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Crysis 2 Xbox 360 Cheats and Tips

We have 8 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Crysis 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : PlayStation 3

You can also ask your question on our Crysis 2 Questions & Answers page.

All Crysis 2 Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Car Key Locations

Watch the video below or follow the instructions to find all the car keys in the game:

Chapter 3: Sudden Impact - Find the car key on the CELL corpse in the stairwell leading out of the garages (video time: 0:00)

Chapter 4: Road Rage - Before getting the ICV, head past the turret and locate an open cargo container. Inside is a key on the floor (video time: 0:31)

Chapter 5: Lab Rat - Head to the end of the freeway and you should find the key by a dead soldier and a wrecked car (video time: 1:02)

Chapter 6: Gate Keepers - Once the window washing platform falls down, head left into the alley and find the key on the metal stairs in the corner (video time: 1:37)

Chapter 7: Dead Man Walking - From where you start the level, head down the road opposite you. Find the key by a tree in the corner down at street level. There is a teddy bear next to it (video time: 2:19)

Chapter 8: Seat Of Power - At the train station, look for the dead man sitting in the seat over the tracks. He has the key next to him (video time: 2:44)

Chapter 11: Corporate Collapse - Right at the start of the level, go into the downed train carriage to find the key (video time: 3:15)

Chapter 12: Train To Catch - As you pass through the vehicle decontamination garage while assisting with the evacuation, locate the control room to the side. This is where the key is kept (video time: 3:38)

Chapter 15: Power Out - Once you are on street level and heading for Times Square, search the trailer to the right to find the key (video time: 3:59)

Chapter 18: Out Of The Ashes - Before boarding the vehicle to go to Central Park, go along the the flooded road a short way, keeping an eye out on the right for the key (video time: 4:20)

Chapter 19: A Walk In The Park - Following the path at the far edge of the park, find the key in the coach to the left past a run-down cafe (video time: 4:39)

Watch the video

Email Locations

You can find all the emails in the game by watching the video, or following the basic directions below:

Chapter 2: Second Chance - The Easter Egg can be found on the table in the middle of the courtyard (video time: 0:00)

Chapter 5: Lab Rat - Locate the office downstairs in the warehouse (video time: 0:24)

Chapter 6: Gate Keepers - Find it in the churchyard, inside the orange trailer at the edge of the yard (video time: 1:16)

Chapter 7: Dead Man Walking - This one is in the security office where you go to activate the security terminal to call the elevator (video time: 1:42)

Chapter 8: Seat Of Power - As you go into the building past the evacuation centre, find the email on the counter (video time: 2:04)

Chapter 11: Corporate Collapse - Find it in the window between two offices past the car park in the Hargreave-Rasch building (video time: 2:22)

Chapter 16: Eye Of The Storm - To the right as you enter the first ruined building (video time: 2:40)

Chapter 16: Eye Of The Storm (2) - In the office of the generator room (video time: 2:58)

Chapter 16: Eye Of The Storm (3) - In Lockhart's control room, you will find it on the console near the window you throw him out (video time: 3:16)

Chapter 17: Masks Off - As the building burns, go above the library into a red room with the email in a corner on the floor (video time: 3:37)

Watch the video

Easter Eggs

Dance Party Easter Egg:

Find this Easter Egg during the '�Dead Man Walking' mission. Once you have activated the 'Locate the Nanosuit Cradle' objective, head into the elevator. When the elevator reaches the bottom, go to the right. At the end, don't turn right, but press action on the power box. This will show a red light. Backtrack to the first elevator, but jump over the red velvet rope and go down the corridor past it. Activate the switch on the wall to the left, and an elevator will come up next to it, showing the humorous Easter Egg.

Gatekeepers Easter Eggs:

On the Gatekeeps mission, having passed the CELL checkpoint, head up the stairs to the left on the approach to the building's entrance. In a bush to the left are three actual Easter Eggs.

Watch the video

Speeding Ticket Achievement

Check out the following video to see how you can break the speed limit in front of 10 speed cameras and get this Achievement.

Watch the video

Dog Tag Locations

Check out the following video to see the locations of ALL 17 dog tags. Each dog tag collected unlocks an image of a character from Crysis 2.

Watch the video

Souvenir Locations

Check out the following video to see the locations of ALL 18 of the New York souvenirs. There is one souvenir per level.

Watch the video

Second Chance - 0:03

Sudden Impact - 0:22

Road Rage - 1:02

Lab Rat - 1:27

Gate Keepers - 1:57

Dead Man Walking - 2:29

Seat of Power - 2:57

Dark Heart - 3:27

Semper Fi or Die - 4:02

Corporate Collapse - 4:41

Train to Catch - 5:24

Unsafe Haven - 5:51

Terminus - 6:20

Power Out - 6:44

Eye of the Storm - 7:15

Masks Off - 7:53

Out of the Ashes - 8:14

A Walk in the Park - 8:50

Unlock New Game Plus Mode

Complete the game to enable this feature where you can start another session with ALL previously earned armour modules.

Hidden Minigame

Press A or RT 5 times at the 'Credits' screen to start a mini game. Use X for 'fire' and A for 'thrust'.

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