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Crackdown Cheats for Xbox 360

Cheats and Tips for Crackdown

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We have a collection of cheats that includes unlimited orbs, double jumps and getting street racing achievements easy.

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We have 24 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Crackdown please send them in here.

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On some of the levels,you'll pass by a passage way to the keep were
You can trade of your old car with the SuperCar!(you can only do it
On the first lap)Once you do that you can either zoom past them and
Win, or , you can kill all of the racers and win by default.

Level up your driving skill quickly

Okay on the first island (Los Muertos) drive out of the agency building in any of the agency cars (supercar is usually the easiest to control) and as soon as you get onto the main road there will be quite a few gang members, simply keep running them over and run over nay new gang members that come along. Eventually hit squads will arrive so you will have loads of gang members to hit. Just keep runnig them over and when your car has taken a lot of damage simply go back to the agency garage and replace it. Wash, rinse and repeat. You should be able to max out your driving skill in under an hour this way.
Hope this helps

Double JUMP!

Get a body (or item) and jump,when your at the peak of your jump press A and B (throwing the body) and TA-DA you just did the double jump! Use this to get to higher parts of buildings

He Lives!!!

When you take out the Los Muertos kingpin, if you take his dead body on the bridge and then crouch a few times, he should COME BACK TO LIFE! I mean, all his bars of life will come back and if nobody is shooting at you, he will get up when you're holding him, get off you, and stand up on the bridge. He won't fight or move but it's freaky, and if I remember right, each time you kill him, you get points toward whatever you kill him with. I killed him about 20 times in a row!

unlimited orbs

Ok I'm not sure what boss this is but the one boss that is close to a bridge chase him there and shoot him in his head then collect all the orbs and do the same thing again except shoot him twice then after that double that and keep on doing the same thing (this might take a few tries)

Water Glitch

First you need to go off the coast of Los Muertos island go out to sea for about ten min. And then go to pause menu go to the main menu section and then click the second to the last option and go to the base presto, your floating above water and then get the supercar and it will be invisable hope it works.
sincerley, Harleyb123

p.s. If it dosent work the first time you didn't go out that far.

Wallclimber SUV

When you reach the 4 star **** agility level for driving your SUV will climb walls. For a short time a least. Have your SUV facing parrallel to a smooth surface wall and hold B your SUV will grab traction into the wall and start driving up it! Just keep holding B.

Easter Egg

On the top of a tower facing the keep in the shi-gen area of pacfic city there is a swimming pool with 2 rubber duck. One on the diving board and one in the deep end of the pool. The tower isn't to far from where you fight Wang the shi-gen leader. The tower also has a billboard that has "The Network" audio visualization sign on it. I guess the game developers have a thing for ducks.


Play on Xbox Live with someone who has "Keys to the City" and ask to play it. When he quits, go to the main menu within five minutes, then select "Keys to the City".

How to do the

First off you are going to need the "Firefly" and "Limpet Charge" grenades. Here are the steps...
Step 1. Just kill a civilian (its easier)
Step 2. Throw the limpet charge under them and detonate
Step 3. Lock on to them using the firefly and frequently fire at them to keep them
in mid air

Good Driver? Bad Aim?

If you have four star driving but bad firearm skill, heres a way to get it up fairly fast.
Step 1. Go to "The Keep"(Agency.)
Step 2. Select the Super Car and go to whatever city you want. (Shai-Yen works best.)
Step 3. Hold down the B button to use the machine-gun turrets, and go nuts!


This achievement was easy the first time I got it
1.Equip your weopons with only exlosives (rocket launchers NOT
grenade launchers)
2.If you downloaded the "Gettin busy" pack, equip your grenade as the
Cloaking device so you can sneak by enemies.
P.S. You don't need to defeat all the enemies to get the achievement
so just go for the boss.

