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Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe Cheats for Xbox 360

Cheats and Tips for Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe

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Our cheats include unlocking alternate costumes and bonus characters. It also includes Fatalities & Heroic Brutalities. We also have a code that gives you unlimited HP.

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We have 12 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3

You can also ask your question on our Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe Questions & Answers page.

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Fatalities and Heroic Brutalities

Check out the video below to see ALL 40 Fatalities and Heroic Brutalities. Also included is The Joker's original uncensored fatality.

Fatalities & Heroic Brutalities

Baraka's Fatalities
Stab Slam: Press Back, Forward, Down, Forward, X when close
Chest Stab: Press Forward(2), Down(2), A when close
Jax's Fatalities:
Head Smash: Press Back, Forward(2), Back, Y when close
Machine Gun: Press Forward(2), Back(2), A when close
Kano's Fatalities:
Knife Throw: Press Back, Down, Back, Forward, X when one step away
Flip Stomp: Press Down(2), Forward, Back, B when one step away
Kitana's Fatalities:
Fan Throw to The Head: Press Back(2), Forward, X at sweeping distance
Kiss of Death: Press Forward, Down(2), Back, A at sweeping distance
Liu Kang's Fatalities:
MK1 Arcade Drop: Press Forward, Back, Down(2), A at sweeping distance
Head Stomp: Press Down(2), Forward, Down,..

Easy Combo Points

Fight a Titan henchman along with a group of normal henchmen, stun the Titan and jump on his back and use him to hit the normal henchman increasing your combo total.

Random Character Selection

To activate this feature which randomly selects a character go to the 'Character' selection screen, hold Up and press 'Start'.

Green Lantern Orb Transparency

Perform the Orb Squeeze finisher with the Green Lantern and you will notice that an area of the orb is transparent. If you look through it you will see the original background instead of darkness.

Laser Energy for Dark Seid Omega Eyes

Select Dark Seid and do his Omega Laser and pause gameplay for about one second. When you resume the game Dark Seid will have his Omega eyes full of laser energy.

Unlock Bonus Characters

Complete the indicated Story mode and then press R1 at the 'Character Selection' screen to bring up a mini-menu with the unlocked evil character.
Unlock Darkseid:
Complete the DC Universe Story mode.
Unlock Shao Khan:
Complete the Mortal Kombat Story mode.

Sub-Zero's Icy Counter

Play as Sub-Zero and perform the Icy Counter move by pressing X(2), Down, Away, X or X(2). The game will register the opponent's knockback as an attack which can then be countered by using Sub-Zero's Icy Counter. If you do this at the correct angle you can miss your opponent when countering and set yourself up for another move while your opponent is still frozen.

Unlock Alternate Costumes

If you press 'Start' at the 'Character Selection' screen when you choose a character they will wear their alternate costume.

Easy Wins

Select a character that can teleport (Captain Marvel, Shan Tsung or Raiden) and immediately teleport and attack the enemy when they start to attack (the enemy must finish the attack). Then teleport when they block and repeat. If the enemy doesn't go into Rage you can defeat most enemy attacks performing this strategy.

easy win

To get an easy win choose raiden then use the move called the superman then the the move were he grabs his opponent and shocks

Matol comback vs DC

My cheat is to give my all the answers when I get it wrong are eles if you don't give my all the cheats I want then ill get mad and hit you and punch you and slap you in the face because I know that I know how to fight Smile

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