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Follow the dark path or use the light
Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom Pack Shot

Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom


Achievement Guide

by neeker


                       ---- KINGDOM UNDER ----
                      _          _               __ 
                  ___(_)_ __ ___| | ___    ___  / _|
                 / __| | '__/ __| |/ _ \  / _ \| |_ 
                | (__| | | | (__| |  __/ | (_) |  _|
                 \___|_|_|  \___|_|\___|  \___/|_|  
                     __| | ___   ___  _ __ ___  
                    / _` |/ _ \ / _ \| '_ ` _ \ 
                   | (_| | (_) | (_) | | | | | |
                    \__,_|\___/ \___/|_| |_| |_|
                       -------- FIRE ---------

              XBOX 360 ACHIEVEMENT GUIDE V. 1.10 (FINAL)
                             By: neeker
                         Gamertag: neeker75


This FAQ can be posted on:


and their associates only. Please do not ask whether you can post this 
on your site if you are not from the above. It's getting too difficult 
to keep track.

If you happen to see anyone other than the above hosting this, please 
let me know so that I can feed them to the sharks, torture their feet 
with a feather and throw them into a mall infested with zombies. 

Also, please note that, as with most gaming guides:


If you can get offended by spoilers, please don't use a guide.

1.  Contact Information
2.  Introduction
3.  Completion Achievements
4.  Level Achievements
5.  Quests Achievements
6.  Miscellaneous Achievements
7.  Conclusion

Version history
Paypal Link

Hi, I'm Lestor Wong. I post on by the 
username "neeker". 

Feedback for this document can be directed to lestor underscore wong 
at yahoo dot com. You may check out my other works here:

Kingdom under Fire: Circle of Doom is an action-RPG for the Xbox 360. 
It has 32 achievements with a total of 1,000G up for grabs. They're 
not exactly difficult to do, just time-consuming. This guide will 
explain how to do all of them, and how you can do them as quickly as 

At the point of writing, I've completed 100% of the achievements in 
this game. Many thanks to my lot of friends who helped. Due to the 
highly co-op nature of this game, this 1,000G is no doubt the most 
fulfilling one that I've gotten. See credits for all who've helped in 
the making of this guide.

To make the job easier, I've categorized the achievements into the 

- Completion Achievements
- Level Achievements
- Quests Achievements
- Miscellaneous Achievements

On a side note... please do not send me friend requests anymore! I've 
been flooded by them and I can only accept so many...

These are achievements that you unlock once you complete certain tasks 
with a specific character. 

Description: Complete the Tutorial

Regardless of who you use, you'll begin the story at the Forest of 
Embracing in a field of flowers. Simply perform the action given on 
the screen to complete the tutorial, and you'll unlock this. Take note 
not to "use" the disposable item (I think it's either a Fortune Cookie 
or a Message from the Dark Dimension), or you'll not be able to 
"equip" it when the tutorial requires you too. 

Description: Defeat the Forest Guardian

The Forest Guardian is the first boss you encounter in the game. He's 
at the end of the Forest of Embracing. To defeat him, first attack 
any one of his four heads. Once the head's HP is down to about 50%, 
move on to the next head. 

After you tear down his head's HP, he'll fly up to the top. You should 
now equip a ranged weapon and start shooting at him. After a while, 
he jumps back down to ground, so avoid the fall or you'll get hurt. 

Continue to pound on his heads until they're gone. He'll rise up to 
the top again, so repeat the ranged attacks. Take note that he'll 
periodically splurts out acidic breath from his heads, and when he's 
above ground level, his blood drips can hurt you too. Use potions to 
heal as and when needed. 

When his HP is down to 1, it'll take forever before it turns to zero. 
Just continue to do ranged attacks and heal, and he'll soon be gone.

Description: Defeat Loki

Loki guards the End of Arrogance. He should be the second boss you 
fight in the game. Before you engage, equip an accessory with 
resistance to lightning. This gives you a better chance to survive 
his ranged lightning attacks. 

During the early stages of the fight, Loki will spin around the room 
in his armor. You can easily avoid his attacks by running away. To 
ensure that you don't get hurt, use ranged attacks on him. As his HP 
continues to decrease, his armor will fall apart.

Towards the end of the fight, he's immuned to ranged attacks, so you 
need to actually close in and melee him. Problem is, his lightning 
attacks will stop you in your tracks. To preserve your HP, however, 
I'd suggest to simply use the Magic Shot spell on him repeatedly and 
he should be gone. 

Description: Hunt down Loki's head

This is a really clever achievement. After the tedious final phase of 
the Loki fight, you wouldn't expect Loki's head to still be lurking 
around, near his remains. If you actually get close, you should see a 
tiny little head nearby. Land a hit or two on it, and you'll unlock 
this achievement. If you can't find it, try using Magic Shot to attack 
it blindly. 

