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Follow the dark path or use the light
Thank you for printing this page from Remember to come back to check for more great content for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow.

splintercell pandora tomorrow walkthrough and hints for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow

splintercell pandora tomorrow walkthrough and hints

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow

Single Player FAQ for the XBox by gaming copyright March 2004 by
Abdelrhman Noureldin [email protected] ca

This FAQ is authorized by the author to appear at only the following

If I find an unauthorized site hosting this FAQ I will personally call
Lambert up and have him send Sam Fisher to sneak up on you and pull
your underwear up over your head.

If you have the game, I am assuming you have the instruction booklet
that came with it and I don't need to type 12 pages worth of basic
instructions found in the booklet that came with the game. This is a
game play FAQ and if I say "Equip the night vision and shoot the guard
down the hall with the scope on the SC-20K" you either already know
how to make him do that or you have the instruction manual and can
look it up. If I'm stuck at a point in a game and am looking for a FAQ
to help me out I always hate scrolling through page after page after
page of basic information that is really just a reproduction of the
game's instruction manual.

I will describe the first time a move or an item comes up which button
or trigger or thumb stick to use to equip it. All such descriptions
are for a basic XBox controller.

In case you have played the first game but have not yet bought Pandora
Tomorrow and wonder how different or improved the game is, I have
special Game Improvement! updates noted during the Walkthrough.

The game begins with a very well done cut scene in Timor where we see
a terrorist leader named Suhadi Sadono lead his troops in an
infiltration and takeover of the U.S. Embassy. We watch as some
Embassy staff are ruthlessly killed while others are brutally
mistreated. Sadono himself ends the cut scene by sadistically kicking
a kneeling man in the face. We want to see something bad happen to
these terrorists and fast. And apparently so does Washington, because
Sam Fisher is quickly dispatched to the scene.

Level I: Dili, Timor

Synopsis: This is an instructional level. Hints abound and you will
have to really work at it to get stuck on this level because it's so
simple. Your initial mission is to get Sam inside the Embassy building
to find a software executive being held hostage by a Timor rebel

Objective: Infiltrate the Embassy

The level begins with Sam standing in water just in front of a pier.
For fun, don't move Sam at all and Lambert will come on the radio
every 15 seconds or so and ask Sam why the hell he's not moving and
Sam will give him some funny answers, which I won't spoil for you by
repeating here. Move Sam forward and climb up the pier and crouch in
the shadows. Proceed down the pier and halt just outside the circle of
light cast by the overhead lamp swaying in the wind. It's lighting up
the entire walkway of the pier just where it turns to the right. Equip
the pistol and shoot out the light, darkening the area so Sam can pass
through unseen.

(Game Improvement! While the pistol is equipped, pull the left
trigger and a nifty new laster sight will turn on, putting a red dot
where the round will go. Pros - you now will never have to spend 3 or
4 rounds shooting out a single light! Cons- anybody in the area
looking towards you will see the red beam of light)

You will notice that if Sam is moving while aiming the pistol, the
cross hairs go very wide - this means his shot will very likely miss.
Sam shoots much more accurately while still - when the cross hairs are
very close together.

Your first Hint Box is to the left of the lamp you just shot out. It's a box! And it has a square shaped grayish glowing area
in it's center. Move Sam over to it and a Hint Window will appear
telling you to press the green 'A' button on your controller if you
wish to access the Hint.

Turning and continuing down the pier, equip Sam's night vision (left
tap of the directional pad) and move in a crouch toward the next
lighted area.

(Game Improvement! Sam now has binoculars that he can access
instantly. In the first game, if you wanted a better look at something
up ahead, if you didn't have the SC-2OK Silenced Rifle, with it's
scope, you were out of luck.)

While still some distance off, use the Binoculars (click down on right
thumb stick) to carefully scan the area before proceeding. You can
zoom with the Binoculars by tapping the up key of the directional pad.
You can zoom in tapping up and zoom out by tapping down. Stopping and
scanning areas with the Binoculars is a very good habit to get into
with this game, so we will start it here. You can scan an area with
the Binoculars using all three of Sam's vision capabilities: normal,
night vision, and thermal vision. Use all three with the Binoculars
before proceeding, because sometimes the night vision will show you
something the normal vision could not detect; same with the
thermalvison. You especially want to do this before you have Sam
proceed across any lighted areas where he cannot see or safely shoot
out the lights illuminating the area.

Climb up the ladder and upon reaching the top immediately go to the
left and crouch in the dark corner and shoot out the light
illuminating the room. Then have Sam jump up (yellow 'Y' button) and
grab the zip line so he can slide down it to the walkway.

(Game Improvement! Sam now feels vibrations in his hands as he slides
down a zip line - in the first game you felt nothing on the zip lines)

After he lands, jump him up again to grab the pipe running across the
area and send him hand over hand to the next building - and halfway
across you will have to press the 'Y' button so Sam will bring his
legs up to avoid an obstacle.

(Game Improvement! Sam can now shoot while hanging by his legs on a
pipe! After bringing Sam's legs up by pressing the 'Y' button, press
the 'X' button and Sam will hang by his legs while drawing his pistol!
To put the gun away, simply press 'X' again. What a cool move!)

Once Sam is at the building, press 'Y' again to drop his legs and then
press the 'B' button to drop him down - hit 'B' again before he lands
and Sam will do a silent landing. Try to make EVERY landing in this
game a silent landing.

Crouch and move past the lighted window slowly. At the corner of the
building, shoot out the lamp hanging on a elevated hook that is
illuminating the next area Sam must pass through.

Turn the corner and as Sam crouches in front of the closed door, the
'Door Options' window will come up. You have the option of directly
opening the door OR scanning the room first by sticking the tiny fiber
optic cable underneath it.

(Game Improvement! Now the game always gives you the option of
scanning with the Optic Cable before opening the door. It's part of
the basic Door Options, unlike the first game, where you always had to
hold down the inventory button, equip the Optic Cable from the menu,
scan the room, then reselect Sam's pistol or rifle before opening the
door. I am so glad they fixed this hassle!)

in every single time. If you get an option of scanning a door or
window or whatever with the optic cable before opening it, do it.
There are more than a few places in this game where just opening the
door up first will FAIL THE MISSION. So if you stupidly open a door or
window up without scanning with the optic cable first, remember that I
warned you about that here.

Hold down the 'A' button and move the left thumb stick up to select
'Optic Cable' instead of 'Open Door'. Once the optic cable view comes
up on the screen, you can rotate the cable for a look all around the
room by rotating the right thumb stick in a circular pattern.

