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Follow the dark path or use the light

SoulCalibur IV

SoulCalibur IV Cheats for Xbox 360

We have 8 cheats on Xbox 360
We also have cheats for this game on:   PlayStation 3

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Museum UnlockablesAdded 27 Jan 2009, ID #3888
The following video clips and illustrations become unlocked in Museum mode when the indicated task has been completed.

Unlock Nightmare Extra:
Defeat Nightmare in Stage 5 of Story mode.

Unlock Siegfried Extra:
Defeat Siegfried in Stage 5 of Story mode.

Unlock Algol Extra:
Defeat Algol in Stage 5 of Story mode.

Unlock Alternate Opening:
Defeat 'The Apprentice' in Yoda's Arcade.

Unlock Chain of Souls Icons:
Defeat and unlock any character in the Story mode.

Unlock Character Endings:
Complete Story Mode with any character.

Unlock Art Gallery Illustrations:
Purchase for 1,000-2,000 Gold.

custom charactersAdded 19 Jan 2009, ID #3843
This one I made

THE HULK (World War Hulk)

Head - Hero's Band
Shoulders- Nightmare Pauldrom
Udergarments - Dragon Tattoos
Upper Body - Executioner's Breastplate
Arm - Usurper's Gauntlets
Lower Body - Hero's Belt
Ankle - nothing
Feet - Executioner's Boots
Make all colors 0: 01, 16, except undergarments which should be 6: 23, 17

Physique +50 Muscularity +50
Male Voice 6 Pitch -50
Hair - Short 0: 02, 29
Male Face 15
Skin Color 6: 23, 17

Suggested Weapon Style - Siegfried
Suggested Weapon - Faust

These are other peoples creations


Physiqure: -25 Musc: +0
Male Voice 5 Pitch -10
Hair: Corporate Cut
Face: Male Face 2

Hair Colour 9: 11, 18
Eye brows: 3: 02, 32
Eyes: 9: 42, 18
Skin 4: 07, 20

Death's Cloak: 9 07 15
Kishin Mask: 9 10 11 , 9 02 17
Chain Mail: 9 41 17 , 9 07 15
Hero's Breastplate: 9 07 15(org)
Dueler's Gloves: org x3
Warlord's Belt: 9 01 32 , org
Magus Boots:org x2


Face: 13
Hair: regent : 2:41,29
Head: soldier's hat : 9:02,17-9:02,17-9:02,17
Face equip: none
Neck: dark knights cloak : 9:10,13
Shoulder: none
Undergarments: usurper's suit : 9:02,17-8:44,20
Upper body: none
Arm: leather gloves : 3:01,01
Lower body:slacks : 9:44,20
Leg: asagustsu : 9:01,32-9:01,32
Physique: +45 Mascularity:+0
Astaroth: Pow Hammer


Hair: topknot : 9:04,16
Head: soldier's hat : 9:11,17-9:04,16-9:11,17
Face equip: none
Neck: none
Shoulder: none
Undergarments: caretaker's suit : 9:46,19-9:46,19
Upper body: leather vest : 9:36,15
Arm: leather cloves : 9:11,17
Lower body: slacks : 9:55,16
Leg: jester's shoes : 9:46,19-9:46,19
Physique: +50 Mascularity:+50
Astaroth: Pow Hammer

Jack of blades

Face:dosent matter
Head: death's cloak : 6:64,19
Face equip: kishin mask : 0:03,03-0:03,03
Neck: none
Shoulder: usurper's spaulders : 9:21,28-0:01,01
Undergarments: usurper's suit : 9:21,28-0:01,27
Upper body: paladin's cuirass : 6:64,19-6:64,19-6:01,01-6:64,19
Arm: asura bracelets : 5:10,25-5:10,25-5:10,25
Lower body: asura tassets : 9:21,28-4:01,01
Leg: paladin's greaves : 5:10,25-5:10,25-5:10,25-5:10,25
Physique: -7 Mascularity:+23
Cervantes : Phlegethon