And, just in case you wonder, the head has a name too. It's called 
"Mind Eater".

You do not need to complete this achievement to advance the story 

Description: Defeat the Ice Maiden

The Ice Maiden is found at the End of Solitude. She has a few forms 
of attacks:

- A close-ranged attack when you're near
- A ranged attack that sends frozen ice towards you 
- A magic attack that summons ice statues around the arena
- A magic attack that summons multiple copies of herself

For the first two attacks, simply avoid them, and either close in to 
melee her, or ranged attack her.

For the third attack, you should notice that, apart from the ice 
statues, there are faint copies of herself flying around. Attack the 
ice statues (they should break in one hit), and avoid the flying 
copies. If you get into contact with one of them, you'll lose a bunch 
of health while staring at a screen of trees. 

For the final attack, simply run around to avoid all her attacks. Do 
not even bother to attack any of her copies now, since you'll open 
yourself to attacks by other copies.

Continue to reduce her HP when she's using the first two attacks until 
she's defeated.

Description: Defeat Balrog

I'd rate Balrog as the hardest boss in the game. He guards the End of 
Rage. The arena is a volcanic area, and you don't have much room to 
stand since most of the area is full of lava. During the early stage, 
use ranged attacks on him. He'll soon jump towards your position, so 
avoid this, and pounce onto him with close-ranged attacks. 

Sometimes, he'll jump up to the top. When he does this, he's immune 
to any attacks, so just stay put. As his HP goes down to about 50%, 
he'll send a chain towards your area. This will be anchored to a rock 
near you, so quickly attack the chain. If you land enough hits on it, 
it may remove the arm that he's holding the chain on. If you can 
remove both his arms, it'll make this fight easier. 

Otherwise, his final form of attack will devastate you. He simply 
flies around the room, charging to you at will. You can try to do 
ranged attacks on him, but I find that using a magic shot when he's
charging at you will render you invulnerable. Only release the 
charging of your magic shot when he lands. 

Other than that, heal (a lot) and hope for the best.

Description: Defeat Encablossa

Encablossa is the final boss, and he's actually quite easy to defeat. 
In the early phase, he flies around in a white shadow while sending 
attacks (debris, lighting, etc.) towards you. During this stage, he 
can only be hurt by magic. 

Soon, he turns into a black shadow, while still using the same 
attacks. However, he's now vulnerable to both melee and ranged attacks. 

When you managed to reduce his HP to about 50%, he turns into a flying 
rock. This periodically sends out some radial attacks, and also tries 
to knock you down physically. To defeat him, lock on and spam ranged 
attacks until his HP is down. 

Seriously, he's one of the easiest final bosses ever, even on Extreme.

Description: Finish the game with Celine/ Leinhart/ Kendal/ Regnier

Once you defeat Encablossa as any of the above character, you'll 
unlock the respective achievement for that character. 

Note that I mention "defeat Encablossa", and not "complete the game" 
as the characters. Meaning, you can join a co-op game as any of these 
characters before the Encablossa fight, win the fight, and unlock 
the achievements WITHOUT having to play through the earlier chapters.

Also note that Duane doesn't have a "finish the game" achievement.

Description: Finish the game with Curian

The reason I separate this from the others is because you can't choose 
to play as Curian from the onset. To unlock him as a playable character, 
you'll need to finish the game as Celine.

The requirement for unlocking this achievement, however, is the same as 
the others. You only need to defeat Encablossa. 

Description: Pick up all items dropped by a boss

I put this under this category, because it has got to do with boss 
fights. After a boss is defeated, he/ she will drop tons of loot on 
the ground. You'll need to pick them alll up to unlock this. 

Before you go into the fight, buy as much inventory space as possible 
from the Idol of Death. Also, store all unused items as the idol's 
box. You may still want to bring some potions in to heal. 

Once the boss is defeated, you've about 30 seconds to pick up the loot. 
You should be able to pick them all up if you buy extra inventory space 
and store unused items at the idol. However, if your unused potions 
are preventing you from picking up potions from the ground, call up 
your inventory and destroy your potions quickly - time doesn't stop 
when you're doing that. 

I believe that if you're playing in a co-op session, all members in 
the team will unlock this if all items are picked up. I can't be 100% 
sure though, so if anyone can confirm this, please let me know.

UPDATE: Wonder Pants told me that he was on co-op with a friend, 
picked up everything and got the achievement while his friend, who 
didn't pick up any items, didn't unlock it. However, octogonefou wrote 
recently that he was on co-op, picked up only two items, and got the 
achievement. As such, I can conclude that you can indeed get this
achievement during co-op, provided your team sweep everything off the 
floors, and every team member picks up at least one item.

