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Fallout: New Vegas - Ultimate Edition Cheats for Xbox 360

Cheats and Tips for Fallout: New Vegas - Ultimate Edition

Fallout: New Vegas Guide
Fallout: New Vegas - Ultimate Edition Guide
Huge in-progress guide for the whole game. Many areas already completed, a great getting started guide with lots of hints and tips and a fantastical..

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Where to go for the dead money dlc

You will need to go to a camp then past that camp you will find a place it's a ncr camp then once you passed that camp but before I talk about that look behind ill show you a litte trail ok first you would go to the spawn you start at right next you countine to black mountain past that area watch it I have to warn you second time you past that place a death claw but yea then you will see a scorpion place after that you want to go past that ditch and all then you will see a gas station go their and rest a bit after you go their you would want to go past it and walk until you see the ncr camp go their then slide down couple rocks then go up a tiny hill then you will look down and you would see a tiny spot go their to find it.... And if you need more help just send me a message

The Easiest Way To Kill ANYTHING (Esther required)

If you don't have Esther, it's a gun at gun runners but you need Gun Runner's Arsenal. You will also need one mini nuke big kid. Use the "Hotkey Ammo Glitch" to hotkey the mini nuke big kid heres the link for the explanation (go to your pip boy, select Esther, hold down RB, scroll to ammo with the analog stick, scroll to Mini nuke big kid, press a hotkey button). Get a melee weapon and equip (I personally use the shishkebob), and then press the hotkey button that you hotkeyed the mini nuke big kid with. Now that thing is a one or two-hit kill every time.

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