Once you have ascertained that this well-lighted room is indeed empty,
hit the 'A' button again to go back to third person view and have Sam
open the door. Move Sam into the room to the right where it is darkest
and note that to pass through the room he'd have to go right by the
window to the left - while going directly under the lamp. Anybody
outside would clearly see him. So shoot the light out before
proceeding. Don't think "But I just passed through that area - there's
nobody out there!". The point is to get into the habit of shooting
lights. Lights are not your friend. Get in the habit of shooting them

Use the Optic Cable on the door at the other end of the room and then
pick the lock. Proceed into the room to the right, crouching in the
shadows and look up. There's a pipe there you must climb - only
there's a lantern hanging next to the top of the pipe. If anybody is
up there, you are gonna be a very well illuminated sitting duck when
you reach the top. So shoot the lantern and..........time to develop
yet another good habit. WAIT for a few seconds and see if there is any
response to the shot.

After some time has passed and there has been no noise, climb up the
pipe and crouch down at the top. Move left and crouch down in the far
corner of the room where there is a trap door. Scan the area below
with the Optic Cable and then have Sam open it up and drop down.
Ignore the lantern on the floor to the right; the room is empty. Move
Sam in a crouch to the doorway. There is a lantern on the porch
outside lighting up the stairs he must go down. Phhht! - the sound of
Sam's silenced pistol sending yet another light to it's doom.

Proceed down the steps, turn right and stop. Before you is a semi-
lighted area. Move Sam along the fence to the left until he comes to a
square- shaped opening beneath a porch. He can only enter this in a
crouch. Proceed down this small tunnel until it ends in a small yard
with a house in front of Sam that has a light hanging over the steps
to the boarded up door. From the bottom step, aim up and shoot out the
light. When you proceed around the now darkened corner, the game will
automatically save. This is because your days of unopposed sneaking
and peeking are over. Enemies are near.

Keep going forward and at the top of the next pair of steps there is
some ammo for you to pick up. Go down the steps to the left. At the
bottom of the steps turn right and here we are going to learn to
maneuver while sliding along walls - very good method for a stealth
operative to know. Stand Sam up, then move him so he is facing the
board fence on the left. Then click down on the left thumb stick and
Sam will turn and flatten himself against the wall. Now you will be
able to move him through the narrow corridor formed by this fence and
the wall of the building opposite. Keep Sam in 'Wall Mode' when he
reaches the end of the fence and hold the left thumb stick to the
right to make Sam peek around the corner. Sam will see a guard sitting
on box facing away from him.

(Game Improvement - the SWAT Maneuver. Sam has had a very good evasive
technique added for crossing an open doorway. In the first game you
had to just crouch and hope they didn't see you.)

Now we learn the handy 'SWAT Maneuver' - while holding the left thumb
stick to the right and making Sam peek around the corner, hit the 'A'
button and he will do this really cool turning move that brings him
quickly to the other side of the doorway. From there, have him peek
again around the corner, this time by holding the left thumb stick to
the left. While he is peeking, tap the 'X' button and Sam will draw
his pistol. Aim for the lantern on the wall and shoot it out. The
guard will let out a grunt of surprise and get up and go over to look
at the lantern. The area is now dark so he will not see you as you
sneak up behind him. When you are close enough behind the guard, the
'Grab Character' window appears. Tap the 'A' button and Sam will grab
the guard in a headlock and hold the pistol to the man's head.

Important: as you have seen many times at the bottom of your screen in
the mission objective window, Lethal Force is NOT allowed on this
level thus far, so you cannot kill this guard. If you do so, Lambert
will say something nasty to you and the mission fails.

Once you've grabbed the guard, you can practice moving around with him
as a shield by using the left thumb stick. You can move him forward,
back, turn around, etc. Also, by tapping the 'X' button again you can
take the pistol away from his head and aim it at a secondary target.
Tap 'X' once more and the pistol goes back against the hapless guard's
temple. Move him to a darkened area and then press the right trigger
and Sam will knock the guard out.

(Game Improvement! In the first Splinter Cell, Sam would knock people
out and their bodies would 'fall through' Sam on the way to the floor
- now the K.O.'s are much more realistic as the guard and Sam's bodies
will not blend together as he crumples to the ground)

Proceed forward past the box that the now unconscious guard was
sitting on and another Game Save point will automatically pop up.
Crouch and look forward at the ground while equipping the Thermal
Vision. Yikes - those glowing circular patterns on the ground are
Thermal Mines. Step on one and you don't just fail the mission, you
die. Look to the right - there is an elevated walkway - go underneath
it to bypass the mines and turn right. Look up ahead - MORE thermal
mines, but not to worry - to the left of the mines is a box underneath
a hanging lantern. Shoot out the lantern, get on the box and then jump
up and grab the ledge and go hand over hand past the mines. Or you
could simply take a running jump over them like I did the first time I
played the game. Whichever turns you on.

(Game Improvement! The Half-Split Jump - Sam can now do more than
simply drop down on somebody from the Split Jump. Now he can move from
one side to the other while suspended and then jump even higher)

Proceed around the corner staying to the left against the wall where
you are in total darkness. Find the small alley between the two
buildings to the right and proceed halfway down it. Here you must
perform a split jump. Press the 'Y' button and then when Sam is at the
apex of his jump (that's the highest point of the jump, for those of
you in Rio Linda) press 'Y' again and he will do his patented split
jump and end up suspended in midair between the two walls.

Now, to reach the ledge up to the left hand side, you will have Sam
perform his new 'Half-Split Jump'. Use the left thumb-stick to move
Sam to the right so he is facing the ledge to his left. Then press 'Y'
again and he will jump up and grab the lip of the ledge. He might have
to hand over hand down the ledge to a point where you can make him
pull himself up. Proceed through the room and turn right and as you go
through the next doorway another Save point loads.

As you enter the next room the game asks you to equip the binoculars
by clicking the right thumb stick. Lambert speaks up and tells you
Grimsdotter has found you a way in - the stream outside that runs
under the walkway will get you inside the embassy grounds. But there
are patrolling guards you can see once you shoot out the lantern in
the window to your left. Shoot out the lantern on the table in the
next room as well, and then when the nearest guard outside is facing
away from you proceed down the pole and slowly enter the water. Move
along the stream where the bushes are thickest.

(Game Improvement! The Whistle tactic - now Sam has a built in
diversion that he can use to lure guards to him. In the first game, he
either had to intentionally shoot nearby a guard to lure him - thus
using up precious ammo - or he had to go find a provided bottle or can
to throw. Or jump up and down like an organ grinder's monkey. Now all
Sam has to do is put his lips together and blow. Much simpler and
easier, eh?)