UPDATE2: I recently played a game with a friend who hasn't unlocked 
this yet, and he didn't unlock it even when we picked up everything 
off the ground together. It led me to believe that this achievement 
may be glitched. Just to be sure that you get it, do it alone.

Level achievements refer to all those "reach Level X with Y character" 
achievements commonly found in RPGs. In this game, there are just 
four of them... but they can be extremely time-consuming if you don't 
play a few co-op games or two.

Description: Reach Level 10 with any character

You'll probably get this towards the end of the Forest of Embracing on 
your first character playthrough on solo. Simply kill anything in 
sight, maybe redo a couple of maps and you should be good to go...

... or, you can simply join a hard/ extreme game on co-op and get it 
in, like, five minutes. Obviously, this is on the assumption that the 
hosts wouldn't kick you. You can't host a hard/ extreme game because 
you haven't complete the story mode, you see.

Which is why I'd suggest that you find a few good men to play the game 
with regularly. These would be the people that you share EXP, do items 
trading and all.

I'll come to these soon.

Description: Reach Level 40 with any character

As above, join a hard/ extreme game on co-op and you should get to 
Level 40 in a couple of hours. 

To make things easier, try to synthesize items with the "Greed" 
attribute. Low level greed items obviously don't work as well as a 
high level one. I'd suggest synthesizing at least a Level 15 greed, 
but if you find enough items and gold to do a Level 25 one, by all 

Just for your information, the following are items that I synthesized 
with the greed attribute:

Kendal/ Curian -   Shield
Celine         -   Flying Daggers
Leinhart       -   Fuma
Duane          -   Machine Gun
Regnier        -   Whip

A Level 25 greed item earns you 50% more EXP.

Description: Reach Level 120 with any character

By Level 60+, you should ideally have completed normal. In fact, you 
should also consider completing hard ASAP so as to unlock extreme in 
your solo game. The good thing is, regardless of whether you're hosting 
a game, these modes can be unlocked in any co-op game, as long as you 
beat Encablossa in the required modes. That is, to unlock hard, beat 
Encablossa in co-op on normal; to unlock extreme, beat Encablossa in 
co-op on hard.

In any case, once you reach Level 80 online, I'd suggest playing solo 
on extreme mode. Keep replaying the Forest of Embracing (ignore the 
Forest Guardian fight) by killing the lizards (beware of those archers) 
and the City of Desolation killing Blacksand Tribe monsters. I find 
that it's faster to level up this way instead of playing in co-op from 
this point simply because you get to kill the whole lot of monsters 
alone, thus ensuring you get all the EXP required. 

Yes, I know that you get more EXP in co-op, but it's also possible to 
play with a super powerful character who kills everyone and gets all 
the EXP. This is ok if you on low level and simply leeching on to get 
left-over EXP, but a little time-consuming if you're on Level 80 going 
on to 120.

Description: Reach Level 80 with all characters

By all characters, it means Curian, who's an unlockable character, 
must also reach Level 80.

I've already provided levelling tips above, so just do the same for 
all the characters, and you should get this in time. I can typically 
level a character up to Level 80 in about five to seven hours. It 
varies because sometimes I spent too much time at Idols synthesizing 

And, if you're still skeptical about playing this game with a group of 
close friends, you should note that you can be slaying high level 
enemies on extreme even at low levels. There's this feature known as 
"trading" in this game, and you should use it to your own benefit.

For example, you've reached Level 120 with your main character. 
Obviously, you must've played a hell lot of games on extreme to reach 
this far. Meaning, you must've found some desirable loot that's not 
usable for said character. My suggestion? Don't sell them. Instead, 
with all the money you've, synthesize them until their SP requirements 
are low.

Let's say you're Kendal, and you found a +1,000 attack Palatz for 
Curian. The sword requires 560 SP to be used, meaning your Level 1 
Curian will not be able to use it until much later right? Not exactly. 
Curian is poor, but Kendal is rich. Use Kendal's gold to synthesize the 
weapon until its SP requirement is down to below 100.

Now, join a friend's session as Kendal, and pass on the weapon to him. 
Leave the game now, and join as Curian. Your friend passes the sword 
back to you, and you guys go on an extreme rampage. You should level 
up pretty quickly as long as you land hits on enemies (don't even have 
to kill them). Each time you level up, pump everything into SP. Within 
15 minutes, your character reaches Level 10, and has enough SP to 
equip the +1,000 attack Palatz.

You should do the same with armor and accessories (carcanet/ rings/ 
pendants). In fact, you can even transfer gold this way. 