Hair: none
Head: close helm : 3:03,31-3:03,31
Face equip: none
Shoulder: paladin's pauldrons : 3:03,31
Undergarments: none
Upper body: none
Arm: none
Lower body: none
Ankle: none
Leg: none
Skin: 9:03,24-9:01,08
Special equipment: nightmare arms despair : 9:03,24-9:03,24-9:03,24


Physique +14, Muscularity -7
Hair- Balding
Skin Color- 9:07,01
Head-Caretaker's Maks Color 1 9:05,12 Color 2 9:03,22
Underwear-Aculeus Suit- Color 1-2 6:03,18 Color 3 9:03,18


Head- Iron Mask: Color 0:64,32
Physique -50, Muscularity -50
Shoulder- Paladin's Pauldrons Color 0:64,32
Skin Color- 0:64,32
Underwear- Usurper's Suit Color1-2 0:64,32
Upper Body-Nightmare Spine Color 0:64,32
Arm- Leather Gloves Color 0:64,32
Leg- Nightmare Greaves Color 0:64,32

Solid Snake

Head- Head Band Color 1 0:64,32
Physique -11, Muscularity +30
Hair- Short Untidy Color 9:07,28
Male Face-9
Eye Brow Color-9:08,26
Eye Color- 3:06,24
Skin Color- 3:06,05
Under Wear-Usurper's Suit Color 1-2 0:64,32
Arm- Venatic Gloves Color 0:64,32
Leg- Leather Boots Color 0:64,32

Neck:Shinobi Cloak- 9:64:17 , 9:64:17
Under:Usurper's Suit- 9:45:20 , 9:45:20
Upper:Caretaker's breastplate- 9:06:14 , 9:08:16 , 9:45:18
Arm:Venatic Gloves- 9:45:20
Lower:Paladin's fauld- 9:45:18 , 9:45:18 , 9:45:18 , 9:64:7
Leg: Leather Boots- 9:64:17
Hair:Corporate Cut- 0:50:32
Male Face 2

Chain Mail Color 1( 9: 10 16) Color 2 (5: 06 21)
Leather Cloves Color 1 (9: 22 26)
Noble Suit Colors 1 2 and 3 same ( 9: 22 26)
Shinobi Tabi- Color ( 9:22 26)
Leather Boots- Color (9: 22 26)
Physique: +25 Muscularity -27
Male voice number 5 Pitch: + 31
Hair Short Rage
Male Face 10
Hair Color 3: 12 16
Eyebrow Facial Hair Color 3: 6 24
Eye Color Is 3: 6 24
Skin Color Is 3: 10 13

Barack Obama
Blazer Color 1 is ( 0: 1, 32) Color 2 Is ( 0: 1, 32) Color Three Is ( 8: 64, 27)
Formal Pants Colors 1 2 and 3 are all the same ( 0: 1, 32)
Shinobi Tabi same color as the Formal Pants
Leather Loafers same color as the Shinobi Tabi
Physique: -21 Muscularity -17
Male Voice 2 Pitch: -50
Hair Buzz Cut
Male Face 2
Hair Color is 3: 5, 25
Eyebrow and Facial Hair Color Are ( 3: 6, 24)
Eye Color Is The Same As Above
Skin Color is ( 0: 14, 30)
Some character creations of well know game charactersAdded 1 Sep 2008, ID #3039
Well I only have a few of them and some of them sorta look like them

Raiden(MSG2)...He kinda sucks so I wouldnt suggest using him online

Gender: well...Male

Fighting style: Mitsirugi(he did use a Katana)

Well I would suggest using standard equipment....because he didnt wear much of any vests or anything like that.

The only thing he should be wearing is:

The usurper suit with some leather boots and gloves(all black)

Male face 2 seems like the best bet matched with the long hair( blonde)

I belive that his eyes are blue

Sorry for not being all that discriptive I don't have accsess to my xbox right now so I'm sorry

The Incredible Hulk

Gender: well I hope it's male?