You have the option of luring the guard to you with a whistle (the
black button) and then KO'ing him or you can simply sneak past. If you
K.O. him, you have to hide the body and there is a chance it will be
discovered and raise the other guard's level of alarm. It's better
just to sneak past.

Wait until the guard has turned his back and is moving away from you
and proceed up the stream and under the bridge. If you move too fast
or he hears something and heads back, keep going because what the
guard will do is take out his flashlight and start scanning the area
you already passed through. Continue forward to the great big paddle
wheel and then look back and use the binoculars to find the guard.
When he is on the opposite side of the bridge and you cannot see him,
move up the embankment and crouch down next to the palm tree and look
to the left. There is a guard sitting on a box with his back to you.
As you move forward, stay out of the light thrown on the ground to the
left and move along the wall of the embassy to the right. As you
proceed another Save point loads.

Lambert speaks up to say the terrorists seem to be preparing to kill
some hostages. Sam lets Lambert know he cannot avoid this guard in his
way - how flexible is his lethal force parameters? Lambert says like a
rock - as a matter of fact, he thinks this guy is one of Sadono's top
lieutenants and wants Sam to interrogate him. So move up slowly behind
the seated thug, grab him and hit the 'A' button again to interrogate
him. Note: move him into the dark area to the left as you interrogate
him - don't stand out in the light for this. There is another guard

After the terrorist is done spilling his guts, K.O. him and crouch
down - very likely you will see another guard wandering around the box
where the lieutenant was sitting. He will then enter the building you
are next to. After a few seconds, go to the door and use the OC (Optic
Cable) and you will find him sitting with his back to the door
watching TV. Who trains these guys? Enter the room and K.O. him if you
want the practice; you can bypass this guy easily. Move to the
flaming barrel and climb the pipe to the right of it to reach the top
of the embassy wall.

Or if you want the practice, move into the narrow area behind the
burning can and perform the Split Jump and the Half-Split Jump to get
to the top of the Embassy wall. Pull Sam up and stand him on top of
the wall and.........

Congratulations! You have fulfilled the first objective - infiltrating
the Embassy!

Now a new game screen loads and you are given a new objective -
Recover/Destroy Security Intelligence. You are informed from this
loading screen that: 'Private military corporation C.E.O. (that's
Chief Executive Officer or the Big Cheese to those of you in Rio
Linda) Douglas Shetland is trapped inside the Embassy, in possession
of intelligence that cannot be allowed into enemy hands.

Objective: Find Douglas Shetland and either recover the sensitive
security intelligence or destroy it.

As the level starts you have the option of saving a checkpoint. After
saving, Lambert comes on the radio with some info. Then check your
OPSAT for info on Shetland.Includes a funny comment by Grimsdotter at
the end.

Don't worry about the lights, nobody is watching at this point, go up
the ladder to your left, then turn right and go up another ladder.
Come down on the landing and move to the left into the shadows. Shoot
out the lantern sitting there or the guard with the binoculars in the
window around the corner is going to see you.

Crouch and go around the corner and before you get to the lighted
window go to wall mode in the crouch and slide by underneath the
window. The guard looking out through his cheap Czech-made binoculars
should not see you. As you continue sliding down the wall to the
right, there is another, far larger window where another guard is
looking out. Lambert will come on the radio and tell you to freeze
because it seems Sadono himself has come into the room and is looking
around. If he sees you, the mission is over. If you stay in wall mode
in the dark here he will never see you. After this self-important
terrorist thug leaves the room, go out of wall mode and crouch down
right next to the window and use the 'whistle' button. The guard will
go and investigate, moving around the room. When his back is to you,
move across the lighted area to the far side. Two hostages are sitting
on the floor inside the room , but they won't see you or they have the
presence of mind not to alert the guard. Move down the landing to
where it ends abruptly - looks like a tank shell or some sort of
artillery took out this section of the balcony. Below a big fire burns
so if you mess up this next part Sam goes down to a fiery death.

Move Sam to the very edge of the balcony and to the left, until the
Interact window comes up with the option of Climb Out displayed.
Select it and watch Sam climb out onto the pipe and then move him up
so he can grab the ledge and hand over hand to the landing outside the
opposite window. As you are landing you hear Shetland being
interrogated inside the room by a nasty terrorist torturer. Face right
and move to the edge and the interact window pops up again. Climb onto
the pipe and then move down off of it onto the balcony and go through
the open doorway and K.O. this vicious terrorist.

Then talk to Shetland and find out what you need to know. Shetland
hands over a data chip which you insert in a Sony Ericcson Palm Pilot
device and then a Checkpoint Save option comes up.

Your objective now is to find a CIA agent named Ingrid Ruth Karlthson
who is on the Embassy grounds. You can see her picture and bio on your
OPSAT now, if you so desire.

Objective: Find Ruth Ingrid Karlthson

After saving, Lambert tells you about a person code named 'Mortified
Penguin' who seems to be behind this operation. There are two doors
leading out of this room - one leads to the room where the guard is at
the window and the two hostages are on the floor behind him. The other
leads to a hallway where a guard can be seen on the right standing
with his back to you as he looks outside. Don't believe me? Fine then
- use the Optic Cable on both doors and look for yourself.

Going for the first guard with the two hostages is risky - the room is
well lighted and one of the hostages may make a noise if they see you
coming. The other guard is in a dimly lighted hallway with his back to
you with no one to alert him intentionally or otherwise.

K.O. the guard in the hallway, lockpick the bathroom further down the
hall, and then hide the guard's body there. Note the Medical Kit on
the wall there - you haven't been hit yet so you don't need it, but
the night is young so remember where it is.

(Game Improvement! Although kind of a frustrating one, it does make
the game more realistic: Sam can no longer stare right at a bright
light source while using his nightvision. If he does, the whole
screen goes white and for a few seconds he can see only 'ghosts' or
outlines of whatever he was looking at until his vision clears again)

(Game Improvement! Now you don't pick medical kits up and take them
with you - they remain on the wall where you find them. And you have
the option of not using all of the kit to restore your health - you
can save some of the health for later. Even if you have just a little
life left and choose 'Full Restore', there will be some health left in
the kit.)