Of course, if you still insist on fighting through everything alone, I 
wish you all the best. But co-op is the fastest way to getting these 
achievements, and if achievements are what you're looking for, do 
yourself a favor and go online.

UPDATE: octogonefou brought to my attention a URL on 
about a glitch for these level achievements. The URL is too long to 
post here (going beyond the required margins), so I'll just summarize 
the situation.

Basically, there are people who levelled all their characters to over 
80, but still couldn't unlock "Curse of the Developer". SMiscoo 
suggested in the thread that characters need to actually hit Level 80 
itself to unlock this. Meaning, if your character is at Level 79, and 
you go on a killing spree until you gain Level 80, you're safe. If 
the character is at Level 79, and you go on a boss fight that raises 
your level to Level 82 immediately after the fight (for example), you 
may not be able to unlock this achievement. The same applies to the 
rest of the level achievements (10, 40, 120). 

I can also attest that these achievements can be done in co-op, since 
I got "Curse of the Developer" while playing co-op as Duane (my final 
character). If anyone suggests otherwise, you can point him/ her to 
this guide.

Nevertheless, just to be on the safe side, when you're close to Level 
80 for any of your character, avoid fighting any bosses to prevent the 
possibility of not unlocking the whopping 200GS. If it'd happened to 
me, I'd be  E.X.T.R.E.M.E.L.Y.  P.I.S.S.E.D.

Some time into your game, you'll get to sleep at Idols and enter the 
dream world. As you talk to the characters in dreams, those people 
will eventually give quests to you. All the characters, except Curian, 
have quests. 

In the dreams, the people giving quests will be different.

- Regnier:  Old Man
- Celine:   Moonlight
- Leinhart: Valdemaar
- Kendal:   Moonlight
- Duane:    Marguerite/ Bertrand

For Regnier, Celine, Leinhart and Kendal, the quests involve a series 
of fetch and kill quests, and plenty of backtracking. For Duane, the 
quest is basically a mini-game that involve a fencing duel with 

Quest objectives usually appear as orange spots of light in-game. So, 
regardless whether you're looking for a glass or a spirit crystal, 
they'll always appear as orange spots of light. 

Here, I'll list down step-by-step instructions on how to complete all 
these quests. Also, you may want to know that all quests objectives 
can be completed even in co-op. Only your character can see the orange 
spots of light related to the quests though. If you're in co-op, you 
may consider asking your friends to help you with the tougher ones 
like defeating Keither and Encablossa, if your level is low. 

Description: Complete all of Regnier's story quests

In Regnier's dream, he sees a woman and a kid. He feels strongly for 
them, but he doesn't know why exactly. The quest begins for me in 
the second area of the City of Desolation. Talk to the Old Man in his 
dream to finally unlock the first quests. That is, to acquire the 
Splinter of Death, Love and Greed.

Spliter of Death: Talk to the Idol of Death to acquire.

Splinter of Love: Talk to the Idol of Love to acquire.

Splinter of Greed: Talk to the Idol of Greed.

To change idols at a shrine, either walk away and come back, use a 
Moonlight of Waxing at the inventory screen, or sleep.

Go back to the Old Man in the dream. It turns out that whatever you've 
collected so far isn't enough. He needs you to kill some monsters to 
turn the Splinter of Greed into Perfect Greed.

Perfect Greed: Go to the Hall of Arrogance and start killing the 
enemies there. The sculptors apprentices and statues will raise your 
Perfect Greed meter. Continue to kill these enemies until the game 
tells you that you've acquire Perfect Greed.

Sleep and talk to the Old Man. This time, he wants to turn the Splinter 
of Love into Perfect Love.

Perfect Love: Go to the Valley of Solitude to kill the wandering 
lovers - these are those blood-sucking enemies called Yuki Otoko and 
Yuki Onna. Each kill raises the meter by only 1%, so you'll have to 
kill 100 to proceed.

Sleep and talk to the Old Man. This time, he wants Perfect Death.

Perfect Death: This one is tricky. Death wants you to kill those who 
do not die. These mean skeletons, spears and flesh men. However, he 
also gives a condition - each one has to be different than the last. 
Go to the Valley of Solitude to kill the skeletons there. You'll 
notice that the meter doesn't go beyond a certain percentage. Once 
that happens, go kill spears and flesh men. Once your meter reaches 
about 80%, it'll stop moving again. Now, go to the Cave of Rage and 
kill the spears there to reach 100%.

You're almost done now. Go sleep and talk to the Old Man again for a 
key to the gap in the dark dimension. This gap is found at the Road of 
Chaos, top floor (above the door to Encablossa). Go to the gap and 
unlock the gap to fight Keither.

