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Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation

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A collection of cheats that includes unlocking aircraft, unlocking alternate aircraft colours, unlocking Ace difficulty and unlocking a Gamerpic.

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We have 12 cheats and tips on Xbox 360.If you have any cheats or tips for Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation Questions & Answers page.

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Beat the game in the indicated difficulty setting to unlock the corresponding feature.
Unlock Expert Difficulty:
Beat Campaign mode once on Normal difficulty setting.
Unlock Music Player:
Beat Campaign mode once on Normal difficulty setting.
Unlock Scene Viewer.
Beat Campaign mode once on Normal difficulty setting.
Unlock CFA 44 Nosferatu Fighter:
When you have beaten the game on the Hard difficulty setting it appears in your hangar and you can buy it for $229,500.
Unlock SP New Game:
Complete Campaign mode once on any difficulty setting.

Unlockable Aircraft

When the following missions have been completed successfully in the 'Normal' difficulty setting the corresponding bonus aircraft will become unlocked.
Unlock A-10 Thunderbolt:
Complete Mission 4.
Unlock Mirage 2000:
Complete Mission 4.
Unlock Panavia Tornado:
Complete Mission 5.
Unlock Brewster F-2A:
Complete Mission 6.
Unlock FA-18 Super Hornet:
Complete Mission 6.
Unlock F-14D Tomcat:
Complete Mission 6.
Unlock Sukhoi 33 Flanker:
Complete Mission 8.
Unlock Dassault Rafale M:
Complete Mission 9.
Unlock F-15E Strike Eagle:
Complete Mission 9.
Unlock F-117 Nighthawk:
Complete Mission 10.
Unlock EU Typhoon:
Complete ..

Unlock Ace Difficulty

This mode becomes an available feature when you complete Campaign mode under the Expert difficulty.

Unlock Alternate Aircraft Colours

When you complete the game under the Normal difficulty setting the Estovokian colour scheme will become availabe.
In every mission on the Hard difficulty or higher has one named 'ace' aircraft which if you destroy will unlock their special colours (does not include Strigon and Pasternak).
The 3rd colour scheme for the CFA-44 becomes available when you have ALL 'S' ranks in ALL missions from Easy through to Ace difficulty, earn ALL Operation Medals, have ALL Enemy Records and Friend Records and have at least 15 Service Medals.

Unlock Gamerpic

This exclusive pic can be unlocked by completing Campaign mode on the 'Ace' difficulty setting.

Ace Location List

This list will help you find the aces that are unlocked when you play Expert and Ace mode. After each defeated ace, you will unlock the "Estovakian SP" color for the plane they were piloting, and an assault record.
Mission 1:
A. You must destroy all of the B52's and UH9's marked with "TGT" under 120 secs.
B. Some F/A-18F's will appear. Defeat them in under 120 secs.
C. Rafale's appear. Kill them in under 120 secs.
D. PEGAS, the F22 pilot, should appear. You don't have to defeat him/her before the cruise missiles are fired. This was very difficult for me if I did not use the CFA-44 or the F-22A. I recommend unlocking one of them first. Or suffer from a bad case of frustration.

NO Cruises missiles for Gracemeria Mission 15 Chandelier

Prepare Missiles to launch!
RUN Immediately below,below from the rail gun You Will find the Target WARGEAR Into a little tunnel. Destroy
After seconds... You will Hear Unable operation THE Cruises missiles will be not launched or appear on the screen But Hurry to beat the mission
Because you will hear AGAIN
Prepare Missiles to launch!


Go to free mission on Expert or higher diffuculty. Destroy all bomers in about 20 sec. Then F/A 18 will apear as TGT targets. Then destroy them in 5 sec. Then go up in the air and Rafale M will apear then go around the airfield at about 250,000 feet altidute. Then use your MSSL missles to kill Pegas. Then kill the Rafale Ms.

Easy s rank on ground targets

Get the a-10 with the faeb and bomb the hell out of you enemy.


If you and your wingman both have a multi-role plane, i.e. The F-15, and you have a ground based sp weapon, have your wingman have a air based sp weapon to protect you. And vise versa. Same with both having attackers (the F-117 is the only attacker with a AA sp weapon) and fighters. Or you can fly an attacker and wingman a fighter(vice versa).

Night owl, fighting falcon, and multi-role plane medals

If you have been palying on easy trying to get these 3 medals you are out of luck. Just like gettin s rank on all missions on normal difficulty and above. So you have to complete the game with a multi-role, fighter, or attacker craft on NORMAL difficulty MIN. It is hard as hell with attacker only so good luck. Your wingman can be the Nosfruatu to protect you. O and you have to play on Noemal to get the undamaged, quicksliver, and machine gun only medals. Good luck with those last three.

Quicksliver, machine gun only, and undamaged medals

Quicksliver: Complete game in under 2h and 15min. Use the nosfruatu on normal with the admm or that fast rail gun special.
Undamaged: Complete the game w/o taking damage. Use the Nosfruatu and use the long range sp weapon like the admm and rail gun weapon to make fast work from a distance.
Machine gun only: Hit what you can with the machine gun and have your wungman attack everything else. One missle ruins it.

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