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Forza Motorsport 2 Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Forza Motorsport 2

Forza 4 Walkthrough Guide
Forza Motorsport 2 Guide
Great guide to getting started and playing through Forza 4. Details on completing achievements, car lists, playthrough videos and more await you in ..
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Check out our collection of cheats which includes unlocking the Pagani Zonda C12 and Porsche 911 GT1 98. Changing any two wheel drive into four wheel drive and getting more money.

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We have 18 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Forza Motorsport 2 please send them in here.

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Drive in the Pit Stop Glitch

In Test Drive mode drive on any map that has a pit stop. Press 'Start' and select 'Tune Car', go out of the menu and back straight out of the pit. The message 'Pitting' will still appear and you will be able to roam around the pit stop and crash your car without taking any damage (except for scrateches).

Unlockable Cars

The following cars are unlocked when you win the corresponding event.
Unlock Pagani Zonda C12:
Win the Professional (High-Power Open).
Unlock Porsche #26 Porsche AG 911 GT1-98:
Win the Endurance (Porsche 911 GT2 Cup).
Unlock Toyota Celica 1800 VVT-i:
Win the Amateur Front-Engine RWD Event.
Unlock Toyota VIS Racing MR2 turbo T-bar:
Win the Point-to-Point Mid-Engine Event.
Unlock Porsche 911 GT2:
Win the Point-to-Point (Club 911 Event).
Unlock Renault Sport Clio V6 RS:
Win the Amateur (Hatchback Challenge).
Unlock Porsche 911 Carrera RS:
Win the Professional (Class B Championship).
Unlock Toyota APR Performance Celica GTS:
Win the Point-to-Point (All-Wheel-Drive E..

Change any 2 Wheel Drive Car into 4 Wheel Drive

When your tires are worn out do a burnout in your highest gear. When the RPMs are in the red downshift to 1st gear keeping the brake on the whole time. If you have done this correctly you will have 4 Wheel Drive.

NEW money cheat!

Ok, so you go to the "Buy Upgrades" screen and select a category, any one. You then select an upgrade area (i.e. Exhaust, Engine Block, Cams/Valves, etc.)
Select the cheapest(first)upgrade, NOT THE STOCK UPGRADE! Press Right trigger and fast afterward A so it asks to buy the part, but your selected part is the most expensive one. Hit "Yes", and you'll buy the Racing level part fot the price of the Street level part! I discovered this, and please rate! 8)
*Note, this ONLY works if there are more than 1 part upgrade, and ONLY if you haven't already bought the last upgrade.*

Easy Money

If your game has not been patched through Xbox Live this trick will work. Level up any 5 Porsches (this includes the are class). Select the Chrysler ME-Four Twelve if you still have it and then go to 'Upgrades', and 'Tires'. Select the Perrelli tires which will be 17,000 CR (this is 50% off). Buy them and then sell them for 21,000 CR to get a profit of 4,000 CR.

Tuning Down Cars

Uninstall weight reduction or buy second to last weight reduction when you tune down a car to fit into regulations. Changing to stock/sport tires also helps as buying racing tires will raise you up a class while stock/sport tires often will get you down a class or lower your hp slightly. Use stock brakes and stock dampers if you need to. Engine upgrades will usually raise you up a class so it is best to avoid them.

Money Cheat

First you go and buy the Chevy ss then go to upgrades and go to the engine section and buy the highest one I do not remember what it is called and then click LT on the controler then X pretty much at the same time just click LT first then X and it should sell the engine and you should get the money but you will still own the engine

Ultimate 'Sleeper' Car

If your looking for the ultimate 'sleeper' car, (i.e. A car that looks like an everyday car but flies)buy a VW Golf Mk II GTi, go on engine modification / customisation and do a powertrain swap for the R32 Golf MkIV, further modify the car keeping in mind that the weight is what makes it fast! (It's under one ton)DO NOT modify the body in any way as this only adds unneccesary weight and it makes it look good, not what you want from a sleeper! If you see a red, type U 999, MkII Golf GTi, stay away, because it's mine and it will eat you alive! I beat TVR Speed 12's, Ferrari Enzo's and Iv even beaten an Audi R8 (good driving) Other good sleepers include; Pugeot 206 RC, SEAT Leon Cupra R and Saleen Mustang. N.B. This form of racing is expensive, but well worth the comments that people leave..