Fighting style: Astaroth(it only looks right)

This one is the easiest one to make no shirt, maxed out muscularity, and slacks(or Jester shorts) colored purple

And the Man is semi Dark/light green with ultra dark green hair(almost black)

Or you can make him the gray hulk which ever one you like

Thats all for now Unofficial Guide to Soul Calibur 4Added 26 Aug 2008, ID #2994
For the low down on every character in the game, plus a comlpete list of skills, information on character creation and the full deal on treasure chest requirements, please visit our guide to Soul Calibur 4 which can be found by following this link...

... Soul Calibur IV Guide
Tower of Lost Souls Bonus Items (Descending)Added 4 Aug 2008, ID #2890
Unlock the following bonus items by completing the indicated floors while decending the Tower Of Lost Souls.

5th Floor - Dark Knight's Cloak.

10th Floor - Blade Ring (Raging Thunder).

15th Floor - Lapin Chapeau.

20th Floor - Repel Gem (Fox Demon).

25th Floor - Succubus Gauntlets.

30th Floor - Demonic Armor.

35th Floor - Demonic Pauldrons.

40th Floor - Voodoo Crown.
Tower of Lost Souls Hidden Items (Ascending)Added 4 Aug 2008, ID #2889
Below is a list of the hidden items in the Tower of Lost Souls and the floor they are found on. Complete the corresponding task to unlock them.

1st Floor - Soldier's Hat:
Clear stage while taking no damage.

2nd Floor - Warrior Trousers:
With no Ring Outs from either side clear the stage.

3rd Floor - Pauldron:
Switch with ally more than 2 times.

4th Floor - Warlord's Belt:
Perform 3 attack throws.

5th Floor - Clergy Clothes:
Defeat an enemy with a Ring Out.

06th Floor - Wonder Jacket:
Throw an opponent

07th Floor - Warrior Trousers:
Without missing any attacks clear the stage.

08th Floor - Armor Ring (Ice Mirror):
Switch characters 2 times.

09th Floor - Scarlett Blossoms:
Guard against the opponent's attack 3 consecutive times.

10th Floor - Silver Boots:
Guard the opponent's attack 10 consecutive times.

11th Floor - Grim Horn:
Defeat ALL enemies with a critical finish.

12th Floor - Magus Cloth:
Defeat ALL enemies with Ring Outs.

13th Floor - Pegasus Sallet:
Destroy ALL the walls

14th Floor - Stage: Phantom Pavilion Seesaw:
Perform gaurd impact at least 3 times.

15th Floor - Submissions Belt:
Clear the stage using only the Attack and Guard buttons.

16th Floor - Warlord's Belt:
With 0 time remaining clear the stage.

17th Floor - Arm Bandages:
Execute a 5+ combo

18th Floor - Kouchu Kabuto:
Stand on ALL corners of the stage.

19th Floor - Longhua Qippo:
Switch with ally at least 5 times.

20th Floor - Life Gem (Sun):
Clear the stage with a critical finish

21st Floor - Longhua Qippo:
Voluntarily Ring yourself out

22nd Floor - Honor Boots:
Perform at least 4 counter hits.

23rd Floor - Frilled Skirt:
Guard more than 3 times in a row.

24th Floor - Protect Gem (Cardinal Directions):
Perform a combo with more than 240 damage

25th Floor - Zhuque Changpao:
Throw at least 5 times.

26th Floor - Warthog Cuirass:
Execute a 10+ combo

27th Floor - Iron Gauntlets:
Clear the stage taking no damage.

28th Floor - Aculeus Suit:
Opponent guards a guard break attack at least 2 times.

29th Floor - Menghu Boots:
Switch with ally at least 5.

30th Floor - Spirit Gem (Noniple Heads):
Clear stage without guarding

31st Floor - Longming Qippo:
Perform 5+ Just Inputs.

32nd Floor - Vane Mask:
Perform a low throw.

33rd Floor - Battle dress:
Perform 3 attack throws.

34th Floor - Power Gem (Warrior Princess):
Perform guard impact at least 3 times.

35th Floor - Warthog Pauldrons:
Clear stage without switching.

36th Floor - Parlor Blouse:
Clear stage with 0 time remaining.

37th Floor - Siren's Helm:
Defeat ALL enemies with critical finishes.

