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FIFA 07 Cheats for Xbox 360

Cheats and Tips for FIFA 07


We have 6 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for FIFA 07 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : PSP : Xbox : Gameboy Advance : Nintendo DS : PC

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All Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Goal Kicks.

Use goal kicks to your advantage, like any other set piece in the game.
When taking a goal kick, pass it straight to the guy infront, from here you either keep possession of the ball, or set up the attack. If you decide to attack, before the ball gets to the player, hold LT, and the left analog stick in the direction of the opposite goals. 5/10 times, this will play a ball over to your player making a run behind the defence. He will now be clean through on goal, all you have to do is put it in the net.

Scoring Goals

Ok for once I have a guide that doesn't revolve around getting gamerscore, but this can help increase it. The first Step: Practice makes perfect: Arena mode is good for practicing your one on one shots with the goalie. It is difficult on this angle though, muche asier in gameplay.
Go to kick off and try it out
Second Step: Picking your spot: Before scoring the goal, you need someone to score it. Easy way by getting at least one player against the defenders up front. You should have a support player running up to help, preferably press Y, (through ball) to use him to his full potential. Step 3: Aiming the shot: This is both the simplest yet hardest part of scoring, the goal. When one on one here are your options:
Chip: If the gk runs out to receive the ball, quickly hold down LT and B. Not too long not too short and it will go in. Placement/Slotting it: When one on one you can do this at any time. Aim the shot to the side and if you miss, it'll hopefully curve. This is hard placing the shot, staight on it's easier, but on angles a bit harder, but still doable. Finally: CELEBRATE!: Score the goal, celebrate and watch the replay and rub it in. Then go to instant replay and make them feel really bad. Extra Time: Extras: Here are other forms of goals to score.
FK: The free kick is difficult to perfect but just aim to the side that the goalie is nnot covering, usually the near post, and shoot. Check your players stats to see elevation and power. E.g. Henry can place his shots so you don't need as much of a power up. Stunners: These are usually from outside the box and/or hits the post. Always a great goal.

Happy Gaming ^o^


As an update of what I submitted earlier, I have now completed manager mode on world class, have 4255 Gamerscore, still support Arsenal, have 149 achievements. I will continue my venture into manager mode but not as often. As said before when achievements say semi pro, they mean it. Do that difficulty only to get the certain amount of points you want, playing it harder does nothing. I am now persuing my goal to get a higher profile rank, I am right now a benchwarmer. And have completed 11% of Fifa 07. Now here's my guide to get higher ranks throughout the game.
Step 1: Game Stats: This keeps track of everything you do in each game. From the goals to the bookings, they can all be found here. And they can be specifically tracked, showing the period of time your goals were scored in. Thats a quick little summary.
Step 2a: Play now stats: This area recounts all of the mathes you have played with the teams you've played with in kickoff mode. In every league. This is a good way to get achievements and your percentage of game completion. Step 2b: Help with it: Ok there are two ways to do this section of team wins. First the long way, this is very, very long. Each time you are going to play with a crappy team in any league, go to team management, then transfers. Put all the top players into the team your using. Very long I know but still effective. But the right way to prove you are a legend at this game by playing with each and every team without transferring any players. You are a great. The contents of each section include:
Each team in league.
20 Wins.
Played in kickoff mode.
Its good to keep track of your records. For a good start use the best teams in each league to win games to get your confidence up. Step 3a: World/Classic Team: I can't quite remember which it is but you have to play with them, and win 20 games too. When using the team, put it on pro to unlock an achievement. Step 3b: The problem: You must unlock the team by doing Challenge mode if you wish to do this. However now in Fifa 07, these challenges sicken me. Why should we bother with doing challenges with specified teams? It's easier if we pick the teams and if challenges don't have to be done with a bad team against a good team and scoring three goals with three different players.
So follow this and once again help your Gamerscore, and your pride and make your friends cry.
To them. .
But for you, happy gaming!! ^o^

Easy 200G at least

Ok ok ok, this is a simple quick and easy guide to achieving unbeaten manager. Earning you 200G for your profile.
Step 1: Financial problems/Team Picking:Ok just pick you're team or any team that you want to start the game with. If they are good team example chelsea or man you, during the transfer period sell off players who you don't like or want, this meaning lower player wages each week and a hefty sum of money. It'll help you avoid being sacked.
Now step 2:Selecting difficulty: This will have an effect on your gamerscore outcome. You will still get unbesten manager but not other unlockables. If this is your first or second fifa game, I would choose a low difficulty such as amatuer or semi pro. If you are confident enough or have experience in playing fifa games and know how to strategise go proffesional. But with experience (Like me) you can play on world class for a challenege, kind of anyway. This is why I'm so goos, the following fifa games I've had, (Xbox), 03, 05, 06 & 07. For the 360 I've had 06 world cup and 07. Step 3: Achievements: following this guide and completing one season you should now have earned an easy and fairly earned 200G. If you just simulated them all, thats just sad. If you picked semi pro and only semi pro, you should be close to recieving the fair play achievement or you should have it already. You will be close to getting goal getter and winning streak also.
So I've recently used this strategy as my own, created by me, and my stats are:
Fan support:99
Job Security:99
Game Facts:
Best win: 7-2, Manchester City.
Difficulty: World Class.
Goals For:Lots
Goals Against: Not much.
This info is 100% true and 0% false. I support Arsenal, Im good at video games and my gamescore is 4055 approx. So happy gaming!!!

Fast, to the Extreme

To dribble the ball incredibly fast, on a counter attack, or if there is lots of space in front of you, press nothing but the right analog stick in the direction you are going, keep flicking the stick in that direction, and you will skin players easily.
This however can only be done with skilled fast, players that have a very good dribbling and control ability, such as Rooney, Ronaaldinhio, C. Ronaldo and such.
Hope This Helps.


As usual with the FIFA series of videogames, there are no tap in cheat codes, we currently have a list of rewards which you can unlock during gameplay as follows.
Challenge Mode:
Win five games.
Classic Team:
Complete Challenge Mode.
Dribbling Mini Game:
Win five games in a row, in Career Mode.
Giant Team Flag:
Win a match in Career Mode.
Goalkeeper Mini Game:
Stay unbeaten in five games, in Career Mode.
Additional Chant Sound:
Win ten games not in Career Mode.
Interception Mini Game:
Win ten games in Career Mode.
Home Stadium Upgrade 1:
Win a blowout in Career Mode.
Home Stadium Upgrade 2:
Move into first place in the league, in Career Mode.
Home Stadium Upgrade 3:
Win the league in Career Mode.
Home Stadium Upgrade 4:
Win your domestic cup in Career Mode.
Home Stadium Upgrade 5:
Win your domestic cup twice, in Career Mode.
Home Stadium Upgrade 6:
Win the league twice, in Career Mode. Your current unlocks will be listed in My FIFA 07 > Rewards
If you need further help, please use our question and answer system, or our forums.

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