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Project Gotham Racing 3 Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Project Gotham Racing 3


We have 9 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Project Gotham Racing 3 please send them in here.

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Unlock Concept Cars

In 'Career' mode earn the following amount of Kudos to unlock the corresponding car. When the car is unlocked it will automatically be added to your garage and you must then purchase it from the Car Shop.
10,000 Kudos - Ford Mustang GTR
50,000 Kudos - Nissan GTR
90,000 Kudos - Cadillac 16
120,000 Kudos - Ford Supercar Concept
160,000 Kudos - Shelby Cobra
230,000 Kudos - Toyota GT-One
300,000 Kudos - Ford GT90
390,000 Kudos - Shelby GR-1
475,000 Kudos - RUF Supercar Concept

Driving fast

If you can't drift the corner don't try just brake hard and turn.
Only drift corners that a wide enough for you to slide out wide.
When driting use a combo of both bakes and put the power in at the end of the drift to controll it.
When speeding along a straight carefull not to get to close to the edges to keep your speed up.
When you get to the end of the straight use both brakes but only tap the E-brake so that you don't loose controll.
Hope this helps you.

Car section

Choose a car that you like the feel of, don't just go for the fastest, test drive the cars to get the feel.
Look for:
Good braking distance
Good accelaration
A decent top speed
Test drive a lot of cars you like the look of and see what can get round the track the fastest and the easyest.

Hope this helps

Choose your drift wisely

When you go to take a corner, choose what kind of drift you perform carefully, what I mean by this is, if the corner is really tight and narrow, try a breaking power over instead of an e-brake, it wont get you too many kudos, but it is more controllable for beginners and it wont have the tendency to slide you to the outside of the track. If you are going for kudos, then use the e-brake, it will allow you to drift longer for more kudos.
Btw, the F1 McLaren is the greatest car in the game, accelerates beautifully, it's fast and it can drift like nobodies business, but it's not as uncontrollable as the Ferrari supercar.

Track creator

Make 10 tracks and you get a reward.

Perfect corners

If you want to do a perfect corner you can 1) slow down (beginner) 2) Drift (advanced).
1) Slowing down: Just press the brake button and turn slowly.
2) Drifting:Press the E-Brake and turn sharply then pull out of the drift by turning into the opposite direction.

Really good car

My friend has a Xbox 360 but iI bought(spelling) called Enzo Ferari(spelling) and t is really good on novice to medium
For beginers: wi races in London until you could buy it.


Two Extra Games:
Select 'View Cars' and choose to walk around in your garage and at the back you will see two games set up called Geometry 1 and 2.

Tim Bedell

There is a secret of Oblivion, a deadly secret. The secret is called, "Tim" Tim is a magical warrior only able to be seen after you complete all of the game 100%. Once you do that go to the arena and say, ready for challange and you will face Tim. Be prepared for Tim has the Tim Cloth Set. He has The Tim Shirt, The Tim Pants, The Tim Shoes, The Tim Hat, and Tim's Bat. Thats the most powerful set on the game. Its so powerful that it can make Tim not eat his cornbread.
P.S. If you don't believe me call
Tim. His number is 664-1856.

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