Boss fight: Keither

Keither is vulnerable to both ranged and closed attacks. Try not to 
get too near to him during the initial stage of the fight, since he'll 
periodically summon an "Earth" attack that surrounds himself, rendering 
him invulnerable. If you're too close, the earth wall will hurt you. 

Once his earth shield is gone, continue with ranged/ closed attacks. 
Soon, he'll unleash one of those clock towers on the ground. This time, 
not only is he invulnerable, he also recharges his HP! You'll need to 
quickly attack the clock tower to remove the association. 

Once the clock tower is out of the way, repeat your usual attacks on 
Keither and he should be down soon. 

After you defeat Keither, remember to go back to sleep and talk to the 
Old Man again. This is important - if you don't talk to him one last 
time, you'll not unlock the achievement after you defeat Encablossa.

Boss Fight: Encablossa (see above)

The achievement unlocks after the credits.

Description: Complete all of Celine's story quests

Celine's quest is all about rescuing Curian. Firstly, Moonlight will 
ask for a Spirit Crystal, and this can be found in the Forest of 
Embracing, first area. It's near the first bunch of lizards you see, 
just beside the edge of a cliff.

Sleep and talk to Moonlight. He tells you that the Spirit Crystal is 
damaged (you may want to wait a while for this though). You'll need to 
find an Elixir and Lost Minds to salvage the situation.

Talk to the Idol of Death for the Elixir. He'll give you a quest to 
kill the Blacksand Tribe. Go to the City of Desolation and kill every 
enemy in sight. You should complete this in a few minutes.

Lost Minds can be found with those who were once human. Go to the 
Valley of Solitude or the Cave of Rage and start killing skeletons, 
spears and flesh men. Again, you should complete this pretty quickly. 

Go back to the Idol of Death and talk to him for the Elixir. 

Now, go sleep and talk to Moonlight. He needs some time, so proceed 
to the next shrine, sleep, and talk to him again.

This time, he tells you that Curian's body has been destroyed. You'll 
now need to find Curian's Mind Trace. Go to the idols now (in any 

All three idols will give you a quest to do. You must complete all of 
them to proceed.

Idol of Death: He can retrieve a whole of lot mind traces, but he can't 
pinpoint Curian's one exactly. To get these traces, you'll need to 
acquire Cursed Honor.

Idol of Greed: He can extract Curian's Mind Trace from many traces. To 
make him help, you'll need to acquire Pure Gold.

Idol of Love: With Curian's Mind Trace, she can restore his Spirit  
Crystal. For this, you'll need to acquire Cold Love.

Cursed Honor: You need to kill five different types of Knights, as 

- Dark Knight:       Twilight Corridor/ Road of Chaos
- Flame Knight:      City of Desolation, Second Area, near Exit
- Lightning Knight:  City of Desolation, Second Area, near Exit
- Ghost Knight:      Twilight Corridor/ Road of Chaos
- Ice Knight:        Valley of Solitude, Third Area, top path

Pure Gold: You need to kill 100% of Golden Louse at Twilight Corridor. 
Meaning, you'll have to fight through Vestibule 1F and 2F, and 
Library of Memories 1F and 2F. Each time you visit the Twilight 
Corridor, you can get about 10-12% completion. Quit, save, and continue 
to start the game from the Twilight Corridor again. You can then kill 
more Golden Louse. Rinse and repeat until you reach 100%.

Cold Love: Go to the Valley of Solitude and kill two wandering lovers, 
i.e., Yuki Otoko/ Yuki Onna. Yes, just two!

Go back to the Idol of Death to get the mind traces.

Go back to the Idol of Greed with the traces to get Curian's Mind 

Go back to the Idol of Love with Curian's Mind Trace to get the loca-
tion of his Spirit Crystal.

Go to the first area of the Cave of Rage, in the middle where a large 
room with bats, to find the Spirit Crystal.

Sleep and talk to Moonlight again. After that, go to the next shrine 
and sleep to talk to him again. 

Again, go to the next shrine and sleep/ talk to him.

You can now talk to Curian. After that, talk to Moonlight. 

Go to the next shrine and sleep again. You'll find that Moonlight is 
gone. Talk to Curian again, and then read the book next to him. 

Head to where Encablossa is for the final battle.

Boss Fight: Encablossa

The achievement unlocks after the credits.

Description: Complete all of Leinhart's story quests

Leinhart's quest revolves around the idea that he wants to get 
mutated so that he can conquer kingdoms when he returns to the Age of 
Light. To do so, you're advised to talk to Encablossa in your 

To begin, talk to the Idol of Death. He points you to the Idol of 

The Idol of Greed has the hots for the Idol of Love. He wants a Seed 
of Lust from her (or something like that). 

Talk to the Idol of Love. She tells you to first kill some Plant Kings 
to get the Seed of Love.