Shoot out all the lights in the hallway and on the ceiling; if things
go south at the bottom of the stairs up ahead and you have to retreat,
you want a nice safe dark place waiting. At the end of the hallway
shoot out the big circular light that hangs over the stairway. And the
lamps on the tables in the corners. Once the upstairs area is in total
darkness, proceed down the stairs. There is a guard on patrol and his
steps bring him to the foot of the stairs. Use the Whistle button to
bring him up to you and retreat up the stairs. He will come up the
first set of steps, pausing on the landing, then turn to go back down.
Grab him just after he turns around, pull him back up the stairs to a
dark corner and K.O. him.

A second guard might have approached when you whistled but only one
guard will proceed up the stairs. Repeat the tactic for the second

Alternative strategy: If you mess up grabbing one, you will end up
having to retreat, very likely under fire. Quickly K.O. the guard you
failed to grab and retreat up the steps and around the railing to the
far side where it ends in a dead end. Two other guards will come up
the steps, find the body, and then look for you. As it is completely
dark, they cannot see or sense you until they are right on top of you.
Try sneaking up on them one at a time and KO'ing them. Even if you
mess up, a quick squeeze of the right trigger will smash them with
Sam's elbow. Done quickly enough, they will not get off a shot. If
they do get some bullets into you, remember the health kit in the
bathroom down the hall. You can restore yourself to full health before
going back downstairs.

Alternative strategy: if you opt to save the two hostages held by that
guard yourself, know that if you mess up the guard will shoot them and
the mission will fail. Go back to the room where Shelton is and open
the door to the room where the hostages are. The terrorist is on the
far side of the room. You can shoot out the nearest light on the
ceiling, but if you shoot the second one he gets alarmed and hoses
both of the hostages with his rifle. You're gonna have to sneak up on
him and hope the hostages don't inadvertently warn him. If you mess up
the grab quickly hit him with the elbow. Hitting a guard with an elbow
once stuns them; they will recover in about 4 seconds if you don't hit
them again; the second hit with the elbow is what K.O.'s them.

At the bottom of the stairs, depending on if a second guard was
alerted by your whistle or not, look to the left and there will be one
or two guards playing dice about 30 feet away in a well lighted area.
If your whistle drew a second guard, there is one guard kneeling
there. If only one guard has been KO'd so far, then two guards will be
seen squatting there.

Shoot out the light to your left near the doorway. This usually makes
one of the guards get up and begin patrolling. Retreat up the stairs
and whistle to draw him to you. Like the first guard, he will come a
bit up the stairs to the spot where you were crouching when you
whistled and after a few seconds he will turn around and start back
down the stairs. That's when you grab him. K.O. him and hide his body.

Now there is one more guard left, still crouching down and looking at
the dice on the far side of the room. Shoot out more lights on the
left hand side of the room and that will get his attention. Use the
whistle tactic to draw him to you and K.O. him. If you get wounded,
don't worry there is another medical kit in the room at the bottom of
the stairs.

Right behind where the guards were playing their dice game is a narrow
corridor that leads to another hallway. You'll see a model ship
sitting on a table next to a light on the wall. Shoot out all the
lights on this hallway. There is a big double door on the right
halfway down the hallway. You especially want to shoot out the lantern
hanging over the doorway.

Use the Optic Cable underneath the double doors and note the two
automatic searchlights scanning the courtyard. Open the door, save the
checkpoint, and staying in the shadows, slowly move forward.

There is an open gate right in front of you leading into the
courtyard....which is being systematically swept by the searchlights
and is being watched by a guard with night vision goggles. There are
two avenues to the far left and right that look very appealing; until
you realize the left hand one is being monitored by an automatic
tripod mounted machine gun, and that shooting out lights on the right
hand side alerts all the guards and you lose the element of surprise
and the guard with the NV can see you even in the dark and starts
riddling you with bullets. Plus it turns out that right hand side ends
in a dead end, so you got spotted for nothing.

Lambert will come on the radio to let you know about the NV'd guard.
He's on the second floor of the building to the right in a lighted
doorway. You also see Ingrid Karlthson turn on a light in a room right
next to the one the guard is standing in. Lambert then tells Sam
something he knows he isn't going to like - the only way to keep the
NV'd guard from seeing him is to..............STAY IN THE CIRCLE OF

Yes my fellow gamers, for once the light actually IS your friend. Use
the light beam from the right hand searchlight and after studying it's
pattern walk Sam forward into it and move him so he stays inside of it
until he reaches the other side of the courtyard. Go up the steps into
the open gate and move to the left into the darkened area and shoot
out the light over the doorway.

OC the door, then go up the steps to the left. There is a medical kit
on the wall at the top of the stairs and then another set of stairs
leading up. Shoot out the ceiling light and slowly proceed up the
second set of stairs. Turn around halfway up the stairs and look - you
will see the NV'd guard with his sniper rifle in the balcony facing
away from you. Sneak up behind him and K.O. him. Then after using the
OC to make sure she's alone, open the door to your left and before
talking to Ingrid, dump the guard's body in a corner.

After your interlude with Ingrid, save at the checkpoint and then get
good news from Lambert: They have pinpointed the coordinates to a
cryogenics lab in Paris, France. Also, Delta Force is on the way to
rescue the other hostages, so the leash is now off as Lambert tells
Sam he can now shoot all the terrorists he wants.

Then Grimsdotter chimes in to say your extraction is waiting, but
Cohen doesn't want to land the Osprey in the village with all the
searchlights on. You need to turn two of the searchlights off before
Cohen will find the nerve to come and get you out of here.

Objective: Kill the Searchlights and reach the extraction point for

Go back down both sets of stairs and at the bottom of the second
stairs there is doorway to the right. Go through it slowly, there is a
guard on patrol nearby. Move along the fence to the left until you
come to a very dark area near the first searchlight tower.

Looking forward will allow you to see two guards moving around on
patrol between some buildings. You only need to worry about the
nearest one. Wait until he's close and the other guard is not in sight
and either K.O. him or put a bullet into his head. Hide the body and
then shoot out the lantern at the top of the searchlight tower, climb
up it, and switch off the searchlight's power.

That's one down, one more to go. Proceed forward down the area the
guard was patrolling to where the second guard is disappearing on his
patrol between to buildings to the left. Shoot out the two lights on
the building to the left as you pass by, and make sure you do that
when the second guard is not visible.

Wait for him to come back and take him from behind. At the end of his
patrol on this side he stands facing the fence for about 5 seconds, so
that's plenty of time to get up behind him. You can shoot him in the
head after you K.O. if you want to. Remember, these punks killed
Americans when they seized the embassy!

Note: after playing this level several more times, I have discovered
that these last two guards are not that easy to sneak up on. The first
time through I got them both from behind with a K.O.. Since then they
have always sensed me before I could grab them. If you can't grab them
successfully the first few times, you are better off just shooting
them in the back of the head from a few feet away. Hey, nobody said
war was fair.

