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Call of Duty 2 Cheats for Xbox 360

Cheats and Tips for Call of Duty 2


We have 12 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Call of Duty 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC

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Unlimited Ammo

At the 'Main' menu press Left, Left, Left, Right, Left, Right, Yellow, Yellow if you want to play the game without having to worry about running out of ammo.

Unlock ALL Levels

If there is a particular mission you want to play and you don't want to play through the game to get to it then go to the 'Mission Select' screen and hold both the Left and Right Bumpers and quickly enter using the d-pad Left, Left, Right, Right, Y, Y.

Level select

Hold LB + RB press left,left,right,right,y,y

All Missions

At the mission select screen, hold L3+R3 and enter LEFT,LEFT,RIGHT,RIGHT,Y,Y.


Ok when you get to the d-day level when you're americans climb the cliff by the rope but when you're at the top look right in the bunker looking thing where the guy says "the guns are not here there fake germans must of moved em".
Go behind him in the middle of the bunker lay down and crawl away from the cliffs do this a few times and you will drop to a white ground and will be able to shoot germans above you though the floor this is a good glitch have fun exploring.
Cheat sent by SGT BYR0N

"Retaking Lost Ground" Mission

At the beggining, get off the tank and move up. Take out the germans to the left and go up the ally. Take a right and you can attack the german working the MG42 without getting in his line of sight.
When tanking the observation point move up and go onto the deck on the house to the left. Use your rifle and take out the guys on the roof and throw grenades to take out the guys on the ground. You will need to leave the deck to get the guys on the roof to the left.
To take out ther first Flak 88 gun, run and shoot or throw smoke(i just run and shoot) and reach the top of the wall. Wait for the guy with the MG42 to set up.After he sets up Shoot him and the other guy near it and take control of it. If you didnt throw smoke it should be easy to kill any remaining germans around the ..

If you are playing online and you're a beginner ..

If you are playing online and you're a beginner or you don't get as many kills as you want then you need to pay attention. Use the shotty on levels with many accessible buildings places like Stalingrad, Russia and Burgundy, France NOT places like Toujane, Tunisa. For all other levels use the sniper ,when you have a sniper keep on the move. If you camp out they will find your position and kill you everytime you get in it. You can also take advantage of this when you kill someone a few times move to a different posititon from which you can snipe them when they come to get you. To contact me on Xbox live my gamertag is: betterthanyall .

How to get a good player (To kill much faster)

Maybe itīs not a good tip, but l try my best Smile
If you want to be a good player, donīt sit in a corner with a good weapon waiting for other players (Camping). If you do that, you never get the skill of killing. If you are not a good sniper, grab a sniper rifle. Donīt camp, but seek your enemies out. It doensīt care how many times you die. Itīs (hopefully) not a ranking game, so it doesnīt care at all..
I tried it, and it works. I am a good sniper now, and l am not afraid that l am dying while seeking out my enemy. Maybe when l look for cover, but then l push back.
If you wanna add me on xbox live, my gamertag is: DarkShooterX
I hope that you become a good/strong player.

(Xbox Live Only) St. Mere Eglise hint

That place where there is a crack in the window, and the little place with the bathroom, and the boxes piled by the corner wall. Ever wonder how people get to the other side? Here it is. Simply jump on the lowest box, than jump, when your almost there, press B ONCE! And you will make it in there to the other side. It may take you some tries before you actually get there. And remember, stay close to the wall. Have fun shooting Smile

Never run out of ammo

This is quite simple and does not require a lot of work. To never run out of ammo in a mission after you kill a Nazi pick up his MP40, MP44, or Kar98. They are the German weapons and all enemies carry one of the three. After you have 2 of these(I suggest the MP40 and the Kar98 because then you have a rifle and a powerful SMG.) you can just kill the Germans without having to worry about ammo because when you run over one of the dead enemies you pick up his ammo.

4 controller money glitch

COD 2 PS3 Buried: Money for each controller: I have noticed on split screen the 2nd controller could deposit when the 1st controller money was maxed out. You can also max out 3rd and 4th controller as well. When you run out of money unexpectedly with 1st controller you can transfer money back to 1st controller from the controllers. Then time bomb money glitch them all up later.

Connection and gameplay.

1. Watch out for ping, loose wires, and bad modems/routers; these are the cause of lag and bad connection.
2. In game play look out for small ledges on the sides of buildings. These can come in handy for good sniper spots and hiding places. And always remember to crouch. Also , if you miss with one bash of your rifle then the player you were trying to hit most likly heard you try so...SHOOT IF YOU MISS WITH THE FIRST BASH!!!
That's all and watch for my submitted stuff; it's all true and usefull.

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