You'll need to kill 10 Plant Kings to get the seed - check your quest 
log to keep track if you need. 

Now, you need to find Endless Desire. Go to the end of the Valley of 
Solitude to find the Ice Maiden.

Boss Fight: Ice Maiden

You get Endless Desire after defeating her.

Warp to the Forest of Embracing to find the spot to plant the seed. 
It's at the very first area, just turn around from where you begin 
and you'll see it.

Head towards the next shrine and talk to the Idol of Love again.

You'll need to get the Water Embracing Time to speed up the growth. 
Go find it in the Forest of Embracing, second area. It's in plain 
sight at the part where you can see a waterfall on the right. 

Return to where the seed was planted to get the Seed of Lust.

Bring the seed to the Idol of Greed. He'll finally arrange a meeting 
with Encablossa.

Sleep and talk to Encablossa. 

Encablossa gives you a test - find the Paused Hourglass at the "Spiral 
of Desolation". This place is at the City of Desolation, third area. 
You should find this at the bottom of a spiral road that's attached to 
some sort of tunnel/ cave that has lots of damn critters.

Return to sleep and hand the hourglass over to Encablossa.

More tests. He wants you to find Narrow Wisdom. Go to the Road of 
Chaos, first area. Narrow Wisdom is right behind where you begin. 

Sleep, talk to Encablossa.

You'll now need the Potion of Confidence. Go to the Road of Chaos, 
top floor, to find Keither for this. 

Boss Fight: Keither

Now, sleep, wake up, go to where Encablossa is.

Boss Fight: Encablossa

The achievement unlocks after the credits.

Description: Complete all of Kendal's story quests

Keep talking to Moonlight in the dream until the quest begins. This 
happens when he tells you about a friend looking for you.

The next time you sleep, Walter should appear. Talk to him about a 
pendant. You'll need to retrieve this pendant for him.

Go to the City of Desolation and start killing the enemies there. 
Keep killing until the game tells you that you've gotten the pendant.

Go back to sleep and talk to Moonlight. 

Talk to the Idol of Love. She requests for five pieces of Spirtual 

Go to the Hall of Arrogance to find all five pieces of said Spiritual 
Purity. The locations are random. Sometimes, you can see them behind 
a room, but when you go towards the room, the game prompts you to go 
to the next area. When that happens, choose "no" so that you can enter 
the room to grab the piece. I found most of these pieces along the 
corridors in those side alcoves. You can usually find all of them 
in one run through the areas. 

Talk to the Idol of Love to hand over the pieces. She now asks for the 
Heart of Hero.

Sleep and talk to Moonlight. You'll now get the key to the End of 
Desolation. Yes, it's that elusive door that you can't open as other 
characters. If he doesn't give you the key now, go do some other things 
and talk to him again later.

Once you get the key, go to the City of Desolation, 4th area, to find 
the door. This door is ALWAYS at the exit near the Idol in this map. 

Boss Fight: Mutant Curian (see "End of Mutation" for details)

Talk to the Idol of Love to get the Will of Purity.

Sleep and talk to Moonlight. You should find Encablossa in the dream 
now. Watch the story unfolds about Regnier.

Leave the dream, wait a while, and then return to the dream again to 
talk to Moonlight. He gives you a riddle - one that got me stumped for 

Return to the Hall of Arrogance and fight through the Library of 
Memories, the Vestibule and the Twilight Corridor until you're back at 
the Antechamber. 

Once you're back at the Antechamber, walk towards Sunrise Atrium, but 
choose "no" when the game asks whether you want to go to the atrium. 
You can now go into the room here, which has a hidden staircase that 
leads to the Glass of Serenity.

Sleep and talk to Moonlight. You MUST talk to him until he talks about 
the Water Embracing Time again. If not, you won't be able to find it 
at the Forest of Embracing.

When you're sure that the quest for the water on, go to the Forest of 
Embracing. The Water Embracing Time is at the second area, in plain 
sight at the part where you can see a waterfall on the right. 

Sleep again. Sometime during this period, you'll find Encablossa in 
the dream. He gives you a fetch quest - find three volumes of the Book 
of Truth. 

Head back to the Hall of Arrogance and comb through all the areas 
there to find these volumes. These books appear randomly, and they may 
not appear on some maps (the maps in this game are randomly generated). 
Worst still, they may not all appear in one run. That's right, if you 
go through the areas and find none, chances are there's none to be 
found. I found two in my first run, but it was two days later before I 
found the third. Good luck!

Sleep and talk to Encablossa. 

Leave the dream, do something else and then return to sleep again. You 
should find Moonlight again. He'll ask you to throw the Glass of 
Serenity away.