Well now you see the second search tower with it's light scanning the
heavens. Cohen sees it too, which is why you're ride still is not
here, so you better go shut it off. Shoot the lantern out at the top
of the ladder and then switch the searchlight off. Proceed up the
stairs ahead and around the corner. Look, you're back in the
waterfront area with the piers ahead.

Move down the pier and then to the left - you'll see the Osprey
piloted by Cohen hovering over the water. Go down the steps and into
the rubber boat and......

Congratulations! You have completed the first mission of this fine
game! America just KNEW it could count on you to get the job done!

Level 2: Paris, France

Saulnier Cryogenics Lab / March 30th, 2006, 04:12 Hours

An enemy agent operating under the alias 'Mortified Penguin' has
broken into the Saulnier Cryogenics Lab with a gang of French and
Syrian mercenaries. Trace their path of intrusion to uncover their
purpose and the identity of 'Mortified Penguin'.

Main Objective: Identify Sadono's chief mercenary

Present Objective: Infiltrate Saulnier Cryogenics Lab

The level begins with Sam in the underground railway tunnels that run
underneath the Saulnier Cryogenics Lab. He's decked out in a cool
neoprene black ninja suit and ready to go to work. Lambert come on the
radio tell Sam he'll have time for sightseeing later and then tells
Sam they don't even know if 'Mortified Penguin' and his followers are
still in the building.

Sam is facing a bright railway light behind a grate as the dialogue
ends. Move him forward and he'll automatically climb down into the
open manhole. Once on the ground below, turn him around and head down
the corridor to where a lantern can be seen sitting on a barrel.

Every 30 seconds or so a train will come flashing by on another track
on the opposite side of the far wall, and lights from those trains
will illuminate the area as they pass by, so you have to be ready for
them. Wait awhile and you will see a guard on patrol stopping next to
the barrel before turning around and going back the way he came. Go
into Wall Mode on the left hand wall and after the guard has turned
around and started back and is facing away from you hit the white
inventory button and equip the pistol; Sam starts the level with the
SC- 20K equipped - then hit the 'X' button and equip the pistol. Wait
until the guard is all the way down close to the parked train engine,
but before he turns around to face you, and shoot out the lantern.

Now when the guard proceeds down the tunnel towards you the next time,
the area is so dark he will not see you. Let him get close and grab
him and K.O. him. Or Shoot him. Or do both.

Then hide the body. Proceeding up onto the platform, shoot out all the
lights running along the left hand side using the SC-20K. Shoot the
last 4 from as far away as you can, because once you get halfway up
the platform the game spawns 2 terrorists who will come around the far
corner and start patrolling. You don't want them to have any light to
see by when they show up. There are two lanterns inside the abandoned
train cars as well and by shooting them out you have completely
darkened the entire area. The only thing you have to worry about now
is the trains that roar by and send rays of light shooting everywhere
every 30 seconds. Slowly move up the platform and when the two
terrorists show up, wait for them to split up. One will come down the
platform toward you and the other will step out of sight behind the
last train car. Wait until the approaching terrorist stops, and before
he turns around and starts to go back the way he came, drop him with a
head shot. The other guard won't hear, so move up to where the first
guard fell and when the other guard steps back into sight drop him

Now head to where the two now departed terrorists came from and go
around the burning barrels and turn another corner. You will come to a
wall with a huge hole in it and beyond the hole a real inferno is

This is obviously where the terrorists got into Saulnier: they blew a
hole in the wall and just walked right on in. And apparently set a
nice big bonfire to make sure nobody followed their trail.

Approach the opening and crouch down. Soon Lambert will say Sam's
temperature readings are off the charts and suggests shooting the
overhead pipes to release water. I've found the pistol does not really
work well for this; you have to shoot a lot of ammo. Use the SC- 20K
and shoot the pipes until water comes spurting out of them to douse
the flames. Aim for the handwheel on the left.

Proceed through the now cascading water and into the room beyond. Go
past the buckled and toppled shelves to the door against the far wall.
As you do so, Lambert says Grimsdotter needs you to access the
buildings security systems.

Objective: Access the security terminal

Switch off the lights and use the OC on the door. You will see a guard
on patrol on the other side. Watch the patrol pattern - he moves from
one side of the room to the other. Wait until he is on the other side
of the room, open the door , aim at the light on the wall just behind
the door, shoot it out, and move beneath it into the corner. Now wait
as the guard comes back toward you. You are in complete darkness, he
reaches the end of his patrol just in front of the door, about 5 feet
away. I found with the SC-20K you can use the scope to pick which eye
to put the round into, the detail is that sharp.

I chose the left.

Hide the body in the same corner you shot from and head to the other
side of the room. Go to the door and use the switch next to it to
switch off the lights and then use the computer on the desk. I got
nothing from the computer, but maybe that was just me. Many times you
get good info out of running computers so always check them.

Now use the OC on the door and note that several guards are patrolling
the next room, which has many computers in it.

This room is very brightly lit. Darkness! We need darkness! Here's how
you do it: Keep watching on the OC until the guard walking up and down
the area in front of the door is at the far end of the room and
disappears from sight for a few moments. Then, turn the OC off,
quickly open the door, equip the SC-20K and move back while aiming.
Before the door shuts, shoot out the nearest light on the ceiling.

Go back to the OC and look again. The guard may stand under the light
for a second when he comes back, but the door is how shut and he has
no idea why the light is out. After a few seconds he will resume his

Do it again. Wait until he disappears, open the door, and shoot out
the second light and let the door close again. Now the corner to the
left of the door of the next room will be dark enough so that the
patrolling guard will not see you when he passes by. Use the OC, wait
until he's not visible and then open the door and slowly move into the
room. Wait a little distance from the door, and as soon as it closes
move into the corner next to it. You have a few more seconds until the
guard making a patrol around the room approaches close to you. There
are two guards in the room; one stays near the center of the room in
the computer areas and the other makes a square patrol pattern all the
way around the room.

When the patrolling guard is on the right hand side of the room in the
dark area shoot him between the eyes with the SC-20K. Sometimes the
other guard sees something's wrong and sounds an alarm, and sometimes
not. If he does sound an alarm, he will begin patrolling and move
right up close to you for an easy shot. If he hears nothing, he will
continue tinkering around with the computers. Stand up and draw a bead
on him when he's still and shoot him in the head.

