 - Spider-Armour
5 - 13:57 - Ricochet
6 - 17:26 - Big Time
7 - 20:30 - Vigilante
8 - 23:30 - The Amazing Spider-Man 2012
9 - 27:05 - The Amazing Spider-Man 2014
10 - 30:48 - Superior Spider-Man
11 - 33:57 - Ultimate Comics Spider-Man
12 - 37:07 - Scarlet Spider
13 - 40:40 - Flipside

Pre-Order amd DLC Bonus Costumes

The following suits are GameStop pre-order and DLC bonuses.
GameStop pre-order bonus.
Iron Spider Armour:
GameStop pre-order bonus.
Noir Spider-Man:
GameStop pre-order bonus.
Cosmic Spider-Man:
GameStop pre-order bonus.
PlayStation Network DLC.

Unlock Bonus Costumes

The following costumes become available when you complete the corresponding task. To change costumes you need to go to Peter Parker's closet at Aunt May's home and then open the 'Wardrobe' menu to cycle through the available costumes.
Amazing Spider-Man (2012 Movie):
Unlocked from the start.
Amazing Spider-Man (2014 Movie):
Unlocked from the start.
Big Time Suit:
Clear 1 Hideout.
Flipside Suit:
Clear 1 Hideout.
Hornet Suit:
Complete ALL 15 Race Challenges.
Ricochet Suit:
Unlocked automatically during the story.
Scarlet Spider:
Clear One Hideout.
Spider-Armour MKII Suit:
Clear 1 Hideout.
Complete the story.
Spider-Man 2099:
Clear 1 Hideout.
Superior Spider-Man:
Complete 12 Combat Challenges.
Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales):
Unlocked after beating Chapter 6.
Vigilante Suit:
Unlocked from the start.

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