Go to the Cave of Rage. The place to throw the glass is at the top of 
the cave, on the bridge leading to the way down to the End of Rage. 
You should find the orange spot in plain sight on this bridge.

Sleep again. You should find Encablossa again. He gives you the key to 
the gap in the dimension. You know what this means...

Boss Fight: Keither

Sleep for more scenes.

Now go fight Encablossa at the usual place.

Boss Fight: Encablossa

The achievement unlocks after the credits.

NOTE: This entire section is written with the help of asLeepLessman. 
Note that some the events can happen simultaneously. The Book of Truth 
quest, for example, may intervene with the Water Embracing Time. If 
you cannot find Moonlight or Encablossa, do whatever quests that are 
given to you at that moment first. 

Description: Defeat Mutant Curian

If you're not playing as Kendal, you'll have to play co-op to with a 
Kendal that has found the key to fight this boss. There are no other 
ways around this.

Mutant Curian is not exactly a tough boss. The usual ranged and closed 
attacks should be good enough to finish him off. However, take note of 
his spinning and radial attacks, and close in only after one of his 
attacks stop. 

I'd put this achievement under "Miscellaneous", but since it can be 
unlocked while playing Kendal's quest, I've decided to include it 
under the quests achievements instead.

Ok, the "easy" ones are out of the way. We now approach the most 
frustrating mini-game on this generation. Presenting... fencing with 
Bertrand as Duane!

Description: Raise Marguerite's favor to 50/ 100%

Duane's only has one "quest", and it's to relive his younger days of 
winning the heart of a lady, Marguerite. He does so through a fencing 
mini-game against his rival, Bertrand. To win this quest, your goal is 
to duel with Bertrand over and over again, until you raise Marguerite's 
favor to 100%. It isn't easy though, since each time you win, you'll 
only gain 3% favor. 

You may also want to note that if you lose, you lose 2% favor. Not to 
mention, since you also learn abilities from Marguerite, if you unlearn 
an ability, your favor drops as well! 

Anyway, the fencing would be easy if it's simply hack-and-slash. Sadly, 
it isn't. 

It's too difficult to explain the process here, so I'd point you to 
Riot_Pig's Duane Fencing FAQ here:

for more information, and the entire list of defense moves that you'll 
need to excel in this quest.

I must admit that even with that guide, it still took me a few hours to 
raise Marguerite's favor to 100%. Not surprisingly, these two are the 
last two achievements that I unlocked for this game. 

Just a further note too: You can leave the the dream world each time 
you win a duel to save the progress. If you lose, reload the game (use 
the guide button on your controller) without leaving the dream. Yes, I 
know it's troublesome, but it really beats winning one game to gain 3%, 
only to lose the next one. 

Description: Have a heartwarming talk to Bertrand

Sometime after you begin the duel with Bertrand, you'll fall asleep to 
find that Marguerite isn't in the dream. If you talk to Bertrand now, 
you'll enter a "heart-to-heart" talk with him, thus unlocking this 

As far as I know, this incident is completely random. 

These are achievements not relating to any of the above categories.

Description: Learn an Ability

You learn abilities (magic spells) in the dream world by talking to 
the person who gives you quests. For Curian, he has no one to talk to, 
just a book to read. Specifically, the following characters learn 
abilities from:

- Regnier:  Old Man
- Celine:   Moonlight
- Leinhart: Valdemaar
- Kendal:   Moonlight
- Duane:    Marguerite
- Curian:   Book

Once you choose an ability to learn, you'll be asked to kill x number 
of y enemies. Simply do so for one character to unlock this. Some of 
the abilities are glitched. For example, Heal - you can complete the 
learning process without even killing every enemy required. You may 
want to make this the very first ability you learn for every 

Description: Successfully execute a 20 combo attack with a Bloodlust-
enhanced weapon

This is the easiest 80 points you'll earn in this game. If you play 
as Leinhart, you can find bloodlust weapons from as early as the Forest 
of Embracing (from dead enemies' drops). Simply equip this weapon, and 
fight against the bunch of early lizards. You need to hit them 20 times 
without being hit.

If the lizards die too fast for your liking, consider doing this in
the City of Desolation. The first group of Blacksand Tribe you face 
should withstand 20 hits from you. 

Description: Succeed in Item Synthesis

Synthesis plays an important role in this game - something that "pro
reviewers" failed to address in their unanimous low scores in their 
reviews. You can synthesize an item with any idol. Choose the item that 
you want to synthesize and place it into the top left box, and choose 
the item that you want to synthesize with at the middle left box. You 
can view the outcome of the synthesis on the right. 

The success rate of an synthesis depends very much on whether you've 
money. I believe that the "Luck" attribute also plays a part, but 
since having enough money can solve all your synthesis problems, I'd 
still suggest that you pump up your SP early in the game.