(I know, I know, you shoot a lot of people in the head in this game.
But remember: they're TERRORISTS! They could have stayed home! On the
family farm! They CHOSE to be here, performing their nefarious deeds.
So don't feel bad about taking them out. They are armed. And you are
checking them out a hell of a lot faster and easier than many of their
unarmed victims)

One of these dead terrorists drops a data stick, so make sure you pick
it up. Hide the bodies in the dark corner next to the door and move to
the opposite side of the room. Switch the lights off and then OC the
door. You will see another door to the left. Open the door and then OC
the next door. You will see yet....another door! And a med-kit on the
wall. In case you messed up and got shot a few times by those two
guards in the computer room, here's your chance for a full health bar.

Pick the lock, open the door, save the checkpoint, switch the light
off, and use the health kit if you need it and then OC the new door.
Can you follow all that? Good!

From the OC you will see a medical type room with a malfunctioning,
rapidly flashing light on the far side of the room. Open the door and
slowly move to the right and crouch in the corner. Right after you
come into the room three terrorists will take up positions on the far
side of the room. They will begin moving slowly towards you.

Retreat back through the door you entered by and let them have the
room. Give them time to get comfortable as you watch them under the
door with the OC. There is one who comes nearest the door, apart from
the other into the darkest part of the room. Take him first.

Wait until he is walking toward you, open the door and shoot him. Then
use the scope on the SC- 20K to take out the other from across the
room. Pick up the data stick one of the terrorists dropped and hide
the bodies in the very dark corner on the far side of the room.
Sometimes one of the terrorists will also drop some ammo.

Alternative strategy: if you like your carnage very up close, do this:
enter the room when the patrolling terrorist is on the far side, and
climb up the pipe on the left hand side. Bring Sam's leg's up and move
him down the pipe. Go too fast and the terrorist in the room will hear
him. On the far side of the room drop Sam down before he gets to the
bright light on the opposite wall. SILENT drop him. Now equip the SC-
20K. You will be able to see at least one of the other terrorists in
the next room through the clear curtain that separates the rooms.
Shoot him in the head, then....move to the side as the second
terrorist comes charging into view. Drop him. Then turn and take down
the patrolling terrorist as he comes at you from behind. Intense, huh?
Three tangos down in less than 5 seconds.

The next room contains corpses that were being prepared for freezing.
Move into it and go right to switch off the lights. Then move left
through the next doorway. OC the double doors and note the long narrow
hallway with lighted plate glass windows to the left. Stay crouched
going into the room. Terrorists have begun shooting at the computers
in the lighted up room to the left and Lambert will frantically say
that we need the access codes - shoot the terrorists and stop them; if
you get shot a few times in this fire fight, remember there is a full
health kit just a few rooms back. Go get health before you access the
computer at the far end of the room. Once you access the computer,
Lambert and Grim will tell you what a good job you did and that it
looks like 'Modified Penguin' was very interested in some of the
patient files. Then, Grimsdotter will say the terrorists are about to
remote trigger a bomb further down the hall. A timer starts and you
now have 1:30 to find the bomb and defuse it. Can't you just FEEL the

As you start to move away from the computer, a Checkpoint comes up.
Save the game and head out of the room and down the hall to the left.
As you look down the hall two terrorists will come out and start
toward you. Drop them both. A diversion Camera or a smoke grenade will
do the trick. Pick the lock of the door to the left of where the two
terrorists were standing. The bomb is taped to the boiler opposite the
door when it opens. Approach it and when the 'Defuse Bomb' window pops
up, press the 'A' button to defuse the bomb.

(Note: if you are low on health or need a diversion camera or smoke
grenade, there is a closet door to your immediate left when you exit
the room where you accessed the computer. Quickly run in there and
grab the items on the floor.)

Lambert then tells you your next objective is to access the companies
database, which is one floor above you.

Objective: Access the database.

Hide the bodies of the dead terrorists in this room and exit and go
down the hall. (For fun, use Sam's binocular view and check out the
cool and realistic looking French emergency procedures poster on the
wall of the boiler room)

(Game Improvement! Sam can now open doors while carrying bodies! How
many times when playing the first game did you desperately try to pick
up a guard's body and get to the door only to have it swing shut in
your face? Then you had to set the body down and open the door all
over again. Another great improvement!)

Move down the hall to where the two terrorists came from and OC the
door there. Looks like a long stairwell leading up. Brightly lit, too.
Move slow then.

Open the door, and a load screen pops up. Save the checkpoint. Look up
ahead and see the red dot on the wall at the top of the stairs. That's
a motion detector. Move too fast in front of it and an alarm will go
off, bringing some guards. Slowly move right in front of the motion
detector. If you set it off there will be a blinding white flash. If
that happens retreat post haste and set up a defensive position at the
door below. If it doesn't go off, continue slowly up the stairs until
you get to the door at the top. OC the door. It reveals a well lit but
empty area. Go in slowly and quietly. Shoot out the ceiling light
right above you. Look to the left. There is a corner nearby, and some
double doors. Go into Wall Mode on the wall next to the door you just
went through and slide down to the corner and peek.

There are several guards around the corner. They are split up. If you
retreat near the door and then use the Whistle button, one of them
should come down into the dark and turn the corner and approach you.
Drop him and hide him in the dark corner near the door.

Then back into Wall Mode and peek around the corner again. Sometimes
none of the other guards are now visible. But they are there. Look at
the double doors again and note the ceiling light you can see beyond
them. Shoot the light out with the SC-20K. Approach the double doors
and pick the lock. A doctor's body lies on the far side of the hall.
Shoot out the small light bulbs near the floor with the pistol; save
the SC20K ammo for later. While you are doing that a mercenary will
come on the radio, intercepted as he talks about a Saulnier security
guard who has managed to lock himself inside a vault.

(Note: If you make your way down the corridor to the left, shooting
out the lights and moving slowly past the motion dectector on the wall
to the left, and enter the open double doors on this side and shoot
out the over head light and the lights on the floor. Now you will be
able to SEE the mercenary scanning the security camera monitors on the
wall as he makes his report)

The door to the database room is to your left. OC the door and note
there are 6 cameras in this room. All are rotating and looking around.
You have to take most of them out. The two on this side of the room,
then one in the middle and one on the right side of the room near the
database computer you need to access. If you mess up and one of the
cameras spots you two guards are going to come after you.

Take out the lights on the near side of the room and then use the
computer to your right. Lambert and Grimsdotter will narrow down the
the info to show that 'Modified Penguin' was especially interested in
the files of 8 of Sauliner's clients. Turns out all were frozen in the
last six months and all were cheapskates: they paid only to have their
brains frozen, not their bodies. Lambert makes a crack about Sam
searching for French Brains.