Kicking a Soccerball

When you go to the basketball courts on Los Mouertos Island, pick up the basketball, jump on the rock above the court,(over the ocean), drop the ball and kick it.Ta-Da!It is also fun to throw the basketball at gangmembers.I tried it and I got strength XP and got to watch him go flying!

How to get head-shots easier!

1.) Take aim at the enemy.
2.) Switch to their head (^ on the right analog stick).
3.) Wait for a few seconds (or microseconds if you are close to the enemy).
4.) When you can barely see the aiming cursor... SHOOT!!!


Killing groups of people.

All you have to do is jump on a group of people and they will get crushed.
Note: You have to have level 3 agility.

Out of level

First off I'm first person ever to find this glitch. Ok first you go to keys to the city and activate god mode or else you'll die it helps to clear the streets as well get in an agency suv (level 4 works best but you can use any level) start driving and once you're at top speed spawn a ramp truck. 3 things can happen 1 you go off the ramp as normal 2 you flying around the map (good time to exicute tricks) 3 you go under the level you will be swiming and if you shoot up your shots will go through the floor and hit what ever is above


When you fight a boss spawn a load of exploading barrels and it kills him and you can make a line on explosions


If you want to kill a boss right in front of you use this to help.
1. You have to have a shotgun. (stub is best). 2. Find the boss.
3. Percision lock him or her and press and hold up with the left thumbstick
4. The percision lock is pointing towards the head. away.
6. It may take 2-6 shots.
hint by xawsomex player 12
Live gamertag is gamer7520

Start easy then go big!

The guide for rookies.
1st:Start at the los muretos island,it's the easiest island.
2nd:When you get more experienced try the volk island.(Medium)
3rd:When you are a very skilled agent and know the area try,the shai-gen island.
Hope this helps!

Take out the first gang easily

Okay when you start the game go to the Shi Gen area (Island 3) and kill a few gang members eventually you should come across a gang member with a heat seeking rocket launcher, kill him and take it. This will make taking out the first gang much easier as they do not ahve any long range explosives they only have grenades. Also make sure you go to a save point with it so that it is stored there for use whenever you need it.
Hope this helps

Keys to the City

To unlock Keys to the city mode,u have to download it from X-Box live.

Defeating Shai Gen Boss

Make Sure You Have The Rocket Launcher That Follows Enemies And The Stand Alone Rocket And Make Sure Ur Agilaty IS A 4Star then get To The Top Of The Building Where Wang Is Then Shoot One Follow Rocket And Get To Th Side Jump On The Side Wall And "QUICKLY"Jump On Or Wang Will Say "TAKE THIS"then He Will Through A Grenade That Will Blow You Of The Side And U Will Get Pissed I Did Then Once You Jumped On The Side And Climbed Up Go To Th Back Than Go To Wang From The Right Side And Kick Him Shot A Rocket At One Of The Soldier Guys Protecting Wang And Make Sure Ur Not Near Them So U Don't Fly OFF And Go Back To The Back of Where U started When U Climbed Chill Next Too The Side Of The Right Side And Wait He Will Come to You Alone No Pressure On You Lucky For You Now For Grand Finally Shoot ..

How to get the Untouchable Agent Achievment... Easily

I know that this can be one of the hardest achievements to get. So, I've found a way to get up the firearms skill while doing this easily. Here are the steps...
Step 1. Go to a supply point that is on a tall building
Step 2. For your weapon choices all you need is the "Longshot"
Step 3. Just keep aiming at gang members on rooftops as well as on the ground
If you run out of ammo the supply point is near by and in doing so, re spawns the gang members. If you want me to show you personally just add me on xbox live. "Estabb1n"

max out your strenth easier

ok, in los moaros island as soon as you get on the main roed from the first keep exit there is a plce that sort of looks like a construction site in there, there should be a loed of gang members instead of shooting them with your gun melee them youill keep leveling up and reinforcments should keep coming.
hope this helps.Little ORRM8 :]

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