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Follow the dark path or use the light
Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom Pack Shot

Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom

Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom Cheats for Xbox 360

We have 6 cheats on Xbox 360
We also have cheats for this game on:   PC

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Stone GolemAdded 16 Sep 2011, ID #7805
To unlock the Stone Golem as an enemy, you have to use the Petrifying Breath on the Wood Golem.

Unlock Advanced Tier SpellsAdded 31 May 2011, ID #7348
Complete the indicated tasks with the indicated character to unlock the corresponding spell in the Advanced tier. These spells cannot be learned in the Dreamworld.

Unlock Bless Advanced Spell:
Complete the game on the Normal difficulty setting with Kendal or Regnier.

Unlock Blizzard Advanced Spell:
Complete the game on the Hard difficulty setting with Kendal.

Unlock Meteor Advanced Spell:
Complete the game on the Hard difficulty setting with Duane.

Unlock Vine Advanced Spell:
Complete the game on the Normal difficulty setting with Duane.

Unlock Null Advanced Spell:
Complete the game on the Normal difficulty with Kendal.

Unlock Mighty Sword Advanced Spell:
Raise Marguerite's favor to 100% with Duane.
UnlockablesAdded 11 Jan 2008, ID #1991
Unlock Game Difficulties

Unlock Hard Mode:
Complete Normal Mode

Unlock Extreme Mode:
Complete Hard Mode

Unlock Curian as a Playable Character:
Complete the game using Celine

Unlock Unique Advanced Skills
When you accomplish certain requirements your character automatically learns a unique spell in the Advanced tier that cannot be learned in the dreamworld.

Unlock Bless:
Using Kenal or Regnier complete Normal mode. Unlock Blizzard:
Using Kendal complete Hard mode.
Leonhearts quest for the seed of lust part 3 yay!!!!!!Added 2 Jan 2008, ID #1957
Ok.. Now you probably want this to end and good cause it will sonn enough now the hourglass of time I THINK is in a cave area I could be completely wrong if so follow his clue that told me easy what to do(i don't really remember that part but I found it easy) right once you got this go back to encablosa (person who asked for the dam thing and now hell give you one final taskget 3 more pain in the ass objects IF YOUR NOT A HIGH LEVEL ones in the first level of chaos (final region) when you get there look right behind you ther it is lolok now for 2 which pissed me off but my vamps a 87 so I had no problem lol ok 2nd is in the final level the one were you have a choice to go through the door to kill enclabosa okDONT DO THIS LIKE I DID! I dident lose anything I just beat the game then tried more on getting the seed anyway get to the door but only on higher ground that you start on
When you get ther youll see a orb take the dam thing. And now possibly the most enjoyable part move away from there a few feet then come back itll ask you if you wanna go to somplace lol say yes and youll face off against reigners mutant form yep you kill him a hero is killed by you lolanyway slaughter his ass and youll get the final item. Now almost done go back to your dreams your dad will tell you to kill the man of light wiitch is enclabosa so go kill him lol go back ther to chaos go through the door and kill himm he will be a challenge but I've beat him twice now ok I know I went to far I should have called it how to finish his quest but I thaught id add it in so catch ya later andq questionsleave message at Dabura911 on xboxlive seeya
Leonhearts quest for the seed of lust! part 2/3Added 1 Jan 2008, ID #1952
Ok now that I've beaten the game with once I know a hell of a lot more ok for the next ingeridient you need something called endless desire(idol of love will tell you this) By this she should have said go kill the ice woman in the frozan region after this go and talk to her (i know this drags on alot!) NOW she says you have to plant the darn thing (dont wanna swear incase in trouble) right I planted it when I beat the game once but you could try right when the idol tells you to plant it all you need to do I go the the very first region were the flower field is. Now behind you is a big yellow orb(if not you have to beat the game and come back or your missing something!) walk through it. Itll say "you plated the seed but nothin happend" now that it's finished bein dum walk a few feet away then walk through were you planted it and then you will get the seed of lust.... RIGHT after you go talk to her AGAIN!. NOW! She tell you to get some water of embracing time wich will speed the growth but were? Ill tell you asoon as I figure it out... To be continued ps: don't forget to talk to her when I say to or this will never work got it? Good ^_^
(Leonharts quest) obtain the seed of lust! part 1Added 30 Dec 2007, ID #1946
Ok first you must talk to the idol of love (as told by the idol of greed) she will tell you to get a normal seed best way go back to first region and keep killing the plant kings eventualy youll get it.then talk to the idol of love(will continue once completed)

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