Objective: Access The Limited Storage Facility

Go back through the door you entered by, and approach the door with
the keypad; check your OPSAT because now the code is found there.

And it's also found in your objectives window once you look at your
notes; a GAME IMPROVEMENT noted by

You cannot OC this door, so enter cautiously. Save the checkpoint, and
see the big spotlight up ahead that is lighting up one of the
terrorists like a Christmas tree. Note that the terrorist is standing
right next to a motion detector. You need to drop this guy with one
shot; if you don't, two more terrorists will show up and things will
get hectic. After you've shot the terrorist in the head, switch off
the spotlight, get the two Air Ring Foils on the table, and use the
med kit on the wall if you need it.

Alternative Strategy: Switch the spotlight off first and KO the guard
when he comes to investigate.

Proceed through the door slowly. As you slowly move to the next door ,
don't forget to pick up the dead terrorist's data stick. You can glean
lots of clues from the data you pick up.

OC the door. Another long stairwell. Go up it slow and note there is a
camera. Shoot the camera and move slowly closer. Look, a wall mine!
Approach it.... (here's that great word again!) SLOWLY and disarm it
by pressing the 'A' button when the light on the front of the mine is
green. Press the 'A' button when the light on the mine is RED and you
are one dead stealth operative.

Pocket the mine and continue up the stairwell. OC the door at the top.
Use Sam's night vision and you will see the two guards easier. One is
patrolling, the other is fiddling around with a computer. Go back to
normal mode, back up and shoot out the closest lights. You need the
stairwell dark as you enter the room. Wait until the patrolling guard
is in the next room to the right and enter slowly and move to the left
of the door and face the wall. Watch your light meter and make sure it
stays slid all the way to the left. There is a light source close by
and you don't want any of it to find you.

When the patrolling guard comes back into the room, slowly follow him
down the length of the room past the other guy who is still meddling
with the computer. While the patrolling guard is out of the room, take
out the guy at the computer with a head shot. When the other guard
comes back, drop him too.

Now use the computer, check the data, and then head into the other
room the guard was patrolling. The computer gave you the access code
to the keypad door you now discover. Enter the code and proceed

Brief cut scene and I hope you don't have a problem with brains lying
strewn across the floor. Sam tells Lambert he's found the brains he
was looking for. Seems like 'Mortified Penguin' was actually more
interested in the refrigeration unit the brains were stored in than in
the brains themselves. He took the unit and just dumped the brains
out on the floor. Lambert now tells Sam to locate the wounded
security guard because this man managed to get a picture of 'Mortified
Penguin' with his cell phone.

Objective: Find Francois (that's the security guard's name) and take
his cell phone.

Use the med kit on the wall to the right if you need it. Move past all
the.....ugh!....brains on the floor towards the cooler door ahead.
Save at the Checkpoint. You will need to equip Sam's thermal vision.
Pause at the door and carefully note what you can see. One terrorist
is clearly visible. Move forward slowly to the left...Aha, what's
this? A turret gun! Hey, and if you turn the IFF off, guess what
happens? That Turret gun will shoot anybody that is front of it. Can
you see where this is going?

Move over to the turret gun's control box and when the interact window
comes up, select 'Disable IFF' and exit. Watch the turret gun blow the
terrorist away.

When he's dead, Deactivate the turret gun and move forward. Check the
guard's body; I picked up a sticky shocker. Move forward to the left.
There is a big metal door.

Use the OC to look under it. More freezing mist in the air. Keep the
thermal vision turned on. Lock pick the door and ease through. There
are 2 terrorists at the far end of the catwalk you now find yourself
on. If you have plenty of ammo left, just snipe them. If not, sneak up
and go for close range shots. If you have plenty of health, try a K.O.

After you take out the two guards, move carefully into the next room
where all the lab rats are because there is a wall mine to your right
halfway down. Use the switch on the left near the door to switch off
the lights. Take the wall mine and then use the med kit on the far
wall if you need it.

Enter the room to the left and save at the checkpoint. Climb up on the
medicine cabinet and enter the ceiling system.

You get a brief cut scene of the terrorists shooting at the vault
where Francois is hiding.

Move down the ceiling area and turn left and drop down into the vault
where you see Francois lying wounded on the floor. Pick up the ammo on
the way over to him and talk to him.

Francois helpfully hands over the cell phone and the mysterious
'Mortified Penguin' is identified as one Norman Soth, a man with some
CIA connections. Then Sam is told to extract. As you exit the vault
back through the roof, it becomes apparent Francois is about to be
killed by an explosion the terrorists are setting. You can simply
leave Francois to his fate and take off (which leads to a stern
lecture from Lambert) or you can save him.

To save him, equip the SC-20K with the smoke grenades (hold down the
white button to bring up the inventory and then cycle through the
options for the Rifle with the directional pad). You have a one minute
time limit to get up on the box, jump back up into the ventilation
shaft, move CAREFULLY to a spot where you are right over the three
terrorists setting the bomb, with the opening you originally climbed
through to your back. Now, shoot the smoke grenade down right on top
of the three terrorists and then immediately move backwards as fast as
you can and drop through the opening. In 8 seconds or so the smoke
will overcome all 3 terrorists and the countdown will stop.

Climb back up and look down. All 3 terrorists will be out. You can
shoot each in the head just to make sure - the SEALs would. Shoot the
pipe next to the barrels so the vapors begin to stream out so you can
clear out the ventilation shaft. Then proceed straight down the
ventilation shaft to the end and drop through the opening there. Move
forward towards the white van with the green stripe on the side

You've just completed the second level of the game! Way to go! The
security of the Free World is obviously in good hands!

Level 3: Paris-Nice, France

Hesperia Railways, Paris to Nice, France / April 2nd, 2006, 21:52

CIA-trained operative Norman Soth has been located on a southbound
Hespiria Railways train, accompanied by a squad of French/Syrian

Objective: Locate and question Norman Soth

A most dramatic opening to the level as we see Sam dropping from a
helicopter to land on top of a moving train. You can drop into either
of the two trap doors in front of Sam - there's not much down there,
truth to be told. Or you can move him along the top of the train car
to the end and have him jump down and OC the door to the next car.

The OC will reveal a dimly lit car and if you look close you with the
night vision you can just make out somebody moving around at the far
end of the car. Open the door and slowly enter.

As you do so, Lambert will inform you that since we still don't' know
whether Soth is a friendly or not, you are under strict non- lethal
parameters. Also, Lambert tells you that if there is a single alarm,
the mission is over and that if Soth sees you before you see him, the
mission will also be over.

