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Roller Coaster Tycoon Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Roller Coaster Tycoon


We have 3 cheats and tips on Xbox. If you have any cheats or tips for Roller Coaster Tycoon please send them in here.

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Every hint

Stop guests from getting lost:
In big levels such as diamond heights and evergreen gardens, build 2 - 3 observation towers. Less guests will get lost.
Luring guests:
Put a no entry guest were you want guests, and your guests will rush into it
Cleaner park:
Place handymen outside rollercoaster exits. Click on the handymen and press the small blue footprints, and click on the area you want them to stay in

Roller Coaster Tycoon Cheats

Naming your Guest:
To activate a cheat change a guests name to the following:
Guest waves to everyone
Guest increases park happiness
Guest draws pictures
Guest pays double entrance fee
Guest takes photos
Guest floors go-karts
Guest floors go-karts
Guest drives slowly in go-karts
Guest always thinks, 'WOW!'

Lots of cheats and hints!

Easy Money
Open a ride and as soon as it is full, double click on close to get the money the guests paid for the ride. When your park has enough money to afford all of advertisement campaigns, put all of them on.
Then, hike the entry price to $50. Crowds will come swarming in because of the advertisements and will pay $50 to enter. This will result in quick and easy money. When in Dynamic Dunes go to the Dynamic Blaster roller coaster. Set the price to t $3, wait until you get a very long line, then hike the price up to about $10. Every person in that line will have to pay $10 to ride.
Note: Using a higher price may cause everyone to leave the line. Build a roller coaster with a very long waiting line and open it with a very cheap price. Wait until you notice that the ride is full. While people are waiting to ride immediately change the price to the highest to force them to pay.
Note: People that do not have money will not pay and will leave the park. Build the Go Kart ride and create a very long waiting path. Make sure the price is free. Advertise your new ride. When you have a huge line, increase the price, but keep it under $10. Everybody who can afford it will pay that much. When the line dies down, lower the price back to free, and repeat.
Increase your sale of food and drinks by putting the shops on the exit portion of a ride. However, you must keep the prices at a reasonable price. You can also put the rest rooms there, and put a charge to use them. Build any ride which is popular (for example, Shuttle Loop) and make a very long queue.
When the queue is full, raise the land directly outside the entrance, blocking it. Then, raise the entrance fee to that ride very high, and to get out , the people have to pay to go on the ride to exit. An easy way to get money very quickly is to open a roller coaster that you would price very high. Then, wait for the people to pay for the ride and get on. Pause game play, close the ride, open the ride, and the people that paid for the ride will get off very quickly so that more people can get on. Build a souvenir shop and set the umbrella price to $20 and people will buy it when it rains.
Once the monorail is available to build, make a plot of land with a few paths linked together. Do not link these paths to any other path. Make sure this is enough to sustain about 20 to 40 guests. Build many rides and shops in this space that you do not have elsewhere in your park; perhaps repeat some of the rides people love (such as slides and shuttle loops). Hire a mechanic and a handyman (and an entertainer and a security guard if desired). It also helps to add some scenery. Then, build your monorail linking this secluded patch of land to your main park. Make sure the price of the monorail is reasonable, or you will be dealing with some unused rides. Guests will pay to get to your lovely patch of land, and they will have to pay to get out.
Better Shuttleloop
Click on construction, delete everything until the end of the first loop, and make a flat piece. Then, add an on-ride photo section. Make it go up and add another loop. Next, make it go at the highest angle and click on the short turn at the top. Build about four to six of these and set the launch speed at 50 to 58 mph. This should make you over $2000 an hour and barely costs any money or time.
Better Shop and Stall Placement
Put shops and stalls near the rear of the park, not at the entrance. Once tired and hungry guests have walked all the way to the back, they will be more than willing to pay higher prices for snacks.
Balloon Display
If you accomplish the mission on the level that you are on, and if you have a balloon stall, when your guests clap they will all drop their balloons and have to buy another one.
Cleaning Paths
Simply place a new pathway over a dirty path to quickly clean it. To quickly clea..

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