Buy locked cars and get 999,999,999 CR

Ok, to buy a locked car, go to My Xbox on the Xbox Dashboard and go to the System Settings blade. Press system. Then Memory, and highlight the memory unit you are using and press Y. It sould come up with a screen what says 'Clear System Cache.' Press Yes and Yes again. You need to do this to remove all patches from the game your going to play. Then exit out of the settings and play Forza 2... When it loads, go to your career and go to 'Buy Car'. Go to a to a dealer with at least 1 car unlocked. After you've done that, highlight an unlocked car. When highlighted, press left stick to the right and the A button at the same time. If done correctly, it shold say 'do you want to buy this car for how many CR it costs'. Click yes. You have now bought a locked car!
Ok, to get 999,999,9..

Money cheat

On "Buy Upgrades" choose an upgrade with 2 or more options above standard (doesnt work with tires).Buy the upgrade that is second to last, and then equip the standard of the option. Then move over the bought upgrade, and pull the right trigger then press "X" in quick sucsetion in that order. You should then recive the value of the uprade at the top of the options list.
NOTE: I find the best car to use is a Lamborghini Gallardo "Turbo" OR the Ferrari F50 "turbo" uprades.
If you need any further expalnation e-mail me.

1967 Ferrari 330 P4

Complete Club Ferrari

Easy Race Wins!!

First off, buy a fast car(with expensive parts) or create your own from scratch.When you are creating your own, make sure the parts are expensive, alse this won't work. Make sure your car level is 1,2 or 3. After that, go to set difficulty and put A.I Difficulty as Hard, Suggested Line off and Damage to simulation.(You can also add your own combinations.) When you finish, go race, proving grounds, and choose either North America Open, Asia Open or European Open. (I chose Asia Open, second race.) The cars you are about to race are easy, very easy. [u][b]NOTE: DO NOT GO TOO AGGRESSIVE ALSE YOU MIGHT CRASH AND IT WONT WORK![/[/u] b] Race the track and win if you can. After you win, you get lots of credits. You get 1000CR for the race, 300CR for difficulty (or more if you chose a different ..

Lots of money

If you do the money cheat buy a pontiac that kinda looks like a camaro go to buy upgrades then go to where it's like a glowing box do what the cheats says about RT and X you should make 43'800 this works very well!


Go to the car before the first locked one and hit the (a)button and then it will say buy move the analog stick towards the locked car and hit (a) button and the locked car now will be unlocked

Semi-pro races

Since these races are limited by power and not by P.I it is best to go lite, I manadged to complete all of them just by using lotus models even the <700 Hp one, although it was a near fully tuned exige 240 cup car. The lowest level race was simply done in a base level elise with minor tuning to the tyres, braking and handling components and the body work.

Unlock Veli Side Supra

Complete 20TH Century Super car Invitaltional

Easy Race Wins!!

Buy a fast car or mod a car so it's really fast. Go to set difficulty and turn suggested line off, put A.I difficulty to hard, put damage to simulation. Go to go race, go to a easy race (I chose asia shootout and second race) and the cars the people race are easy. Go to the race. NOTE: DO NOT BE TOO AGGRESIVE ALSE YOU MIGHT CRASH. race your best and win. You get 1,000 CR and get xtra credit for difficulty, 300CR. You also get credited for your car rairity, parts and car level (I got 128CR) I got 1,428CR all together. Keep doing this and get rich! $$$$!

Money Cheat

1: Go to Career Mode or Auction House and buy 5 Porsche 914/6's
2: Race and get all of them up to car level 4 because for each one you get a 10% dicount on pereli tires.
4: Take any car {but the Chrysler ME Four Twleve Works best} and go to Buy Upgrades.
5: Go to tires and get the best tire compound and when you have to pick a tire brand pick Pereli.
6: Buy it, it will cost 17,100 credits then immediately press the X button and sell it, you will sell it for 21,000 credits gaining 3,900 credtits each time doi it a whole bunch of times and you will get plenty of money. I did I and now I have 120,000,000 credits!

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