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Jet Set Radio Future Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Jet Set Radio Future


We have 8 cheats and tips on Xbox. If you have any cheats or tips for Jet Set Radio Future please send them in here.

You can also ask your question on our Jet Set Radio Future Questions & Answers page.

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Tag Race at Dinosaurian Square

The trickiest tag race as they tag you back. If you get tagged too much it's Game Over.
What I did was focus on only one. And keep repeating that until they're all defeated. If they start tagging you slow down!


Remember Jazz from the Ball Races at the Rokkaku Expo Stadium?
Well if you go back to the Stadium in Chapter 7,8 or 9 and beat Jazz in a race around the stadium you will acquire her as a new GG member. If memory serves correctly she had identical stats to Rhyth.
The race is simple. Once you're a good distance ahead just do as you did the Ball games.

Final Boss

Well at the end of the game after tagging both Beat Zeros in Shibuya Terminal you are then sucked into the radio mast. You find yourself on the floor with ninjas running after you. Unlike the Rokkaku Police these can't be defeated. You can run into them but spraying your cans will do nothing to them.
Well looking after this floor there is no sign of the boss. This is simply because he is quite high above you. Looking about you will probably be able to notice many telephone wires. The one you want is the one situated underneath the spiral stair case.
What you need to do is:
-Grind up the telephone wire.
-Jump onto the wallboard and onto that pipe.
-From that pipe quickly jump onto another wallboard onto a second pipe.
-From that pipe you will jump onto a wire which takes you around either three or four loops. At the end of your ride you need to jump off and wallride the billboard.
-This will take you onto a long pipe. At the end of this pipe jump off onto the next platform.
-This will grind you around 3 loops and after the third loop you need to jump onto a billboard and wallride onto the pipe.
-Quickly jump to the next billboard and you'll start grinding a long pipe.
-As you approach half way down this pipe jump slightly to your right and land on the telephone wire. This will grind you up to the boss.
The boss only has two attacks that I have seen. These are:
-He will run towards you and then when he stops he will swing his arms at you.
-After three or four of the previous attack the boss will crouch down. If you don't rush him over approximately 6 beams of light will start following you. They follow you for between 7 and 10 seconds before fading. If you run into the trails they leave behind you will be hurt.
So what do you do to hurt him?
Well first of all when he is rushed over he isn't always susceptible to being sprayed. What you have to do is let him come towarsd and when he begins to swing his arms run away. Repeat this until he crouches down. Now target him and rush him. You can either now grind down the stair case and restock your cans or you can wait for him to get up. When he gets up he will crouch again. This is the time when you rush him. This time he will be tagable to tag him with your remaining cans. Quickly grind to the bottom floor using the spiral staircase and stock up on cans and health, if necessary, and then quickly return up to the boss. He will now be sprayable whilst standing up so just keep circling around him spraying him. After a while he was be untagable. When this happens just repeat the process.
Eventually he will be defeated and you will have completed the story of Jet Set Radio Future. Enjoy the ending and when asked to save do so. Chapter 9 is never ending and you can access everywhere you've been before except for Tokyo Rail Line.

Rokakku Police

If you're having trouble beating the Rokakku Police, fill up on spray cans, knock them over, then double back and start spraying everywhere. Don't aim, just fire around where you knocked them over.
If you're versing those black guys, rush them then double back and stand in the same spot while spraying them.
If you're versing that blue guy, knock him down, spray him a copuple of times, then run away. When he gets up he'll sometimes hurt you if you're standing close.

Help with tanks at chou street

Hop on top of the tank and spray it, when the guy gets out just keep on a sprayin'


Unlock Beat:
Beat Beat in a street race.
Unlock: Boogie:
Look for Boogie at Kibogaoka Hill.
Unlock Rhyth:
Go to the top of the Poison Jam warehouse in Rokkaku-dai Heights to find her the first time. Follow and find her two more times in the game.

To complete the gates in 99th street.... goto th..

To complete the gates in 99th street.... goto the central part where the dragons are.

The find the gates around the outside of the central area (they are the big ones you go under) then rail slide around the outside, clockwise, in the order shown on the challenge.

To unlock beat beat beat! in a city rush in doke..

To unlock beat beat beat! in a city rush in dokensaga hill but beat is already in the Vs. Mode the only thing you need to do is unlock him in the new game.

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