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Sonic Adventure Cheats for Xbox 360

We have 7 cheats on Xbox 360
We also have cheats for this game on:   DreamCast   PlayStation 3

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Sonic adventure 999 ring glitchAdded 1 Oct 2012, ID #8697
For this you have to be knux or gamma and with knux dig around staiton square until you get a eletric shield now go to the hotel where sonic gets his advanced light speed shoes and press the button now wait and you will get 200 rings in 3min and with gamma it's quicker go close to the top of the stairs and shoot the button multiple time and you will get 200 rings in 1min but be sure to complete a level first or the rings you collected wont count and another thing don't do casinopolis because you don't get any rings when completeing it. And when you get 999 rings keep shooting because just because the number doesnt go up you still get more rings my highest is 3578 thats if you leave it for 30mins

MultiplayerAdded 21 Aug 2011, ID #7670
It is possible to play co-operatively in Sonic Adventure, albeit not in the normal way. Whenever Sonic is in an action section with Tails on screen, a second player can use a second controller to collect coins and run around as Tales.
Remove Pause ScreenAdded 21 Aug 2011, ID #7669
You can remove the pause menu (which makes it possible to take screenshots etc.) by pressing X and Y while paused.
Location of Character UpgradesAdded 7 Aug 2011, ID #7603
Below is a list of all the character upgrades in Sonic Adventure. Follow the instructions to find them:

Sonic's Upgrades:

Speed Shoes: In Station Square, having beaten Egg Hornet, a new area is opened up that had been blocked by police. Go down the manhole cover and onto the 'Exit' ledge where the shoes can be found.

Crystal Ring: Having found the speed shoes, head into the Hotel and go upstairs. Spin until the 'ready' soundbyte, then walk on the elevator button and the rings button.

Sacred Light: Having beaten 'Ice Cap', continue through the cave. At the end, head down the hill. The Sacred Light is at the end on the flat rock.


Jet Anklets: At the entrance to the Twinkle Park, follow the stream into the sewer. Hover up the vent in the ceiling and go into the left-hand room. The anklets are on the bench.

Rhythm Badge: At Echidna City, follow the wall to the left from where you start to find the badge.


Shovel Gloves: At the hill where the Egg Hornet fight took place, go to Tails' house and look around it to find the emblem on a ledge. Beneath this is a cave - inside the cave there is a section to the left. You will be closed in. Get the gloves and dig by the shiny object, giving the unearthed item to the monkey to be allowed to exit.

Battle Gloves: While in the Aztec Forest in the present, head off the right-hand ledge and climb up the wall towards Big's House. There will be another ledge here with the Battle Gloves on.


Warrior's Feather: Better Eggman's high score in the Hedgehog Hammer challenge to get this.

Long Hammer: Better your own high score in the Hedgehog Hammer Challenge for this one.


Jet Booster: You receive this when you are told to go to the Ammo Room in Egg Hornet.

Lazer Gun: Once the Egg Hornet is transformed, find this in the Sewage Room.


Power Rod: Find this by lifting up the bed in Big's House.

Lures: The only difficult Lure to find is in Amy's hostage room on the Egg Carrier.
Snowboard SelectAdded 7 Aug 2011, ID #7602
Before the snowboarding section, you can choose Sonic's snowboard:

Push X to get the blue snowboard, from Sonic 3 and Sonic Triple Trouble, and press B for a yellow board, exclusive to Sonic Adventure.
Unlock Metal SonicAdded 21 Sep 2010, ID #6279
If you have the DX DLC this evil identical robotic replica of Sonic the Hedgehog will become available as a playable character when you have collected 130 Emblems.
Avatar AwardsAdded 21 Sep 2010, ID #6278
When you have played the indicated amount of hours you will be rewarded with the corresponding avatar. Both awards can be used on either a male or female avatar.

Unlock Vintage Sonic T-Shirt:
Play for 5 hours

Unlock Sonic's Hi-Speed Shoes:
Play for 10 hours

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