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Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis Cheats for Xbox

Cheats and Tips for Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis


We have 5 cheats and tips on Xbox. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : PC

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How to play as a Dino
To play as a Dinosaur you must unlock Site B by completing all missions and exercises.

So much fun
If you want fun do this build a park or load one get cheats unlock every thing and get every thing including all the creaturs/dinos then make it the best park you have ever made this might take timing but it will be worth it then when you are ready and made sure it is a brillient park [SAVE IT!] then let some dinos out by demolishing all the gates and because if it is a good park you will have lots of visitors [this if funny for the t-rex and the one with the spines] let them loose and play the last man standing [the last person to suvive] when this is over get a chopper and get him out of there [or her] and because you have saved it you can let friends see you park again ang again because you can load your saved park or let them laugh at the visitors getting chased around like a headless chicken hope this will make you laugh

I highly recomenned that you research these items in order:
1. Weather Guard
2. Hatchery Immunization
3. All the vaccines(whatever order you wish)
4. Visitor Sheltor
5. The rest is up to you!

Loads of cheats
While playing a game, press L, Right, Right, L, R, Down.

While playing a game, press Down, Up + L to get $10,000.

Site B
Successfully complete all missions to unlock the Site B option at the main menu.

Where's The Money?:
Press L + R, Down during game play. Your finances will be reduced to zero. Alternately, press L, R, L, R, Down(2) during game play.

Market Day:
Press L + R + Down during game play. The market will now be instantly restocked with fossils. Alternately, press Down, L, R, Down during game play.

Open To The Public:
Press Left, Down, Right, Up, L + R, L + R during game play. You can now select your three digsites without the required stars.

Seal Of Approval:
Press Right, L, Up, L(2), Down during game play. Your park rating will increase by one star.

Three Stars:
Press L, R, Down(2), L, Right during game play. Your park will have a three star rating.

Guaranteed Immunity:
Hold L + R and repeatedly tap Up during game play. Dinosaurs will no longer get sick.

In the PAL version of the game, press Up(2), R, L, Up(2) during game play.

Plague Outbreak:
Press Down, Up, Down, Left, R(3) during game play. Your dinosaurs will become diseased.

Rampage Time:
Press L(3), Left(3) during game play. All carnivores will become stressed.

Pax Jurassicus:
Press L, Left, Up, Left, Up, Left, L during game play. Rampages will no longer occur.

Hold L + R and repeatedly tap Up, Down, Up, Down during game play. One of your safari cars will blow up. Alternately, press R, L, Up, Down, Up, Down during game play.

Sequencing Error:
Press Down, R + Up during game play. This will set all dinosaur DNA to 55%.

Mr. DNA:
Press R, Up, R, Right, L, Down during game play. This will set all excavated dinosaur DNA to 100%.

Press L, R, L, Right, Down, R during game play. This will set all excavated dinosaur DNA to 0%.

All Research:
Press Down(3), Left, Right, L, Down, Up during game play. Everything will be researched.

Oh No!:
Hold R and press Right, Left, Right, Left, Right during game play. All tourists will die. Alternately, press Left, Right, Left, Right, R during game play.

Impossible Mission:
Press R, Right(4), R during game play. All missions, exercises, and Site B will be unlocked.

Press R + L, Left, Down, Right(2) during game play. You can now shoot from the safari cars by using the camera.

Isla Muerta:
Press R(3), L, Right during game play. Dinosaurs will now appear to be the living dead.

Hot One:
Press R + Down, R + Down during game play. A heat wave will occur.

Welcome To Melbourne:
Press R(2), L, R, Down, Up, Down during game play. The weather will get stormy.

Storm Free:
Press R(2), Left, Right, Up, Right during game play. Storms will clear up.

No Twisters:
Hold L + R and press Left, Right. Release L + R, then press L + R again during game play. Alternately, press Left, Right, L, R during game play.

Press Left, Up, Right, Down, L + R during game play. A twister will appear on the island.

Extinction Event:
Press L, R, Down, R, L during game play. All dinosaurs will be killed.

No Red Tape:
Press L, R, Left, Down(4) during game play. If anyone dies, you will not get charged no matter if you are in emergency mode or not.

Happiness Is...:
Press R, Down, L, Up(3) during game play. Your visitors will be happy.

Instant Alcatraz:
Press Down(2), Left, Right, L(2), Up(2) during game play. Your fences will have low security.

Minimum Security:
Press L, Left(2), R(2), Right dur..

Dino RampageWhile playing a game - press L3, Lef..
Dino Rampage

While playing a game - press L3, Left3 to stress out all the carnivores in the park...

Unlock Site B

Complete every mission in the game to enable site 'b' to be unlocked at the main menu...

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