To unlock this, simply perform one successful synthesis. To lower the 
SP requirement of a empty weapon, for example, you can synthesize it 
with an armor or a low SP weapon. 

Description: Synthesize the same piece of equipment 10 times

I'd suggest that you've the future in mind when you do this though. 
Using my Kendal-synthesizing-weapon-for-Curian example from earlier, 
you can easily synthesize it five to six times to lower the SP to 
below 100. 

Subsequently, you can synthesize it with orange potions to increase 
its attack. Shouldn't be much of a problem doing it 10 times.

Description: Synthesize the same piece of equipment 20 times

To make best use of this, ideally you should find a lot of orange 
potions and fuse them all with the very first weapon. 

Of course, whether you can find that many orange potions is another 
matter (note: I do not believe in duping). Moreover, the cost of 
synthesizing the same piece of equipment increases the more times it 
has been synthesized. This means that you need a lot of gold to 
synthesize an item 20 times.

You can earn a lot of gold in extreme mode, so play it a lot to build 
up your funds. If orange potions are not available, and you really 
want this achievement quickly, I'd suggest simply synthesizing a 
useless piece of item 20 times. You'll still get the achievement this 

Description: Hunt down a Stone Golem

You can never find a Stone Golem in the game - it has to be "created". 
To do so, learn the "Petrifying Breath" spell, and use it on a Wooden 
Golem (Forest of Embracing, third area). The Wooden Golem will be 
petrified temporarily. When it regains movement, it'll become the 
Stone Golem. Kill it to unlock this achievement.

If you're playing this in co-op, you need to land the killer blow in 
order to get the achievement. If your character doesn't have this 
Petrifying Breath, or can't learn this skill, try your luck in co-op. 
I believe Regnier has that spell.

Description: Watch all of the starting staff roll and the ending staff 
roll credits

There are actually three staff rolls in this game. 

The first, you can watch it in the start menu, under the "Credits" 

The second, you can watch it after you beat the game for one 
character on normal.

The third, you can watch it after you beat the game for one character 
on extreme. This staff roll is "special" as in it has photos of the 
production crew of the game.

You need to watch all these credits ONCE to unlock the achievement. 
If someone tells you that you need to watch credits for ALL characters, 
don't believe him.

UPDATE: If you find that it's difficult to play through extreme to 
watch the final staff roll, consider doing it in co-op. Take note, 
however, that if you're not hosting the game, the host can end the 
staff roll abruptly by skipping it. If he does that, you'll NOT unlock 
the achievement. So, you may want to at least beat Encablossa on hard 
to unlock extreme on your own, so that you can be the host. 

Now, there could also be times when, even on co-op, you find it tough 
to proceed to the final boss on extreme. There's an easy way to get 
past this, as I discovered when playing with Miiiguel some weeks back. 
You must've already unlock extreme mode though. Simply host a game on 
normal, fight through Chaos until you reach Encablossa's floor (it 
should be called the "gateway" on something), and quit the game. Your 
game will be saved there. You can now host a new game on extreme from 
that floor, meaning you go straight to fight extreme's Encablossa 
without having to fight a single other enemy on extreme. Talk about a 

Finally, the guide is complete. I've decided to stop updating this 
unless there's any major error. I hope this guide will help you get 
all the points in this badly misunderstood game.

Meanwhile, I'd like to apologise to all who've sent friend requests to 
me. I've been receiving lots of them since I wrote the Assassin's 
Creed guide, but I can't add everyone because there are simply too 

Last but not least, have fun and keep gaming.

Version 1.00: Guide completed (1/14).
Version 1.02: Fixed some typos, added some pointers on fencing and 
Kendal's quest (1/24).
Version 1.03: Added note on "Gluttony" (1/27).
Version 1.05: Added more notes on "Gluttony", Kendal's quest walk-
through and explanation of a possible glitch for the level 
achievements (1/29). 
Version 1.10: Ok, this is the final "final" version! Added more notes 
on "Gluttony" and "The Timid Developer" (3/11).

"Permanent" friends for co-op: Cloverian, phazer89, knightsljx
And all others whom I've played with
Wonder Pants and octogonefou - for notes on "Gluttony"
SMiscoo - for notes on how to avoid a "Curse of the Developer" glitch
asLeepLessman - for Kendal's walkthrough
Miiiguel - for testing co-op "Gluttony" and finding the easy way to 
"The Timid Developer"
ASCII Generator (@

I'd like to say that I've done better than Prima/ Bradygames/ anyone 
else that publishes game guides, but I know that a text document can 
never look as appealing as a thick book with colorful pages. Neverthe-
less, if you like this guide, and would like to contribute to my 
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