38th Floor - Gorgon Fauld:
Defeat ALL enemies with Ring Out.

39th Floor - Kingfisher Greaves:
Without changing position clear the stage.

40th Floor - Deer Head:
Execute a 5+ combo

41st Floor - Minotaur:
Perform 5+ Just Inputs

42nd Floor - Demonic Gloves:
Without letting opponents invoke a skill clear the stage.

43rd Floor - Repel Gem (Iron Shell):
Perform an over the back throw.

44th Floor - War Cloak:
No ring outs either side.

45th Floor - Tiger Lily Kabuto:
Defeat enemies without using any skills.

46th Floor - Butterfly salet:
Defeat enemies without using any skills.

47th Floor - Succubus Boots:
Throw 5 times

48th Floor - Life Gem (Jade):
Clear stage with a character equipped with the 'invisible' skill.

49th Floor - Horns of Calamity:
Clear stage with no attacks missing.

50th Floor - Tiger Lily Breastplates:
Execute a 10+ combo

51st Floor - Tiger Lily Fauld:
Perform at least 4 counter hits.

52nd Floor - Feathered Wings:
Clear stage with a critical finish.

53rd Floor - Blade Ring (Demon Lord):
Defeat ALL enemies with a ring out.

54th Floor - Leviathan Paoldron:
Destroy ALL the walls.

55th Floor - Priestess Kimono:
Perform 3 attack throws.

56th Floor - Leviathan Burgonet:
Perform a combo with at least 240 damage.

57th Floor - Voodoo Armlets:
Voluntarily perform a ring out.

58th Floor - Tiger Pauldrons:
Defeat ALL enemies without any skills equipped.

59th Floor - Voodoo Greaves:
Guard an enemies attack 10 consecutive times.

60th Floor - Voodoo Breastplate:
Clear the stage without switching character.
Unlock CharactersAdded 4 Aug 2008, ID #2888
The following characters become unlocked when you complete the corresponding task or purchase them for the indicated amount of Gold in Character Creation mode.

Unlock Algol:
Beat Story mode using a character that faces him as the last boss.

Unlock Angol Fear:
Defeat her in Story mode.

Unlock Kamikirimusi:
Defeat her in Story mode.

Unlock Scheherazade:
Defeat her in Story mode.

Unlock Ashlotte:
Defeat her in Story mode.

Unlock Shura:
Defeat her in Story mode.

Unlock Yoshimitsu:
Purchase for 4,000 Gold in Character Creation mode.

Unlock Zasalamel:
Purchase for 4,000 Gold in Character Creation mode.

Unlock Hong Yun-seong:
Purchase for 4,000 Gold in Character Creation mode.

Unlock Sophitia.
Purchase for 4,000 Gold in Character Creation mode.

Unlock Talim:
Purchase for 4,000 Gold in Character Creation mode.

Unlock Lizardman:
Purchase for 4,000 Gold in Character Creation mode.

Unlock Rock:
Purchase for 4,000 Gold in Character Creation mode.

Unlock Seong Mi Na.
Purchase for 4,000 Gold in Character Creation mode.

Unlock Setsuka.
Purchase for 4,000 Gold in Character Creation mode.

Unlock Amy:
Purchase for 4,000 Gold in Character Creation mode.

Unlock Cervantes
Purchase for 4,000 Gold in Character Creation mode.

Unlock The Apprentice:
Using Yoda beat Arcade mode.
Unlock Weapons and Equipment for Create-A-Soul ModeAdded 4 Aug 2008, ID #2886
Complete the indicated amount of achievements in Story mode to unlock the corresponding weapons and equipment in Create-A-Soul mode.

Unlock ALL weapons for a Character:
Clear Story mode with that Character

Unlock Basic Equipment:
Complete 5 achievements

Unlock More Equipment:
Complete 10 achievements

Unlock Intermediate Equipment:
Complete 15 achievements

Unlock Advanced Equipment:
Complete 20 achievements

Unlock Animal Head Equipment:
Complete 25 achievements

Unlock Leviathan and Voodoo Equipment:
Complete 30 achievements

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