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Follow the dark path or use the light

Ghostbusters The Video Game Cheats for Xbox 360

We have 5 cheats on Xbox 360
We also have cheats for this game on:   Wii   PlayStation 3   Nintendo DS   PC   PlayStation 2   PSP

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Nice Shootin' Tex Achievement CheatAdded 14 Jul 2011, ID #7494
This cheat allows you to get the Nice Shootin' Tex achievement without having to play through the whole game again avoiding property damage.

For this cheat to work, you need two storage devices I.e. A HDD and memory card.

1. Start a new game, picking one of your storage units.

2. Complete training and, once the first level (Hotel Sedgewick) loads, go to Start, Options, Gameplay, Select Storage Device.

3. Pick the alternative storage unit, and select Yes to overwrite.

4. You can now play through the rest of the game without needing to avoid damaging property.

5. Once the final level (Return to Sedgewick) begins, go to Start, Options, Gameplay, Select Storage Device and choose your original storage unit.

6. Defeat the final boss to get the achievement!

'Most Wanted' Ghost LocationsAdded 14 Jul 2009, ID #4716
Listed below are the locations and the task that is required to be completed to get the corresponding ghost.

Cemetery (Graveyard, Altar, Lost Temple)

Mad Mad Minimo:
Earn $50,000 in any Cemetery job. Must be in a single match.

The Darkest:
Capture Mad Mad Minimo, and kill 15 Black Slime monsters.

The Uprising:
Capture The Clawed Menace, and complete 10 survival jobs in the Cemetery.

The Clawed Menace:
Capture The Darkest, and kill 50 Cemetery crawlers.

Library (Reading Room, Twisted Stacks, Basement Stacks)

The Book Of Pain:
Complete any job in any of the Library levels.

Captain Of The Guard:
Capture The Book Of Pain, and kill 20 paper enemies.

Olga The Terrible:
Capture the Captain Of The Guard and complete 5 jobs in the Library.

Capture Olga The Terrible and complete 10 Library thief jobs.

Times Square (Streets, Rooftops, Office)

Smelly Ned:
Complete 5 containments in the Times Square maps.

Capture Smelly Ned and collect 50 power-ups.

Capture Dolnasky and kill 20 gargoyles and/or cherubs using slams.

Capture Grimgreave and complete 10 survivals on the Times Square maps.

Museum (Rotunda, Mayan, Egypt)

Complete 5 Museum protections.

Sharpshooter Bailey:
Capture Grundel and 15 civil war ghosts.

The Maestro:
Capture Sharpshooter Bailey and complete 10 Museum survival jobs.

Grand Pappy Sargassi:
Capture The Maestro and omplete 15 jobs on the Museum levels.

Any Level except for Slime Dunk

Rotten Slimer:
Capture 10 Slimers.

Wee Slimer:
Capture Rotten Slimer and win at least 3 Slime Dunks.

Polar Slimer:
Capture Wee Slimer and achieve 20 Slime Dunks on each of the Slime Dunk maps.

Glutton Slimer:
Capture Polar Slimer and complete 60 jobs.
Unlock BonusesAdded 30 Jun 2009, ID #4666
These become available when you have collected the indicated amount of Scans and Illustrations for Tobin's Spirit Guide or got 100% game completion on the indicated difficulty setting.

Get 100% Completion on any difficulty.

Gozerian Rookie Outfit:
Get 100% Completion on Gozerian difficulty.

Faster Health Regeneration:
Collect over 50% of Illustrations for Tobin's Spirit Guide.

Increased Scanning Speed:
Collect over 50% of scans for Tobin's Spirit Guide.

Equipment Strength Upgrade:
Collect ALL 103 Illustrations (100%) for Tobin's Spirit Guide.

No Equipment Overheat:
Collect ALL 103 scans (100%) for Tobin's Spirit Guide.
Player RanksAdded 26 Jun 2009, ID #4639
Listed below in order are the player ranks.

Intern Ghostbuster



Supernatural Investigator

Novice Ghostbuster

Paranormal Examiner

Slime Collector

Spook Spotter

Spirit Trapper


Proton Slinger

Slimer Snagger

Phantom Blaster

Ecto Exterminator

Elite Ghostbuster

Wraith Wrangler

Soul Hunter

Specter Slayer

Defender of New York

Ghostbuster of the Year
NES Ghostbusters Ending ScreenAdded 25 Jun 2009, ID #4634
The ending screen from the original Ghostbusters game which was released on the NES can be viewed if you look at one of the monitors which is on a desk upstairs at the Ghostbusters headquarters.

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