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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Cheats for Xbox

We have 6 cheats on Xbox
We also have cheats for this game on:   PlayStation 2   GameCube

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Take Out More Then 1 Guard With 1 Sticky ShockerAdded 15 Aug 2009, ID #7874
When More then 1 guard ane in a puddle of water,shot at the water and lights out. (MoNeYINPHX 2008)

Stuff and Dead gaurdAdded 29 Jun 2007, ID #7197
When you get in the truck then get out know out the real gaurd snipe the dog and kill the terrorist there is a door by a car. Open it. There are diversion cameras ring airfoil rounds and sticky shockers. If you go to the back of the room there is a dead gaurd behind the cones.
Bypassing Motion DetectorsAdded 21 Mar 2006, ID #5461
Carry a body of a a dead or unconscious guard past the motion detectors and they won't go off because they will see the guard.
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow CheatsAdded 15 Aug 2004, ID #2270
Saulnier Cryogenic Level

The codes for the first computer are:
Top - 1001
Bottom - 0010

The second codes are:
Top - 0110
Bottom - 1000
Multyplayer mode glitchesAdded 4 Jul 2004, ID #1975
I don't know if any of you have heard of the teleport glitch, but most of these revolve around that.
To use the teleport glitch, you need to find a pole that will let you swing left 180 degrees.
The only ones I have found are in the warhouse and in federal bank, where these glitches are found.


You can teleport to the center of the map, by climbing up the pole in the spy respawn, and flicking left. At the same time, click B.
This should take you to the middle of the map on the ground floor by some crates if you have completed correctly.

It is important that you do not jump, because this leads to another glitch. If you jump before doing the teleport, you get taken to where you jumped. So in effect, after you are out in the map, you can jump wherever you want!!!

You can also get into sector 3 before it has been unlocked. This is quite complicated and you need a partner.
When you are in the spy spawn, to your right, near the wall, is a gate leading to sector 3. This is locked until you hack sector 2. To get over it, stand just to the right as you face it, and start to back flip off the wall.
Position your mate on the crate further to your right, and get him to jump on your head as you start to flip. He should then jump off your head, towards the ledge over the entrance to sector 1. Then do the same thing again, only closer to the gate, and your mate should pop over!!!


You can teleport to 2 useful places.

The first is on top of the chandelier. In the spawn, there is a ladder and a pole. Jump down staright over the ladder. DONT TOUCH IT!!! You lose half your health, but it is worth it. Then climb up the pole to your rightand teleport onto the chandelier in the lobby of the bank!!!

Second, you can teleport to the vault. When you get off the ladder, to your left there is a vent normally used to reach the vault room. Instead, run to the right, and backflip off the wall, so your feet hit the exit sign. Then go to the same pole as above, and teleport, you end up in a very glitchy place above the map. Do not panic. Straight in front of you is a lift shaft that you just hop down.

Warning! These glitches can be used to cheat and gain ranking points. Please do not, as that is against the idea of the game.

These cheats thanks to

galaxy cruncher

CheatsAdded 24 Jun 2004, ID #1916
As far as we know, there are no type in cheats for this game (i.e. up, down, triangle etc...)

But we do have some great user submitted hints for this game, which can be seen by following this link:
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow - User Submitted Hints

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