Shoot out the light to the left that is throwing it's beams to the
middle of the car and the conductor behind the screen will come out to
investigate. K.O. him. For fun, go open the cage door and look at the
two magazines lying on the floor. Does one of them
look....well.....FAMILIAR? Leave it to UBiSoft to insert a shameless
plug like this. The door beyond is lock jammed, so retreat and go to
the trap door in the floor. Push the 'A' button to make Sam climb
down onto the pipe beneath the train.

Alternative strategy: To do it without KO'ing the conductor, shoot
the light, wait in the corner while he comes out at and stares at the
now shot out light, then shadow him as he turns and goes back to the
screened cage. Quickly tap the 'A' button when the Interact window
comes up as Sam gets to the trap door in the floor. He should climb
down onto the pipe beneath the train before the conductor can get into
the cage, close the door and turn around. This way is FAR trickier. He
has an alarm panel right next to him in that cage so many times he is
going to go over and press it when he sees you and it's mission over.

Once under the train, move Sam along the pipe until the interact
window comes back up. DO NOT OPEN THE TRAP DOOR. Instead,use the OC
and watch the guy standing on top of the trap door light his cigarette
and then sashay on out of sight.

Had you opened the trap door first, the passenger would have sounded
the alert and ended the mission.

Once he's left, climb up into the room. As you do so, Lambert gives
you some bad news: He and Grim have traced the credit cards and found
they have been used to buy two seats in the coach car as well as
Soth's ticket - there are two terrorists in the passenger car.

Go to the control panel on the wall next to the map and unlock the
train's side doors. Shoot out the ceiling light and then exit the
room. To the right is the coach car with innocent passengers and two

One of the terrorists is having a conversation with the other as you
look right. There are two different ways to get through this section.

The first way riskiest way: it is to stay inside the car. Go to the
light switch in front of you and turn it off. K.O. whoever comes to
investigate. Best way: hide in the corner, let the person turn the
light back on and then grab them and K.O. them and hide them in the
room you just climbed up into. Then go turn the light back off.
Usually two men come to investigate and then nobody gets up when the
light goes off.

When the light stays off and no one else comes to
investigate....SLOWLY....make your way through the car making sure to
avoid all the small reading lights. Stop and hide behind chairs that
don't have reading lights on and take your time.

The second way is to go the left, turn left again and open the side
door with the pipe that allows Sam to climb out onto the edge of the
train car's roof and hand over hand his way down the length of the car
from the outside. This way is not without it's own risks; every 5
seconds the train whizzes by lampposts that will illuminate Sam to
anybody inside who is looking towards the windows. Plus another train
will come racing by going the opposite way and almost pull Sam off
into the air with it's powerful slipstream.

The key to making this way work is to wait until the old guy with the
goatee at the first window goes and sits down; the girl putting on
lipstick turns her head and goes to sleep, and the two terrorists
sitting by the last window can only be bypassed by having Sam move
slowly across the window in that 5 second interval before the next
lamppost comes whizzing by and lights him up. I failed this mission 7
times before I figured out it was the lamps lighting me up that were
revealing me to the terrorists; I was trying to cross at the wrong
time and every single darn time I would be halfway across the window
and a lamp would highlight me. So the timing is crucial here.

Whichever way you go, you get to the door leading to the next train
car beyond. OC the door. Enter, save the checkpoint and move on.

As you get ready to OC the next door, Lambert radios in with info:
Brunton's chums have come through: seems that Soth has a prosthetic
right leg from a disagreement with a land-mine and therefore he will
show up differently on Sam's thermal vision; where his right leg would
be nothing will read.

The OC reveals a brightly lit room. Enter, shoot out the ceiling
light, and the display light to totally darken the room in case you
need a dark place to retreat to. Then look through the glass door and
watch the conductor head down the hallway away from you. He's headed
for the bathroom. I always K.O. him so I don't have a problem running
into him later. First, you have to get by the first room where the
passenger's door is open.

Open the door and go into Wall Mode on the right wall. Turn on your
thermal vision and slide down to the open doorway and peek. This
passenger sitting on the left hand side of the room reading a
newspaper has both his legs. He is not Soth. Peek again and press the
'A' to make Sam perform that nifty SWAT turn and proceed on down the
wall. Come out of Wall Mode and use the Optic Cable with the thermal
vision on to check out the inside of the next room. There is a man in
the room standing as he talks on his cell phone; his right side is
facing you and you can see he has his right leg. Not Soth.

Continue down to the next room. Turn on the OC, look with the thermal
vision.... Bingo! This guy's right leg has no heat signature. It's
Soth. But pass him up for now and go down two more doors and OC it to
show the Conductor a highly compromised situation. Open the
door and swiftly K.O. him. The only door you haven't OC'd yet is an
empty room: hide the Conductor's body in there.

Now go back to Soth's room and open the door up and interrogate him.
He's actually napping when you enter in, so he won't wake up until you
hit the 'Talk To' button. He will stand up and start giving you some
B.S. story and then has to take a phone call and he'll be right back.
He's a pretty cool customer because he acts like he's woken up on
trains all the time by guys wearing black ninja suits. Off he goes.
It's obvious his story is B.S. because the man he claims is his
handler has been on sick leave for 16 months. Note that you can see
one of his bodyguards/terrorist's outside the door waiting for him. If
you try to follow Soth immediately without accessing his laptop first
the mission fails.

Lambert tells you to access the laptop computer and then follow Soth
and use your Laser Mic to eavesdrop on his conversation. Lambert is
pretty sure that it's Sadano that Soth will call.

After accessing the computer, turn and go out down the hall past the
bathroom and into the next car. You only have 40 seconds to get into
position to laser mic this call, so upon opening the door and seeing
the bodyguards and Soth inside, move to the right behind the blacked
out bar, equip the laser mic and press the 'X' button to use it.

You may have to have Sam stand up to intercept the conversation. Once
the call ends, if you have been standing, crouch back down. Soth will
leave the car and take one of the terrorists with him.

Lambert comes on to discuss some of the more pertinent sections of the
intercepted phone call. Then Sam is told it's time for extraction.
He's to get topside so the helicopter can come pick him up.

First, Sam has to get by the guard at the far end of the car in the
well lighted area who is staring out the window.

Move around the bar and shoot out the first light in the ceiling you
come to. Then use the Whistle button to draw the guard to you. Here's
the important point: After you K.O. this guard, Soth is going to radio
that there is an intrud

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